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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 'No SALT no deal': Democrats vow to block Build Back Better bill without tax break Denver Gazette 2 days ago
2 Biden Says He Warned Putin of 'Heavy Price' Over Ukraine U.S. News & World Report 23 days ago
3 How the White House hopes to save Biden's spending bill WHBL News 5 days ago
4 How the White House hopes to save Biden's spending bill Nasdaq 5 days ago
5 Another Midterm Worry for Biden White House: Probes and Impeachment Attempts U.S. News & World Report 6 days ago
6 Biden blasts Republicans, asks party to name what it stands for KELO AM-FM 4 days ago
7 Biden voting rights lunch with Democrats undercut by key senator Sinema Nasdaq 10 days ago
8 EXCLUSIVE-Biden weighing cuts to 2022 ethanol blending mandate proposal- sources Nasdaq 11 days ago
9 Texas synagogue hostage-taking suspect entry in U.S. did not raise security flags White House 5 days ago
10 First months of 2022 crucial for Biden agenda as November midterms loom Denver Gazette 13 days ago
11 White House calls on congress to give IRS funding to address backlogs Devdiscourse 2 days ago
12 White House likely weigh not to weigh in on Fed review of digital currency Devdiscourse 2 days ago
13 Biden to speak 'truth,' honor law enforcement on Jan 6 anniversary -White House KFGO News 19 days ago
14 Biden voting rights push scotched by Democrats Sinema, Manchin ZAWYA 9 days ago
15 Winter Storm Pounds Washington as It Moves Across U.S. East Coast U.S. News & World Report 20 days ago
16 White House said Russia could launch Ukraine invasion at any point Devdiscourse 5 days ago
17 Biden to speak 'truth' on Jan 6 anniversary, Trump cancels ... Thomson Reuters Foundation 19 days ago
18 Shareholders in Schweitzer-Mauduit International (NYSE:SWM) are in the red if they invested five years ago Nasdaq 11 days ago
19 The Hill's 12:30 Report: Dems barrel towards voting rights vote with no outcome | TheHill The Hill 5 days ago
20 Governors get in on redistricting POLITICO 5 days ago
21 U.S. finalizing purchase of COVID tests, to be distributed for free PharmaLive 19 days ago
22 POLITICO Playbook: Outlook remains dreary for Dems this week POLITICO 5 days ago
23 U.S. EPA proposes biofuel mandate cuts, a boost to pandemic-hit refiners Reuters 2 months ago
24 U.S. EPA proposes extending refinery compliance deadline for biofuel laws Reuters 2 months ago
25 U.S. refiners amass over $1 bln biofuel liability as Biden admin mulls relief Reuters 7 months ago
26 Democrats likely to ditch U.S. methane fee amid opposition, sources say Reuters 3 months ago
27 White House asks U.S. oil-and-gas companies to help lower fuel costs -sources Reuters 3 months ago
28 EXCLUSIVE EPA to urge U.S. biofuel blending mandates below 2020 levels, sources say Reuters 5 months ago
29 U.S. Democratic lawmakers urge Biden not to reduce biofuel mandates Reuters 4 months ago
30 On a New Hampshire Bridge, Biden Bets Infrastructure Beats Political Headwinds U.S. News & World Report 2 months ago
31 Analysis: U.S. oil refiners bet the farm Biden will back them on biofuels Reuters 2 months ago
32 U.S. bread, donut makers urge Biden to roll back biofuel requirements Reuters 6 months ago
33 'There will be things that people can't get,' at Christmas, White House warns Reuters 3 months ago
34 EXCLUSIVE U.S. asks Japan, China, others to consider tapping oil reserves -sources Reuters 2 months ago
35 White House targets 20% lower aviation emissions by 2030 Reuters 5 months ago
36 Biden promotes EVs with tire-screeching Hummer test drive in Detroit Reuters 2 months ago
37 EXCLUSIVE U.S. Democrats court Manchin with two-part climate plan -sources Reuters 4 months ago
38 Exclusive: White House asks EPA to study how EVs can generate renewable fuel credits Reuters 10 months ago
39 Citing high gas prices, Biden asks FTC to redouble probe of possible 'illegal conduct' Reuters 2 months ago
40 Biden to Propose Stepping up U.S. Fight Against AIDS With Research, Treatment U.S. News & World Report 2 months ago
41 Biden, Democrats shred spending, tax plans to get a deal done Reuters 3 months ago
42 Biden signs order to tackle corporate abuses across U.S. economy Reuters 7 months ago
43 Biden likely to head to COP26 without a final U.S. climate deal Reuters 3 months ago
44 Biden seeks to support Florida schools threatened by governor over masks Reuters 6 months ago
45 Analysis: A 'transitory way to govern' Biden reverses Trump's orders with the stroke of a pen 12 months ago
46 EXCLUSIVE White House delays biofuel mandates due to political concerns -sources Reuters 6 months ago
47 Factbox: Paid leave, clean energy and preschool: Democrats' $3.5 trln plan Reuters 6 months ago
48 Biofuel makers seeks changes to aviation fuel tax credit in Biden spending plan Reuters 4 months ago
49 Senator Sinema rejects vote on big Biden package before infrastructure -source Reuters 3 months ago
