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1 Honeymoon's over for Chicago Reader editor Jake Malooley
2 Googly eyes, Sasquatch suits and a runaway booger: Welcome to the Mascot Hall of Fame
3 Jake Malooley named Reader editor
4 Jill Abramson Plagiarized My Writing. So I Interviewed Her About It
5 Contact Us – Chicago Magazine
6 Second City Is Trying Not to Be Racist. Will It Work This Time?
7 Read the Milwaukee Magazine Stories That Won Awards Last Night
8 Were Ben’s predictions correct?
9 The Chicago Scientists Trying to Save Our Lives
10 The Chicago Reader's 'African-American thing'
11 Pink ladies, jazz men, and Vegan Paradise
12 Out there, around here
13 Texas Longhorns land transfers Timmy Allen, Devin Askew as Andrew Jones decides to return
14 Reset your mind with cherry blossoms | Public Service Announcement
15 New England Patriots news 4/16/21
16 “BA-BA DA-DA-DA BAAA!”: An Oral History of “Roundball Rock”
17 The controversial Chicago Magazine article is good journalism, but ...
18 The Weekend When Michael Jordan and the NBA Took Flight
19 Rahm Emanuel hates Illinois Nazis! | Bleader
20 Joe Swanberg’s Easy is easily the most north-side-centric Chicago show of all time—but that’s not so terrible
21 Meet the Guy Who Explores Chicago's Sewers for Fun
22 Mount Greenwood is Chicago's Upside Down
23 The Stairwell – Chicago Magazine
24 The 50 Most Powerful Women in Chicago – Chicago Magazine
25 John Carpenter Is Scared
26 Indigenous Peoples' Day and other upcoming celebrations
27 Pulitzer winner Mark Konkol to lead Chicago Reader
28 Ask a Lawyer – Chicago Magazine
29 The Untold History of the Dennis Rodman Tattoo T-Shirt
30 From the gallery to the Alley
31 Reader editor Mara Shalhoup heads for LA
32 Deadspin says Indy 500 Snake Pit is proof that 'hell is real'
33 LaToya Ruby Frazier's Labor of Love – Chicago Magazine
34 The Bulls Became the Sideshow of Chicago’s NBA All-Star Weekend
35 ‘I was up all night’ going through plagiarism claims, Jill Abramson says
36 The artist behind You Are Beautiful wants you to Go For It
37 Buying a thrill with Steely Dan at Northerly Island
38 Take a stroll around Woodfield Mall circa 1982
39 Jill Abramson on claims of plagiarism in her book Merchants of Truth
40 Mark Konkol out as Chicago Reader editor
41 Bachelor strategist (and former Chicagoan) Nick Viall is being outplayed by this season’s villain, Corinne Olympios
42 The best book covers from 1820 to 1914 include a sweet potato doing a pinup pose
43 John Oliver takes aim at Tronc | Bleader
44 Mount Greenwood is one of Chicago's best
45 Listen to a trap remix of Eddie Acevedo Jr.'s profanity-laced voice-mail message to Alderman Danny Solis
46 Fire hydrants offer the promise of a lake on every corner
47 The new citywide Mellow Chicago Bike Map is on the street for 2 more days
48 After nearly 30 years in Bucktown, the future of Danny's Tavern is uncertain
49 This mysterious 'Who is John Galt?' billboard raises more than just one question
50 A day in the life of Chicago’s Canada Geese
51 The life and death of Brooks Golden | Feature
52 Facing turmoil together
53 Prince used to obsessively watch the 90s Chicago Bulls—even while performing onstage
54 Zoom in: Andersonville | Zoom in
55 A true survivor
56 At Lollapalooza, Radiohead proved their music can be enjoyed in a big festival setting
57 Show us your . . . inflatable rat | Show us your [____]
58 Frank Lloyd Wright is a big man on the SC Johnson campus
59 "Risky Business" director: "Some people like the visibility. I don't"
60 Sun-Times, Reader no longer have managing editors
61 The mysterious case of the Chicago Reader ‘time machine’
62 Skiing the entire Lakefront Trail at a time when Chicago is reassessing its public art is a monumental journey
63 Mick Dumke moving to Sun-Times | Bleader
64 The 50 worst moments in the first 50 years of the Chicago Bulls
65 David Bowie's ex-girlfriend discusses their love affair, interracial dating, Mick Jagger, and the infamous Labyrinth bulge
66 At Trump's Green Bay Rally, Supporters Have Breathtaking Views of Media
67 Reader Editor Goes Deep Into Chicago Scene Boat Party
68 Dating at a distance
69 IPRA's video vault is a horror show of Chicago Police Department shootings, Taser use, and physical altercations
70 At its tenth anniversary, Crown Fountain remains a wellspring of questions
71 Ferris Bueller's bedroom has been meticulously recreated inside Chicago's Virgin Hotel
72 Wheel to Reel at Sportsman's Club makes audio geeks' analog dreams come true
73 Show us your . . . walls of autographs | Show us your [____]
74 What Ari Emanuel’s unabashed volatility in Hollywood says about Rahm Emanuel’s public-image problem in Chicago
75 Guns N’ Roses satisfies an appetite for reconstruction at Soldier Field
76 Show us your . . . custom DeLoreans | Show us your [____]
77 Robservations: Chess Records remote fulfills dream for Dave Hoekstra
78 Jill Abramson is dealing with every journalist’s biggest nightmare
79 'Factual Abstractions' resurrects the art of Tristan Meinecke
80 Santa's helper finally gets the medical marijuana she desperately needs
81 Boogie over to the Texas Tiki Disco at Lost Lake before it's gone
82 Chicago Design Museum has designs on a permanent home
83 Gaming and art collide at VGA Gallery
84 Decorative board-ups: A tool in the battle against the vacancy epidemic
85 'Unfortunately, I am the villain': Profiles Theatre artistic director Darrell W. Cox responds to Reader abuse investigation
86 A minister lives close to god in a towering church steeple
87 What the Hell Is This Place? Dr. Luis Casals Dentista
88 One of the Loop's oldest, smallest buildings is now a cafe thanks to Asado Coffee
89 Chicago's own One World Trade Center is all but forgotten
90 'Funky Turns 40' showcases the earliest positive representations of African Americans in animation
91 The food at the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art really rocks
92 Show us your . . . Popeil gadgets
93 Chicago's trans advocates, from celebs to social workers
94 Behold a remarkable re-creation of Ed Paschke's art studio
95 A trip back in time to the World’s Columbian Exposition
96 25 photos of the soggy Saturday crowd at Pitchfork Music Festival 2015
97 Robservations: Roger Simon says: It's time to retire
98 Mayor Rahm takes off his sweater, drops an F-bomb in the New Yorker's Father Pfleger profile
99 The Onion adapts to Chicago
100 Tim Samuelson may be retiring, but he's not history yet