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1 Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake Skipping Old Consoles So Devs Can Create Bigger, More Detailed Maps
2 Every Far Cry Game, Ranked From Worst To Best
3 Someone Put OLED Switch’s Durability To The Test
4 Ubisoft Brings Back Might and Magic Game They Shut Down In June
5 Square Enix Removes Denuvo DRM From Nier Replicant, Tomb Raider
6 PS3 Emulator Will Now Boot Every Game Ever Released On The Console
7 Epic Games Faces Staff Uproar Over Ending Popular Time-Off Policy
8 After Backlash, Mass Effect 3 Devs Say Team Crunched To Deliver New Ending
9 Back 4 Blood: The Kotaku Review
10 Sony Patent Lets Viewers Vote And Pay To Boot Players From Games
11 Despite Filing Harassment Reports, Employees Say Ubisoft Isn't Doing Much
12 Please Don’t Ever Change This Nightmare-Inducing Switch Icon
13 Among Us Is Finally Coming To PlayStation And Game Pass
14 Masahiro Sakurai Explains How Sora Came To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
15 Overwatch's McCree Is Now Cole Cassidy
16 New World's Economy Is So Busted, Players Are Bartering For Items
17 Metroid Dread Is Already Running On Switch Emulators
18 7 Uncharted Game References You May Have Missed In The Movie Trailer
19 Star Citizen Players Are Overdosing Each Other Unconscious In 'Safe' Areas
20 Blue Box Studios Asks Gamers To Stop Sending Death Threats, Please
21 PlayStation 5 Ends Switch's Three-Year Run As Best-Selling Console
22 You’re Probably Not Actually Stuck In Metroid Dread
23 Dear Metroid Dread: Samus Doesn’t Need To Be An Emotionless Robot To Be Badass
24 Hands On: The PS5’s Storage Upgrade Is Quick And Easy
25 Wow, Xbox Mini Fridge Preorders Sell Out Within 15 Minutes
26 German Game Ban Just Screwed Over Switch Players On Several Other Continents
27 Big NFT Project Cancelled After Just Five Hours
28 Scrapped Tomb Raider Survival Horror Game Looks Legit Creepy
29 PS5 Console Plate Makers Provoke Sony, Then Hit Legal Trouble
30 New Kit Makes Building A Gaming PC As Easy As Putting Together A Model
31 I’m Gonna Play The Heck Out Of This Lo-Fi Spin On Pokémon
32 Tipping In Japan? One Company Aims To Spread It Throughout The Country
33 New Larger Xbox Storage Expansion Costs More Than An Xbox Series S
34 You're Right, There Really Are More Games Than Ever
35 Metroid Dread Developers Criticize Studio For Not Crediting Them
36 Activision Blizzard May Have Found A Way To Wriggle Out Of California Lawsuit
37 You Can Now Play Doom Via Twitter
38 Report: Yes, Twitch Once Had A ‘Do Not Ban’ List
39 October's Rock-Solid Xbox Game Pass Proves Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
40 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Priced, Dated And First Footage Revealed
41 CDPR Delays Next-Gen Upgrades For Cyberpunk, Witcher 3
42 GTA Has A Weird History On Nintendo Consoles
43 Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Four Copies Of Tokyo Revengers Manga Worth $18
44 Sable: The Kotaku Review
45 After Iconic Sega Arcade Closes, A New One Will Open Soon Nearby
46 Valve's New Rating System Shows Which Games Play Best On Steam Deck
47 No Man's Sky Free Halloween Update Adds Giant Spooky Sandworms
48 Legendary Namco Graphic Designer Hiroshi Ono Dies At 64
49 Dead By Daylight Is Promoting Some Stupid Hellraiser NFTs
50 Final Fantasy XIV Has Many Mounts, But Only One Sneezes
51 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fans Are Already Saving Up For Kapp'n's Pricey Fares
52 Netflix’s Trans Folk And Supporters Walked Out Today, So Stream Something Else Instead
53 Elden Ring Delayed, But It Also Keeps Leaking
54 Remastered GTA Trilogy Will Seemingly Feature GTA V-Style Controls And High-Res Textures
55 Epic Games Store Will 'Welcome' NFT Games After Steam Bans Them
56 YouTuber Valkyrae Under Fire Over Skin Care Line
57 Back 4 Blood Cards: How To Build A Killer Deck In B4B
58 Diablo II: Resurrected Plagued By Login Issues, Some Players Demand Refunds [Updated]
59 Eastward: The Kotaku Review
60 Report: Games In The Works For 4K Nintendo Console That Doesn't Officially Exist [Update]
61 Pokémon Unite’s Drednaw And Rotom Tweak Just One Of Many Wild Patch Changes
62 Pokémon Legends: Arceus Is Clearly Not Going To Be Open-World [Update]
63 What Happens When AI Tries To Review A Video Game
64 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s First Big-Money Tournament Bans Ninja Turtle Michelangelo
65 The Week In Games: A Whole New World, A Dazzling Place
66 Far Cry 6: The Kotaku Review
67 The Moment That Sold Me On Back 4 Blood, The New Shooter By L4D Devs
68 Destiny 2 Nickle-And-Diming For New Dungeons Is A Bummer
69 Here's What All Those Pumpkins Do In Pokémon Unite's Big Halloween Patch
70 The OLED Switch Is Pretty Different On The Inside
71 Old Video Shows The Birth Of Mortal Kombat's 'Get Over Here' Move
72 The Aeon Must Die Situation Just Got Way More Complicated
73 Intellivision Is Selling NFT Games For A Console That Ain't Even Out Yet
74 Stardew Valley Dev Returns With A Cozy RPG About Haunted Chocolate
75 PlayStation Boss Wants Change He's Not Willing To Make
76 Animal Crossing Fans Are Deeply In Love With Wardell The Manatee
77 Massive Facebook Outage Brings Down Gaming In Its Wake
78 Attn Bane: Razer’s High-Tech RGB Covid Mask Is Finally Out
79 Epic Finally Admits Among Us Inspired Fortnite's Impostors Mode [Update]
80 The GTA Remastered Trilogy Sure Seems Imminent Now
81 Twitch Says 'Malicious Third Party' Was Behind Hack
82 Dragon Ball Voice Actor Chris Ayres Dies Age 56
83 Real-Life Squid Game Taking Place In South Korea, Minus The Killing
84 Capcom Plans To Make PC Its Main Platform
85 The New iPad Mini Reclaims The Title Of Best Gaming Tablet
86 Konami's eFootball Is Steam's Most-Hated Game Right Now
87 Forza Horizon 5 Is More Forza Horizon And That’s Fantastic
88 Konami's New Soccer Game Is A Complete Disaster
89 Sony Planning To Make PS3, Vita Stores Nearly Unusable
90 Nintendo's Switch OLED Is Proving A Big Hit In Japan
91 Twitch Announces Test Of ‘Pay-To-Win’ Promotion Feature
92 Fixing The Diablo II: Resurrected Servers Sounds Like An Absolute Nightmare
93 Far Cry 6 Players Are Dying Because Of An Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg
94 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Is So Good Smash May Need To Watch Its Back
95 Ticked Off Genshin Impact Players Go On Review-Bomb Spree
96 Squid Game Knock-Offs Are Taking Over GTA 5 Servers
97 10 Years Later, We Can't Stop Watching Nintendo Directs
98 Back 4 Blood Solo Mode Blocks Achievements, Stat Tracking And Progression
99 Someone Fixed Guilty Gear Strive’s Godawful Loading Times
100 Xbox Head Explains Console Shortages Will Continue Into 2022