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1 EU on brink: Denmark exit fear sparked as MEP made Brussels-Russia comparison
2 Josef Janning – European Council on Foreign Relations
3 Paradigm lost: A post-Merkel Germany in a post-Kohl Europe
4 Nordic Cooperation Troubled by Loss of Political Weight
5 The Iron Chancellor: Angela Merkel’s endgame
6 The complex tale of EU cohesion
7 Brexit Weltschmerz: An era ends
8 After the Berlin wall: How Germany became a greater Switzerland
9 Scenarios for Europe: Deciphering Juncker’s White Paper
10 Untapped potential: How new alliances can strengthen the EU
11 Berlin’s untenable foreign-policy strategic vacuum
12 Nord Stream 2: ECFR opinions
13 Uncertain solidarity: Why Europe’s new migration pact could fall apart
14 Exploring EU Coalitions
15 Angela Merkel faces final challenge at EU summit
16 The end of Angst: Germany is ready to lead in Europe
17 Divided at the centre: Germany, Poland, and the troubles of the Trump era
18 The overconfident new president: Austria’s coalition-building challenges
19 Germany and the crisis of Atlanticism
20 Germany then and now
21 Brothers in arms: Poland and Hungary seek to transform the EU
22 German foreign policy and the EU: Leader by default?
23 Hungary in the EU: From front runner to veto player
24 Making sense of Europe’s cohesion challenge
25 Crisis and Cohesion in the European Union: A Ten-Year Review
26 Leading from the centre: Germany’s role in Europe
27 EU Coalition Explorer – European Council on Foreign Relations
28 The invisible web – from interaction to coalition-building in the EU
29 Germany rejects claims it sought triggering of Northern Ireland protocol
30 The Netherlands: The EU’s hidden coalition champion
31 Keeping Europeans together
32 Poland: Europe’s unlikely influencer
33 Five lessons from the “Spitzenkandidaten” European Parliament campaign
34 Germany without Merkel: Where does Europe’s engine go next?
35 Chancellor Angela Merkel's Chosen Successor Steps Away, Adding To German Uncertainty
36 How The 2010s Were German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Decade
37 ECFR's World in 30 Minutes: Merkel – the leader of the free world?
38 Germany's left has more to lose from the AfD than Merkel
39 Judy Asks: Is Europe Doing Enough to Protect Its Democracy?
40 Merkel heads into final years as indispensable leader without vision
41 German politicians rally round Angela Merkel after Donald Trump's NATO tirade
42 Against a common foe, nations around the world go their own way on pandemic
43 L’Europe qui protège: Conceiving the next European Union
44 Climate & Geopolitics – European Council on Foreign Relations
45 As tensions with Trump deepen, Europe wonders if America is lost for good
46 World Reacts to El Paso Shooting and the Hate That Fueled It
47 Impact of Merkel's 'great gamble' on refugees goes beyond the ballot box
48 Angela Merkel's departure could quell the populists who forced her out
49 Judy Asks: Can the EU Survive Without Britain?
50 'Au revoir, blundering Boris': Europe reacts to political chaos in UK
51 Germany Recalibrates After 2 Years Of Trump
52 Can Angela Merkel survive Germany's political crisis?
53 Judy Asks: Is Macron Europe's New Foreign Policy Leader?
54 Paris Terror Attacks Transform Debate Over Europe’s Migration Crisis
55 As Merkel Eyes Exit, Nervous E.U. Wonders Who’ll Take the Stage
56 Did Angela Merkel really offer a big Brexit concession?
57 Forming A Coalition Is Distracting Chancellor Merkel, Critics Say
58 NATO ally Germany urged by U.S. to up its military spending
59 Is Merkel the new “leader of the free world”?
60 German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not run again as leader
61 Angela Merkel's remarks about Europe-US relations weren't as dismissive as everyone thinks
62 European analyst says Germany will focus on 2 tasks after the horrifying sexual attacks in Cologne
63 relates to Europe Is Warming Up to Putin
64 The crisis that made the European Union: European cohesion in the age of covid
65 Velomobiles pass through Winona
66 European parliamentary elections 2019: 5 takeaways
67 The big engine that might: How France and Germany can build a geopolitical Europe
68 Destination unknown: The EU’s many-faceted migration fears
69 Judy Asks: Does Europe Have an Alternative to Populism?
70 Europe’s cult of political personality
71 Press release: Despite record support for EU, Europe’s voters fear collapse
72 Why Denmark is losing an EU 'big brother' with UK exit
73 France to Germany: Stop right-wing populism by making decisions
74 Europeans fear Trump may threaten not just the transatlantic bond, but the state of their union
75 RIP the Trans-Atlantic Alliance, 1945-2018 – Foreign Policy
76 Merkel aims to play it safe with Erdogan on Turkey visit
77 Merkel's Open-Door Refugee Policy Brings New Critics at Home and Abroad
78 German politicians cautious on Angela Merkel's EU migration deal
79 Macron resolute on trade as Trump bromance cools
80 Gerhard Hirschfeld: Migrants a fresh challenge to German sense of identity
81 Greek Debt Crisis Pits Greeks Against Germans
82 Macron Steps Into a Leadership Vacuum in Europe, and on Some Toes
83 SPD leadership ousts Sigmar Gabriel from German cabinet
84 Analysis: An EU of two tiers after eurozone debt crisis
85 Giuseppe Conte, a political novice, is on the verge of becoming Italy’s prime minister
86 Who are the AfD, the far-right party hoping to end Merkel's reign in Germany?
87 European countries among gloomiest in developed world – poll
88 Article Five fallout: What will happen to NATO if the US leaves?
89 What to expect when Angela Merkel meets Donald Trump
90 Hungary profits most from EU ‘but doesn’t appreciate it’
91 Finance chief Wolfgang Schäuble set to wield authority as parliamentary president
92 As Angela Merkel embarks on fourth term as chancellor, what's new?
93 New plan for migrants draws scorn as Germany's Merkel struggles for unity
94 Germany’s parties reach grand coalition deal
95 The FDP: the Lazarus of German politics?
96 Macron Heads to Russia to Save Iran Nuclear Deal
97 Trump trade policies bringing Germany, Russia closer; Merkel to meet Putin
98 Study: Estonia has strong image within EU but may be weakened by government
99 'Germany needs to make UK come to its senses'
100 How Trump's victory is causing Europe to rethink its security