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1 Kevin McCarthy, Have You No Sense of Decency? The Atlantic 5 days ago
2 Kevin McCarthy is officially in Donald Trump's doghouse CNN 10 days ago
3 Kevin McCarthy claims Biden ignored 'many' information requests sent by House GOP on Hunter Daily Mail 4 hours ago
4 Donald Trump endorses Kevin McCarthy for another term in Congress CNN 28 days ago
5 Breaking: Kevin McCarthy an Even Bigger Political Hack Than Previously Thought, January 6 Edition Vanity Fair 24 days ago
6 'Kevin McCarthy will sell his mother's soul in order to protect his own political career' says his Democratic challenger for office, a woman who spent the last 20 years educating the Bakersfield community Yahoo News 23 days ago
7 Kevin McCarthy Is Still Trump’s Accomplice The Nation 17 days ago
8 Reporter identifies why McCarthy changed his view on Jan. 6 CNN 24 days ago
9 Kevin McCarthy says GOP will focus on getting the country back to America First policies Fox News 20 days ago
10 Kevin McCarthy Spews Nonsense Ahead of January 6 Public Hearings Esquire 24 days ago
11 McCarthy suggests support for anti-abortion legislation Spectrum News NY1 9 days ago
12 Matt Gaetz: It's OK if McCarthy lies because he raises lots of money Business Insider 19 days ago
13 Conservative groups urge McCarthy, Scalise to restrict abortion if GOP takes back House The Hill 5 days ago
14 Kevin McCarthy Blasts Enemies of Giant Sequoia Rescue Bill (Exclusive) Los Angeles Magazine 4 days ago
15 Liz Cheney: McCarthy 'turned his back on the Constitution' The Week 28 days ago
16 Kevin McCarthy said domestic oil is more affordable than imported oil. It costs more PolitiFact 9 days ago
17 Chelsea Handler Fact Checked Kevin McCarthy's Claim That He Would Try To 'Save As Many Lives As Possible' If Republicans Retook Congress TechDigg 5 days ago
18 US House Republican leaders endorse Matt Mowers in 1st District race WMUR Manchester 27 days ago
19 ‘Kimmel’ Guest Host Chelsea Handler Spots Kevin McCarthy’s Ugliest Hypocrisy Yet HuffPost 6 days ago
20 Flood hosts Kevin McCarthy; Pansing Brooks cites local endorsements Lincoln Journal Star 30 days ago
21 Kinzinger Scorns Jan. 6 Committee Critics: 'You All Sound Nervous' Newsweek 1 day ago
22 See Fanone's reaction to McCarthy blaming entire country for insurrection CNN 24 days ago
23 McCarthy On Hutchinson: This Hearsay Would Never Be Allowed In A Court Of Law, She Has Been Contradicted RealClearPolitics 3 days ago
24 McCarthy Accuses Democrats of ‘Jeopardizing People’s Lives’ by Stalling Supreme Court Safety Bill National Review 20 days ago
25 Then and now: GOP lawmakers’ evolution on the Capitol riot WRIC ABC 8News 25 days ago
26 Suddenly Kevin McCarthy cares about the threat of gun violence Boing Boing 23 days ago
27 Kevin McCarthy not appointing Republicans to Jan. 6 committee 'massive blunder' politics expert says MSNBC 11 days ago
28 Corrupt Ukrainian oligarch, a close associate of Rudy Giuliani and funder of Kevin McCarthy, sentenced to federal prison yesterday Boing Boing 3 days ago
29 The 20-Somethings Who Help the 70-Somethings Run Washington The New York Times 2 days ago
30 House Republican leaders to work in opposition to Senate gun deal NBC News 11 days ago
31 McCarthy Urges Voters To Just Ignore Thomas' Call To Reconsider Other Landmark Cases TPM 6 days ago
32 Analysis | He was prepared to kill Jan. 6 rioters. Now MAGA voters may give him a Senate seat The Washington Post 1 day ago
33 Impeachment Republican David Valadao survives primary Axios 6 days ago
34 17 Political Rundown: The biggest political news in Kern this week KGET 17 2 days ago
35 Read the Nasty Jabs in Trump's Book 'Our Journey Together' New York Magazine 4 hours ago
36 Cassidy Hutchinson’s stunning testimony proved January 6 was far worse than we thought 5 days ago
37 Liz Cheney has a political future — we just don’t know what it will be The Hill 3 hours ago
38 Price shock: California's gas tax just went up, not down Washington Examiner 7 hours ago
39 Our Best Stuff From an Explosive Week by Rachael Larimore 1 day ago
40 Rep. Michael Guest wins Mississippi primary runoff Axios 5 days ago
41 'Trump is fine': McCarthy quietly moves to tamp down fallout after damaging audio reveals January 6 views CNN 2 months ago
42 News Wrap: Jan. 6 panel subpoenas House GOP leader McCarthy PBS NewsHour 2 months ago
43 ICYMI: DNC Launches Ads Highlighting GOP Plans to Ban Abortion 3 days ago
44 Keep electric bikes off the bike paths in Eugene this summer The Register-Guard 5 hours ago
45 Colin McEnroe (opinion): The Trump dramedy is must-see-TV CT Insider 2 days ago
46 Kevin McCarthy's path to speakership enters final but treacherous leg CNN 5 months ago
47 Tattoos & Turkeys 2 days ago
48 McCarthy losing House GOP dealmakers as he eyes speakership POLITICO 3 months ago
49 Billboards say Rep. Kevin McCarthy should 'stop lying' The Washington Post 2 months ago
50 Kevin McCarthy refuses to comply with January 6 committee subpoena as it stands and issues demands CNN 1 month ago
51 Kevin McCarthy is running away from the latest January 6 fight. Literally. CNN 5 months ago
