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1 Judeo-Christian nation should change to interfaith America, Eboo Patel says Deseret News 3 days ago
2 Satanic Temple follows 'Judeo-Christian' group's SCOTUS win with flag request Religion News Service 14 days ago
3 Survey: 70% of Americans approve of shift from 'Judeo-Christian' nation to 'multifaith' Washington Times 10 days ago
4 Gender Now and Then: Critical Theory vs. the Judeo-Christian Tradition 2 days ago
5 Dr. Oz Tells CBN News USA Founded as a Judeo-Christian Country, Weighs in on 2020 Election, Puberty Blockers, More | CBN News 3 days ago
6 Josh Mandel, Jewish Republican who made far-right ‘Judeo-Christian’ turn, loses Ohio primary to J. D. Vance JTA News 16 days ago
7 Opinion | The MAGA Formula Is Getting Darker and Darker The New York Times 2 days ago
8 The Christian voice behind a Jewish anti-abortion group The Jewish News of Northern California 23 hours ago
9 Buffalo shooting should be a wake-up call for white Catholics National Catholic Reporter 8 hours ago
10 Free speech activist says he's been blocked out of the Rotunda's Free Speech Zone Florida Politics 2 days ago
11 Give Local 757: Judeo-Christian Outreach Center in Virginia Beach WVEC 25 days ago
12 Demands to cancel George Washington continue The Christian Post 6 hours ago
13 Celebrating Israel's independence with biblical significance Heritage Florida Jewish News 1 day ago
14 McCaughey: Parents against stupid stuff | Opinion | Longview News-Journal 5 hours ago
15 PRA Group President and CEO Honored with Community Builders Award PR Newswire 2 hours ago
16 Opinion: Judicial candidate Davis has Christian values Gaston Gazette 10 days ago
17 Charlie Kirk's New Enemy: Spinoza? National Review 3 days ago
18 In North Texas school board races, candidates campaign on Christianity and conservatism Fort Worth Star-Telegram 18 days ago
19 How Christian is the Declaration of Independence? The Dallas Morning News 5 days ago
20 'It's Christ or chaos': Idaho's newest family policy center and its biblical beliefs Colorado Newsline 17 days ago
21 Rep. Bob Good says he will continue to defend convervative values in Congress if elected to second term Charlottesville Tomorrow 1 day ago
22 Julian Cope Attacks U2 And Guns N’ Roses, Gets Booted Off Label MOJO 1 day ago
23 Mandel Seeks 'Army of Christian Warriors' in Ohio Race Word and Way 28 days ago
24 NATION: Then and now, Christian Coeur d'Alene Press 19 days ago
25 FM Szijjártó: Hungary 'Uncompromising' in Self-Defence, National Values Hungary Today 3 hours ago
26 Republicans Play on Fears of ‘Great Replacement’ in Bid for Base Voters The New York Times 4 days ago
27 Prayers said during National Day of Prayer events in the High Desert 14 days ago
28 The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values FSView & Florida Flambeau 7 months ago
29 CPAC Hungary: Santorum, Farage, Bolsonaro Address Conference Hungary Today 4 hours ago
30 Temple Worship in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 2 days ago
31 Earth Day and Creation Care | Greenwich Sentinel Greenwich Sentinel 26 days ago
32 Great Replacement: The conspiracy theory stoking racist violence Al Jazeera English 2 days ago
33 What Orwell Learned From Chesterton | M. D. Aeschliman First Things 3 days ago
34 Bills on school transparency, menstrual products spark outcry during NJ senate hearing New Jersey Monitor 10 days ago
35 Recount Expected in Pennsylvania Senate Race as Trump-backed Dr. Oz, McCormick Neck and Neck 2 days ago
36 Letter to the editor: Evil forces destroying us TribLIVE 3 days ago
37 BC's Tales of the Pacific | Sex and the Sabbath Marianas Variety News & Views 5 days ago
38 Iran won’t cross nuke threshold anytime soon Ex-atomic chief Frank 3 days ago
39 Does God forbid polygamy? The Nation Newspaper 5 days ago
40 How Tennessee Christians are trying to elect allies to local office Tennessean 21 days ago
41 UPDATED: SCOTUS unanimously sided with plaintiff's right to fly Christian flag on Boston's City Hall Daily Kos 18 days ago
42 Tim James, Governor, Republican BirminghamWatch 5 days ago
43 Supreme Court says Christian group can fly flag at City Hall Angelus News 11 days ago
44 A Gentler Christendom by Ross Douthat | Articles First Things 9 days ago
45 LETTER: Dems allowing radical zealots to destroy American values Galesburg Register-Mail 10 days ago
46 Faith of a mustard seed Nashville PRIDE, Inc. 7 days ago
47 Pro-choice group claims arson attack on Wisconsin anti-abortion office The Guardian US 10 days ago
48 Trump Allies Warn of 'Demonic Territory,' 'Satanic Portal' Over Biden WH Newsweek 6 days ago
49 Military chaplaincy report assaults core of spiritual life The Catholic Register 8 days ago
50 Ronna Burger, Professor of Philosophy at Tulane, to Keynote Voegelin Institute Spring Conference Louisiana State University 30 days ago
