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1 Larry Elder, Newsom's Main Opponent, Stoked Fears Of Election Fraud
2 Larry Elder: My mission to turn California back from the brink is just beginning
3 Larry Elder's Accusations of Media Bias, Explained
4 Larry Elder Is Not Going Anywhere
5 Perspective | Larry Elder tried his own Big Lie. He did Democrats — and democracy — a favor.
6 Larry Elder claims his own victory, of sorts
7 South L.A. reacts to California recall election results and GOP frontrunner Larry Elder
8 Larry Elder | The California Recall: Enter Snoop Dogg and Barack Obama
9 Exclusive – Why the top GOP recall candidate, Larry Elder is now considering not running against Newsom in 2022
10 Elder presents right-wing quandary for shrinking California GOP
11 Can Larry Elder build 'movement' from California recall?
12 What Larry Elder learned from his gubernatorial recall run
13 The Issue Is: Larry Elder, Brian Goldsmith, John Kobylt, and Areva Martin
14 Black Conservative Group Hopes Larry Elder Campaign Will Inspire Others to Run, Join GOP
15 Larry Elder discusses what's next after failed gubernatorial campaign
16 Feedback: Clint Eastwood at 91 and Larry Elder-nomics
17 Larry Elder disclosed sexual harassment allegations on 2011 radio show, but implied one woman was too ugly for it to be true
18 Inside California Politics: Rob Stutzman discusses why Larry Elder may have hindered CA recall effort
19 Inside California Politics: Larry Elder not optimistic about 2022 run
20 Letter to the Editor: Mayor's support for Larry Elder
21 Stephen Colbert roasts California recall and Larry Elder in Emmys presentation
22 Newsom fights recall by sharpening contrast with Elder in effort to energize female voters
23 RUBEN NAVARRETTE JR.: Some Americans tell others not to play the victim, because they want the title all to themselves
24 Why Larry Elder's Run Has People Talking About Black Republicans | The Takeaway
25 ¡Ask a Tortilla Tournament Judge!: If Larry Elder and Gavin Newsom were tortilla brands...
26 The California Recall: Enter Snoop Dogg and Barack Obama, by Larry Elder
27 Opinion | The Stolen-Election Myth Has Become an Albatross for the GOP
28 Newsom recall: Meet the candidates, Larry Elder
29 Who is Larry Elder and what would he do as governor?
30 ELDER: The California Recall: Enter Snoop Dogg and Barack Obama
31 Could Larry Elder Actually Win in California?
32 Larry Elder Has The Best Chance Of Unseating Gov. Gavin Newsom
33 Newsom wins San Bernardino County in recall vote — barely
34 'Women exaggerate the problem of sexism': Top California recall candidate Larry Elder has a long history of making disparaging remarks about women
