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1 Iran's Khamenei blames 'cowardly' U.S. for pause in nuclear talks
2 Iran’s Khamenei grants clemency to over 2,800 prisoners
3 Iran's Khamenei says water crisis protesters cannot be blamed
4 Was Rouhani Late For 'Last Meeting' With Khamenei?
5 Iran's Supreme Leader to Confirm Raisi as President on Aug. 3
6 Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Turns Fire on 'Evil' U.S. as Drought Protests Erupt
7 Khamenei Reacts To Protests By Posting Old Remarks From 2016
8 Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei Fast Facts
9 Iran Protestors Block Roads, Call For Death Of Khamenei
10 Iran’s top leader casts doubt on efforts to revive a nuclear deal.
11 Sen. Cruz Introduces Bill to Sanction Iran Supreme Leader and President-Elect | Ted Cruz | US Senator for Texas
12 'Death to Khamenei': After protests, Iran's president apologizes over power blackouts
13 Ex-Iranian Diplomat Expects Biden Message To Khamenei Soon
14 In A 9000-Word Letter Ahmadinejad Lambasts Outgoing Rouhani
15 Facebook Says ‘Death to Khamenei’ Posts Are OK for the Next Two Weeks
16 IRGC Official Urges End To Foreign Presence In Iran Cyberspace
17 In New Video, Ahmadinejad Criticizes Iran's Khamenei
18 No Chance For JCPOA, Says Commentator Close To Khamenei
19 Ayatollah Khamenei Reiterates Untrustworthy Nature of West
20 Imam Khamenei: West's approach in negotiations is unjust, malicious
21 Iran: Protesters Target Khamenei In Anti-Regime Protests – OpEd
22 Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says talks to revive 2015 nuclear deal must not become 'attritional'
23 Iran's Supreme Leader: Who might succeed Ali Khamenei?
24 Iran's Khamenei backs hardliner versus hardliner presidential vote
25 Iran's Khamenei Calls Remarks by Zarif in Audio Leak 'Big Mistake'
26 Khamenei Says Iran in No Rush to See Nuclear Deal Revived
27 Khamenei set to tighten grip in Iran vote as frustrations grow
28 Iran's top leader bans corona vaccines from US, Britain
29 Ayatollah Khamenei Thanks Palestinians for Message after Victory in Recent War
30 'Iranian regime feel it has divine intervention helping it'
