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1 Integrity commissioner agrees to investigate John Tory’s ties to Rogers CityNews Toronto 10 days ago
2 Why someone needs to challenge John Tory to be mayor of Toronto Toronto Star 29 days ago
3 MUST WATCH: Mayor John Tory busts a move to celebrate the return of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival CP24 Toronto's Breaking News 10 days ago
4 LILLEY: Tory seeks third term as mayor to look after 'unfinished business' Toronto Sun 16 days ago
5 Time magazine calls John Tory’s Toronto one of the ‘world’s greatest places.’ Tell that to the people who live here Toronto Star 9 days ago
6 LILLEY: Tory wants revolving door to stop when it comes to gun crime Toronto Sun 21 days ago
7 John Tory’s Toronto pulls out the money cannon for the shiny and new. For basic maintenance? Of course not Toronto Star 30 days ago
8 Toronto mayor rejects allegations of improper links between his office and Uber Toronto Star 26 days ago
9 John Tory, facing Scarborough business owners, again pledges Eglinton East rail line and municipal jobs Toronto Star 14 days ago
10 Mayor John Tory opens new dental clinic in the Dixon/Rexdale community Toronto 13 days ago
11 Mayor John Tory officially opens new affordable supportive housing at 4626 Kingston Rd. Toronto 25 days ago
12 Mayor John Tory announces new affordable supportive housing at 292‑296 Parliament St. Toronto 19 days ago
13 Toronto's municipal election is now just 100 days away. This urbanist and public space advocate may end up being John Tory's highest profile challenger. CP24 Toronto's Breaking News 22 days ago
14 Gil Penalosa Is Trying To Dethrone John Tory As Toronto's Mayor And Here Is The Candidate's Vision For Toronto And His Opinion On Doug Ford 6ixBuzz 12 days ago
15 ‘We don’t need politicians’: Why some youth workers fighting Toronto’s gun violence crisis are giving up on government help Toronto Star 1 day ago
16 Toronto council loses multiple left-leaning councillors | Hamilton Spectator 4 days ago
17 Cyclists and pedestrians call for less police enforcement, better travel through High Park 2 days ago
18 What Chicago’s parking meters say about Doug Ford’s plans to give Toronto a ‘strong mayor’ Toronto Star 1 day ago
19 'Any gun violence unacceptable' Tory says after rash of weekend shootings CP24 Toronto's Breaking News 22 days ago
20 Ontario Place needs fresh ideas. But the latest plans carry a whiff of desperation Toronto Star 1 day ago
21 Toronto's 'beauty and simplicity' inspired designer and her art | St. Catharines Standard 11 days ago
22 Toronto Mayor John Tory Registers to Run for Third Term Bloomberg 3 months ago
23 Toronto staff to increase construction-related inspections in August Global News 8 days ago
24 John Curtice issues major Tory leadership warning to Truss with 'crucial' factor ignored Express 4 days ago
25 Tory hustings: a fresh circle of hell where we don’t even get to enjoy Rish! and Radon Liz fighting The Guardian 11 days ago
26 Tory Corbynism could wreck Liz Truss’s government The Independent 1 day ago
27 How did Toronto land the Michelin Guide? A Q&A with Andrew Weir, executive vice-president of Destination Toronto Toronto Life 2 days ago
28 Indigenous community takes the lead on affordable housing for Indigenous elders and seniors 2 days ago
29 Mayoral hopeful Sarah Climenhaga would nix vaccine mandate for city staff Toronto Sun 4 days ago
30 City of Toronto donating four vehicles to aid Ukraine – City of Toronto Toronto 9 days ago
31 From energy to the NHS, all the next Tory leader can offer is an information blackout The Guardian 11 hours ago
32 LILLEY: Is Toronto Mayor John Tory finally waking up to ActiveTo problems? Toronto Sun 2 months ago
33 John Oliver skewers Liz Truss for resurfaced tweet mourning death of Jimmy Savile The Independent 7 days ago
34 London Playbook: Eastbourne hustings — Pencil in September 21 — WFH wrangling POLITICO Europe 3 days ago
35 Toronto Mayor John Tory tests positive for COVID-19 4 months ago
36 Ottawa to use regulations to ban handgun imports until legislation passes The Globe and Mail 2 days ago
37 St. Lawrence Market’s expanded opening hours begin in Toronto Global News 7 days ago
38 WARMINGTON: Former Sun writer Mike Filey lauded as 'guardian of Toronto’s history' Toronto Sun 5 days ago
39 Shaping the future of our cities Toronto Star 2 days ago
40 Multiple injuries after fireworks set off during Dua Lipa concert in Toronto, police say 11 days ago
41 The Saturday Debate: Should John Tory be seeking a third term? Toronto Star 2 months ago
42 Rishi Sunak says he loves John Lewis furniture and 'raps to Vanilla Ice at karaoke' The Mirror 8 hours ago
43 Toronto Mayor John Tory to run for 3rd term in October election Global News 5 months ago
44 Someone turned Toronto Mayor John Tory's old website into an online casino blogTO 2 months ago
45 Analysis | Stumbling Sunak Shouldn't Pander to the Tory Base The Washington Post 1 day ago
46 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Mayor of Toronto John Tory Prime Minister of Canada 1 month ago
47 Everyone’s waiting for John Tory to announce his intentions TVO 8 months ago
48 Liz Truss plans Thatcher-esque shake up of the Treasury if she becomes Prime Minister Daily Mail 9 days ago
49 Mayor John Tory is going on a "Mission" to Los Angeles this month | News Daily Hive 3 months ago
50 Toronto doesn't need a strong mayor The Globe and Mail 9 days ago
