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1 How Twitter Applied the “Jobs to Be Done” Approach to Strategy
2 Exploring JTBD: A Cool Framework That Helps You Make Your Clients Happy
3 Ducks defenseman Josh Manson: ‘We’ve got to find ways to win the game’
4 Innovating with Pandemic Paradoxes: Turning On Our 'Inner Teacher'
5 Jobs To Be Done: The Case Of Liquor
6 Microsoft Design Leader On The Four Tenets To Build Better Products With The JTBD Framework
7 Your daily horoscope: October 28
8 The £30m transfer decision Chelsea are no closer to making despite latest Thomas Tuchel comments
9 Rangers remember Walter Smith but Steven Gerrard's side can't earn victory to pay tribute to Ibrox legend
10 Closing all American digital divides this decade
11 The CRM industry: A new science for customer experience
12 REFINERY NEWS ROUNDUP: Maintenance, outages in Middle East
13 2021 Max Verstappen is unlike anything Lewis Hamilton has faced in title fight
14 A Guide to the Jobs To Be Done Framework
15 Author Kati Marton explores Angela Merkel's impact on the world in 'The Chancellor'
16 MPs say ministers cannot define 'green job'
17 Joanne Anderson: I went from financial ruin to being elected the first black female Mayor of a UK city
18 Developer Challenges in Commercial Banking
19 Why automation is the future of lead management (and RevOps)
20 SVA MA Curatorial Practice Opens Fall 2022 Applications
21 The Fundamentals of Jobs-to-be-Done Theory
22 Six Steps To Using Jobs To Be Done For Market Segmentation
23 Line Up Your Repeat Restaurant Customers Using JTBD
24 'There's a job to be done': New Zealand's leader explains success against Covid-19
25 Rishi Sunak should resign over Budget leaks, Speaker suggests
26 Clayton Christensen: The Theory of Jobs To Be Done
27 Revisiting “Jobs To Be Done” with Clayton Christensen
28 Revealed: Sexual assault claims against male North Wales police officers
29 How 'Jobs To Be Done' Is A Concept Being Debased
30 Avoid These Common Jobs-To-Be-Done Fails
31 How to make your competition irrelevant
32 Mastercard Academy: 'The Entrepreneur's Odyssey' educational platform to help SME owners grow a resilient business venture
33 How To Think Rigorously About Innovation
34 The pandemic upended the federal workplace. What comes next?
35 What Airbnb Understands About Customers' “Jobs to Be Done”
36 Jobs to be done: A useful new methodology | Analysis
37 Dozens of sexual misconduct complaints made against Devon and Cornwall Police officers
38 Six Steps to Put Christensen's Jobs-to-be-Done Theory into Practice
39 The “Jobs to Be Done” Theory of Innovation
40 How to improve the #eCommerce experience using #JTBD
41 Foxtel outlines the jobs to be done as its overhauls its customer service approach
42 Jobs to Be Done: Use Your Job Story to Improve Outbound Sales In 3 Steps
43 Demystifying Jobs-to-be-Done: Four Applications
44 Cape Muslim Congress election campaign hits snag after poster debacle
45 Govt earmarks $28 million for wholesale upgrade of Manama Mission Hospital
46 Fortnite And Travis Scott Provide Insights Into How To Go To Market When The Market Disappears
47 Clay Christensen's Milkshake Marketing
48 It's Time To Rethink How We Use Music In The Era Of COVID-19
49 Oliver Wyman's Reinventing Insurance Series: Playing to Win
50 JTBD – An Alternative to Buyer Personas
51 Clayton Christensen on Innovation: Finding the Jobs to Be Done
52 Dr Hilary warns new Covid variant could send UK 'back to square one' amid 45,000 new cases
53 What You Need to Know About: Jobs To Be Done
54 How to Write Better Emails Using Jobs-to-be-Done
55 Customer Interviews: Voice of the Customer and Jobs-to-Be-Done
56 5 steps to meet consumer expectations of 5G
57 Gardening: ‘Put off pruning’ until after autumn
58 People Don't Want Your Product Design. They Want the Outcome It Provides
59 AD: Enjoy a free 72-point vehicle inspection at BMW & MINI Service Fast Lane Centre, Auto Bavaria Sg Pinang
60 Know the Job Your Product Was Hired for (with Help from Customer Selfies)
61 European CEOs Identify 5 'Jobs to Be Done' to Foster Enduring, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth Model
62 Noss Head switching station teams give a helping hand to Wick community
63 A fix for broken customer research – psychology, square pegs and bias
64 Franklin Covey Co. Launches New Work Session 'Clayton Christensen Signature: Find Out WHY—The Key to Successful Innovation'
65 Man Utd legend Sir Alex Ferguson 'smashed up' Steve Bruce's mobile phone
66 Fire and rehire: Britain's new labour battleground?, Europe News & Top Stories
67 The 4 Critical Steps to Unpacking a Job-to-be-Done
68 Jobs-to-be-Done Case Study: Beware of Lead Users
69 Auckland business owners in 'urgent' need of $60m Covid-19 support landing soon
70 The Essential Clayton Christensen Articles
71 Go compare – The emerging threat to higher education
72 A framework for Jobs to be Done Interviews
73 Clayton Christensen, the father of disruptive innovation theory, has a new theory about "jobs to be done"
74 How to Create SaaS Content for Increased Acquisition & Retention
75 Anthony Yarde: People Don’t Care About Excuses, There's a Job To Be Done
76 Is there a need for Digital Triplets? Quadruplets? Siblings even?
77 ‘Jobs to be done’ approach to disruptive strategy
78 HIMSSCast: Is virtual care the next frontier in telehealth?
79 Canterbury Park Announces Hall Of Fame Class Of 2021
80 Two More Views on Understanding Member Value
81 6 Ways To Inspire Creative Thinking In Your Team
82 A New Framework for Customer Segmentation
83 Forwarding technology: Zencargo's new funding a further sign of digital forwarder maturation
84 The Jobs To Be Done Framework and 'Competing Against Luck' | Learning Innovation
85 Jobs in consumer banking world are changing – and fast
86 Do you have an innovation or new product process?
87 ​How ESK took an evidence-based approach to customer retention
88 How Entrepreneurs Can Find The Right Problem To Solve
89 Address competing priorities of lenders and members
90 Tim Cook on Apple strategy and Clayton Christensen's jobs theory
91 Welcome to 2021: A new normal? Or new era for CRM/CX/CE?
92 US SMBS are under deserved by banks: 11:FS Research reveals service gaps and market opportunities
93 Lawyers handling more stalking, harassment cases in S'pore
94 A new look at the Buyer Journey — as a consumption chain Job-to-be-Done
95 Great Strategy Considers More Than Customers and Investors
96 Strategizing For the Era of Customer-Led Growth
97 Marketing Cube founder Maya Moufarek’s lessons for customer-focused startups
98 The Grateful Dead Continue To Innovate Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
99 A return to Plot 29, and there are jobs to be done
100 Three-time Olympian Natalya Coyle ready to 'get the job done'