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1 GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy visits RI to boost Fung campaign 1 day ago
2 The Jan. 6 conversation Kevin McCarthy says he doesn't remember MSNBC 6 days ago
3 Where Was Kevin McCarthy? The Bulwark 17 days ago
4 Opinion | How Kevin McCarthy Misplayed His Hand on the Jan. 6 Hearings POLITICO 24 days ago
5 Jan. 6 committee discusses McCarthy's attempts to have Trump call off Capitol rioters MSNBC 11 days ago
6 Kevin McCarthy: China saw weakness from Biden before Pelosi's Taiwan visit Fox News 3 days ago
7 House GOP leader McCarthy: Hunter Biden probe will expand to what US intel chiefs knew New York Post 1 day ago
8 In Kevin McCarthy’s California district, discontent brews on his right Los Angeles Times 15 days ago
9 House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy breaks another fundraising record Fox News 28 days ago
10 Splitsville: McConnell and McCarthy break on big votes POLITICO 11 days ago
11 Trump gives House a break as McCarthy boosts more electable Republicans Axios 5 hours ago
12 Kevin McCarthy tweet about IRS hiring is deceitful, untrue Fresno Bee 5 days ago
13 Kevin McCarthy rips Democrats' Inflation Reduction Act: No plan to solve the 'problems they created' Fox News 4 days ago
14 Cheney said McCarthy, lawmakers were ‘scared’ by rioters The Hill 18 days ago
15 McCarthy rails against chips bill, Democrats in extensive floor speech The Hill 11 days ago
16 GOP leader Kevin McCarthy warned Amazon CEO to stay out of politics: report New York Post 21 days ago
17 Republicans will take back the House in the Midterms because of these key issues, GOP Leader McCarthy says Fox News 19 days ago
18 'Chilling': GOP lawmaker describes Trump's call with McCarthy on Jan. 6 CNN 17 days ago
19 Highland Park shooting: Young dad Kevin McCarthy's funeral Monday Chicago Tribune 21 days ago
20 McCarthy compares dealing with Trump to walking 'the tightest tightrope': book Business Insider 27 days ago
21 Kevin McCarthy slams the 'Pelosi pay cut' as inflation rises: 'This is what they took from you' Fox News 24 days ago
22 Kevin McCarthy leads GOP tearing into Biden refusing to face 'predictable' recession Daily Mail 11 days ago
23 Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski, 3 others killed in car crash, authorities say ABC News 4 days ago
24 Calmes: The Jan. 6 committee fingered not just Trump, but his GOP enablers for betraying democracy Los Angeles Times 18 days ago
25 Highland Park Shooting Victim Kevin McCarthy Laid to Rest NBC Chicago 21 days ago
26 Kevin McCarthy wrongly votes no on Respect for Marriage Act Fresno Bee 18 days ago
27 Kellyanne Conway meets with House Republicans in McCarthy's office CNN 10 days ago
28 Adam Kinzinger discusses how he wants to chart a new Republican Party The Washington Post 16 days ago
29 Gavin Newsom criticized over handling of California drought as farms languish Fox News 13 hours ago
30 Kevin McCarthy tears into 'hypocrisy' of DC Mayor using National Guard to deal with migrant bussing Daily Mail 9 days ago
31 Democrat policies to blame for inflation, crime spikes and border 'crisis': House GOP Leader McCarthy Fox News 15 days ago
32 Pelosis' prolific stock trading is disqualifying on ban: McCarthy Business Insider 10 days ago
33 Highland Park, Illinois parade shooting: Orphaned toddler Aiden McCarthy doesn't know parents are dead, family tells ABC News KFSN-TV 30 days ago
34 Newhouse, who voted to impeach Trump, will advance to general election in Washington district, AP projects The Washington Post 2 days ago
35 Biden leaves White House isolation for first time in 18 days Axios 14 hours ago
36 Boebert to take shot across GOP leadership's bow in CPAC speech: 'Disappointed too many times' Fox News 2 days ago
37 Liz Cheney calls GOP "very sick," questions whether party can recover Axios 8 hours ago
38 GOP Rep. Alex Mooney's Manchin attack ad spurs 2024 speculation Axios 6 hours ago
39 Celebrity candidates threaten GOP's hopes of a Senate majority Axios 14 hours ago
40 Insulin price cap for private insurers pulled from reconciliation bill Axios 10 hours ago
41 Suspended Florida prosecutor Andrew Warren responds to DeSantis Axios 5 hours ago
42 Jim Jordan: 'Wrong' for Senate GOP to work with Dems on Biden-backed bills Business Insider 8 days ago
43 Stephen Breyer says America goes the wrong way "from time to time" Axios 9 hours ago
44 Column: California should reform use of solitary confinement Los Angeles Times 6 days ago
45 Ted Cruz to "wait and see" if Trump runs before making 2024 decision Axios 1 day ago
46 More human remains found at Lake Mead as drought shrinks water levels Axios 2 hours ago
47 Can a deadly highway be reengineered? Newsday 2 days ago
48 Democrats quash Bernie Sanders effort to revive child tax credit Axios 9 hours ago
49 Roevember Is Coming Michael Moore | Substack 12 hours ago
50 Kevin McCarthy and the intoxication of power The Washington Post 4 months ago
