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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Playground launches in beta to help creators cultivate community TechCrunch 7 days ago
2 OSU/A&M Regents approve personnel actions Oklahoma State University 3 months ago
3 Jiayang Fan on Navigating Her Mother’s Illness While Becoming a Target for Chinese Nationalists The New Yorker 4 months ago
4 Beijing Reins In China’s Central Bank The Wall Street Journal 21 hours ago
5 Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School Announces Q1 Honor Roll 12 hours ago
6 Michelle Zauner and Jiayang Fan on becoming their mothers' artworks Document Journal 5 months ago
7 Antaisolar to provide 400 MW of solar trackers to China's Jiayang Renewables Now 3 months ago
8 Zii Jia suffers surprise loss New Straits Times 5 days ago
9 Zhurong is Rolling on Mars Universe Today 6 months ago
10 Journalist Jia Lynn Yang Wins the 11th Annual Zócalo Book Prize 8 months ago
11 Leading the News Coverage of ‘This Big, Messy Country of Ours’ The New York Times 1 month ago
12 When Food Is More Than Food: 'Bubble Tea Addict' Writer Jiayang Fan NPR 10 months ago
13 Early acute fat embolism syndrome caused by femoral fracture: A case report. Physician's Weekly 2 months ago
14 Interview: 14-year-old Olympic champion diver Quan jumps out from hopscotch game Xinhua 4 months ago
15 The Gatekeepers Who Get to Decide What Food Is “Disgusting” The New Yorker 7 months ago
16 Jiayang Fan On 'How My Mother And I Became Chinese Propaganda' NPR 1 year ago
17 This sustainable suitcase uses 70% lesser parts & is easier to assemble/disassemble than IKEA furniture! Yanko Design 9 months ago
18 Singapore's panda cub is turning 100 days old and he's finally getting a name in December CNA 20 days ago
19 An Interview With Zócalo Book Prize Winner Jia Lynn Yang 7 months ago
20 The Scent of Spices, and Vegan Pho, at Bánh The New Yorker 1 month ago
21 Hear the 1st sounds from China's Mars rover Zhurong and watch it drive in new video 6 months ago
22 Zii Jia gets favourable draw in badminton World Tour Finals in Bali The Star Online 9 days ago
23 Seafood Towers at Margie’s in the Rockaways The New Yorker 4 months ago
24 For His Father and His Son, Ai Weiwei Is Determined to Leave a Trace The New York Times 1 month ago
25 A Boldness of Vision at Little Mad The New Yorker 3 months ago
26 Chronicles of a Bubble-Tea Addict The New Yorker 10 months ago
27 Chinese Dishes from Fertile Jiangnan, at CheLi The New Yorker 3 months ago
28 The Atlanta Shooting and the Dehumanizing of Asian Women The New Yorker 9 months ago
29 The Evolution of an Empire, at Momofuku Ssäm Bar The New Yorker 2 months ago
30 How My Mother and I Became Chinese Propaganda The New Yorker 1 year ago
31 America’s Immigration Paradox The New York Times 2 years ago
32 PD-L1 in Combination with CD8+TIL and HIF-1α are Promising Progn | CMAR Dove Medical Press 12 months ago
33 New imaging, machine-learning methods speed effort to reduce crops' need for water University of Illinois News 4 months ago
34 Canada's Yang gun wants to follow Zii Jia's footsteps The Star Online 2 months ago
35 Jia Lian Yang | STLPR St. Louis Public Radio 1 year ago
36 Festival of Books: Writers discuss U.S. immigration history Los Angeles Times 8 months ago
37 LncRNA MIAT services as a noninvasive biomarker | IJWH Dove Medical Press 2 months ago
38 Scientists create entangled photons 100 times more efficiently than previously possible Science Daily 12 months ago
39 Filmmaker Jia Zhangke to head new Shanxi Film Academy 8 months ago
40 What the Atlanta Shootings Reveal About Racism and Misogyny in the U.S. The New Yorker 9 months ago
41 Sunday Reading: The Asian-American Experience The New Yorker 8 months ago
42 Why Beijing Shut Down Hong Kong’s Leading Pro-Democracy Newspaper The New Yorker 5 months ago
43 Making an American Commonweal 1 year ago
44 Chinese PV Industry Brief: Rising wafer prices and a big tracker order pv magazine International 3 months ago
45 After solar conjunction, China's Mars rover Zhurong continues adventures ecns 2 months ago
46 The Mail The New Yorker 6 months ago
47 A young filmmaker is on the rise and is hitting the big screen at the 307 Film Festival Oil City News 4 months ago
48 See Who Passed the July 2021 New York Bar Exam | New York Law Journal 5 months ago
49 Submersible Pump Capacitor market to showcase strong CAGR between 2026 and 2026 Northwest Diamond Notes 2 days ago