31 Twitter Bans Trump, Removes Tweet by Iran’s Khamenei on Same Day, Sparking ‘Double Standards’ Backlash
32 US: Iran Nuclear Decisions Will Rest With Khamenei, Despite Leadership Change
33 Twitter Bans Account Linked To Iran's Supreme Leader
34 Iran's Supreme Leader reappears in public, hits out at U.S.
35 Iran's Khamenei says fight against Israel is a public duty
36 Reports of Khamenei’s death greatly exaggerated, Iranian official says
37 Khamenei receives all-Iranian Covid jab
38 Iran's Khamenei urges people to vote amid abstention fears
39 Health, environment ministers meet PA counterparts for 1st time in years
40 Iran won’t return to nuclear commitments until US lifts sanctions, Khamenei says
41 Iran's Khamenei Demands 'Action' From Biden to Revive Nuclear Deal
42 Iran's supreme leader, quoting Trump, mocks US election
43 Khamenei Backs Efforts to Revive Iran Nuclear Deal With U.S.
44 Khamenei says Iran may enrich uranium to 60% purity if needed
45 What Will Happen When Khamenei Dies?
46 Khamenei's Ban On Western Vaccines Blasted As A 'Politicization' Of Iranians' Well-Being
47 Analysis: Khamenei's election agenda may slow revival of Iran nuclear deal
48 Iran: Khamenei's Reckless Ban on Covid-19 Vaccine
49 Iran's June elections could consolidate hardline power before Khamenei succession
50 Why Twitter should ban Iran’s supreme leader
51 Khamenei wants new deal to wait until after June 18 election
52 Iran's Khamenei calls on other nations to provide 'military' or 'financial' support to Gaza Strip | TheHill
53 Iranian Supreme Leader Uses Propagandistic Documentary To Try To Burnish His Image
54 Hard-liner Ahmadinejad again seeks to be Iran's president
55 Recent rumours raise a crucial question: Who succeeds Ayatollah Khamenei?
56 Supreme leader ushers in Iranian New Year with message of hope
57 Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vows revenge for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh's killing
58 Khamenei Calls Election With Lowest Turnout In 40 Years 'An Epic'
59 Iran's Khamenei urges Palestinians to build up power to stop Israeli 'brutality'
60 Iran's Khamenei says Armenia-held land in Karabakh 'must be returned'
61 Why Khamenei`s alleged transfer of power to son signals seismic change for Iran
62 Statement By Khamenei Aide Fuels Speculation About His Role In Iran Vote
63 Khamenei Brands Talks a Failure as Biden Plots U.S.-Iran Shift
64 To Secure His Legacy, Khamenei Is Packing Iran's Government With Young Radicals
65 Ayatollah Holds Khamenei Responsible for Killings in Iran
66 Iran elections: Towards an ‘Islamic government’
67 Khamenei stands defiant on Iran’s regional military presence
68 Supreme Leader directly intervenes in Iran's June vote
69 For Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's presidency is a step toward Supreme Leader
70 ‘We can’t trust foreigners’: Khamenei warns against hopes of ‘opening’ with West
71 Ebrahim Raisi's path to Iranian president — and likely future supreme leader
72 Iran's Khamenei: UAE 'disgraced forever' by Israel deal
73 Iran’s Khamenei: Muslim nations reject ‘humiliation’ of compromise with Israel
74 Supreme Leader's Son Prepares For His Political Future
75 Iran's Khamenei funds terrorism over COVID-19 aid workers
76 Khamenei Accuses Rouhani's Critics Of Being 'Unfair'
77 Does Iran have a plan for a successor to Khamenei?
78 Why won't Twitter ban Khamenei when it permanently suspended Trump?
79 Vienna's nuclear offers 'not worth looking at': Iran's Khamenei | Daily Sabah
80 Iran plane crash: Khamenei defends armed forces in rare address
81 Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei appoints hardline cleric as judiciary head
82 Iran's Supreme Leader Criticized For Equating Cartoons Of Prophet Muhammad With Holocaust Denial
83 Will Twitter ban Iran’s supreme leader next?
84 Iranian leader's tears a sign of respect for slain general
85 Iran's Ayatollah Slams 'American Clowns' In Rare Friday Prayers Sermon
86 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei takes ill: How does Iran choose its Supreme Leader?
87 Sunni Leader Warns Khamenei of 'Losing Hope'
88 Iran's Khamenei grants clemency to over 5,000 prisoners
89 Iran’s Khamenei condemns French ‘support’ of Prophet caricatures
90 Iran's line of succession in doubt amid Khamenei concerns
91 Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei opens a Twitter account in Hindi
92 Iran's Supreme Leader Got A Locally Made COVID Shot But Vaccine Struggles Persist
93 Iranian Presidential Election Tracker: Khamenei Faces Difficult Decisions In The Presidential Election
94 Ebrahim Raisi: Will he stay or will he go?
95 Iran's Khamenei Must Make Decision On Revival Of JCPOA, Blinken Says
96 Judith Miller: Is Iran's Supreme Leader near death? Why the answer is supremely important
97 Iran's Khamenei hails vote as victory over 'enemy propaganda'
98 Iranian Supreme Leader's French Instagram Page Suspended Temporarily By 'Mistake'
99 Khamenei To Receive Newly Introduced Iranian COVID Vaccine
100 Iran's Khamenei says Floyd's killing exposes real nature of U.S.