51 Lindsey Graham says let states decide on same-sex marriage Axios 11 hours ago
52 Pro-Trump apparel company fined for falsely labeling products "Made in USA" Axios 5 hours ago
53 News Wrap: Jan. 6 panel subpoenas House GOP leader McCarthy PBS NewsHour 3 months ago
54 Kevin McCarthy is officially in Donald Trump's doghouse CNN 2 months ago
55 Taiwanese shrug off China drills: "After a long time of this, everyone becomes numb to it" Axios 15 hours ago
56 Kevin McCarthy gains few favors with MAGA crowd despite Trump endorsement Axios 2 months ago
57 McCarthy losing House GOP dealmakers as he eyes speakership POLITICO 4 months ago
58 Kevin McCarthy Is Empowering House Extremists He Once Feared New York Magazine 3 months ago
59 John Harold McCarthy Obituary Worcester Telegram 7 days ago
60 Kevin McCarthy's path to speakership enters final but treacherous leg CNN 7 months ago
61 Billboards say Rep. Kevin McCarthy should 'stop lying' The Washington Post 3 months ago
62 Kevin McCarthy refuses to comply with January 6 committee subpoena as it stands and issues demands CNN 2 months ago
63 POLITICO Playbook: Alarm bells over Pelosi's Taiwan trip- POLITICO POLITICO 15 days ago
64 Analysis | Kevin McCarthy has no idea what to do The Washington Post 6 months ago
65 Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump praise each other at GOP fundraiser CNN 3 months ago
66 Kevin McCarthy is running away from the latest January 6 fight. Literally. CNN 6 months ago
67 McCarthy Says He Would Urge for Trump Resignation After Jan 6 in Recording The New York Times 27 days ago
68 Fresh evidence that Kevin McCarthy appears to be regressing MSNBC 2 months ago
69 Kevin McCarthy is proven liar. Should he become speaker? VC Star 3 months ago
70 McCarthy picks his path on Cheney: Try to boot her from Congress POLITICO 6 months ago
71 Opinion | Subpoena Kevin McCarthy The Washington Post 7 months ago
72 McCarthy calls endorsement of Cheney's primary foe a 'special case' CNN 5 months ago
73 Kevin McCarthy Is Still Trump’s Accomplice The Nation 2 months ago
74 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sees no one challenging his leadership in next Congress Washington Times 4 months ago
75 In victory for Democrats, Congress sends chip subsidy bill to Biden POLITICO 11 days ago
76 Trevor Reed: Brittney Griner to face "serious" health threats in Russian prison Axios 1 day ago
77 Reporter identifies why McCarthy changed his view on Jan. 6 CNN 2 months ago
78 McCarthy enlists MIT in prep for speakership Axios 5 months ago
79 Border visit: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republican lawmakers head to Texas KPRC Click2Houston 3 months ago
80 Kevin McCarthy says ‘it’s all good’ between him and Trump after Jan. 6 panel New York Post 1 month ago
81 'Not her body, not her choice': Indiana legislature passes near-total abortion ban Axios 2 days ago
82 Inflation, recession and living on "borrowed money" as credit soars Axios 2 days ago
83 Orgies, Beheadings, Jewish Space Lasers: Everything Kevin McCarthy Has Had to “Speak” to Republican Lawmakers About Vanity Fair 4 months ago
84 Abcarian: Kevin McCarthy is a spineless noodle who nonetheless owes us the truth Los Angeles Times 7 months ago
85 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy makes trip across Ohio Spectrum News 1 3 months ago
86 Kevin McCarthy has a huge challenge CNN 8 months ago
87 GOP leaders mortified by colleagues supporting Trump insurrection: new NYT audio MSNBC 3 months ago
88 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to unveil conservative climate, energy agenda The Washington Post 2 months ago
89 Analysis | Dissecting Kevin McCarthy's case for bucking the Jan. 6 panel's subpoena The Washington Post 2 months ago
90 GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy: 'I don't recall' talking to Cassidy Hutchinson on Jan. 6 USA TODAY 10 days ago
91 Capitol attack panel set to issue letters to Kevin McCarthy and other key Republicans The Guardian 3 months ago
92 North Carolina school district plans to put AR-15s in every school Axios 13 hours ago
93 McCarthy, Wood move on to California’s 20th Congressional District general election KGET 17 2 months ago
94 New Audio: McCarthy Said Trump Acknowledged ‘Some Responsibility’ for Jan. 6 The New York Times 4 months ago
95 GOP leader McCarthy spoke for more than 8 hours to delay passage of spending bill NPR 9 months ago
96 Kevin McCarthy blasts Biden on border security during Columbus visit The Columbus Dispatch 3 months ago
97 McCarthy suggests support for anti-abortion legislation Spectrum News NY1 1 month ago
98 Rep. Kevin McCarthy believes Republicans can seize control of the House next year, but to do so he will have to temper former president Trump The Washington Post 10 months ago
99 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy makes a stop in Fresno to announce congressional run KMPH Fox 26 6 months ago
100 Kevin McCarthy outlines investigations GOP will lead if they regain control of the House Fox News 6 months ago