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2 A Christian-led caucus 'protecting' Jewish values? No thanks. NBC News 6 days ago
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9 Only “good Christians” welcome? Downtown 7 days ago
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13 His View: Vaccination is basic to citizenship, Judeo-Christian tradition Moscow-Pullman Daily News 4 months ago
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16 Star Parker” Is this the end of the Roe v. Wade era? Mountain Democrat 5 days ago
17 Gab users are furious after its CEO announces partnership with notorious white nationalist The Daily Dot 2 days ago
18 Thousands of Christian pastors preached in favor of conversion therapy last Sunday LGBTQ Nation 10 days ago
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20 Mayoral Candidates Speak: Nyrell Melvin Up & Coming Weekly 2 days ago
21 Metalaw: the Law of the Metaverse IoT For All 4 days ago
22 Mandel campaigning on pro-God, guns and Trump 22 days ago
23 Imagining a “Judeo-Christian” Nation Religion & Politics 1 year ago
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29 1948 Scout Manual Offers 3 Key Lessons On How To Be A Patriot The Federalist 3 days ago
30 The term 'Judeo-Christian' has been misused for political ends – a new 'Abrahamic' identity offers an alternative The Conversation UK 1 year ago
31 School Choice Knowledge–It's Powerful! – VCY America VCY America 4 days ago
32 Dear Oxfam, stop looking for inequality in India, go back to distributing blankets ThePrint 2 days ago
33 Josh Mandel runs for US Senate, promoting 'Judeo-Christian' values The Jerusalem Post 3 months ago
34 The ‘Judeo-Christian Tradition’ Is Over The Atlantic 1 year ago
35 Mike Flynn, Josh Mandel and the 'Judeo-Christian' myth – J. The Jewish News of Northern California 2 months ago
36 Judeo-Christian values central message of political rally at Solid Rock Church Dayton Daily News 3 months ago
37 Civics students shouldn't learn just Judeo-Christian beliefs | Commentary Orlando Sentinel 9 months ago
38 Donald Trump recalls defending 'Judeo-Christian values,' says religion is under attack Florida Politics 5 months ago
39 America's Current Civil War Rages Over Judeo-Christian Values Daily Signal 10 months ago
40 Meet the Jesuit Priest Who Rebelled Against Authoritarianism and Inspired America's Revolutionaries Foundation for Economic Education 9 days ago
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47 Your Views: Readers discuss Rep. Jacobsen, national security, Sen. Grassley The Daily Nonpareil 6 days ago
48 'We like to say food is love' | Judeo-Christian Outreach Center cooks hundreds of Thanksgiving meals WVEC 2 months ago
49 Judeo-Christian Outreach Center's annual Thanksgiving dinner serves reminders to be kind WVEC 2 months ago
50 What are 'Judeo-Christian values'? Analyzing a divisive term Washington Jewish Week 5 years ago
51 Revised COVID-19 School Guidelines Explained At Hart District Meeting KHTS Radio 8 days ago
52 Hungary Paid Dennis Prager $30000 for an Hour of Appearances at Far-Right 'Education' Conference Southern Poverty Law Center 15 days ago
53 Judeo-Christian Outreach Center treats Christmas Eve dinner guests like family WVEC 1 month ago
54 Opinion: I will defend religious liberty and Judeo-Christian values in U.S. Senate The Cincinnati Enquirer 10 months ago
55 'Judeo-Christian Values Are Something I Am Willing to Fight For': European Nation Unapologetic About Protecting Borders, Christian Culture CBN News 3 months ago
56 Steve Bannon Demands People Have More 'Judeo-Christian' Babies To 'Save Civilization' In Unhinged Rant Comic Sands 2 months ago
57 Josh Mandel bets push for Judeo-Christian revolution will win him Ohio Senate seat Yahoo News 6 months ago
58 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Judeo-Christian teachings are our core Washington Times 4 months ago
