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1 Fish farmers grapple with sustainability challenge Financial Times 1 month ago
2 Nueva Pascanova plans world's largest octopus farm The Fish Site 25 days ago
3 Perspective | The meat industry is doing exactly what Big Oil does to fight climate action The Washington Post 7 months ago
4 Why Lawsuits Over 'Misleading' Food Labels Are Surging The New York Times 3 months ago
5 Newport County real estate: 4 Jamestown properties sell for more than $2 million 7 days ago
6 Big Meat spends millions to block climate policy — just like Big Oil Vox 8 months ago
7 "Is Shame Necessary?" By Jennifer Jacquet on Wednesday's Access Utah Utah Public Radio 7 years ago
8 Communication Technology and the Study of Collective Behavior Must Become a “Crisis Discipline,” Researchers Argue NYU News 6 months ago
9 Meat and Dairy Companies Slow to Commit to Net-Zero Emissions, New Analysis Finds NYU News 8 months ago
10 DeSmog Publishes Exposé on Meat Industry Climate Washing One Green Planet 4 months ago
11 Science has not kept pace with aquaculture: New study reveals 'knowledge gap' of animal welfare Science Daily 8 months ago
12 Jennifer Jacquet: ‘The power of shame is that it can be used by the weak against the strong’ The Guardian 7 years ago
13 Public Shaming Has Only Just Begun | by Jennifer Jacquet | GEN 2 years ago
14 How Big Meat Is Funding Climate Denial and Polluting the Planet Gizmodo 8 months ago
15 Tracking down mystery boats on the high seas The Verge 10 months ago
16 Does shame have a place in the climate fight? Jennifer Jacquet thinks so Grist 6 years ago
17 Satellite data identifies companies fishing in high seas: Analysis points to commercial activity beyond reach of national jurisdiction Science Daily 12 months ago
18 Want Cleaner, Healthier Salmon? Raise Them on Land Bloomberg 6 months ago
19 On the Hook once again urges independent external review of MSC as it relaunches SeafoodSource 5 months ago
20 Mitch McConnell's Shameless Attack on HR1/S1, The For the People Act Esquire 7 months ago
21 Big Meat pulls from Big Oil's playbook to delay climate action Corporate Knights Magazine 4 months ago
22 Walmart, Ikea, and Amazon have a dirty shipping problem The Verge 4 months ago
23 Biennale di Venezia the German Pavilion looks back from the future | Livegreenblog 7 months ago
24 Octopus Farms Could Become a Reality. Scientists Warn This Isn't a Good Idea Discover Magazine 1 year ago
25 The Promise and the Challenge of “Restorative Aquaculture” Sierra Magazine 3 months ago
26 In Support of Shame Slate Magazine 8 months ago
27 Popular culinary site Epicurious cuts new beef recipes in a 'pro-planet' move --- its users didn't complain MarketWatch 7 months ago
28 So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed and Is Shame Necessary? review – think before you tweet The Guardian 7 years ago
29 Reviews: 'So You've Been Publicly Shamed' and 'Is Shame Necessary?' Chicago Tribune 7 years ago
30 Can “flight shame” still serve the climate movement in the Covid era? New Statesman 4 months ago
31 Octopus farming is ‘unethical and a threat to the food chain’ The Guardian 3 years ago
32 Trump lost. A divided America must move forward and reject Trumpism. Mashable SE Asia 1 year ago
33 Shaming works: Mike Pence shamed into wearing mask as Grim Reaper hits the beach MSNBC 2 years ago
34 Aquaculture Posing ‘Unparalleled Welfare Threats’ & Suffering To Fish, Study Warns Green Queen Media 8 months ago
35 Try not. Do. Or do not. Announcements 1 year ago
36 The world wants to eat more octopus. But is octopus farming ethical? National Geographic 2 years ago
37 The shaming of Walter Palmer for killing Cecil the Lion The Conversation US 6 years ago
38 Crayfish interbreeding causing the extinction of native species Inhabitat 2 months ago
39 Review: Books take two views on shame and its place in the modern age Los Angeles Times 7 years ago
40 Scientists question the ethics, sustainability of planned octopus farms 3 years ago
41 Octopus farming comes under fire The Fish Site 3 years ago
42 Here’s what to hope for from the Paris climate talks Grist 6 years ago
43 World Oceans Day: five sustainable fishing initiatives working around the globe The Grocer 6 months ago
44 Celebrate Independence Day with these rad women (and popsicles) Grist 6 years ago
45 A Worse You Could be Better Off: Robert Trivers' Folly of Fools Scientific American 10 years ago
46 Alligator Wrestling Tourist Attractions Hurting Not Helping Gator Conservation, Study Finds 10 months ago
47 Envisioned 'octopus farms' would have far-reaching and detrimental environmental impact Science Daily 3 years ago
48 Oversight of Fishing Vessels Lacking, New Analysis Shows NYU News 2 years ago
49 Why guilt and ethical shopping aren't enough – we need to start shaming The Guardian 7 years ago
50 Revaluing the Oceans Architecture 1 year ago
51 Obesity is the leading cause of death in America. When will we talk about it? Big Think 2 years ago
52 Octopuses Farmed: Mass Breeding Techniques Could Harm Female Octopuses Sentient Media 1 year ago
53 After Devin Nunes Sues @DevinCow, the Twitter Parody Gains a Half-Million Followers The New York Times 3 years ago
54 EGI: Filling in the gaps in law enforcement for the online wildlife trade 5 years ago
55 The New Wave of Fishless Fish Is Here Outside Magazine 1 year ago
56 Stewardship of global collective behavior 5 months ago
57 Shame was brutal for Monica Lewinsky. But it can also be a force for good. Washington Post 7 years ago
58 Employing shame for environmental change 7 years ago
59 The World Is Hungry For Octopus, What’s Wrong With Farming Them? Forbes 2 years ago
60 Are the media all 'doom and gloom'? Not when it comes to coverage of our oceans Science Daily 4 years ago
61 As Climate Change Fries the World, Social Media Is Frying Our Brains Bloomberg 5 months ago
62 Getting to grips with octopus farming's ethical issues The Fish Site 2 years ago
63 Octopuses are smart, inventive creatures. Factory farming them would be a disaster. Vox 3 years ago
64 There's nothing virtuous about your 'sustainably' caught fish Scienceline 2 years ago
65 Guilt Is Good for Fixing the Climate Treehugger 3 months ago
66 Corporate spin: Meat industry denies accelerating climate change Independent Australia 4 months ago
67 Octopus farms could have a dangerous environmental ripple effect 3 years ago
68 How Overfishing Threatens the World's Oceans—and What We Can Do About It Mental Floss 2 years ago
69 The Public-Shaming Pandemic The New Yorker 1 year ago
70 Taking the Fish Out of Fish Feed Hakai Magazine 1 year ago
71 Public Hearing: To solicit testimony on voting experiences and issues from voters in Westchester The New York State Senate 4 months ago
72 Police Blotter: April to May 16, 2021; Cedar Hill/Desoto/Glenn Heights/Lancaster Focusdailynews 7 months ago
73 A Terrible Shame Slate Magazine 7 years ago
74 #PermitPatty and the power of online shaming California Sun 3 years ago
75 Briefs Naples Daily News 8 months ago
76 Seeds of Time Announcements 5 years ago
77 In praise of shame: how Trump and Johnson show we need it more than ever The Guardian 2 years ago
78 LEAP Announces 2020–2021 Speaker Series on Theme of “One Health” Yale News 1 year ago