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1 How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands of Donald Trump Before Jan. 6 The New York Times 24 days ago
2 Jared and Ivanka, Without the Power or the Masks The New York Times 24 days ago
3 Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's Low-Key Vacation to Israel Is a Sharp Contrast to Latest Donald Trump News Yahoo Life 5 days ago
4 Kellyanne Conway: Jared Kushner tried 'to ice me out' from the Trump White House transition after the 2016 election Yahoo! Voices 1 day ago
5 Jared Kushner described former White House counsel threats to quit as 'whining' CNN 23 days ago
6 Report: Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump to Play Starring Role in January 6 Hearings Vanity Fair 26 days ago
7 Jared Knows Jail Is Real. Do Ivanka and the Failsons? The Daily Beast 19 days ago
8 Jared Kushner's Saudi-backed Affinity signs big private equity deal Axios 2 days ago
9 Jared Kushner’s ‘Art of the Deal’ The Hill 14 days ago
10 Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump to visit Israel this week The Jerusalem Post 14 days ago
11 Democrats begin an investigation into Jared Kushner's Saudi deals MSNBC 1 month ago
12 Kushner dismisses Trump legal counsel threat to quit as ‘whining’ The Hill 24 days ago
13 Ready For Prime Time: Jan. 6 Panel To Reportedly Air Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Videotapes Yahoo News 29 days ago
14 Daddy daycare! Jared Kushner takes sons Joseph, 8, Theo, 6, and daughter Arabella, 11, to beach Daily Mail 14 days ago
15 Fallen officer's partner addresses Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on air CNN 17 days ago
16 Girlfriend Of Capitol Officer Who Died Sends Icy Message To Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump Yahoo News 17 days ago
17 Partner of U.S. Capitol Officer Tells Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump 'You Could Have Avoided the Bloodshed' Yahoo Entertainment 16 days ago
18 Oops: Unearthed Footage Shows Ivanka Trump Was All In on Her Father’s Attempt to Overturn the Election Vanity Fair 11 days ago
19 Ivanka, Jared Blasted For Jan. 6 Inaction HuffPost 16 days ago
20 Documentary filmmaker compares Trump family to 'Succession' characters Business Insider 2 days ago
21 Trump aides didn't know he was being recorded on Jan 6: Reports Business Insider 11 days ago
22 Jared Kushner provided 'helpful' details to the Jan. 6 committee, a panel member says NPR 3 months ago
23 Jared Kushner’s Memoir About How He Secretly Saved America Is Coming This August Vanity Fair 2 months ago
24 What Ivanka Trump Has Said About Abortion Rights Newsweek 6 days ago
25 Jan. 6 committee set to make its case public with prime-time hearings The Washington Post 29 days ago
26 Analysis | Over and over, the White House was warned about not making Jan. 6 worse The Washington Post 5 days ago
27 The Jolt: Democrats' new ad warns: Republicans won't stop until abortion is banned. The Atlanta Journal Constitution 4 days ago
28 Former Trump aides testify that numerous Republican lawmakers asked for presidential pardons after Jan. 6 attack on Capitol MarketWatch 8 days ago
29 Jan. 6 Witness Anthony Ornato Is at the Center of a Battle Over Credibility The New York Times 2 days ago
30 Kellyanne Conway Has Found Her Way Back Into Trump's Heart The Daily Beast 2 days ago
31 Intel Report Warned Abraham Accords Would Fuel Violence The Intercept 11 days ago
32 Neo-Nazi Publisher Voices Support for Trump-Backed Senate Candidate Newsweek 2 days ago
33 'Let my people know': An excerpt on the Abraham Accords The Jerusalem Post 2 days ago
34 Before Giving Billions to Jared Kushner, Saudi Investment Fund Had Big Doubts The New York Times 3 months ago
35 Opinion: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner go their own way on January 6 CNN 3 months ago
36 Jan. 6 Filmmaker Now Has Armed Guards Following Him ‘Everywhere’ Rolling Stone 3 days ago
37 Kellyanne Conway Lets Loose on Jared Kushner in New Memoir 1 month ago
38 Nobody cares about Jared: How long can Kushner get away with it? Salon 2 months ago
39 Jan. 6 panel subpoenas former White House counsel Pat Cipollone Axios 4 days ago
40 Jan. 6 Committee Schedules Surprise Hearing for Tuesday Afternoon Bloomberg 6 days ago
41 Sixth hearing adds new dimension to Mark Meadows' role in January 6th insurrection MSNBC 4 days ago
42 Trump once called Jared Kushner the 'smartest guy I've ever seen in my life': book Yahoo News 2 months ago
43 ‘We will adopt your baby’ meme goes viral as debates around Roe reach fever pitch NBC News 2 days ago
44 Roger Stone wanted Jared Kushner 'punished' in 'brutal' way: WaPo Business Insider 4 months ago
45 Inside Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's Life in the Tiny Beach Town Where They Avoid the Spotlight PEOPLE 5 months ago
46 Biden won't assert executive privilege for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Axios 3 months ago
47 Opinion | Trump's Pardon Abuses Expose the Myth of Unlimited Presidential Power POLITICO 11 days ago
48 11 key points from 6 insurrection hearings CNN 1 day ago
49 Jared Kushner to leave politics, launch investment firm sources 11 months ago
50 Documentary crew captured Pence learning Pelosi wanted him to invoke the 25th Amendment against Trump The Hill 10 days ago
