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5 Kirk Hammett discovers his ‘Greeny’ ’59 Gibson Les Paul has a twin, and it’s owned by Gibson’s Cesar Gueikian MusicRadar 22 days ago
6 Kirk Hammett can teach you to play the guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughan Far Out Magazine 25 days ago
7 Metallica's Kirk Hammett named his 10 favourite cult horror films of all time Far Out Magazine 26 days ago
8 Kirk Hammett reveals how Metallica nearly got kicked off an Ozzy Osbourne tour Far Out Magazine 12 days ago
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10 Carlos Santana living ‘Blessings and Miracles’ after heart scare Las Vegas Review-Journal 11 hours ago
11 Exodus Interview: Steve 'Zetro' Souza Talks New Album, Metallica Friendship Audio Ink Radio 17 hours ago
12 Peter Green's tone without the six-figure price tag? Monty's Guitars releases Bethnal Green humbuckers MusicRadar 3 days ago
13 Kirk Hammett Metal + Horror Saved Me From My Bad Childhood 7 months ago
14 Yngwie Malmsteen Books Spring 2022 US Tour Loudwire 20 hours ago
15 Metallica's Kirk Hammett endorses Gibson Guitar World 6 months ago
16 Gary Holt + Kirk Hammett 'Learned a Lot of Guitar on LSD' Loudwire 3 months ago
17 The Top 5 Highest-Selling Metallica Albums Until 2022 MetalCastle 9 days ago
18 Mick Jagger got real 'Satisfaction' out of playing secret bar sets Music News 2 days ago
19 Kirk Hammett Didn't Use Wah Pedal When Writing Black Album Solos Loudwire 5 months ago
20 Metallica's Kirk Hammett says he wanted 'Enter Sandman' to be the next 'Smoke On The Water' NME 4 months ago
21 KIRK HAMMETT And ROBERT TRUJILLO Play Late-Night Set Of Covers Following METALLICA's 40th-Anniversary Concert (Video) BLABBERMOUTH.NET 1 month ago
22 Kirk Hammett's 8 favorite unsung guitar heroes Guitar World 2 months ago
23 Metallica’s James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett look back on 30 years of The Black Album: "It really was the master key to everything" Guitar World 4 months ago
24 Gibson's Cesar Gueikian joins Kirk Hammett's Wedding Band onstage in San Francisco, and the Metallica guitarist lets him play his iconic 1959 “Greeny” Les Paul Guitar World 1 month ago
25 Gary Holt On Kirk Hammett's Joining Metallica: "It Was A Horrible Business Decision" MetalCastle 2 months ago
26 Metallica's Kirk Hammett: "We Haven't Really Peaked" Revolver Magazine 6 months ago
27 Metallica Gift Street Performer New Drums After His Are Stolen Loudwire 5 days ago
28 Kirk Hammett joins Judas Priest onstage at Louder Than Life for performance of Fleetwood Mac's The Green Manalishi Guitar World 4 months ago
29 Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo celebrate Halloween with Frankenstein jam Kerrang! 3 months ago
30 Hear Tom Morello trade licks with Alex Lifeson and Kirk Hammett on new track I Have Seen the Way Guitar World 2 months ago
31 Nirvana Photographer Addresses Backlash from NFT Auction of Band Photos 18 hours ago
32 Metallica's Kirk Hammett on the Black Album: "We wanted a Back In Black” Guitar World 6 months ago
33 After Cobra Kai Season 4 Makes 'Sh***y' Joke About Metal Music, Guitarist Gary Holt Has A Response CinemaBlend 7 days ago
34 Metallica's Kirk Hammett Recruited By Santana For New Album 2021 In Review 2 months ago
35 Kirk Hammett reveals that the Enter Sandman riff was inspired by Soundgarden 5 months ago
36 Kirk Hammett admits he was "surprised" by how much of a Metallica fan Kurt Cobain was Louder 5 months ago
