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1 How Jews push Jews out of the fight against antisemitism Haaretz 18 hours ago
2 NYC Jews latest to claim discrimination after Democrats' gerrymander New York Post 19 hours ago
3 Jews assaulted Australian Jewish News 1 day ago
4 There's no future for non ultra-Orthodox Jews in Diaspora former MK 23 hours ago
5 Are Jews a Race Under U.S. Law? Tablet Magazine 5 days ago
6 Faculty Voice: Why I chose to teach American Jewish history MSUToday 2 days ago
7 Kilts, mohawks and plumbing: smashing Jewish stereotypes – in pictures The Guardian 1 day ago
8 How many Israelis believe that Arabs and Jews can live together? The Jerusalem Post 2 days ago
9 Orthodox Jews were kept off Lufthansa flight. N.J. congressman wants to know why. 18 hours ago
10 Jews around the world study the Mishneh Torah Jewish Herald-Voice 9 hours ago
11 Okemos Man Helps Deliver Ambulances and Medical Supplies to Jews in Ukraine — Detroit Jewish News The Jewish News 1 day ago
12 The groups intimidating New York Jews – New York Daily News New York Daily News 1 day ago
13 Citing religious freedom, hundreds of Jews rally at the US Capitol against Roe's overthrow The Washington Post 3 days ago
14 How Black people and Jews are bound together in 'great replacement' theory Religion News Service 4 days ago
15 Medieval hell and haven: Venice's former ghetto still exalts Jewish culture Stars and Stripes 7 hours ago
16 Losing the Galilee: Why are Jews a declining minority in this key area? 1 day ago
17 An Attempt to Demonstrate American Literary Racism Slights the Jews » Mosaic Mosaic 10 hours ago
18 U.S. envoy decries ‘unbelievable’ antisemitism by Lufthansa in barring Jews from flight NBC News 7 days ago
19 Drew Stone: 'The Jews and The Blues' is my musical journey South Florida Sun Sentinel 18 hours ago
20 Why are there millions of 'Jews' on Indian matchmaking websites? Haaretz 3 days ago
21 What Jews Can Learn from John Locke » Mosaic Mosaic 10 hours ago
22 What’s Jewish about tikkun olam? The Jewish Standard 21 hours ago
23 How Buffalo suspect's hateful propaganda connects Black Americans and Jews NBC News 2 days ago
24 Broadway’s new ‘Evan Hansen’ is an Asian-American Jew The Jerusalem Post 19 hours ago
25 ‘Jews, God and History’ The Jewish Standard 2 days ago
26 Two kinds of Jews: Bar Kochba was not an ancient Moshe Dayan opinion 3 days ago
27 'Integral': New show reveals ancient Jewish roots in Greece FRANCE 24 English 1 day ago
28 'Don't single us out!' Welcome unmarried Jews 2 days ago
29 Jewish leader is not ‘just a man with a beard,’ women rabbis tell Adams The Jerusalem Post 13 hours ago
30 At Home and on the Run, Ukraine Jews Celebrate Lag BaOmer Festivities take to the streets from Odessa, Ukraine, to Chisinau, Moldova 18 hours ago
31 Russia Is Not the First to Blame Jews for Their Own Holocaust The Atlantic 15 days ago
32 Overturning Roe would be an unconscionable infringement on the religious freedom of Orthodox Jews JTA News 19 hours ago
33 OPINION EXCHANGE | Anti-Semitic tropes have no place in our politics Star Tribune 15 hours ago
34 Attorney for man accused of threatening to kill Jews asks if jurors can be impartial after Buffalo shooting Bangor Daily News 17 hours ago
35 Suspect sentenced for incident with Jewish couple during Palestinian rally at Crocker Park Cleveland 19 News 20 hours ago
36 How many Jews fought at Mariupol's Azovstal plant? Depends who's counting Haaretz 3 days ago
37 Israel's minister for Jewish security Haaretz 16 hours ago
38 In 1968, Poland's communist government forced Jews to leave. Today, the country embraces refugees. CNN 19 days ago
39 Man Charged With Hate Crimes After Violent Attacks on Four Jews The New York Times 1 month ago
40 Selling Out: Jews: Leave It to the Jews – Political Hitman [audio] The Jewish Press 1 day ago
41 The lost Jews of Nigeria | Nigeria The Guardian 24 days ago
42 Jewish worshippers clash with police at pilgrimage site Al-Monitor 21 hours ago
43 The King of Warsaw TV review: A powerful crime drama about Warssaw's pre war Jews The Jewish Chronicle 4 hours ago
44 Why are some Jews defending the IRGC? 1 day ago
45 Jewish in the big leagues: Power hitter Shawn Green dishes at White House event Forward 15 hours ago
46 Celebrate Israel Parade: Jews come together in New York opinion 3 days ago
47 Antisemitic incidents, attacks on Jews increased to record in 2021 USA TODAY 24 days ago
48 NYC's de Blasio hints at return to politics to represent Orthodox Jews The Jerusalem Post 2 days ago
49 History of the Jews of Yemen 10 days ago
50 Apology, 800 years on, for laws that expelled Jews from England The Guardian 12 days ago