59 Emails reveal how issues of race tore Holy Name leadership apart after battling COVID 2 days ago
60 What Do We Mean By 'Judeo-Christian'? Religion Dispatches 11 years ago
61 Trump's campaign aims at consolidating his Judeo-Christian base Religion News Service 1 year ago
62 What is 'Judeo-Christian,' anyway? Religion News Service 4 years ago
63 Watch the classic ‘Christmas in Connecticut’ for a taste of our Judeo-Christian past Aleteia EN 1 month ago
64 Philanthropist Adele Bernett leaves large estate to Tampa Bay charities St Pete Catalyst 3 days ago
65 No, Thanksgiving is not Sukkot Religion News Service 2 months ago
66 Learn more about Charity Bowl beneficiary Judeo-Christian Outreach Center 4 months ago
67 Mike Pompeo claims the Judeo-Christian tradition for his agenda — a tradition in itself Religion News Service 1 year ago
68 Judeo-Christian Values Form Foundation of Our Civic Virtue Atlanta Jewish Times 6 years ago
69 Mike Pompeo kicks off Equity for Africa summit, outlines Judeo-Christian values in building a better world » Liberty News Liberty News 10 months ago
70 Opinion | Taking aim at religion The Washington Post 1 month ago
71 Laura Ingraham: Left's indoctrination tactics have parental rights, Judeo-Christian values under siege Fox News 7 months ago
72 Judeo/Christian Republican Club of South Florida sees growth Sun Sentinel 6 months ago
73 Schumer insists Senate will vote on voting rights bill ‘win, lose or draw’ – as it happened The Guardian 10 days ago
74 A Public Flagpole, a Christian Flag and the First Amendment The New York Times 2 months ago
75 The Judeo-Christian tradition versus Donald Trump Religion News Service 2 years ago
76 Steve Bannon and the nationalist roots of Trump's 'Judeo-Christian' vision Religion News Service 2 years ago
77 Judeo-Christian Outreach Center gives out Christmas Food Baskets to those in need 1 month ago
78 Josh Mandel wants to be the next Marjorie Taylor Greene. He’s obscuring his Jewishness to do it. Forward 4 months ago
79 Jewish Americans want nothing to do with the term "Judeo-Christian" thanks to Donald Trump Quartz 4 years ago
80 Fizer: The origins of 'Judeo-Christian' principles | Commentary | Roanoke Times 3 years ago
81 Letter: To be successful, we must understand we are not a Christian nation Salt Lake Tribune 8 months ago
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84 How 'In God We Trust' bills are helping advance a Christian nationalist agenda The Conversation US 7 months ago
85 There’s No Such Thing As Judeo-Christian Values — Especially Not In The GOP. Forward 4 years ago
86 Why won't Josh Mandel just say he's Jewish? – J. The Jewish News of Northern California 4 months ago
87 The Epoch Times | News, Sports, Jobs The Mining Gazette 6 months ago
88 Peace in the Face of the COVID‐19 Pandemic: Making Sense of the Paralysis at the UN Security Council Wiley 5 days ago
89 The Last Stand at Steve Bannon’s “Gladiator School” The New Yorker 8 months ago
90 Abandonment of Judeo-Christian values is destroying US culture: school choice is the answer York Daily Record 5 months ago
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92 Ben Shapiro lauds the 'Judeo-Christian' heritage of Notre Dame. Twitter objects Haaretz 3 years ago
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95 Are Conservative Christians the Real ‘Secularists’ Now? New York Magazine 3 months ago
96 Covid mask and vaccination mandates aren't Christian persecution NBC News 5 months ago
97 Trump: 'We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values' CNN 4 years ago
98 Why are Christians in Germany more immune to far-Right populism than in the US? Open Democracy 7 months ago
99 Supreme Court takes up Sen. Cruz's campaign finance challenge, dispute over Christian flag in Boston NBC News 4 months ago
100 Matrix Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Looper 2 days ago