50 'Certainly not my intent': Biden walks back infrastructure veto remarks Reuters 7 months ago
51 USDA to announce $700 million in biofuel grants on Tuesday Reuters 2 months ago
52 EXCLUSIVE White House, top Democrats agree to boost carbon capture credit in budget bill -sources Reuters 4 months ago
53 U.S. billionaire tax proposal seems to unite Democrats but will it work? 3 months ago
54 Biden Announces Free Tests, More Vax Sites to Battle Surging Omicron Long Island Press 1 month ago
55 U.S. oil drilling review proposes higher fees, development curbs Reuters 2 months ago
56 White House signals Biden may address filibuster reform soon Reuters 3 months ago
57 White House not weighing oil export ban, source says, as lawmakers urge higher domestic ouput Reuters 2 months ago
58 Biden to float historic tax increase on investment gains for the rich Reuters 9 months ago
59 Biden prepares to scale back lofty goals as signature spending plan under threat Reuters 4 months ago
60 White House announces efforts to curb emissions in buildings Reuters 8 months ago
61 Biden proposes 15% corporate minimum tax to win Republican backing of infrastructure plan Reuters 8 months ago
62 Explainer: Main battles ahead for U.S. Democrats' $3.5 trillion social spending bill Reuters 4 months ago
63 Fed chief has Biden's confidence, but no decision on renomination Reuters 4 months ago
64 Biden struggles to secure his 'New Deal' to transform U.S. economy Reuters 4 months ago
65 Biden says he suggested to UK's Johnson a plan to rival China's Belt and Road Reuters 10 months ago
66 U.S. eyes nuclear reactor tax credit to meet climate goals -sources Reuters 9 months ago
67 Factbox: Biden faces gauntlet of deadlines on Afghanistan, infrastructure, budget Reuters 5 months ago
68 Biden, Democrats may limit free college, childcare to shrink reconciliation bill -sources Reuters 4 months ago
69 Analysis: Electric bus maker BYD shows China complications in Biden climate push Reuters 6 months ago
70 Democrats weigh first nationwide fee on plastic in U.S. budget negotiations Reuters 4 months ago
71 EXCLUSIVE Democrats may scrap matching funds from infrastructure bill over wage issue Reuters 6 months ago
72 U.S. lawmakers introduce bill to restrict biofuel waivers for refiners Reuters 7 months ago
73 'Don't Hesitate to Ask for Anything,' Biden Tells Tornado-Hit Kentucky U.S. News & World Report 1 month ago
74 U.S. infrastructure deal teeters after Republicans reject IRS funds Reuters UK 6 months ago
75 EXCLUSIVE Delta Air makes $350 million gamble as it lobbies Biden on fuel credits Reuters 8 months ago
76 Biden pushes climate spending as U.S. braces for wildfire disaster Reuters 7 months ago
77 Biden says $2 trillion jobs plan rivals the space race in its ambition Reuters 10 months ago
78 Virginia loss highlights some Democrats' uncertainty over Biden strategy Reuters 3 months ago
79 Biden White House's secret weapon on infrastructure: small businesses Reuters 9 months ago
80 Analysis: Biden's vaccine mandate signals a White House done with persuasion Reuters 5 months ago
81 Biden calls Chauvin verdict a 'giant step' toward justice in the United States Reuters 9 months ago
82 U.S. climate envoy Kerry expected to travel to China in September sources 5 months ago
83 U.S. trade chief pressured to lift duties on Canadian lumber Reuters 8 months ago
84 U.S. lays out plan to confront white supremacist violence Reuters 7 months ago
85 Biden to unveil multitrillion-dollar infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh next week Reuters 10 months ago
86 Biden pulls nomination of Chipman to lead ATF firearms agency Reuters 5 months ago
87 U.S. refiner Valero granted Jones Act waiver after Colonial outage -sources Reuters 9 months ago
88 Workhorse challenges USPS decision to award vehicle contract to Oshkosh Reuters 7 months ago
89 Biden to tell Israel PM he shares alarm over Iran but sticking to nuclear diplomacy Reuters 5 months ago
90 Explainer: Democratic Senator Manchin Upends Biden's Hope to Reshape Economy U.S. News & World Report 3 months ago
91 Biden says China won't surpass U.S. as global leader on his watch Reuters 10 months ago
92 White House wants broadband funding in infrastructure bill -sources Reuters 6 months ago
93 'Anything is possible,' Manchin says after talks with Biden on $1.75 trln bill Yahoo News 1 month ago
94 Biden, saying 'silence is complicity,' signs COVID hate crimes bill into law Reuters 8 months ago
95 Biden says he won't let Justice Dept seize reporters' phone, email records Reuters 8 months ago
96 Biden to Visit Baltimore With Promise to Unclog Ports 2 months ago
97 Big questions loom ahead of Biden's next spending push, like 'what is infrastructure?' Reuters 10 months ago
98 After criticism, Biden says he will raise U.S. cap on refugee admissions Reuters 9 months ago
99 Biden seeks ways to speed up evacuations from Afghanistan Reuters 5 months ago
100 Pennsylvania river's historic rise swamps homes, shuts commuter highway Reuters 5 months ago