51 Josh Mandel campaigns at Toledo church with Ted Cruz Toledo Blade 20 days ago
52 Divide and dismay | Letters To The Editor | Osceola Sun 5 days ago
53 Destin's Regina Piazza announces candidacy for state Senate in 2nd District Destin Log 23 days ago
54 Wyoming GOP Committee Votes For 'English As Official Language' Resolution Cowboy State Daily 14 days ago
55 40 years with the Washington Times Washington Times 3 days ago
56 Supreme Court draft opinion will help turn WA against abortion, conservative leader says The Seattle Times 17 days ago
57 Jews, Christians in Texas March to Remember Holocaust, Fight Anti-Semitism 21 days ago
58 Idaho gubernatorial candidates explain their stance on abortion KXLY Spokane 9 days ago
59 The 'Judeo-Christian Tradition' Is Over The Atlantic 2 years ago
60 Hartmann: Bad Actor Josh Hawley Auditions as Disney Villain Riverfront Times 4 days ago
61 IUP's president Michael Driscoll says his state university faces a new reality Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 28 days ago
62 Minister: the EU is driving in an anti-democratic direction 7 days ago
63 Hartmann: With Friends Like Ann Wagner, Jews Don't Need Enemies Riverfront Times 11 days ago
64 Judeo-Christian values central message of political rally at Solid Rock Church Dayton Daily News 7 months ago
65 Where the 'dual loyalty' accusation actually applies 26 days ago
66 The term 'Judeo-Christian' has been misused for political ends – a new 'Abrahamic' identity offers an alternative The Conversation Indonesia 1 year ago
67 Mike Flynn, Josh Mandel and the 'Judeo-Christian' myth – J. The Jewish News of Northern California 6 months ago
68 Analysis | Once, the 'Judeo-Christian tradition' united Americans. Now it divides them. The Washington Post 3 years ago
69 PRAGER: The American civil war is over Judeo-Christian values North State Journal 1 year ago
70 Josh Mandel runs for US Senate, promoting 'Judeo-Christian' values The Jerusalem Post 6 months ago
71 Soul Hackers 2 Daily Ringo's Demon Fortune Video: Sandalphon 15 hours ago
72 Pledge of Allegiance to stay on Dane County Board agendas, prayer is removed 9 days ago
73 Is there really such a thing as the "Judeo-Christian tradition"? ABC News 3 years ago
74 The Right’s “Judeo-Christian” Fixation The New Republic 3 years ago
75 Why 'Judeo-Christian values' are a dog-whistle myth peddled by the far right The Conversation Indonesia 5 years ago
76 Madison Cawthorn Net Worth: Photos Leaked of Madison Cawthorn in Women’s Clothing Michigan Sports Zone 25 days ago
77 Combating rising anti-Semitism, leaders cultivate Judeo-Christian values to support Israel 12 months ago
78 What are 'Judeo-Christian values'? Analyzing a divisive term Washington Jewish Week 5 years ago
79 Republicans have invoked the ‘great replacement’ theory over and over The Guardian 3 days ago
80 The fall and rise and fall of Madison Cawthorn | News | The Mountaineer 9 days ago
81 Lake Houston Humble 10 days ago
82 A Christian-led caucus 'protecting' Jewish values? No thanks. NBC News 4 months ago
83 “We Must Preserve Canada's Judeo-Christian Foundation” Israel Today 5 months ago
84 Over the top: Is Kurka torpedoing his campaign for governor by going against the full PFD? Must Read Alaska 9 days ago
85 'We like to say food is love' | Judeo-Christian Outreach Center cooks hundreds of Thanksgiving meals WVEC 6 months ago
86 What is 'Judeo-Christian,' anyway? Religion News Service 5 years ago
87 America's Current Civil War Rages Over Judeo-Christian Values Daily Signal 1 year ago
88 Finland, Sweden, and NATO's new world | WORLD WORLD News Group 3 days ago
89 Mike Pompeo claims the Judeo-Christian tradition for his agenda — a tradition in itself Religion News Service 2 years ago
90 Steve Bannon and the nationalist roots of Trump's 'Judeo-Christian' vision Religion News Service 3 years ago
91 Exposing Australia One ‘Independent’ Steve Crothers Tasmanian Times 16 days ago
92 Share Israel's 'tikkun olam' efforts in Ukraine with young Christians The Jerusalem Post 3 months ago
93 Opinion: I will defend religious liberty and Judeo-Christian values in US Senate The Cincinnati Enquirer 1 year ago
94 A Public Flagpole, a Christian Flag and the First Amendment The New York Times 6 months ago
95 Commentary: From the new Christian right to Christian nationalism — Part 1 Salt Lake Tribune 3 months ago
96 Ilhan Omar is right about the Christian singing on a plane video NBC News 1 month ago
97 Missouri governor suggests a religious test for state office, Ohio Senate candidate calls church-state separation a “myth” Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty Blog 3 months ago
98 No, Thanksgiving is not Sukkot Religion News Service 6 months ago
99 What Do We Mean By 'Judeo-Christian'? Religion Dispatches 11 years ago
100 Is Josh Mandel obscuring his Jewishness to win votes? Forward 8 months ago