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1 Eyewitness: Fired employee killed two co-workers for revenge at north Fargo business
2 Liberia: Deputy House Speaker Cllr. Fonati Koffa calls for Sustained Investments in Agriculture as National Budget Sets to hit US$700M
3 Deputy Speaker Koffa To Serve As Keynote Speaker At CDC-USA Induction In The United States. – Global News Network
4 Liberia's Renowned Environmentalist, Dr. Morris Koffa Urges Liberians Found Part Of Solid Waste Management – Global News Network
5 On Dual Citizenship Bill: Diaspora Liberians Want Senate To Concur With Lower House
6 No Free Ride for Concessions Deals
7 Liberia: US$70K's Elementary School Opens in Chemgbetee Community for 400 Children
8 Liberia: Agriculture Minister Faces Senate Grilling Over Non-Compliance Issues
9 Liberia: Barclayville Central High School Gets US$30K, L$3.4m for Comprehensive Renovation
10 3 Children Get Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa Scholarship up to Bachelor Degrees Level
11 Rep. Gray Joins Dual Citizenship Fight
12 Liberia: University Student Group Honors Deputy Speaker Fonati Koffa over 'Mammoth' Development Initiatives
13 Liberia: Deputy Speaker Lights up Streets of Buah Geeken, Chenwriken, Worpluken, Tarken in Grand Kru County
14 Liberia: Rep. Fonati Koffa Aims at Bringing Competent Leadership to Deputy Speaker Post
15 Liberia: 'Make Good Choices While You are Young' –Deputy Speaker Fonati Koffa Cautions Youths
16 Liberia: Niko Ivanka Survivors Share Dreadful Experience with FPA; Explain How They Survived
17 Liberia: Rep. Fonati Koffa Responds to Critics Citing Regional Politics in His Quest to Be Deputy Speaker; Says It's Not Unprecedented
18 Liberia: Muslim Community Condemns Assault against Lawmaker
19 Liberia: Deputy Speaker Fonati Koffa's Office Rebuts Sen. Dillon's Claim that He Was Present at Sports Meet Final
20 Liberia: Rep. Fonati Koffa Pays 500 Students Tuition in Grand Kru
21 Liberia: Deputy Speaker Koffa Wants International Criminal Court Prosecute Liberian War Criminals
22 Ruling Stalwart Joins Diaspora Liberians in Dual Citizenship Fight
23 Liberia: Deputy Speaker Outlines Successes, Challenges in Midterm Report to Constituents
24 Liberia: Deputy Speaker Wants Media institutions Expose and Shame Incorrect Sources
25 Liberia: Sinking Boat Worries Deputy Speaker Koffa
26 Liberia: Yekeh Storms Session for Unpaid Salaries
27 Grand Kru County District 2 Representative Fonati Koffa Set for 3rd Annual Constituency Visit to His District; Heads Senatorial Campaign There
28 Rep. Koffa Fires Back at Threat to Reelection
29 Liberia: Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa to Push for US$50M Annual Budget Allocation for Southeastern Corridor
30 Liberia: 3 Children Get Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa Scholarship Up to Bachelor Degrees Level
31 Rep. Koffa Launches Safe Drinking Project in Grand Kru
32 Deputy Speaker Koffa Puts Smile On The Face Of Liberian Medical Doctor Studying Cardiothoracic Surgery At Addis Ababa University – Global News Network
33 Rep. Koffa Frowns At “Low Scale Patriotism” In Liberia; Urges UL Graduate Class Leadership To Uphold National Development Spirit
34 Liberia: Rep. Fonati Koffa Requests US$590k Budgetary Allotment to Grand Kru County
35 Rep. Koffa Promotes peaceful election in Grand Kru
36 LIBERIA: Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa Donates 2.74 Lots Of Land To Margibi Based Church – Global News Network
37 Grand Kru students honor Deputy Speaker Koffa
38 Grand Kru County to get 33 hand-pumps
39 Sinking boat worries Deputy Speaker Koffa
40 Rep. Koffa Differs with Sen. Coleman on Primitive Method of Criminal Justice
41 "Devastated" Koffa Needs the Botched Docs' Help for More Than One Serious Issue
42 Liberia: Rep. Koffa Reacts To Senator Dilion's Accusation of Being 'Inconsistent' Over Lawmakers Salary Cut
43 Liberia: “Political Stunt to Rally Votes” – Rep. Koffa Describes Sen. Dillon Quest to Slash Lawmakers' Salary
44 LIBERIA: Deputy Speaker Fonati Koffa Vows To Promote Gender Equity Bill At The National Legislature – Global News Network
45 Liberia: 'I Am Not Running' – Rep. Koffa Staying out of Grand Kru Senatorial Race to Serve His District
46 Rep. Koffa speaks of victory
47 Liberia: Rep. Koffa Will Deliver 2nd Annual Message Through Radio Ahteenah amid Coronavirus Fear
