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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Why did Kurdistan Region’s Masrour Barzani visit the UAE? The Jerusalem Post 3 days ago
2 IRGC-linked factions step up activity against Kurdistan Region of Iraq Al-Monitor 16 days ago
3 Wakes re-allowed in the Kurdistan Region despite coronavirus surge Rudaw Media Network 2 days ago
4 Kurdistan: A Museum for Rescued Chaldean Manuscripts FSSPX.Actualités 2 days ago
5 Chauvinism, bureaucracy prevent Peshmerga from... Rudaw Media Network 13 hours ago
6 Turkish army forced into humiliating retreat in 'biggest war in Kurdistan in recent years' Morning Star Online 28 days ago
7 SEED Foundation and the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) solidify commitment to support improved mental health services in the Kurdistan region of Iraq Iraq 4 days ago
8 Students to be released on bail in Iraqi Kurdistan after revulsion over Guantanamo-style suits video Morning Star Online 21 days ago
9 Top Yazidi official in the Kurdistan Region passed away Rudaw Media Network 10 days ago
10 Nearly 900,000 in Kurdistan Region fully... Rudaw Media Network 10 days ago
11 Fourth coronavirus wave begins in the Kurdistan Region Rudaw Media Network 16 days ago
12 Journalist violation cases fall by over a third in Kurdistan Region in 2021 Rudaw Media Network 14 days ago
13 Iraqi parliament to elect a new president on February 7: statement Rudaw Media Network 6 hours ago
14 Over four million tourists visited Kurdistan... Rudaw Media Network 28 days ago
15 Iraq's Kurdistan awards 300 MW of solar projects report 29 days ago
16 Rare Persian Leopard captured in Iraq's Kurdistan region Middle East Monitor 26 days ago
17 Dana Gas company increases gas production by 50% in three years in Kurdistan Region Rudaw Media Network 16 days ago
18 Upcoming Kurdistan Region election to be held on time: ruling parties Rudaw Media Network 23 days ago
19 Is a new era in Kurdish Region-UAE ties emerging? analysis 11 hours ago
20 Todd Kozel Who Evaded Taxes on Kurdistan Oil Gets 5 Years In Jail, Lebanon Link & Marc Rich Cited Inner City Press 1 day ago
21 Rojava migrants take refuge in the Kurdistan Region's Bardarash camp Rudaw Media Network 15 days ago
22 Turkish army detains two Kurdish villagers in Erbil province: family Rudaw Media Network 27 days ago
23 German defense minister visits Erbil as the country's Iraq mission set to expire Rudaw Media Network 19 days ago
24 PUK leadership endorses Barham Salih for Iraqi presidency Rudaw Media Network 4 days ago
25 Iraqi PM visits Syrian border as SDF, ISIS clash continues for seventh day Rudaw Media Network 5 days ago
26 Heavy snow blankets areas of Iraq’s Kurdish region The National 11 days ago
27 Body of Kurdish migrant who froze to death on Belarus-Poland border returned to Zakho Rudaw Media Network 20 days ago
28 US diplomacy prompts Iraqi Kurds to allow aid through sealed Syrian border crossing Al-Monitor 7 days ago
29 Barzani, Sadr emphasise coordination between... Rudaw Media Network 2 days ago
30 Russia's foreign minister advises Rojava's Kurds... Rudaw Media Network 14 days ago
31 President Barzani, Lithuanian foreign minister... Rudaw Media Network 11 days ago
32 Peshmerga forces attacked with rockets on... Rudaw Media Network 21 days ago
33 Diyarbakir forest named after Turkish u... Rudaw Media Network 16 days ago
34 President Barzani condemns attack on Halbousi's... Rudaw Media Network 1 day ago
35 Russia questions SDF's ability to provide... Rudaw Media Network 5 hours ago
36 Dozens of ISIS militants remain in Hasaka prison: SDF Rudaw Media Network 16 hours ago
37 Iraq lacks capacity to manage climate change: EU report Rudaw Media Network 8 hours ago
38 PKK-affiliated group claims responsibility for... Rudaw Media Network 8 days ago
39 Semalka border reopens for trade purposes Rudaw Media Network 4 days ago
40 Objects of affection: The things that refugees hold close Al Jazeera English 4 days ago
41 Iraqi Kurdistan is an oasis of calm. So, why are its people fleeing? Haaretz 2 months ago
42 Top Kurdish officials condemn ISIS deadly attack on Iraqi army Rudaw Media Network 6 days ago
43 Kurdish activist attempts English Channel... Rudaw Media Network 2 days ago
44 Channel drownings unlikely to slow exodus from Iraqi Kurdistan The Guardian 2 months ago
45 Will Iraqi Kurdistan's youth turn to religious extremism next? DW (English) 2 months ago
46 Turks attend Kurdish language course in Ankara Rudaw Media Network 1 day ago
47 Islamic State escalates violence across Baghdad Belt Al-Monitor 6 days ago
48 An independent Kurdistan is the best bet to contain ISIS | TheHill The Hill 3 months ago
49 Amnesty urges Iran to free 'arbitrarily detained' LGBTIQ+ activist SBS News 2 days ago
50 Kolbars jeopardized, locals in misery following... Rudaw Media Network 8 days ago