52 Facing House GOP, McCarthy defends himself after audio reveals he blamed Trump for Jan. 6 attack The Washington Post 2 months ago
53 Opinion | Kevin McCarthy is a shining symbol of democratic decay The Washington Post 2 months ago
54 McCarthy calls endorsement of Cheney's primary foe a 'special case' CNN 3 months ago
55 This July 4th, House GOP pledges to honor our fundamental freedoms Fox News 22 hours ago
56 Kevin McCarthy has a huge challenge CNN 7 months ago
57 McCarthy's love-hate relationship with Silicon Valley POLITICO 6 months ago
58 Ending Roe vs. Wade opens the door to a nationwide abortion ban. But how likely is it? ABC News 1 day ago
59 McCarthy Says He Would Urge for Trump Resignation After Jan 6 in Recording The New York Times 2 months ago
60 Explosive testimony piles pressure on Trump – how likely are criminal charges? The Guardian US 2 days ago
61 Analysis | Dissecting Kevin McCarthy's case for bucking the Jan. 6 panel's subpoena The Washington Post 1 month ago
62 White House targeting Republicans who pushed federal gas tax cuts Washington Examiner 6 days ago
63 Stefanik, the No. 3 House Republican, went rogue endorsing Carl Paladino in New York, sources say NBC News 10 days ago
64 Kevin McCarthy Speaks for More Than Eight Hours to Delay a House Vote The New York Times 7 months ago
65 McCarthy picks his path on Cheney: Try to boot her from Congress POLITICO 5 months ago
66 New audio: McCarthy said 25th Amendment 'takes too long' and wanted to reach out to Biden after January 6 attack CNN 2 months ago
67 Orgies, Beheadings, Jewish Space Lasers: Everything Kevin McCarthy Has Had to “Speak” to Republican Lawmakers About Vanity Fair 3 months ago
68 Eastern Pittsburgh suburban real estate transactions for the week of July 3, 2022 TribLIVE 7 hours ago
69 Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump praise each other at GOP fundraiser CNN 2 months ago
70 McCarthy enlists MIT in prep for speakership Axios 4 months ago
71 Las Vegas Sands Stock Could Win Big as China Eases Zero-Covid Rules Barron's 2 days ago
72 Will congressional Democrats' accomplishments be enough to run on in the midterms? Fox News 3 days ago
73 'Senseless violence that's taken over': Dozens of Californians honor loved ones lost to gun violence at rally KCRA Sacramento 3 days ago
74 Capitol attack panel set to issue letters to Kevin McCarthy and other key Republicans The Guardian 2 months ago
75 Border visit: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republican lawmakers head to Texas KPRC Click2Houston 2 months ago
76 Kevin McCarthy already planning retribution after midterm races MSNBC 6 months ago
77 House loads up Interior-EPA bill with nearly $1B in earmarks E&E News 4 days ago
78 Rep. Kevin McCarthy believes Republicans can seize control of the House next year, but to do so he will have to temper former president Trump The Washington Post 8 months ago
79 Cassidy Hutchinson is evidence of the power Washington's aides can have The Washington Post 2 days ago
80 The Public Pulse: Raikes advocates for strong schools; Not a show trial; Privileged few overturn abortion Omaha World-Herald 1 day ago
81 Trump-Endorsed Candidates Have Funneled At Least $1.4 Million Into His Businesses Forbes 10 days ago
82 What defending Marjorie Taylor Greene says of Kevin McCarthy Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
83 So, Kevin McCarthy isn't going to do anything about Marjorie Taylor Greene then? CNN 4 months ago
84 Happy Birthday, America; Now Mind How You Go White House Chronicle 1 day ago
85 Kevin McCarthy leads bipartisan House delegation visit to Poland Axios 3 months ago
86 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sees no one challenging his leadership in next Congress Washington Times 3 months ago
87 Meet Chris Hemsworth's Children: India Rose, Sasha, and Tristan TheTealMango 10 hours ago
88 Kevin McCarthy says Biden rarely takes his calls. What does it mean if the House flips? Yahoo News 1 month ago
89 McCarthy facing another possible Republican indictment as Gaetz case develops MSNBC 5 months ago
90 The J6 Show Trial Is Lying About Election 'Fraud' The Federalist 2 days ago
91 House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy breaks own fundraising record with $31 million haul Fox News 3 months ago
92 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy makes a stop in Fresno to announce congressional run KMPH Fox 26 5 months ago
93 What is witness tampering and could Trump be charged? The Washington Post 2 days ago
94 New Audio: McCarthy Said Trump Acknowledged ‘Some Responsibility’ for Jan. 6 The New York Times 2 months ago
95 A closer look at Kern’s candidates: Kevin McCarthy KGET 17 3 months ago
96 California Focus: California’s national role becomes more activists Ukiah Daily Journal 5 days ago
97 VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The cry-baby leftist mind Las Vegas Review-Journal 13 hours ago
98 Jan. 6 hearing: Trump told DOJ officials 'just say it was corrupt, and leave the rest up to me' CNBC 10 days ago
99 They Knew by Jonathan V. Last 4 days ago
100 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy makes trip across Ohio Spectrum News 1 1 month ago