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Result Content Outlet Published Research
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21 High cholesterol: One cream may raise LDL cholesterol by 15% and triglycerides by 144% Express 18 days ago
22 Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Test Market 2022 – Detailed Analysis Of Current Industry Demand with Forecasts Growth by 2028 – Designer Women Designer Women 4 days ago
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24 A method for lipoprotein (a) Isolation from a small volume of plasma with applications for clinical research | Scientific Reports 25 days ago
25 What’s the Difference Between ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Cholesterol? Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic 3 months ago
26 NICE to approve icosapent ethyl for some high-risk cardiovascular patients The Pharmaceutical Journal 4 days ago
27 Eye Test Could Predict Heart Attack Risk, Study Says WebMD 13 days ago
28 Switching to Vegan cheese might not be wise. It could cause diabetes, heart disease ThePrint 3 hours ago
29 Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased dementia and stroke risk Medical News Today 5 days ago
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49 Longitudinal LDL-C and Risk Associated With a Familial Hypercholesterolemia Genetic Variant The Cardiology Advisor 2 months ago
50 ROSE Trial: CETP Inhibitor Shows Promise as Oral Add-on for LDL-Lowering TCTMD 1 month ago
51 Treating PF May Be Matter of Lowering 'Bad Cholesterol' Levels: Study Pulmonary Fibrosis News 3 months ago
52 Real World Data Analysis Reveals Nearly Half of All Adults at High Risk for ASCVD and Eligible for a Statin Were Not On Any Statin 3 days ago
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71 Caffeine affects regulators of LDL cholesterol to mitigate cardiovascular risk Hospital Healthcare Europe 4 months ago
72 Resmetirom plus maximally tolerated therapy lowers LDL in heterozygous FH vs. placebo Healio 3 months ago
73 Avocados: Effect on cholesterol and ways to eat them Medical News Today 2 months ago
74 LPLDL Shows Big Reductions in Multiple Heart Disease Biomarkers for Adults With High LDL Pharmacy Times 5 months ago
75 Innovent Announces the NMPA Acceptance of the New Drug Application for Tafolecimab Injection (anti-PCSK-9 antibody) 13 days ago
76 Flaxseeds Are Loaded With Health Benefits, According to Science Men's Health 3 days ago
77 Using Adjunct Therapies in LDL Management Managed Markets Network 2 months ago
78 Physicians' misperceived cardiovascular risk and therapeutic inertia as determinants of low LDL-cholesterol targets achievement in diabetes Cardiovascular Diabetology 2 months ago
79 Evkeeza® (evinacumab) Phase 3 Trial Demonstrates 48% LDL-C Reduction in Children with Ultra-rare Form of High Cholesterol Yahoo Finance 1 month ago
80 High cholesterol: Unsaturated oils could lower LDL by 30 per cent; know the best varieties Times Now 2 months ago
81 JPJ says licences must be renewed before June 30 The Edge Markets MY 2 days ago
82 NHS England approves 'life-changing,' cholesterol-busting injection Medical News Today 10 months ago
83 Interplay between Asters/GRAMD1s and phosphatidylserine in intermembrane transport of LDL cholesterol | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 6 months ago
84 Achieving Target Cholesterol Levels With Type 2 Diabetes is a Challenge Endocrinology Advisor 8 months ago
85 Future therapeutics may dramatically lower LDL Healio 9 months ago
86 Study: Evolocumab Shows a Higher Reduction in LDL-C Than Alirocumab Pharmacy Times 4 months ago
87 Is there a link between sleep apnea and high cholestorol? Medical News Today 2 months ago
88 Obicetrapib: CETP Inhibitor Impresses in LDL Lowering Medscape 7 months ago
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92 LDL Cholesterol (the "Bad" Type): How to Lower It and More Healthline 5 years ago
93 How Inclisiran Helps to Manage LDL-C for Patients With ASCVD Pharmacy Times 5 months ago
94 Health Indicators as Measures of Individual Health Status and Their Public Perspectives: Cross-sectional Survey Study Newswise 5 days ago
95 What is familial hypercholesterolemia Medical News Today 9 months ago
96 Lo-Cal vs Sugary Drinks; Pelacarsen's LDL Lowering; Landmark Heart-Thymus Transplant Medpage Today 3 months ago
97 Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Presents Late-Breaking Phase 3 NASH Data and Multiple Oral Abstracts at EASL's International Liver Congress™ 22 hours ago
98 ApoB Gains Ground as Best Lipid Predictor of MI Risk TCTMD 7 months ago
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