51 Mystery surrounds loud 'explosions' heard... Rudaw Media Network 12 days ago
52 PM of Iraqi Kurdistan revealed as owner of $18M South Beach building New York Post 1 month ago
53 Aggreko starts region's biggest flare gas-to-power project Trade Arabia 3 days ago
54 Iran asks Iraq to expel Iranian rebels from Kurdistan region Reuters 6 months ago
55 Iraqi Kurdistan's authoritarian turn: western ally 'discards idea of democracy' Financial Times 9 months ago
56 With shake-up in Kurdish party, Iran's influence in Iraqi Kurdistan gets a boost Haaretz 6 months ago
57 Iran's Guards target Kurdish rebels in Iraqi Kurdistan -report Reuters 5 months ago
58 Kurdistan is America's Last, Best Hope in the Middle East International Policy Digest 2 months ago
59 Shelling on Afrin kills six civilians, children Rudaw Media Network 7 days ago
60 Where are Turkey-Iraqi Kurdish Relations Headed? The National Interest 3 months ago
61 Iraqi air force targets four ISIS members in Salahaddin Rudaw Media Network 4 days ago
62 Jelal Zenati: PKK legitimate not terrorist ANHA 23 hours ago
63 Iraq joint-tenth most corrupt country in the world: Transparency International Rudaw Media Network 3 days ago
64 Iraqi Kurdistan party at a crossroad The Jerusalem Post 6 months ago
65 Iraqi airstrike kills three ISIS suspects Rudaw Media Network 5 days ago
66 Will we ever see an independent Kurdistan? The National 9 months ago
67 Genel Energy to start arbitration claim against Iraqi Kurdistan Reuters 2 months ago
68 Two ballistic missiles target Abu Dhabi Rudaw Media Network 4 days ago
69 Turkey strikes PKK targets in Iraq's Kurdistan region Al-Monitor 5 months ago
70 Iraqi Kurdistan brings home migrants trapped at Belarus-Poland border Al-Monitor 2 months ago
71 Why Iraqi Kurdistan should be clearly distinguished from Iraq 6 months ago
72 Kurdistan shows what can be achieved with a forever war The Dallas Morning News 5 months ago
73 Power struggle in Iraqi Kurdistan on hold as Talabani brothers prevail Al-Monitor 7 months ago
74 Student protests continue in Iraq’s Kurdistan region Al-Monitor 2 months ago
75 Campaign launched to delist Kurdistan Workers' Party as a terrorist organisation Morning Star Online 2 months ago
76 How a Flood Revealed the Rot Within Iraqi Kurdistan The National Interest 1 month ago
77 Will US support for stability in Kurdistan regions continue? The Jerusalem Post 8 months ago
78 Red star over Iraqi Kurdistan – People's World People's World 6 months ago
79 US Navy seizes vessel carrying potential... Rudaw Media Network 4 days ago
80 Iraq/Kurdistan Region: Former ISIS Suspects Stuck in Limbo Human Rights Watch 3 months ago
81 Nearly 8,000 Kurdistan Region people stuck on... Rudaw Media Network 3 months ago
82 Strengthening relations between Israel and Iraqi Kurdistan The Jerusalem Post 8 months ago
83 Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III's Meeting With the Prime Minister of Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government Minister Masrour Barzani > US Department of Defense > Release Department of Defense 2 months ago
84 Iraq receives five ancient artifacts from US Rudaw Media Network 5 days ago
85 UAE's Dana Gas secures U.S. agency funding for Iraqi Kurdistan project Reuters 5 months ago
86 The Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Unity and Constitution | Remarks by SRSG Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert [EN/AR/KU] Iraq 8 months ago
87 Kurdish authorities in Syria revoke Kurdistan 24 license, close offices CPJ Press Freedom Online 7 months ago
88 After Iraqi elections, Iraq Kurdistan region in the spotlight analysis 3 months ago
89 Call for release of five journalists held in Iraqi Kurdistan | Reporters without borders Reporters sans frontières 4 months ago
90 Arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances in Kurdistan Region of Iraq Amnesty International 8 months ago
91 Why Kurds are losing hope of having their own state The Economist 10 months ago
92 UN report slams KRG for doubtful trials, raising human rights concerns Rudaw Media Network 1 month ago
93 Macron to visit Kurdistan region, Iraq to show commitment to region The Jerusalem Post 5 months ago
94 Iraqi Kurdistan conference pushes Baghdad-Israel normalisation FRANCE 24 4 months ago
95 Biden must stop funding death squads in Kurdistan and Somalia Washington Examiner 2 months ago
96 Analysis: Fate of Syrian Kurds amid geopolitical dynamics changes AhlulBayt News Agency ABNA24 2 days ago
97 Iraqi Kurdistan: The Autonomous Part Of Iraq That Is Actually Safe To Visit TheTravel 7 months ago
98 Ukraine crisis could produce an unexpected winner: Iran Modern Diplomacy 2 days ago
99 Tehran vows tough response against U.S., Israeli bases in Iraqi Kurdistan Tehran Times 4 months ago
100 The Kurds could be kingmakers in Iraq’s new government Al Jazeera English 1 month ago