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11 From "Gladiator" to "Nope": How Jordan Peele maps our decline into spectacular denial Salon 15 days ago
12 Keke Palmer on 'Nope,' Jordan Peele and the appeal of being herself The Washington Post 24 days ago
13 Can Jordan Peele save the summer movie season? ‘Nope’ Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO Weekly) 14 days ago
14 Jordan Peele’s ‘NOPE’ Was Partly Inspired by This Cult Musician’s Legacy Rolling Stone 11 days ago
15 ‘Nope’ Star Daniel Kaluuya Is Jordan Peele’s “Favorite Actor in the World” Vanity Fair 27 days ago
16 Jordan Peele Joins An Elite Class Of Needle Droppers With Nope TheGamer 6 days ago
17 In Jordan Peele's Nope, the Darkness Stares Back | Features Roger Ebert 11 days ago
18 Jordan Peele tweeted a clue about wild 'Nope' plot years ago New York Post 19 days ago
19 Jordan Peele to fan calling him best horror director: Nope Los Angeles Times 25 days ago
20 Nope: Fan theory could provide answer to film’s biggest mystery The Independent 2 days ago
21 Nope: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Jordan Peele Movie Screen Rant 15 days ago
22 'Nope' editor reveals the secrets behind Jordan Peele’s sci-fi monster Inverse 9 days ago
23 Chris Kattan Didn't Know About His 'Nope' Mention; His Reaction and the Character That Inspired the Name Drop in Jordan Peele's Film Showbiz Cheat Sheet 12 hours ago
24 Nope Director Jordan Peele Hints At A Possible Get Out Sequel GameRant 18 days ago
25 Here's What 'Nope' Director Jordan Peele Said About A 'Get Out' Sequel Bustle 26 days ago
26 Nope is About Movies and Jordan Peele's Fans, and He Pranked Them All MovieWeb 24 days ago
27 'Nope' Review – Jordan Peele Takes on the Summer Blockbuster Bloody Disgusting 26 days ago
28 Nope Showcased the Importance of Respect Between Humans and Animals CBR 2 days ago
29 Jordan Peele's 'Nope' Crosses $80 Million at the Domestic Box Office Bloody Disgusting 14 days ago
30 Twitter Reacts to Jordan Peele's 'Nope' With Initial Thoughts HYPEBEAST 24 days ago
31 Jordan Peele 'NOPE' Hypebeas Interview HYPEBEAST 21 days ago
32 Nope: 10 Best Performances In Jordan Peele Movies Screen Rant 20 days ago
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34 If You Want to Watch 'Nope' Online, Here's How You Can Stream Jordan Peele's Movie Good Housekeeping 17 days ago
35 Jordan Peele's SF horror movie 'Nope' to premiere in S. Korea 동아일보 7 hours ago
36 Jordan Peele's Nope addresses the fight for Black legacy in Hollywood Digital Spy 2 days ago
37 Nope Director Jordan Peele Speaks Out on Nightmares Inspiring His Films 26 days ago
38 The Climate Message of Jordan Peele's 'Nope' 24 days ago
39 Nope: How Steven Yeun's Traumatic Backstory Fits In Jordan Peele's Narrative CinemaBlend 12 days ago
40 Jordan Peele's 'Nope' Is A Horror Movie, But Don't Let That Scare You Hollywood Outbreak 28 days ago
41 How Jordan Peele Completely Changed One Nope Character Following One Star's Audition CinemaBlend 17 days ago
42 Jordan Peele: ‘First Cut’ of ‘Nope’ Ran Nearly ‘Three Hours and 45 Minutes’ Variety 24 days ago
43 10 Things Reddit Wants To See In Jordan Peele's Nope Screen Rant 30 days ago
44 Nope Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Coming to Special Edition Vinyl Collider 2 days ago
45 People Are Going in on Logan Paul for His Review of Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Complex 20 days ago
46 Jordan Peele Gives Sartorial Nod to 'Nope' in Purple Suit at Los Angeles Premiere WWD 27 days ago
47 7 Things Jordan Peele Has Said About Making His Groundbreaking Horror Movies Ahead Of Nope CinemaBlend 30 days ago
48 Jordan Peele Releases ‘Nope’ Extra Footage Featuring Chaotic Chimp Intro for ‘Gordy’s Home’ Sitcom IndieWire 21 days ago
49 Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ debuts at No. 1 with $44 million Silicon Valley 22 days ago
50 Writer and director Jordan Peele on new movie “Nope” and creating horror films CBS News 20 days ago