51 Nearly one in four Jews will be ultra-Orthodox by 2040, new study says Haaretz 17 days ago
52 The Buffalo shooter blamed his problems on the Jews. Tucker Carlson's response will only make things worse Forward 3 days ago
53 Who Gets to Play Jewish? Vanity Fair 23 days ago
54 Krakow's Jews will not stay silent on Russian invasion of Ukraine The Jerusalem Post 3 days ago
55 Shir Ami a Hub for Reform Jewish Life Jewish Exponent 19 hours ago
56 Jordan fully determined to end Jewish prayer on Temple Mount Israel Hayom 5 hours ago
57 Daily Briefing May 16: In besieged Mariupol, Jews fight alongside infamous Azov Unit The Times of Israel 4 days ago
58 Senator Rubio: stop abusing Jewish texts on abortion The Jewish Chronicle 1 day ago
59 Ukraine's Jewish community buries dead on Passover after Bucha massacre accusations NBC News 28 days ago
60 In Israel, Nobel-winning author Olga Tokarczuk reflects on Poles, Jews and a messiah The Times of Israel 4 days ago
61 The secret Jewish history of The Who – The Forward Forward 2 days ago
62 In 17th-century Italy, 14 enslaved Jewish girls and women were raped The Jerusalem Post 2 days ago
63 Jewish Progressives Concerned Over Pro-Israel Election Targeting The Intercept 5 days ago
64 Four out of every ten British Jews in 2040 will be Charedi The Jewish Chronicle 23 hours ago
65 Shared Grief Is Not Enough Jewish Currents 14 hours ago
66 Arizona inmate whose Jewish mom fled Nazis will be executed, but not in gas chamber The Times of Israel 15 hours ago
67 Reviving the Renaissance Temples of Venice’s Jewish Ghetto The New York Times 16 days ago
68 What do Jews say about abortion? Your primer as the Supreme Court weighs overturning Roe v. Wade JTA News 17 days ago
69 Movie about kidnapped Italian Jew Mortara moves forward without Spielber The Jerusalem Post 2 days ago
70 David Baddiel's 'Jews Don't Count' Coming to British TV as Documentary Algemeiner 3 days ago
71 Punta del Este, Uruguay, is one of South America’s ritziest resort cities. Its Jewish population has doubled during the pandemic. JTA News 2 days ago
72 The surprising landscape of Indian Jewish food BBC 25 days ago
73 My Jewdar is so good I even found one on the Falkland Islands The Jewish Chronicle 1 day ago
74 Jews and joints: How the People of the Book came to love marijuana Haaretz 15 days ago
75 New exhibit opens on history of Jews and cannabis New York Post 27 days ago
76 UES And UWS Jews Are Different, Advocates Tell Judge | NYC Top Stories Patch 18 hours ago
77 Jewish pilgrims return to Tunisia after a COVID-induced hiatus The Times of Israel 2 days ago
78 'It was paradise at the time': the little-known story of the Jews of Indonesia Haaretz 29 days ago
79 The Fate of Russia's Jews » Mosaic Mosaic 1 day ago
80 15 Facts About Yekkes, the Jews of Germany 21 days ago
81 KY Rep. Thomas Massie voted 'no' on measure condemning antisemitism Courier Journal 20 hours ago
82 Israel's Eurovision singer bashed for falsely using term 'antisemitism' The Jerusalem Post 1 day ago
83 Philadelphia’s Jewish history museum reopens after bankruptcy and a 2-year shutdown The Philadelphia Inquirer 20 hours ago
84 Putin wants to de-Nazify Ukraine — that’s ludicrous, say the country’s Jews POLITICO Europe 25 days ago
85 Hamas warns against Jews visiting Temple Mount on Nakba Day: ‘Will lead to a clash’ The Times of Israel 6 days ago
86 1/4 American Jewish millennials distance themselves from Israel The Jerusalem Post 25 days ago
87 Historian says NY’s Jewish Museum sanitizes filmmaker’s WWII record in new exhibit The Times of Israel 13 hours ago
88 US Jews back resolution calling awareness to infertility rates The Jerusalem Post 21 days ago
89 Germany Wants Jews Tablet Magazine 24 days ago
90 Questions for Jews to ask about Elon Musk's Twitter takeover The Jerusalem Post 13 days ago
91 When NYC's Jewish museum bans DeSantis, it sends a clear message to all Jews New York Post 12 days ago
92 Are Jews allowed to enter the Temple Mount? Debate heats up The Jerusalem Post 22 days ago
93 'A David and Goliath story': The Jewish history of Cinco de Mayo Forward 15 days ago
94 ‘If Israel were destroyed, I hope it would be the end of the Jewish people.’ The Times of Israel 4 days ago
95 How being Jewish changed Proust’s life Haaretz 15 days ago
96 My Great-Uncle, The Holocaust's First Jewish Victim The Atlantic 15 days ago
97 ‘Disrespectful of Jews’: 70 Harvard faculty reject student paper’s BDS endorsement The Times of Israel 11 days ago
98 Imam on PA TV calls for ‘destruction of the tyrannical Jews’ The Times of Israel 25 days ago
99 Jews should abandon the party that's abandoned them New York Post 19 days ago
100 Israeli police enter holy Al-Aqsa Mosque as Jewish visits resume NBC News 15 days ago