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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 State panel rebukes 'excited delirium' call for injecting Elijah McClain with ketamine, restricting further use Sentinel Colorado 10 hours ago
2 New Ketamine Wellness Utah locations now open Utah Business 6 hours ago
3 Ketamine: A Cautionary Tale Psychology Today 2 days ago
4 The Ketamine Cure: Is This Unregulated Drug Safe to Use at Home? The New York Times 28 days ago
5 Michael J Fox Foundation funds ketamine trial to treat patients with PD, depression Healio 2 hours ago
6 Ketamine and Esketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression: Response to Reus, Mattes, and Schatzberg | American Journal of Psychiatry Am J Psychiatry 6 hours ago
7 Ketamine One Partners with Cognetivity Neurosciences in GlobeNewswire 11 hours ago
8 As Ketamine Clinics Emerge to Treat Mental Illness, So Does Debate About Safety and Regulations Centralia Chronicle 2 days ago
9 Ketamine discovery is a step toward new rapid-acting antidepressants Inverse 19 days ago
10 Seelos eyes chronic ketamine dosing after bagging rights to sublingual candidate FiercePharma 2 days ago
11 Ketamine benefits neurocognition in depression with suicidal ideation Healio 9 days ago
12 Ketamine Retreat Center, Floresta, Announces New Year's Retreat for December 30th January 2nd at YO1 Health Resort in the Catskill Mountains, NY 1 day ago
13 Warning of ‘wild west’ in depression treatment as UK clinics offer ketamine The Guardian 21 days ago
14 Melt away the winter blues with cutting-edge therapies from Best of Southern Utah winner Desert Sands Ketamine St George News 7 hours ago
15 Review: More Research Needed on Ketamine Treatment for Migraine Managed Markets Network 25 days ago
16 How this telehealth startup aims to address mental illness with ketamine therapy FierceHealthcare 25 days ago
17 ketamine therapy treats severe depression Spectrum News 23 days ago
18 Latham Pharmacy Pays Civil Penalty for Improperly Filling Ketamine Prescriptions Department of Justice 10 days ago
19 Ketamine Retreat Center, Floresta, Announces New Year's Retreat for December 30th January 2nd at YO1 Health Resort in the Catskill Mountains, NY 1 day ago
20 Ketamine Wellness Centers, Veterans Affairs Community Care Network Partner to Provide Free Treatments to Veterans With PTSD Pharmacy Times 8 days ago
21 Colorado panel finds ketamine can be used safely in field, recommends more training and monitoring Reverb MSN Music 19 hours ago
22 An Introduction to Five Psychedelics: Psilocybin, DMT, LSD, MDMA and Ketamine Technology Networks 17 days ago
23 UPDATE: Ketamine review incomplete, state revamps drug waiver program FOX31 Denver 25 days ago
24 The ketamine cure Hartford Courant 29 days ago
25 Michael J. Fox Foundation Grant Will Fund First Clinical Trial of Ketamine to Treat Depression in People With Parkinson's Disease Yale School of Medicine 17 days ago
26 Intranasal Ketamine Garnering A lot of Attention as an Effective Treatment For Depression PRNewswire 9 days ago
27 The club is bumping: Recreational ketamine use on the rise, Langone study finds NYU Washington Square News 25 days ago
28 I Tried Ketamine Therapy For My Depression, And I Made Some Wins Along The Way BuzzFeed 26 days ago
29 Bexson Biomedical Announces Expansion to Treat Major Depression with Wearable Ketamine Formulation PRNewswire 14 days ago
30 Bay Area woman charged with possessing 28 pounds of ketamine for distribution The Mercury News 29 days ago
31 Pasithea Therapeutics Launches In-Home Intravenous Ketamine Therapy in Major U.S. Cities, Expanding its International Footprint Yahoo Finance 16 days ago
32 Baby girl died from ‘acute ketamine intoxication,’ and prosecutors charge Seattle father with murder The Seattle Times 28 days ago
33 South Metro Fire settles ketamine case after Problem Solvers investigation FOX31 Denver 24 days ago
34 PharmaTher Applies for FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Ketamine to Treat Rare Neurological Disorder Status Epilepticus BioSpace 8 days ago
35 The EMS Handoff: Why Ketamine? JEMS 16 days ago
36 Wesana Health Clinics Surpass 4,000 Administered Ketamine Treatments Yahoo Finance 14 days ago
37 Delic Introduces Industry's First Family Support & Education Program At Ketamine Wellness Centers Benzi 15 days ago
38 Delic Completes Acquisition of Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC), Becomes Largest Psychedelic Wellness Chain in United States PRNewswire 24 days ago
39 Ketamine One Announces Virtual Mental Healthcare Platform GlobeNewswire 29 days ago
40 Jon Hopkins: ‘I would have a ketamine session and return with notes’ The Independent 24 days ago
41 Psychedelic drugs: genes that may affect sensitivity to LSD, Ketamine INSIDER 10 days ago
42 Cocaine and ketamine use on the rise, survey reveals 9News 25 days ago
43 Ketamine for Addiction: What to Know WebMD 7 months ago
44 How Ketamine Helps Alleviate Depression Discover Magazine 2 months ago
45 Opinion | Ketamine as a Depression Treatment Saved Me The New York Times 6 months ago
46 Ketamine therapy clinic opens in Prairie Village, offering psychedelic treatments for mental health Shawnee Mission Post 7 months ago
47 Ketamine and Elijah McClain: Paramedics Who Jabbed Him Indicted CelebStoner 3 months ago