51 Jordan Peele's 'Nope' and 4 New Horror Movies Releasing This Week Bloody Disgusting 27 days ago
52 'Nope': 'Get Out' director Jordan Peele makes his UFO movie USA TODAY 26 days ago
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54 Inside the Eerie House From Jordan Peele’s New Film “Nope” Apartment Therapy 24 days ago
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59 Jordan Peele's 'Nope' is ode to unsung heroes of movies USA TODAY 28 days ago
60 'Nope' star Daniel Kaluuya fires back at Logan Paul's criticism of Jordan Peele film: 'What's he done in cinema?' Yahoo Entertainment 3 days ago
61 Jordan Peele's "Nope" Continues Castigation-as-Entertainment Trend National Review 24 days ago
62 Jordan Peele's 'Nope,' 'Us' & 'Get Out' All Show the Biblical Repercussions of Playing God Collider 16 days ago
63 How Jordan Peele's Nope Remixed The Shining's Bloodiest Scene CBR 21 days ago
64 Western News Expert insight: Jordan Peele's 'Nope' shines spotlight on animal work in entertainment 7 days ago
65 Jordan Peele's Nope Delivered a Bloodier Version of Planet of the Apes CBR 21 days ago
66 Jordan Peele's Nope holds a lot of mystery but not many answers CultureMap Austin 24 days ago
67 Nope: Chris Kattan Opens Up About That Unexpected Shout Out in Jordan Peele's Latest 11 days ago
68 Jordan Peele mixes science fiction and thrills in 'Nope' WAMU 88.5 25 days ago
69 Making 'Nope,' Keke Palmer's Instincts Got The Jordan Peele Seal Of Approval Hollywood Outbreak 11 days ago
70 Daniel Kaluuya and Jide Osifeso on Why They Wanted to Create ‘Nope’ Merch GQ 2 days ago
71 Jordan Peele's 'Nope' debuts at No. 1 with $44 million – Metro US Metro US 22 days ago
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73 'Nope': Brandon Perea Details Why He Ignored Jordan Peele's Initial Script Showbiz Cheat Sheet 26 days ago
74 Director Jordan Peele, ‘Nope' Cast Talk New Alien Sci-Fi Thriller NBC Chicago 12 days ago
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77 Lizzie McGuire's Jake Thomas Relates to One Scene in Jordan Peele's Nope E! NEWS 5 days ago
78 Things That Happen In Every Jordan Peele Movie Looper 5 days ago
79 The critics' pick of the week — from Jordan Peele's Nope to Milton Avery: American Colourist The Times 2 days ago
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81 We have the poop emoji to thank for Jordan Peele's movies The Digital Fix 3 days ago
82 This Influential Anime Inspired The Final Alien Design In Nope /Film 21 days ago
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88 Watch ‘Nope’ (Free) online streaming at home Here’s Here’s How & Where? Daily Californian 2 days ago
89 Jordan Peele says 'Nope' explores race through 'Black people in a flying saucer film' Entertainment Weekly News 1 month ago
90 Universal Crosses $3B At 2022 Global Box Office; First Studio To Milestone Since 2019 Deadline 8 hours ago
91 'Nope' Fan Theory Explained Jean Jacket as an H.P. Lovecraft 'Deep Cut' Showbiz Cheat Sheet 10 days ago
92 Jordan Peele Was Worried About the Future of Cinema, So He Wrote ‘Nope’ as ‘The Great American UFO Story’ IndieWire 2 months ago
93 Jordan Peele's 'Nope' Trailer Teases Signs Of Fire In The Sky Forbes 6 months ago
94 Jordan Peele Reveals What the Title ‘Nope’ Means and a Few New Details at CinemaCon IndieWire 4 months ago
95 Where To Watch ‘Nope’ (Free) Online Streaming Right Now at~home here's How Brown Political Review 1 day ago
96 Jordan Peele horror flick 'Nope' knocks 'Thor: Love and Thunder' out of first place with $44 million weekend X101 Always Classic 21 days ago
97 New trailer for Jordan Peele's Nope reveals the title meaning British GQ 2 months ago
98 Steven Yeun promises an "absolute spectacle" in new look at Jordan Peele's Nope Gamesradar 1 month ago
99 Nope, Spider-Man, The Suicide Squad Dominate Saturn Awards Nominations Yahoo Life 2 days ago
100 ‘Nope’ First Look: Jordan Peele Directs Steven Yeun, Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer in New Film Variety 6 months ago