50 Who Belongs In America? The New York Times 2 years ago
51 Agong congratulates Zii Jia over All England title win Malay Mail 9 months ago
52 KW filmmaker Liu wins two audience choice awards at 307 Film Festival Oil City News 3 months ago
53 ‘I Become a Person of Suspicion’ The New York Times 2 years ago
54 My Perfect Weekend with host-actor Yang Guang Ke Le The Straits Times 5 months ago
55 The Surprising Origin of Our Modern Nation of Immigrants The New York Times 1 year ago
56 Overlooked No More: Mabel Ping-Hua Lee, Suffragist With a Distinction The New York Times 1 year ago
57 Hong Kong's Protest Movement and the Fight for the City's Soul The New Yorker 2 years ago
58 The long fights — and hasty decisions — that shape immigration policy The Washington Post 1 year ago
59 Clubhouse Opens a Window for Free Expression in China The New Yorker 9 months ago
60 Farewell to My Go-to Curbed 1 year ago
61 Recap: Columbia's conversation on violence against Asian Americans CU Columbia Spectator 7 months ago
62 Saving critically endangered seabird Science Daily 1 year ago
63 BRIEF-China Securities Regulator Bans Leshi Internet Former Chairman Jia Yueting, Former CFO Yang Lijie From Securities Market For Life Reuters 8 months ago
64 Scientists Closing In on “Holy Grail” of Room Temperature Quantum Computing Chips SciTechDaily 2 years ago
65 Monitor unit optimization in stereotactic body radiotherapy for small peripheral non-small cell lung cancer patients | Scientific Reports 6 years ago
66 A simple optimization approach for improving target dose homogeneity in intensity-modulated radiotherapy for sinonasal cancer | Scientific Reports 6 years ago
67 China's Chang'e-4 probe makes historic landing on moon's far side Xinhua | 3 years ago
68 Yale-NUS artist-in-residence talks sculpture, projects Yale Daily News 1 year ago
69 Playground Makes it Easier to Figure Out Which Events You Should Be Going to AlleyWatch 10 months ago
70 How E-Commerce Is Transforming Rural China The New Yorker 3 years ago
71 Ashley Winters and Jia Lian Yang Join We Live Here Podcast as Hosts St. Louis Public Radio 2 years ago
72 On GPS: The Chinese Communist Party's big anniversary CNN 6 months ago
73 Wausau man Da Vang fails in murder appeal Wausau Daily Herald 6 years ago
74 Closing in on 'holy grail' of room temperature quantum computing chips: Photons interact on chip-based system with unprecedented efficiency Science Daily 2 years ago
75 Chinese moon rover designer shooting for Mars Phys.Org 7 years ago
76 Yang '18 Awarded Rotary Peace Fellowship Illinois Wesleyan University 3 years ago
77 When Asian-Americans Have to Prove We Belong The New York Times 2 years ago
78 May 17, 2021 | The New Yorker The New Yorker 7 months ago
79 Terrestrial biosphere contributing to warming climate Science Daily 6 years ago
80 Are We More Divided Now Than Ever Before? The New York Times 1 year ago
81 Sonic Postcards Across the Ocean The New York Times 2 years ago
82 Liu Cixin's War of the Worlds The New Yorker 2 years ago
83 How to Watch “Crazy Rich Asians” Like an Asian-American The New Yorker 3 years ago
84 History Book Festival to host discussion with Jia Lynn Yang July 9 1 year ago
85 Immigration Reform, Past and Present The New York Times 2 years ago
86 The Unapologetic Decadence of Hutong The New Yorker 2 years ago
87 Antaisolar to supply 400MW solar tracker for utility-size solar plant AltEnergyMag 3 months ago
88 China's “The Interpreter” Breaks 100 Million Viewer Mark in One Week Slator 6 years ago
89 Eid Mubarak! The New York Times 7 months ago
90 Facing 'personal difficulties', man hosted gathering of 11 during circuit breaker AsiaOne 1 year ago
91 Constance Wu’s Hollywood Destiny The New Yorker 2 years ago
92 Denise Ho Confronts Hong Kong’s New Political Reality The New Yorker 3 years ago
93 Jia Zhang-Ke with Anthony Hawley – The Brooklyn Rail Brooklyn Rail 5 months ago
94 Szechuan Mountain House Gives Proletarian Fare the Palace Treatment The New Yorker 3 years ago
95 Sunday Reading: Celebrating Mother’s Day The New Yorker 7 months ago
96 China Executes Cop-Killer — Radio Free Asia Radio Free Asia 13 years ago
97 Zii Jia breaks into world top 10 after All-England heroics Stadium Astro 2 years ago
98 Why Is China Going to Mars? – The Diplomat The Diplomat 1 year ago
99 Aquaponics for all The Business Times 2 years ago
100 The Age of Instagram Face The New Yorker 2 years ago