48 House of Representatives' Judiciary Committee's Chairman Celebrates LIBTELCO's Eligibility to Operate as GSM Company, Says Foreign Companies' Control of Liberia's Communication Network Poses Threats To National Security
49 LIBERIA: Deputy Speaker Koffa Stresses The Importance Of Improved Road Network, Holds Meeting With SSF Officials, And Others – Global News Network
50 China Reaffirms Support to Liberia on Agriculture, Technologies, Cooperation During Virtual Discussion with the Legislature
51 Liberia: Rep. Koffa Urges Govt to Provide Food Supplies for Citizens amid Covid-19 Pandemic
53 Deputy Speaker Criticizes Senate
54 Liberia: Cllr. Fonati Koffa Backs Calls for A Fast Track Corruption Court for the Restitution of Over US$400M
55 K to Newly Promoted 2nd Division Football Club Cece United
56 Grand Kru Rep Jonathan Fonato Koffa Says He Will Not Contest Midterm Senatorial Election – Global News Network
57 As Rep. Koffa Continues His Annual Constituency Engagements In Grand Kru, Several Received Farm Implements – Global News Network
58 Liberia: Grand Kru Lawmaker Fonati Koffa Condemns Ex-combatant's Threat to Form 'Kru Defense Force' for the Protection of Pres. Weah, Kru People
59 LIBERIA: Rep. Koffa Sympathizes With Kinsman's Family, Tearfully Expresses Grief – Global News Network
60 Rep. Koffa Empowers Grand Kru Women with L$5 Million Loan Scheme
61 Liberia: Rep. Fonati Koffa Supports War Crimes Court But Wants Infrastructure for Cases First
62 Liberia: Rept. Koffa Calls On Candidates to Be Peaceful
63 Liberia: Rep. Koffa Writes CBL to Audit MC2 Bank over Corruption Practices in Grand Kru County
64 Rep. Koffa laments deaths and injuries
65 Liberia: Grand Kru Supt Hails Caucus for Donating US$45K Towards Bolloh Road Project
66 People Liberation Party Unveils 50 Doctors, Nurses To Operate Mobile Clinic
67 Rep. Koffa Responds to Defendant Varney Sherman's Claims of Receiving US$4.5M to Prosecute Him
68 Rep. Koffa Wants Severe Punishment For Juror Misconduct
69 War Crimes Court finally comes to Liberia
70 "This Is Extremely Rare!" Can the Botched Doctors Figure Out How to Reconstruct A Patient's Face?
71 Liberia: Rep. Koffa Set to Deliver 2nd Legislative Annual Report in Palurken
72 Liberia: Deputy Speaker Lights Up Six Communities in GD.kru
73 Liberia: 'Political Stunt to Rally Votes'
74 From Liberty Party To CDC: Rep. Fonati Koffa's Crossover Sealed
75 Liberia: Frustrations & “Spiritual Gains” of “Development Journalism”—A Personal Story – Global News Network
76 LIBERIA: Repe Koffa Disagreed With Senator Coleman On Native Doctor Tamba Bundo Presence In Grand Kru County – Global News Network
77 Rep. Koffa Donates 19k 45KVA Generator to Grand Kru County Referral Hospital to Boost Electricity
78 Liberia: Ten Thousand Civil Servants Salary Reduced Through Government's Harmonization Plan, Rep. Koffa Discloses
79 Liberia: Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa to NEC's Defense
80 Rep. Koffa Promises Improved Healthcare for Sassastown
81 Deputy Speaker Pays Over US$5,000 Tuition
82 Liberia: TRANSCO Trains EPA, FDA LEC Staff on Health, Environmental Protocols amid Rapid Expansion of Transmission Lines
83 'I Am Committed To Implementing My Developmental Agenda For My People' – Says Rep Fonati Koffa
84 Liberia: Representative Koffa Seeks Audit for Grand Kru MC2 Bank
85 WATCH: 'Botched' Sneak Peek: What is Sarcoidosis?
86 Rep. Koffa Outlines Projects for Implementation
87 Grand Kru Representative Koffa Congratulates Players – FrontPageAfrica
88 Ecobank Liberia MD Calls for Robust Awareness on Mental Health
89 Liberia: Deputy Speaker Differs with Scrutinizing the TRC Recommendations
90 Deputy Speaker provides financial aid to 63 TU students
91 Lawmaker seeks US$25m stimulus package
92 Opposition Figure Condemned for Saying 'Liberians Need AK-47s Not Rice'
93 US$2.7Bn Iron Ore Project in Guinea to Benefit Liberia
94 Make LIBTELCO a GSM operator
95 Rep J. Fonati Koffa Frowns On Kinsmen For The Alleged Flogging Of 'Man Of God'
96 Rep. Koffa blames opposition
97 Liberia: VP Taylor, Rep. Fonati Koffa's Security Teams Accused of Beating and Torturing Residents of Sophie Community
98 Senior Liberian legislator hails China's support in COVID-19 response
99 Koffa differs with Coleman on primitive method of criminal justice
100 LIBERIA: Rep Fonati Koffa Calls For Calm Into Investigation Leading to the Deaths of Three Officials Of Government – Global News Network