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1 Nerds Gets Spooky: A Look Back at Joel Schumacher's 'The Lost Boys'
2 The on-set feud between Joel Schumacher and Val Kilmer
3 George Clooney Won't Let His Wife Watch Batman & Robin
4 Why The Batman's New Trailer Has Me Worried About The Robert Pattinson Movie
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7 Who Is Joel Schumacher?
8 Batman: 10 Things That Actually Stayed The Same From Burton To Schumacher
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10 The Best Halloween Movies for a Good Scare, According to Fans
11 Brendan Fraser Is the Villain in HBO Max's Batgirl Movie, Is He Firefly?
12 George Clooney's favourite film of all time
13 The Flash: 10 Reasons Michael Keaton Should Become The DCEU's Main Batman
14 Is the Joel Schumacher in Netflix's Halston THAT Joel Schumacher?
15 Yes, the Joel Schumacher in Netflix's Halston Is THE Joel Schumacher
16 Brendan Fraser Reportedly Joins BATGIRL Movie
17 Halston's Joel Schumacher
18 DCEU Batgirl Movie Star Teases Dark Barbara Gordon Origin Story
19 Fans Call for the Schumacher Cut of 'Batman Forever' on 26th Anniversary of Release
20 Why The Riddler Looks So Different In The Batman | Screen Rant
21 Why Joel Schumacher From Halston Looks So Familiar
22 New 'The Batman' Trailer Teases Grim Reboot Of Dark Reboot
23 Batman '89 Proves How Weird Tim Burton's Batman 3 Could've Been
24 Billy Dee Williams Finally Becomes Two-Face In Batman '89
25 10 Best Movies Like JJ Abrams' Overlord | ScreenRant
26 Joel Schumacher, Director of ‘St. Elmo’s Fire,’ Is Dead at 80
27 10 Creepiest Crawls Through the Best College-Set Horror Movies
28 The Gotham Announces New Joel Schumacher Mentorship Award
29 George Clooney Admits He ‘F*cked Up’ Playing Batman
30 Netflix: New TV shows and film in November including new Dwayne Johnson movie
31 The Snyder Cut is ruining one of the best traditions in cinematic history
32 Caped Crusader: 10 Ways Joel Schumacher Changed Batman | CBR
33 Halston Pulls No Punches: Batman's Joel Schumacher
34 Batman Forever: Jim Carrey’s Riddler Is Better Than You Remember
35 A tense and star-studded courtroom drama is among the movies on TV tonight
36 In Conversation: Joel Schumacher
37 'Legacies': Claire Holt to Reprise Role as Rebekah Mikaelson
38 MTV Entertainment Group Endows Joel Schumacher Mentorship Award
39 Yes, Halston Protégé Joel Schumacher Went On to Direct 'Batman' Films
40 What’s Coming to Netflix UK in November 2021
41 Batman & Robin: time to revisit Joel Schumacher’s maligned, silly and endlessly quotable film
42 20 Eerie Easter Eggs from LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales
43 Batman Movies Ranked From Worst To Best
44 Give me the Schumacher Cut
45 There's A Batman Forever Campaign To Release Joel Schumacher's Director's Cut
46 Fans Rallying to Release Joel Schumacher's Extended Cut of Batman Forever Next Week on Twitter
47 George Clooney's Work On Batman Allowed His ER Co-Star Julianna Margulies To Thank Joel Schumacher For Sweet Gesture He'd Made Early In Her Career
48 Alicia Silverstone Wants Apologies For Being ‘Fat-Shamed’ On Batman & Robin Press Tour
49 5 Best Moments In Joel Schumacher's Batman Movies (& 5 Of The Worst)
50 The best of Joel Schumacher
51 Batman Forever: 8 Behind The Scenes Facts About Joel Schumacher's First DC Movie
52 Batman: 10 Plot Holes From Joel Schumacher's Movies Everyone Just Ignores
53 ‘Falling Down’: An Introspective Look On Joel Schumacher’s 90s Classic.
54 Joel Schumacher: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Famous Director
55 Joe Tippett starring in Mr. Harrigan's Phone
56 The Book of Joel
57 Joel Schumacher and the Non-Crisis of Infinite Batmans
58 13 Great And Memorable Music Moments In Horror Movies
59 Joel Schumacher, director of Batman movies and St Elmo’s Fire, dies at 80
60 Stars Remember Iconic Filmmaker Joel Schumacher
61 Joel Schumacher’s 5 Best & 5 Worst Films | ScreenRant
62 Val Kilmer Reflects On Batman Forever As Release The Schumacher Cut Trends
63 The quiet queer legacy of director Joel Schumacher
64 Batman Forever Producer Hypes Up Release of 'Darker' Joel Schumacher Cut
65 Director Joel Schumacher Says He's Had Sex With Up To 20,000 Partners
66 ‘Batman Forever’ fans campaign for producers to #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut
67 The cult ’80s film ‘The Lost Boys’ turned Santa Cruz into the ‘vampire capital of the world’
68 Joel Schumacher apologizes for 'Batman & Robin'
69 Release The Schumacher Cut Trends On Anniversary of Batman Forever
70 Release the Schumacher Cut, You Cowards
71 The B-Side – Joel Schumacher
72 Batman Forever Writer Has Seen #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut, Says a Renaissance Is Coming
73 ‘Give me a syringe full of movies!’ My life with Joel Schumacher
74 Batman Forever: 10 Mindblowing Deleted Scenes That Need To Be In The Schumacher Cut
75 Twenty Years Later, Joel Schumacher Is Very Sorry About 'Batman & Robin'
76 We'll never forgive Joel Schumacher his "Trespass"
77 Joel Schumacher passes away at the age of 80
78 Director Joel Schumacher Reveals What He Regrets About His 'Batman' Movies
79 Batman Forever: Will Warner Bros Release Darker Joel Schumacher Cut?
80 Joel Schumacher Never Had Kids or Got Married
81 Matthew McConaughey Telepathically Told 'A Time to Kill' Director Joel Schumacher How to Film His Memorable Closing Argument
82 Late Director Joel Schumacher's Greenwich Village Condo Is Listed for $4.5M
83 Flix At Home: Stream the best of director Joel Schumacher this week
84 Joel Schumacher: 7 Essential Films From the Gay Filmmaker
85 People Are Nostalgic About The Lost Boys Because of This Viral Tweet
86 It's official, F1 has cracked America -- and this is just the beginning
87 Why Val Kilmer Was Recast As Batman (Was He Fired?) | Screen Rant
88 Miller claims 2021 Class B Boys' CC title
89 ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ Hits 35; Co-Writer Carl Kurlander Recalls Joel Schumacher’s Quintessential ’80s Movie
90 Joel Schumacher Once Said He Had up to 20000 Sexual Partners — inside the Late Director's Life
91 Batman Forever: just how 'dark' can The Schumacher Cut be? – Film Stories
92 Batman Forever Fans Plan #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut Trending Event for Next Week
93 Joel Schumacher's 10 Best Films, According to Rotten Tomatoes
94 ‘Halston’: Joel Schumacher Shares Memories of Working With the Late Fashion Designer
95 Is Batman gay? Fans want Joel Schumacher's controversial 'Batman Forever' cut released and hero out of the clo
96 Halston's Friends: Liza Minnelli, Elsa Peretti, Victor Hugo and More – WWD
97 Batman Forever “ReleaseTheSchumacherCut” fan event planned for next week
98 Joel Schumacher obituary | Register
99 21 golfers we'd like to see on Golf Channel's 'player takeover'
100 Mandatory Staff Picks: The Best Joel Schumacher Movies (RIP)