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1 We Need to End Octopus Farming Before It Starts Sentient Media 5 days ago
2 Perspective | The meat industry is doing exactly what Big Oil does to fight climate action The Washington Post 9 months ago
3 Big Meat spends millions to block climate policy — just like Big Oil 10 months ago
4 Why Lawsuits Over 'Misleading' Food Labels Are Surging The New York Times 5 months ago
5 Say yes to kelp farming but no to finfish Newsday 1 month ago
6 Is Tali Leaving 'FBI: Most Wanted'? Not if We Ground Her! Distractify 21 days ago
7 McDonald's Failing to Follow Through on Climate Promises, Critics Say The Energy Mix 1 month ago
8 'FBI: Most Wanted's' Roxy Sternberg Is Pregnant! Is She Leaving? Distractify 13 days ago
9 CIO Leadership: HMG Strategy, the World's #1 Executive Leadership Network, Looks Ahead to its ... The Bakersfield Californian 25 days ago
10 DeSmog Publishes Exposé on Meat Industry Climate Washing One Green Planet 6 months ago
11 Jennifer Jacquet: ‘The power of shame is that it can be used by the weak against the strong’ The Guardian 7 years ago
12 Public Shaming Has Only Just Begun | by Jennifer Jacquet | GEN 2 years ago
13 Nueva Pascanova plans world's largest octopus farm The Fish Site 3 months ago
14 Fish farmers grapple with sustainability challenge Financial Times 3 months ago
15 The world's first octopus farm should it go ahead? 1 month ago
16 Meat and Dairy Companies Slow to Commit to Net-Zero Emissions, New Analysis Finds NYU News 10 months ago
17 Science has not kept pace with aquaculture: New study reveals 'knowledge gap' of animal welfare Science Daily 10 months ago
18 Tracking down mystery boats on the high seas The Verge 11 months ago
19 Climate change: McDonald's launches net zero carbon restaurant prompting accusations of greenwashing 2 months ago
20 Communication technology, study of collective behavior must be 'crisis discipline,' researchers argue UW News 8 months ago
21 Students Push NYU to Divest Its Endowment from Fossil Fuels and Private Prisons NYU Local 2 months ago
22 On the Hook once again urges independent external review of MSC as it relaunches SeafoodSource 7 months ago
23 Virtual 3D models of ammonite fossils show their muscles for first time Ars Technica 21 days ago
24 Mitch McConnell's Shameless Attack on HR1/S1, The For the People Act Esquire 9 months ago
25 Walmart, Ikea, and Amazon have a dirty shipping problem The Verge 6 months ago
26 The Promise and the Challenge of “Restorative Aquaculture” Sierra Magazine 5 months ago
27 Big Meat pulls from Big Oil's playbook to delay climate action Corporate Knights Magazine 6 months ago
28 Octopus Farms Could Become a Reality. Scientists Warn This Isn't a Good Idea Discover Magazine 1 year ago
29 Biennale di Venezia the German Pavilion looks back from the future | Livegreenblog 9 months ago
30 Satellite data identifies companies fishing in high seas: Analysis points to commercial activity beyond reach of national jurisdiction Science Daily 1 year ago
31 So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed and Is Shame Necessary? review – think before you tweet The Guardian 7 years ago
32 Want Cleaner, Healthier Salmon? Raise Them on Land Bloomberg 7 months ago
33 Reviews: 'So You've Been Publicly Shamed' and 'Is Shame Necessary?' Chicago Tribune 7 years ago
34 Can “flight shame” still serve the climate movement in the Covid era? New Statesman 6 months ago
35 Scientists question the ethics, sustainability of planned octopus farms UPI News 3 years ago
36 PETA, Scientists Take Aim at TBS's 'Go-Big Show' PETA 1 year ago
37 Review: Books take two views on shame and its place in the modern age Los Angeles Times 7 years ago
38 Octopus farming is ‘unethical and a threat to the food chain’ The Guardian 3 years ago
39 The world wants to eat more octopus. But is octopus farming ethical? National Geographic 2 years ago
40 EGI: Filling in the gaps in law enforcement for the online wildlife trade 5 years ago
41 Employing shame for environmental change 7 years ago
42 They really have no shame: From the Koch brothers to Woody Allen, how bad actors justify themselves Salon 7 years ago
43 In Support of Shame Slate Magazine 10 months ago
44 7 Reasons to Swim with Whale Sharks Scientific American Blog Network 10 years ago
45 The Hard Numbers Behind Scholarly Publishing's Gender Gap Chronicle of Higher Education 9 years ago
46 The shaming of Walter Palmer for killing Cecil the Lion The Conversation US 6 years ago
47 After Devin Nunes Sues @DevinCow, the Twitter Parody Gains a Half-Million Followers The New York Times 3 years ago
48 Octopuses Farmed: Mass Breeding Techniques Could Harm Female Octopuses Sentient Media 2 years ago
49 Alligator Wrestling Tourist Attractions Hurting Not Helping Gator Conservation, Study Finds PEOPLE 1 year ago
50 Oversight of Fishing Vessels Lacking, New Analysis Shows NYU News 2 years ago
51 Always the Property Drama Announcements 1 year ago
52 Octopus farming comes under fire The Fish Site 3 years ago
53 The World Is Hungry For Octopus, What’s Wrong With Farming Them? Forbes 2 years ago
54 Obesity is the leading cause of death in America. When will we talk about it? Big Think 2 years ago
55 Shaming works: Mike Pence shamed into wearing mask as Grim Reaper hits the beach MSNBC 2 years ago
56 Shame was brutal for Monica Lewinsky. But it can also be a force for good. Washington Post 7 years ago
57 Octopuses are smart, inventive creatures. Factory farming them would be a disaster. 3 years ago
58 Are the media all 'doom and gloom'? Not when it comes to coverage of our oceans Science Daily 4 years ago
59 Why guilt and ethical shopping aren't enough – we need to start shaming The Guardian 7 years ago
60 Getting to grips with octopus farming's ethical issues The Fish Site 3 years ago
61 There's nothing virtuous about your 'sustainably' caught fish Scienceline 2 years ago
62 Octopus farms could have a dangerous environmental ripple effect 3 years ago
63 School of Music Welcomes 5-String Baroque Cello Project Recital Nov. 14 UNLV NewsCenter 3 months ago
64 Three Books Explore the Spiral of Shame Scientific American 6 years ago
65 Revaluing the Oceans Architecture 2 years ago
66 Multi-provincial human trafficking ring thwarted after investigation launched in Kingston Kingstonist 1 month ago
67 Guilt Is Good for Fixing the Climate Treehugger 5 months ago
68 Stewardship of global collective behavior 7 months ago
69 #PermitPatty and the power of online shaming California Sun 4 years ago
70 Delayed gratification hurts climate change cooperation Science Daily 8 years ago
71 A Terrible Shame Slate Magazine 7 years ago
72 How Overfishing Threatens the World's Oceans—and What We Can Do About It Mental Floss 2 years ago
73 Taking the Fish Out of Fish Feed Hakai Magazine 1 year ago
74 Can Art Help Combat Climate Change? A Q&A With Shanghai Project Co-Founder Yongwoo Lee artnet News 5 years ago