37 Metallica's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett reveal The Black Album's deepest, darkest secrets in this classic 1991 Guitar World interview Guitar World 4 months ago
38 Ex-SOULFLY Guitarist MARC RIZZO Praises ANDREAS KISSER, Says Latest SEPULTURA Album Is 'Amazing' BLABBERMOUTH.NET 4 days ago
39 Metallica's Kirk Hammett explains why Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitarist of all time Far Out Magazine 1 month ago
40 Mrs. Smith puts Kirk Hammett to shame once again with a wah-driven cover of Metallica's One Guitar World 4 months ago
41 Kirk Hammett's ESP guitar from the Metallica One video has been sold MusicRadar 10 months ago
42 Alex Lifeson is working with Tom Morello and Kirk Hammett on new material Guitar World 7 months ago
43 Metallica's Kirk Hammett on Witnessing Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose VMAs Clash Revolver Magazine 4 months ago
44 METALLICA's ROBERT TRUJILLO Says His 'Doodles' With KIRK HAMMETT Have Been Some Of His 'Proudest Moments' BLABBERMOUTH.NET 2 months ago
45 Megadeth Guitarist Says He Was Never Into Metallica's Kirk Hammett's & His Lead Guitar Playing Ultimate-Guitar.Com 5 months ago
46 Kirk Hammett's 3 favourite Metallica guitar solos Far Out Magazine 8 months ago
47 Man Steals $8,000 Guitar by Stuffing It Down His Pants Loudwire 6 days ago
48 Kamasi Washington Debuts Metallica Cover With Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, Thundercat [Video/Photos] Live for Live Music 6 months ago
49 Angel Vivaldi Says Metallica's Kirk Hammett Is His Number One Influence MetalCastle 7 months ago
50 Metallica's Kirk Hammett announces partnership with Gibson | Albany Herald Entertainment The Albany Herald 6 months ago
51 The ESP guitar Kirk Hammett used in Metallica's One music video sells for $112,500 Guitar World 10 months ago
52 Mick Fleetwood signs on as Executive Producer for new Fox TV music drama Louder 7 days ago
53 Kirk Hammett Talks Seeing Metallica Before He Joined the Band Rolling Stone 1 year ago
54 Kirk Hammett of Metallica Reveals Soundgarden Influence on "Enter Sandman" Rock 92.9 4 months ago
55 Metallica's Kirk Hammett And Death Angel's Mark Osegueda Guest On New Santana Album 'Blessings And Miracles' BLABBERMOUTH.NET 5 months ago
56 Gary Holt Recalls How Kirk Hammett Behaved When He Was in Exodus, Addresses Metallica Guitarist's Exodus Remark Ultimate-Guitar.Com 2 months ago
57 Metallica: Kirk Hammett took album name from a Stephen King book Express 8 months ago
58 Every Time I Die Have Broken Up Loudwire 9 days ago
59 Kirk Hammett: “I was sitting on the toilet when I got the call to join Metallica” Louder 2 years ago
60 Why Kirk Hammett Can't Quit Metallica Ultimate Classic Rock 1 year ago
61 Kirk Hammett launches Greeny Blues Blend, a coffee inspired by Peter Green's ’59 Les Paul Guitar World 10 months ago
62 METALLICA Guitarist KIRK HAMMETT In Writing Mode 10 months ago
63 Kirk Hammett Played His Way Out of 'Hair-Raising' Blues Moment Ultimate Classic Rock 1 year ago
64 Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett Makes Fans Think The New Metallica Album Is On The Way MetalCastle 9 months ago
65 Hear St. Vincent take on Kirk Hammett’s solo in dark reimagining of Metallica’s Sad But True Guitar World 7 months ago
66 Kirk Hammett’s “One” Guitar Sells for $112,500 MetalSucks 10 months ago
67 Newly Recorded Music From KIRK HAMMETT And DAVID GILMOUR To Be Included With PETER GREEN Book 'The Albatross Man' BLABBERMOUTH.NET 9 months ago