48 Researchers Are Closer to Explaining How Ketamine Treats Depression Verywell Health 3 months ago
49 Ketamine Appears Safe as Therapy for Tough-to-Treat Depression U.S. News & World Report 4 months ago
50 What does ketamine do to your brain? 4 critical facts you need to know Inverse 3 months ago
51 What a Ketamine "Trip" for Depression Is Really Like InStyle 1 month ago
52 I-Team: Inside psychedelic Ketamine therapy sessions WPEC 6 months ago
53 Could ketamine be the answer to depression? FOX 11 Los Angeles 5 months ago
54 Can ketamine-assisted therapy break through mental health roadblocks? Popular Science 5 months ago
55 Study Protocol on Ketamine for Depression in Patients With Advanced Life-Limiting Illnesses Neurology Advisor 4 months ago
56 Ketamine monotherapy reduces suicidal ideation in adults with depression Healio 3 months ago
57 Recreational ketamine use has increased in recent years, but remains rare Medical Xpress 2 months ago
58 Ketamine: Not A Simple Treatment, But a Worthy One Psychiatric Times 7 months ago
59 Springs man dies after double dose of controversial drug ketamine Colorado Springs Independent 8 months ago
60 The New Science of Ketamine For Depression (with James Murrough, MD, PhD) Mount Sinai Health System 5 months ago
61 Researchers explore the clinical use of intravenous infusions of ketamine to treat depression 2 months ago
62 How Does It Feel to Get Ketamine Therapy? Gizmodo 11 months ago
63 Ketamine infusion: The new therapy for depression, explained Big Think 6 months ago
64 Ketamine therapy: Lamar Odom says hallucinogen treated his addiction INSIDER 7 months ago
65 Ketamine One Signs LOI for Two Ketamine Infusion Clinics in Texas GlobeNewswire 3 months ago
66 Ketamine One Launching Two Inaugural Research Studies GlobeNewswire 2 months ago
67 Intranasal ketamine could effectively treat phantom pain Pharmaceutical Technology 3 months ago
68 Ketamine Therapy offers hope for PTSD patients WMBB 4 months ago
69 ‘The ketamine blew my mind’: can psychedelics cure addiction and depression? The Guardian 9 months ago
70 With a nudge from AI, ketamine emerges as potential rare disease drug STAT 4 months ago
71 Ketamine, esketamine do not differ in cognitive effects for treatment-resistant depression Healio 5 months ago
72 Deaths Resulting from Ketamine Injection Rare, Study Indicates JEMS 5 months ago
73 Statistical model defines how ketamine anaesthesia affects the brain Drug Target Review 2 months ago
74 Why ketamine is so good against depression ZME Science 9 months ago
75 Ketamine likely does not worsen psychotic symptoms, contrary to assumption Healio 4 months ago
76 Ketamine Clinic Company Field Trip Health Debuts On Nasdaq Forbes 4 months ago
77 Sedated: The Problem Solvers investigate the new ketamine bill, new research, and another death FOX31 Denver 5 months ago
78 Mirror's Image: Could a Simple Flip Produce a More Effective Ketamine-Based Antidepressant? Technology Networks 8 months ago
79 7 things you didn’t know about ketamines for pain, depression, stress, and recovery and how ketamine therapy can help you 8 months ago
80 EMS ketamine use on agitated patients on cocaine increases intubation 5.75-fold, study finds: Study examines powerful sedative used for 'excited delirium' and effects of illicit substances on ensuing hospital intubations Science Daily 2 months ago
81 Intranasal Ketamine Reduces Pain and Concomitant Drug Use for Refractory Headache Neurology Advisor 8 months ago
82 Reviewing the physiology, pharmacology and therapeutic uses of ketamine Nursing Standard 3 months ago
83 How Can We Take Advantage of Ketamine's “Window of Opportunity?” Technology Networks 8 months ago
84 Delic to Acquire Ketamine Wellness Centers Inc, Becoming Largest Psychedelic Wellness Chain in United States PRNewswire 2 months ago
85 Klarisana's Newest Ketamine Study Shows IM Ketamine Therapy Comparable to IV Administration PRNewswire 1 month ago
86 Ketamine Gets FDA Orphan Drug Designation for CRPS — Pain News Network Pain News Network 2 months ago
87 How ketamine trials are providing a blueprint for suicidal ideation research Clinical Trials Arena 1 month ago
88 Ketamine and psilocybin, better known as party drugs, showing promise for treatment of mood disorders CTV News 1 month ago
89 What Is Ketamine? ScienceAlert 11 months ago
90 Ketamine Might Help Alcohol Addiction by Rewiring the Brain Discover Magazine 6 months ago
91 Kernel's Brain-Imaging Helmet Approved For Clinical Trial On Patients Using Ketamine Forbes 1 month ago
92 Ketamine Colorado Springs offers ketamine infusion therapy for PTSD and depression 4 months ago
93 Field Trip Health Ketamine Clinic Is Coming to Wynwood Miami New Times 1 month ago
94 IV Ketamine Shown to Be Effective and Safe for Cancer-Related Neuropathic Pain Clinical Pain Advisor 5 months ago
95 There's Finally an Accurate Drug-Checking Kit for Ketamine Filter 3 months ago
96 How Ketamine, Psilocybin And Other Psychedelics Are Changing Psychiatric Care : Short Wave NPR 8 months ago
97 Intravenous ketamine appears safe, efficacious for adolescents with depression Healio 9 months ago
98 Ketamine, MDMA, DMT and Psilocybin: A Closer Look at Four Psychedelics Technology Networks 2 months ago
99 How Does Ketamine Work Differently from Other Psychedelics? Psychology Today 6 months ago
100 Orphan Drug Status Sought for Ketamine as Potential ALS Therapy ALS News Today 6 months ago