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1 Market bull predicts holiday season surge will boost stocks another 10%
2 Raymond James Investment Chief: "WHAT THE F@CK IS GOING ON?!?!?"
3 'People are underinvested' despite stocks near all-time highs, equity strategist says
4 Raymond James Super-Bull Jeff Saut Retires At 69
5 Raymond James' Jeff Saut: I've never seen anything like this market, so I'm not going 'to play'
6 Recent market sell-off is an 'early Christmas gift,' says Wall Street bull Jeff Saut
7 'You're going to get a rocket ship': Veteran strategist Jeff Saut sees the S&P 500 breaking 4000 in the next 12 months
8 Raymond James' Jeff Saut: 'A major bottom' is approaching in the market
9 The market sell-off will continue into next week, Jeff Saut predicts
10 Stocks wipe out gains after Dow touches record high
11 One of Wall Street's loudest bulls just got louder — Jeff Saut says economy is 'stronger than a garlic milkshake'
12 One sector is about to burn bright, says Raymond James' Jeff Saut
13 General Electric's stock reverse splits 1-for-8
14 Wall Street veteran who predicted sell-off says bull market has 'years left'
15 JEFF SAUT: The Stock Market Will Probably Tank After Obama's State Of The Union
16 Newsline for Oct. 22, 2021 – News
17 Investors ought to follow the classic advice of ‘Old Turkey’: Strategist Jeff Saut
18 Bears Don't Have Much Time Here – Jeff Saut
19 The Takeaway: It’s officially a bull market — Jeff Saut
20 How the pandemic drove massive stock market gains, and what happens next
21 Jeffrey Saut stocks will hit all-time high
22 Veteran U.S. Stock Bull Says Short-Term Correction May Be Ahead
23 Among the best market calls of 2020 are some overlooked stocks that soared
24 U.S. jobless claims show surprise gain, well above expectations
25 Ignore the media's scare tactics, says this 50-year market veteran -- the bull market is alive, and well
26 Stocks continue to rise amid surge in U.S. coronavirus cases—Four experts on what's next
27 Here’s the only thing investors need to know about the stock market right now, says 50-year veteran
28 A small-cap stock-market breakout is leaving the S&P 500 in the dust --- here's what it means for the rally
29 Stock market moving from interest-rate driven to earnings driven
30 JEFF SAUT: This Market Has Now Had Its Second 'Dog Barking In The Night'
31 Dow drops for the first time in 4 days—here's what experts see ahead for markets
32 Dow gains more than 400 points after big tech rally, Amazon and Netflix hit records
33 Stock-market plunge was still too orderly to mark a bottom, chart watcher says
34 Pictures of what happened this week: Wally Funk becomes the oldest person to ever go into space; athletes from around the world take part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony
35 What Is a Bull Market and What Does It Mean in 2018?
36 The S&P 500 could drop another 20% in 6 to 18 months, says Leuthold's CIO
37 Sell Rosh Hashanah, buy Yom Kippur? Here’s what the data shows
38 Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk increased their wealth by $217 billion in 2020. For this amount, over 100 million Americans could get $2,000 checks.
39 Throw market history out the window when trading this September
40 Worse-than-expected drop in U.S. retail sales weighs on stocks — what to watch now
41 Billionaires, livestreams and Stephen Colbert: Welcome to a new era of space flight
42 10 signs of stock market capitulation
43 Welcome to the longest bull market in Wall Street history
44 Stock ETFs Jump In Post-Holiday Trade Monday
45 Dow plunges 460 points as yield-curve inversion sparks growth concerns
46 What happens after the stock market crashes and booms: Morning Brief
47 Most Hated Bull Market Ever? Maybe It Should Be
48 Transportation stocks: flying high
49 Timeline of Mario Draghi's run as head of the European Central Bank