35 Larry Elder gets egged
36 California Gov. Gavin Newsom was facing a tight race. Then Larry Elder came along.
37 Judge puts Larry Elder on recall ballot, throws out tax return requirement
38 Conservative talk show host Larry Elder 'seriously considering' California recall run
39 Recall Frontrunner Larry Elder's Success Speaks To Conservative Media's Influence
40 Larry Elder Has Put Issues of Race at Recall Election Campaign
41 Conservative talk show host Larry Elder announces recall bid on radio
42 Netflix's Defense of Dave Chappelle Stirs Hope on the Right of End of 'Cancel Era'
43 Will Larry Elder's talk-radio style sync with recall voters?
44 Is Larry Elder an easy target for Newsom in recall?
45 Larry Elder, South-Central 'sage,' clashes with Black L.A.
46 Larry Elder leads GOP in Newsom recall push, poll shows
47 Guerrero: How Larry Elder, Newsom's challenger, mentored Trumpism's top acolytes
48 Meet Larry Elder
49 Recall election: Conservative radio host Larry Elder on Gavin Newsom, COVID and whether Trump lost in 2020
50 Elder, candidate for governor, stops in Tehachapi
51 CA gubernatorial candidate Elder pushes back on being called a 'Trump supporter'
52 Reviewing recall candidate Larry Elder's memoir, other books
53 Some MAGA fans are turning on Larry Elder because he said the 2020 election wasn't stolen
54 'Not the person I’ve known': Larry Elder's former girlfriend responds to allegations against candidate
55 If Elder is elected, life will get harder for many Californians
56 Leading Republican recall candidate Larry Elder makes his case to Bakersfield
57 Larry Elder and the danger of the 'model minority' candidate
58 Freak-out over Larry Elder shows the left thinks he'll win
59 State Officials Launch Investigation Into Whether Larry Elder Failed To Properly Disclose Income
60 Why Black listeners boycotted Larry Elder's advertisers
61 Meet Larry Elder, the Conservative Radio Host Stirring Controversy as He Hopes to Oust Gavin Newsom
62 Podcast: Larry Elder opens up on coronavirus response, his controversial column on women in politics
63 Larry Elder seeks to force out Gavin Newsom by advocating everything California opposes
64 How far could Larry Elder go?
65 Larry Elder recall run could be big for Black conservatives
66 Leading recall candidate Larry Elder shares goals at Ramona forum
67 Is Larry Elder California's Trump? Readers seem to think so
68 California recall: Who is Larry Elder? Gavin Newsom’s conservative rival
69 In Support of Larry Elder, Sabo Takes Over Billboard on the Sunset Strip
70 Larry Elder speaks at Santa Barbara rally
71 Conservative talk show host Larry Elder leads in crowded California guv recall race
72 Larry Elder's rhetoric remind you of a certain ex-president?
73 A New Kind of Republican: Larry Elder Courts Latino and Asian Voters
74 'I'm not going to leave the stage,' said Larry Elder following recall election
75 Larry Elder, GOP candidate for California governor, constantly vilified by the press ahead of recall election
76 How Did Talk Radio Host Larry Elder Become a Serious Gubernatorial Candidate?
77 It’s time for common-sense action: Larry Elder
78 Larry Elder reports raising over $18M in recall fight after filing snafu
79 Larry Elder brushes off LA Times column that called him 'the Black face of white supremacy'
80 Larry Elder Wins Court Fight To Run In Calif. Recall Race
81 Recall Front-Runner Larry Elder Says He’s a Libertarian and ‘I Don’t Have Horns’
82 Larry Elder visits Oroville Dam, attends Durham rally
83 Ex-fiancee of recall candidate Larry Elder reports alleged 2015 gun incident to LAPD
84 Fact Check: Did Larry Elder Campaign Link to 'Fraud' Page Saying Gavin Newsom Already Won?
85 Larry Elder argues slave owners are ‘owed reparations’ during appearance on Candace Owens’ show
86 Larry Elder swings through San Diego in bid for Latino votes
87 'I'm Going to Unleash the Brains': Top GOP Recall Challenger Larry Elder on Big Tech
88 Larry Elder’s fibs about his ongoing love for Trump
89 Radio host Larry Elder enters California recall election
90 Elder shakes up recall campaign team
91 Professor Calls Larry Elder 'a Black Face on White Supremacy' at Newsom Campaign Event
92 A conversation with top political consultant Ace Smith
93 California recall election candidate Larry Elder concedes
94 Top Republican Recall Candidate Larry Elder Holds Thursday Rally In Glendale
95 Larry Elder Won't Let Voting 'Shenanigans' Keep Him from Governor's Seat: Spokesperson
96 L.A. prosecutors decline to pursue gun, domestic abuse claims against Larry Elder
97 CNN's Stelter allows guest to call Larry Elder a 'white supremacist' unchallenged, avoids racist attack on him
98 Refuting left-wing myths with facts: Larry Elder
99 No reason to fear Larry Elder and other commentary
100 On minimum wage, does Larry Elder not know or not care?