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1 Cosmic Cocktail Hour August 18: Carnegie Observatories' Hale Library and Astronomicalglass Plates Archive
2 Astronomy professor Emily Levesque looks out at massive stars and back at history of her profession
3 Science News Releases
4 Mini-Neptune's atmosphere ripe for study
5 The Minister of Science visits the laboratory that will support the monitoring of Covid variables in Atacama | the National
6 Engineering marvel: Sixth mirror cast for Giant Magellan Telescope
7 Galactic fireworks: New images reveal stunning features of nearby galaxies
8 These Giant Mirrors Will Help Astronomers See to the Edges of the Universe
9 The Vera C. Rubin Observatory and Women of Chilean Astronomy
10 The Giant Magellan Telescope Will Revolutionize Our View and Understanding of the Universe
11 NSF Grant Accelerates Development for One of World's Most Powerful Telescopes; Test Bed Being Built at UArizona
12 Rockford's giant telescope could be 'coolest thing made in Illinois'
13 American Astronomy’s Future Goes on Trial in Washington
14 Major NSF Grant Accelerates Development of the Giant Magellan Telescope
15 Four new giant telescopes are about to rock astronomy
16 Anonymous Gift Means More Time on GMT for UArizona Astronomers
17 Giant Magellan Telescope Inks Key Construction Contract, Eyes 2029 '1st Light'
18 Giant Magellan Telescope Design Buffers Against Seismic Activity
19 Astronomy surveys aim to up the pace with army of tiny robots
20 Giant Telescope's Construction Starts with a Bang ... Literally
21 Q&A: What can we learn from the world's largest telescope?
22 Scientists find most distant quasar shooting powerful radio jets
23 'Hard-Rock Excavation' Begins for Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile
24 Engineers Accomplish Earthquake Safety Design
25 Excavation begins on Giant Magellan Telescope site in Chile
26 Giant Magellan Telescope to Revolutionize Humans’ Outlook and Insight of the Universe
27 Construction of Giant Next-Generation Telescope Begins in Chile
28 Alum Gives University of Arizona $2M for Space Science
29 Large proto-cluster of galaxies discovered in the midst of clearing the cosmic fog
30 Engineers Begin Excavation on Giant Magellan Telescope Site
31 Distant jets are giving us clues to how supermassive black holes get so big
32 Temperamental supernova appeared strangely cool before exploding
33 Sloan survey gives Yale astronomers an eye in the sky
34 Astronomers discover exoplanet that behaves like long theorized Planet Nine
35 This Neptune-Like Exoplanet May Have Water Clouds
36 Astronomers discover activity on distant planetary object: Findings lead to reclassification of Centaur as comet
37 Explained: How A Wobble Revealed A New World Just 36 Light-Years From Us
38 UA Casts 5th Mirror for Giant Magellan Telescope
39 They Just Began Casting the Giant Magellan Telescope’s 5th Mirror. What a Monster Job.
40 Tiny rogue planet is the smallest free-floating exoplanet candidate yet
41 9 institutions officially sign agreement for 25-meter Giant Magellan Telescope
42 Yale astronomers to benefit from new Sloan Digital Sky Survey data
43 Giant Magellan Telescope construction to last until at least 2028
44 Astronomers discover most distant quasar
45 Donation to UT Will Expand View of the Universe
46 Finding Clarity in the Stars
47 Newly discovered planet could have water clouds
48 Gigantic New Telescope Breaking Ground in Chile This Week
49 Kansas astronomer helps discover new planet outside our solar system
50 Jersey Skies: What is it like to witness the spectacular death of a star?
51 Giant Magellan Telescope First to Pass Earthquake Safety Test
52 A Massive Mount for Giant Mirrors
53 The most distant radio-loud quasar discovered
54 How Boeing Helped Design the Giant Magellan Telescope
55 Black physicist rethinks the 'dark' in dark matter
56 From Charlottesville to Chile, Powerful APOGEE Ready for a Starring Role
57 Stunning deep space photo reveals new details of Orion nebulae
58 Digital Sky Survey maps the entire sky, providing new data to Vanderbilt astronomers
59 Earth's biggest telescopes reopen after months of COVID closures
60 Giant Telescope Mirror for Future Observatory to Be Cast Saturday
61 Chunks of Glass, Made Into a Mirror, Will Probe Stars
62 Study investigates chemical properties of globular cluster NGC 1261
63 Giant Magellan Telescope is a go | Science Wire
64 Astronomy professor observes opportunity to teach his class from Andes mountaintop
65 Cometary Activity Spotted on Distant Centaur | Astronomy
66 Giant Magellan Telescope receives cash injection from the National Science Foundation – Physics World
67 Chilean telescopes that explore galaxies brought down to earth by coronavirus
68 Hubble Telescope Opened Its Space Eyes 25 Years Ago Today (Photo)
69 Georgia State Astronomers Take Part In Groundbreaking All-Sky Survey
70 An Astronomer's Paradise, Chile May Be the Best Place on Earth to Enjoy a Starry Sky
71 The 3 Things We Need To Do To Find Intelligent Life On Nearby Alien Planets
72 Most-distant galaxy helps elucidate the early universe
73 First light on a next-gen astronomical survey toward a new understanding of the cosmos
74 ASU to help create the world's largest telescope, the Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile
75 A “wimpy” dwarf fossil galaxy reveals new facts about early universe
76 Astronomers Watch Faraway Star System Evolve – Rare Chance to Study a Planetary System Forming
77 COVID-19 forces Earth's largest telescopes to close
78 Vera Rubin Gets a Telescope of Her Own
79 The building blocks of planets – Harvard Gazette
80 In Surprise Discovery, Astronomers Find Huge Star Cluster in Our Cosmic Backyard
81 Extremely Large, Extremely Expensive: The Race for the Next Giant Telescopes
82 A disc of gas would explain mysterious light changes observed in Sagittarius constellation
83 Walter E. Massey, Taft Armandroff to lead Giant Magellan Telescope board
84 Astronomers sink their teeth into special supernova
85 We could detect alien civilizations through their interstellar quantum communication
86 Astronomers Measure the Background Brightness of the Night sky Across the World. Canary Islands are the Dar...
87 Astronomers Discover Activity on Distant Centaur Planetary Object
88 The Milky Way is more warped than astronomers thought
89 Newfoundland and Labrador astronomy PhD student makes explosive discovery amongst the stars | Saltwire
90 This may be the most distant object in our solar system
91 Magellanic Clouds prove it's never too late to get active
92 A Rare Hybrid of a Comet And an Asteroid Is Showing Off Its Cometary Traits
93 Star trails at Giant Magellan Telescope site | Today's Image
94 Groundbreaking All-Sky Survey Will Bolster Our Understanding of the Formation and Evolution of Galaxies
95 University Of Chicago Astrophysics Students Discover Galaxy Dating Back To Early Universe
96 Four tools that help researchers working in collaborations to see the big picture
97 Improving Our Understanding of the Early Universe With the Most-Distant Astrophysical Object Yet Discovered
98 New observations of black hole devouring a star reveal rapid disk formation
99 The world's largest telescope will unlock the universe's oldest secrets
100 Stellar break-up likely behind 'runaway' star's fast pace, researcher says