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1 Climate scientist James Zachos elected to National Academy of Sciences
2 High-fidelity record of Earth's climate history puts current changes in context
3 Earth scientist James Zachos honored by European Geosciences Union
4 Climate scientist James Zachos appointed to Ida Benson Lynn Endowed Chair in Ocean Health
5 Current rate of carbon emissions is unprecedented in past 66 million years
6 Oceans were stressed preceding abrupt, prehistoric global warming: Shelled organisms helped buffer ocean acidification by consuming less alkalinity from seawater
7 Hönisch Receives 2018 Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology Willi Dansgaard Award
8 66 Million Years of Earth’s Climate Changes Revealed in Unprecedented Detail From Ocean Sediments
9 Ancient climate change triggered warming that lasted thousands of years
10 Earth recovered from prehistoric global warming faster than previously thought
11 Human activity may turn Earth into a “Hothouse” — a warm climate it hasn’t seen for millions of years
12 If All The Ice On Earth Melted, The Destruction Would Be Unimaginable [MAPS]
13 Cenozoic sea-level and cryospheric evolution from deep-sea geochemical and continental margin records
14 Ocean Acidification Rate May Be Unprecedented, Study Says
15 What is Ocean Acidification And Why Is It Worse At Night?
16 On impact and volcanism across the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
17 Climatic Chain Reaction Caused Runaway Greenhouse Effect 55 Million Years Ago
18 Human Intestinal Enteroids: a New Model To Study Human Rotavirus Infection, Host Restriction, and Pathophysiology | Journal of Virology
19 Genome-wide analyses reveal drivers of penguin diversification
20 Carbon dioxide levels rise fast and high
21 Hooper, Long, Nishimura, Sluijs, and Villarini Receive 2016 James B. Macelwane Medals
22 Underground magma triggered Earth’s worst mass extinction with greenhouse gases
23 Ralph Raymond Kring | Obituaries |
24 Dear Paxton Smith: Abortion isn’t as vital to your dreams as your grad speech suggests
25 Dr Rebecca Wells • City, University of London
26 Ocean acidification may be good for thriving marine snails
27 Big ideas
28 Greenville High School Class of 2021 announces the valedictorian and salutatorian
29 The Archean atmosphere | Science Advances
30 Begun in Greece and Culminated in our American Civil War: Abolitionism and the Greek Revolution
31 Republicans came to the table on climate this year | TheHill
32 Vertical Flight Society Announces 2021 Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarship Recipients
33 Joan M. Surrano | Obituaries |
34 Rate of atmospheric carbon dioxide rise unprecedented
35 Vertical Flight Society announces 2021 scholarship recipients
36 A TEX86 surface sediment database and extended Bayesian calibration
37 The Snyder Sensitivity Situation
38 Sapphire Shores home sells for $1.6 million
39 What celebrities have honorary degrees from Lehigh Valley colleges?
40 Making North America: Life | NOVA
41 End-Cretaceous extinction in Antarctica linked to both Deccan volcanism and meteorite impact via climate change
42 David B. Dolan | Obituaries |
43 Norway's Melting Glaciers Release Over 2,000 Artifacts | Smart News
44 US election: Climate scientists react to Donald Trump's victory
45 OUTDOORS: Gun rights advocate urges owners and sportsmen to vote
46 Rapid eruption of the Columbia River flood basalt and correlation with the mid-Miocene climate optimum
47 Real estate transactions for May 22, 2017
48 A self-illuminating nanoparticle for inflammation imaging and cancer therapy
49 eedition Register-Star April 14 2020 | eEdition |
50 Newcastle shop fined thousands after inspectors find dirt covered walls and meat kept in buckets
51 Miocene flooding events of western Amazonia
52 20th annual ‘Good Reads for Leisure Moments’ reading list from the College Store
53 Getting ready for 'Welcome Home Vietnam Vets 2020'
54 Dozens dead as wildfires near Athens force people to flee into the sea
55 Impact of high CO2 on the geochemistry of the coralline algae Lithothamnion glaciale
56 LOCAL ROUNDUP: Catskill grapplers edge Greenville | Local Sports |
57 Hello, Trump: Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C.
58 Health Care Maintenance for the Pediatric Patient With Inflammatory Bowel Disease
59 Week 3 results from Columbia Neighborhood and Central Maryland Swim Leagues
60 Evolving Paradigms In Bladder Cancer: Conclusion and References
61 Hello, Trump: Women’s March on Washington, D.C.
62 PETM Weirdness
63 Dissolving the future of coral reefs
64 "One very simple, but radical, idea: to democratise Europe." An interview with Yanis Varoufakis
65 Rising Sea Levels Threaten London, Europe's Capitals (PICTURES)
66 Bribery will get you everywhere with Clayton, er, a spontaneous plug for GLENDI
67 Why correlations of CO2 and Temperature over ice age cycles don't define climate sensitivity
68 Can we make better graphs of global temperature history?
69 Much ado about methane
70 Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Lashes Out Against Gays: “Spit on Them, Beat them Up, They Are Not Human”
71 Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever on Climate Change
72 Ye Cannot Swerve Me: Moby-Dick and Climate Change
73 Yes, Greece Has a Pretty Good National Baseball Team!