51 Jared Kushner's friend Ken Kurson pleads guilty in stalking case involving ex-wife, earlier got Trump pardon CNBC 5 months ago
52 Jared and Ivanka Try to Reenter Polite Society, Are Promptly Told to F--k Off Vanity Fair 7 months ago
53 Maybe You Don't Want to Be In Business With Jared Kushner GEN 10 months ago
54 Trump's Lessons for Defending the Rule of Law by Antara Haldar Project Syndicate 4 days ago
55 Jared Kushner was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. That's less of a big deal than you think. CNN 5 months ago
56 Jared Kushner wants to Trump-proof his private equity future Axios 5 months ago
57 Wisely, the January 6 hearings into Trump's failed coup are narrating a story that has a moral that we can care about MarketWatch 3 days ago
58 Will Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner ever make it back into the ‘it’ crowd? Style 6 months ago
59 Overheard: Russian ambassador talks Ukraine war and 'Jewish guys' at Cafe Milano POLITICO 9 days ago
60 Ex-Trump aide says Jared Kushner had 'absolutely no shame' exerting power Business Insider 9 months ago
61 Kushner Family Business Names CEO as Jared Pursues Own Firm Bloomberg 9 months ago
62 The Best People: Jared Kushner Pal Pardoned by Trump Hit With Felony Cyberstalking Charges Vanity Fair 11 months ago
63 Jared Kushner investment firm Affinity raises $3 billion in committed funding Fox Business 6 months ago
64 Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have a beach day in Miami HOLA! USA 2 months ago
65 Book bombs: Trump aide tell-alls fail to sell POLITICO 10 days ago
66 Tennessee Republican says only Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump will care that state GOP kicked Trump-endorsed candidate off the ballot because 'she's Jewish' Yahoo News 2 months ago
67 Forbes cites Joshua Kushner, not Jared, as the family's 1st billionaire The Jerusalem Post 3 months ago
68 Jared Kushner floated the idea of a federal cryptocurrency, documents reveal The Verge 6 months ago
69 Jan 6 hearings: Four big things we've learned BBC 8 days ago
70 Friday Digest: Oakland A's new stadium plans win key vote; Banking survey's grim findings San Francisco Business Times 2 days ago
71 Jared Kushner's New Fund Looks to Profit From His Middle East Diplomacy WSJ 4 months ago
72 Ivanka Trump sunbathes while husband Jared Kushner plays with the kids in Miami Daily Mail 1 month ago
73 How Joshua Kushner – not Jared – became his family’s first billionaire Style 2 months ago
74 Jared Kushner key to doubling vaccines for US: Pfizer CEO Washington Examiner 4 months ago
75 Kushner avoided Trump after January 6, worried they'd 'get in a fight': book Business Insider 8 months ago
76 Jared Kushner's Investment Firm Scores Huge Diplomatic Win and Blow to BDS | Opinion Newsweek 2 months ago
77 After Thursday, Jan. 6 hearings pushed for 'several weeks' as committee considers new evidence ABC News 11 days ago
78 Jared Kushner screamed 'get out' to Israeli ambassador in White House, says new book Middle East Eye 7 months ago
79 Kanye West and Jared Kushner get dinner in Miami, 'no business agenda' Page Six 6 months ago
80 New reporting shows shameless self-dealing by Trump admin's Jared Kushner, Steve Mnuchin MSNBC 1 month ago
81 Giuliani Pal Gets 20 Months For Election Crimes, Fraud Law360 4 days ago
82 Trump said Jared Kushner was 'more loyal to Israel than the US': book Business Insider 10 months ago
83 Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner distance themselves from the former President and his constant complaints CNN 1 year ago
84 How Jared and Ivanka Hijacked the White House's Covid Response POLITICO 9 months ago
85 Worsening Algeria-Spain Relations Spell Trouble for Western Sahara The Organization for World Peace 3 days ago
86 Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner share some PDA on the beach in the Miami HOLA! USA 6 months ago
87 Jared Kushner's 'Affinity Partners' 2 months ago
88 Of Course Jared and Ivanka Think They’re the Duke and Duchess of South Florida Vanity Fair 9 months ago
89 Did Jared Kushner’s Father Set Up Former N.J. Governor Jim McGreevey? Vanity Fair 2 months ago
90 Federal Investigation Finds Former Trump Officials, Including Jared Kushner, Repeatedly Broke the Law The Paper 8 months ago
91 Michael Cohen thinks Jared Kushner already flipped on Trump Salon 12 months ago
92 The US burden is to integrate Israel with the Arab world Middle East Monitor 6 days ago
93 How hiring the wrong medical “expert” derailed US pandemic response Ars Technica 10 days ago
94 Jared Kushner Shrieked 'Get Out' at Israeli Ambassador, Book Claims The Daily Beast 7 months ago
95 Jared Kushner Was My Boss. What I learned about power, real and… | by Aaron Gell | GEN GEN 3 years ago
96 Analysis | Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner may not have crashed John McCain's funeral after all The Washington Post 8 months ago
97 The Sleeper 'Wire Fraud' Scheme That Could Nail Trumpworld The Daily Beast 2 days ago
98 5 rules Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s kids live by South China Morning Post 8 months ago
99 Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump in Jerusalem next week to launch Abraham Accords caucus Israel News 9 months ago
100 Once omnipresent Kushner now MIA from Trump's political pack CNN 1 year ago