68 Kirk Hammett and Adam Jones on Chance of a New Eddie Van Halen Ultimate Classic Rock 11 months ago
69 KISS's Paul Stanley Says Kirk Hammett Blasted His Solo Album MetalCastle 9 months ago
70 See Kirk Hammett’s ‘Wah Off’ With Beehived Guitarist Mrs. Smith Rolling Stone 2 years ago
71 Metallica's Kirk Hammett to appear on new Santana album Louder 10 months ago
72 Steve Vai Reveals Two-Headstocked, Three-Necked 'Hydra' Guitar Loudwire 7 days ago
73 The guitar Kirk Hammett used in the Metallica One video goes up for auction 10 months ago
74 Gary Holt Recalls How Exodus Reacted When Kirk Hammett Left Them to Join Metallica, Names 'Hardest' Slayer Riff He Struggles to Play Ultimate-Guitar.Com 8 months ago
75 Kirk Hammett, Adam Jones, St. Vincent, Mateus Asato, John 5 and Christone "Kingfish" Ingram discuss the state of guitar in 2021 Guitar World 11 months ago
76 Metallica’s Kirk Hammett: Eddie Van Halen ‘Blew Open Everyone’s Minds’ The New York Times 1 year ago
77 Fans Asks: Where Is Metallica Star Kirk Hammett's Hair? MetalCastle 10 months ago
78 Carlos Santana reveals Kirk Hammett will guest on his new album, Blessings and Miracles Guitar World 10 months ago
79 Ex-Metallica Star Jason Newsted Says James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett Emulated His Hair Style MetalCastle 5 months ago
80 Kirk Hammett Was on The Toilet When Metallica Called Him to Join Loudwire 2 years ago
81 Metallica's Kirk Hammett Names The Guitar Hero Of The Next Generation MetalCastle 11 months ago
82 Metallica's Kirk Hammett Creates Coffee Blend Inspired By Peter Green's 'Greeny' Guitar BLABBERMOUTH.NET 10 months ago
83 James Hetfield: "When I pick up the guitar I want to be the drummer" MusicRadar 1 month ago
84 Fleetwood Mac Founder Speaks on Kirk Hammett Playing Peter Green's Gibson Les Paul, Shares Opinion on Metallica Ultimate-Guitar.Com 8 months ago
85 How Metallica's Kirk Hammett Wound Up Receiving a Gift From Night Stalker Richard Ramirez Inside Edition 12 months ago
86 METALLICA Guitarist KIRK HAMMETT Unboxes Walmart's Exclusive "Black Album" Funko Pop! Figure Set 4 months ago
87 Rush's Alex Lifeson and Metallica's Kirk Hammett for new Tom Morello album Free Radio 2 months ago
88 Kirk Hammett recalls the first time he ever saw Metallica in new Gibson Icons trailer Guitar World 1 year ago
89 The mystery behind Kirk Hammett’s taped picking hand revealed! 2 years ago
90 “I’ll never rest on my laurels”: the life and times of Kirk Hammett Louder 3 years ago
91 Metallica’s Kirk Hammett on Napster: ‘We Didn’t Make a Difference’ Rolling Stone 2 years ago
92 Metallica's Kirk Hammett Defeated by Mrs. Smith in Wah-Wah Battle Loudwire 2 years ago
93 Kirk Hammett: Metallica Shoot Down My Song Ideas 'All the Time' Loudwire 2 years ago
94 Watch Metallica's Kirk Hammett play Peter Green's legendary Les Paul guitar at tribute concert NME 1 year ago
95 METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT Is Using Coronavirus Downtime To Work On Riffs BLABBERMOUTH.NET 2 years ago
96 Metallica's Kirk Hammett Is Appearing on New Santana Album Ultimate-Guitar.Com 10 months ago
97 ESP officially announces Kirk Hammett's new 30th Anniversary Signature KH-3 Spider Guitar World 1 year ago
98 Kirk Hammett reflects on Peter Green's legacy: "You could put Oh Well or Green Manalishi up against the first two Sabbath albums" Guitar World 1 year ago
99 Kirk Hammett Has 'Over 600 Ideas' For Metallica's Next Studio Album BLABBERMOUTH.NET 1 year ago
100 How to sound like Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Louder 1 year ago