51 Mayor John Tory terminates the City of Toronto's COVID-19 emergency declaration Toronto 3 months ago
52 Toronto clinic client says dentist 'saved my life' 3 days ago
53 Complaint filed against Mayor John Tory over tweets in murder case of Toronto police officer NOW Toronto 8 months ago
54 ‘It’s bittersweet’: Toronto councillor Mike Layton not running for re-election in fall CityNews Toronto 11 days ago
55 4 years on, the trauma of the deadly Danforth shooting lives on 17 days ago
56 Mayor John Tory could be the municipal champion Canada’s housing crisis demands Toronto Star 4 months ago
57 Complaint launched against Mayor John Tory for tweets on bail ruling in officer's alleged murder case 8 months ago
58 Britain is entering a profound social emergency. Why is nobody acting like it? The Guardian 6 hours ago
59 Does John Tory know he's allowed to try to make Toronto better? TVO 2 months ago
60 John Tory should not have been intervening in the messy affairs of Rogers: It was a clear cut conflict of interest Toronto Star 10 months ago
61 Toronto Mayor John Tory lays out vision for city's economy in speech CP24 Toronto's Breaking News 2 months ago
62 Toronto Mayor John Tory calls for hope after year of upheaval in 2021 retrospective Global News 7 months ago
63 Forget about trying to beat John Tory. Here’s what Toronto’s left should do in this year’s election Toronto Star 4 months ago
64 Toronto Mayor John Tory, Ontario Premier Doug Ford discuss gun violence, housing shortage The Globe and Mail 1 month ago
65 John Tory really wants people in Toronto to get back into the office blogTO 5 months ago
66 FUREY: Tory made almost $700Gs from Rogers while mayor — talk about an optics problem Toronto Sun 9 months ago
67 John Tory confirms he will seek third run as Toronto Mayor CityNews Toronto 5 months ago
68 Mayor Tory, Premier Ford among 61 Canadians ‘indefinitely prohibited’ from entering Russia CityNews Toronto 4 months ago
69 Liz Truss willing to give members a say over next Tory chairman The Telegraph 2 hours ago
70 With Election on Horizon, Toronto Mayor John Tory Discusses Housing Track Record Storeys 3 months ago
71 Mayor John Tory proclaims Family Caregiver Day in Toronto Toronto 4 months ago
72 Liz Truss pledges to cut taxes 'immediately' if she wins Tory leadership race 9 hours ago
73 Mayor John Tory honours John Honderich with Key to the City Toronto 3 months ago
74 Mayor John Tory unveils the oak tree as Toronto's Official Tree Toronto 3 months ago
75 Canada's Toronto Mayor John Tory tests positive for COVID-19, isolates at home indiablooms 4 months ago
76 Mayor John Tory officially launches Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation – a seniors-focused social housing provider Toronto 2 months ago
77 Mayor John Tory announces funding to continue and expand hospital-based violence intervention programs in Toronto Toronto 3 months ago
78 Margaret Thatcher’s ghost looms over Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak POLITICO Europe 4 days ago
79 Mayor John Tory declares April 3rd 'Kyle Lowry Day' in city of Toronto Sporting News 4 months ago
80 Mayor John Tory declares a second St. Patrick's Day as promised | Listed Daily Hive 5 months ago
81 Tory encourages TTC riders to wear masks with requirement expiring on Saturday CityNews Toronto 2 months ago
82 Mayor Tory ‘extremely troubled’ by rise in carjackings, asks feds for help CityNews Toronto 3 months ago
83 Mayor John Tory officially opens new affordable housing for seniors and EarlyON Child and Family Centre Toronto 3 months ago
84 It was the 'year of teamwork,' says Mayor John Tory in year-end interview 8 months ago
85 Tory on the Tories and Ottawa's big night out POLITICO 5 months ago
86 Mayor John Tory announces new mass timber pilot program for affordable rental housing Toronto 3 months ago
87 John Tory’s ties to Rogers have been a source of conflict since he was elected mayor. Now they’ve dragged him into the middle of a bitter family feud Toronto Star 10 months ago
88 Mayor Tory asks provincial leaders to commit to addressing Toronto's priorities 3 months ago
89 Mayor John Tory unveils street sign honouring legendary Canadian band Blue Rodeo Toronto 2 months ago
90 Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s city-wide art spectacular, returns to Toronto in October Toronto Star 11 days ago
91 Mayor John Tory welcomes Governor General Mary Simon to City Hall on official visit to Toronto Toronto 4 months ago
92 John Tory may have prejudiced case against the accused in alleged cop killing NOW Toronto 8 months ago
93 'Very difficult hand to play' John Curtice issues stark Brexit warning to Truss and Sunak Express 7 days ago
94 The country has more to worry than which Tory PM Labour should fear | John Rentoul The Independent 3 days ago
95 Mayor John Tory declares December 5 'Toronto Argos Day' after 'record' nine wins 8 months ago
96 WARMINGTON: Tory's biggest challenger may be a former cop and Sunshine Boy Toronto Sun 3 months ago
97 Mayor John Tory shows support for Beach Metro Community News as paper marks 50th anniversary – Beach Metro Community News Beach Metro News 5 months ago
98 Why John Tory’s re-election bid could hurt chances for a progressive city council Toronto Star 4 months ago
99 Toronto Mayor John Tory questioned over involvement with Rogers family trust Global News 9 months ago
100 John Tory’s failure of leadership on homelessness is a shame NOW Toronto 10 months ago