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1 LAMOST Helps in Planetary Census Across Time and Space
2 Unusual binary system detected with LAMOST
3 LAMOST releases its sixth data internationally
4 LAMOST helps Gaia achieve millimagnitude photometry precision
5 Chinese astronomers discover 591 high-velocity stars with LAMOST and Gaia
6 Asteroseismology of RRab variable star EZ Cnc from K2 photometry and LAMOST spectroscopy
7 LAMOST first data release provides fundamental parameters of nearly 30,000 M dwarfs
8 Radio and optical observations of the possible AE Aqr twin, LAMOST J024048.51+195226.9
9 LAMOST reveals new footprints of the Gaia -sausage-enceladus merger event
10 Almost Six Hundred New High-Velocity Stars Spotted in Milky Way
11 Chinese Telescope Collects Data on Over 7 Million Stars
12 Astronomers discover a peculiar batch of stars moving fast enough to leave the galaxy
13 Research reveals stellar kinematics of the galactic disc
14 Astronomers Discover Hundreds of High-Velocity Stars, Many on Their Way Out of the Milky Way
15 Astronomers discover most lithium-rich giant in galaxy with LAMOST
16 The Hypervelocity Star That's Being Booted from the Galaxy
17 Nearest Hypervelocity Star May Have Been Ejected from Milky Way's Disk by Young Stellar Cluster | Astronomy
18 Two distant hypervelocity stars discovered by Chinese astronomers
19 Looking for the genuine 'tiny red beasts' in the Milky Way
20 Chinese astronomers discover over 10,000 lithium-rich giant stars
21 Chinese Astronomers Stumble Upon 591 High-velocity Stars in Stunning Discovery
22 Weird 'Hypervelocity Star' Booted Out of Milky Way's Disk
23 Chinese astronomer discovers fastest rotating star in Milky Way galaxy
24 'Alien' star provides potential clue about evolution of universe
25 Chemical evidence shows how a dwarf galaxy contributes to growth of Milky Way
26 Chinese astronomers discover 591 high-velocity stars
27 Discovering the secrets of the universe with LAMOST, China's largest telescope(1/5)
28 The fastest spinning star in the galaxy
29 Chinese astronomer discovers fastest rotating star in Milky Way
30 The Milky Way's merging history: Reconstructing the Cetus stream
31 Something Is Ripping Apart the Nearest Star Cluster to Earth
32 Massive Black Hole That 'Shouldn't Even Exist' Spotted in the Milky Way
33 Speedy robots gather spectra for sky surveys
34 Disrupted globular cluster found in the constellation of Draco
35 Study reveals secret life of lithium in sun-like stars: Created not just destroyed
36 Scientists Discover Black Hole Too Massive for Current Theories
37 Milky Way found to be larger after Chinese telescope research
38 A Catalog of Short Period Spectroscopic and Eclipsing Binaries
39 Why the Tibetan Plateau Might Be the Ideal Spot for the Telescope of the Future
40 Astronomers discover 21 changing-look active galactic nuclei
41 This speeding star is escaping our galaxy — and it's not like the oth
42 Weird Structures Found to Be Ancient Leftovers of Violent Milky Way Collision
43 Two of Milky Way's globular clusters found to have halo stars
44 A dwarf galaxy may have collided with the Milky Way 3 billion years ago
45 IndyCar confirms Top Gun Racing's Indy 500 bid with driver RC Enerson; field set at 35
46 This Newfound Monster Black Hole Is Too Big for Theories to Handle
47 A Star Has Been Kicked Out of The Milky Way. It Knows What It Did
48 Stars Like Our Sun Become Lithium Factories as They Die
49 Astronomers Find Shell Structures in Milky Way Galaxy for First Time
50 The disc of the Milky Way is bigger than we thought
51 Nearest hypervelocity star found speeding through space at 1 million mph
52 It Would Take 200,000 Years at Light Speed to Cross the Milky Way
53 Fundamental relations for the velocity dispersion of stars in the Milky Way
54 Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi to auction guitar
55 Astronomers find 'impossibly huge' black hole with a mass 70 times GREATER than the sun
56 A Star in the Big Dipper Is an Alien Invader
57 million binaries from Gaia eDR3: sample selection and validation of Gaia parallax uncertainties
58 Study reveals secret life of lithium in Sun-like stars
59 U-M researchers confirm massive hyper-runaway star ejected from the Milky Way Disk
60 Revealing secret of lithium-rich stars by monitoring their heartbeats
61 The Milky Way Galaxy Might Be Twice as Wide as Astronomers Thought
62 Helium flash in Sun-like stars produces lithium: study
63 Towards a volumetric census of close white dwarf binaries – I. Reference samples
64 Hypervelocity stars Archives
65 Runaway stars are escaping the Milky Way, but what could they tell us before they blow this joint?
66 Evidence of destructive millennial superflares from the sun
67 Gurman: Apple Silicon roadmap includes new Mac Pro, Mac mini, and more by November 2022
68 Why 2020 is a Great Year for the Geminid Meteors
69 Humans could develop sixth sense; scientists digging deep into brain's echolocation capability
70 Astronomers detect substellar companion of HD 47127
71 IPL 2020 | Cheeku bhaiya, masti nahi: Delhi Capitals take a dig as Virat Kohli almost breaks no-saliva rule
72 How ‘Cosmic DNA’ Revealed Exoplanet Siblings Raised In The Same Nursery
73 Astrobites at AAS 238: Day 2 | astrobites
74 Galaxy zoo builder: Morphological dependence of spiral galaxy pitch angle
75 Researchers confirm massive hyper-runaway star ejected from the Milky Way Disk
76 Timothy Beers | People | Department of Physics | University of Notre Dame
77 HETDEX project on track to probe dark energy
78 How Milky Way Merged With a Stellar Stream: New Simulation Details
79 Navigating corn maze: FSU researchers develop technique to map out 'light switches' of maize genome
80 In pictures: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016
81 It Takes 2 Trillion Years To Cross The Milky Way Disc On A 60 MPH Car
82 Miles Morales' Final Spider-Man Issue Mirrors Bendis' Own Illness
83 Bluey set to star at popular Picnic in Park event
84 Dr. Richard Gray to 'unite the sky' through Fulbright research
85 Age to be reversed in future where 200-year-old people will play football, predicts top expert
86 Paradise Gorge rock removal and Wielangta Road grading update
87 A new method of hunting nearby black holes turns up a monster
88 Why Killer Croc Replaced King Shark in Suicide Squad
89 Moosehead Breweries get operational and energy efficiency upgrades
90 George Conway hits Trump on 9/11 anniversary: 'The greatest threat to the safety and security of Americans' | TheHill
91 From Chandrayaan-3 to NASA's Lucy: Five space milestones humans could achieve in 2021
92 Shanghai Astronomical Museum reopens with upgraded facilities
93 Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on 15 November
94 China Sky Eye, the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, is now fully operational
95 Strange star found in the Milky Way may not be from our galaxy
96 Reconstructing the first successful lunar farside landing
97 Milky Way obliterated a dwarf galaxy in broadside collision, study finds
98 Detailed design released for new Pimpama station
99 The corrugated galaxy -- Milky Way may be much larger than previously estimated
100 New Study Shows Half the Atoms in Our Bodies Came From Beyond the Milky Way