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1 RNG and PSG Talon square off in rematch with Worlds 2021 playoff seeding on the line
2 How and why FunPlus Phoenix was dead on arrival at Worlds 2021: An autopsy
3 100 Thieves open Worlds 2021 campaign with loss to EDG
4 Cloud9, Rogue and FPX tie at 2-4 in Group A at Worlds 2021
5 How broken is Goredrinker in League of Legends?
6 Worlds Group Stage DFS Lineup Picks for 10/16/21
7 Western teams crumble while LPL, LCK dominate third day of Worlds 2021 group stage
8 How to play Lee Sin in a solo lane in League season 11
9 Lee Sin top & mid is taking over LoL Season 11, here’s why
10 LoL: Lee Sin Champion Guide- Lore, Runes, Build, Skins & Counters
11 Lee Sin player indirectly stops a kill attempt on his teammate with a flash and ultimate combo
12 Riot details pro play-centric nerfs to Lee Sin, Kalista, and more planned for League Patch 11.18
13 Riot teases League Victorious skin for iconic champ in Season 11
14 Lee Wolverton: Time to end 'the way things are' (Opinion)
15 All Chat disabled in all matchmade queues starting patch 11.21
16 Lee Sin Guide: Abilities, Builds, and LCS Player Insight in Esports
17 League of Legends: A Guide to Lee Sin
18 Riot to nerf Lulu, Lee Sin and buff Jhin in League Patch 11.16
19 Faker pulls off mechanically perfect Lee Sin solo kill in League solo queue game
20 Lee Sin, Aphelios buffed and jungle champ pool opened up in League Patch 11.8 preview
21 Worlds 2021 Merch Collection Revealed, Supports Riot Social Impact Fund
22 T1 Keria plays support Lee Sin for the first time in 2718 days in the LCK
23 Lee Sin and Rumble jungle nerfed, Hecarim buffed in League Patch 11.11 preview
24 What to expect from top lane Lee Sin at MSI according to pro builds
25 [LCK Today] Lee Sin returns to the LCK bot lane after 2969 days; Dread and Blank get their 400 career kills in the LCK
26 These top college athletes could grab the most money from NIL deals
27 Lee Sin, Leona, and Viego were the 3 most-played champions in competitive League throughout the 2021 Summer Split
28 Syracuse committed cardinal sin on costly missed field goal
29 5 Best Champions to Pair With Vex in League of Legends
30 Rumble and Lee Sin to be nerfed, Aphelios and Xayah buffed in League Patch 11.13
31 AF Lehends on fasting Senna-Lee Sin bot lane: "As soon as I saw the , I thought, 'Oh, they messed up hard!'. "
32 Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.5: Veigar, Guilds and more
33 Riot to nerf multiple pro-facing champions like Jayce, Lee Sin, Renekton, Thresh, and Varus in League Patch 11.18
34 League's Patch 11.13 brings reworked Tahm Kench, nerfs to Rumble, Lee Sin, and Viego adjustments
35 [LCK] GEN Rascal: "Gwen, Lee Sin, Nocturne, and Renekton are top-tier these days."
36 League of Legends patch 11.21 early notes: Viego buffs, Dragonmancer skins
37 Lee Sin added to League of Legends: Wild Rift
38 Faker shows off mechanical prowess with a perfect Lee Sin mid game in League solo queue
39 Lee Sin and Amumu buffed, Samira and Kai'Sa nerfed in League Patch 11.4 preview
40 Lee Sin is coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift, has been adapted for mobile play
41 Rumble, Lee Sin nerfed while Viego moves to the jungle in League of Legends Patch 11.13 preview
42 Wild Rift Lee Sin Build
43 Donovan Lee-Sin always supports Miami families
44 Lee Sin is due for nerfs
45 Lee Sin and Make It Rain nerfed in Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.13
46 A slew of League champs make it on Patch 10.25 buff list, including Lee Sin, Yasuo, and Yone
47 Thursday's high school sports: Bulldogs capture their own Mediapolis Invite
48 Riot outlines nerfs for Diana, Lee Sin, and Xin Zhao in League of Legends patch 11.16 preview
49 League patch 11.8 notes: New champ Gwen, Aphelios & Lee Sin buffs, Gnar nerfs
50 Zed player sacrifices himself by using Flash to save his jungler in a ranked game
51 Halloween Movies Ranked from Worst to Best
52 League of Legends player pulls off insane Lee Sin kick into a Wombo Combo
53 G2 Jankos' stellar Lee Sin outplay helps team snag 3 kills in League solo queue
54 HLE Chovy on banning Rammus in game 4: "Letting them take Lee Sin was beneficial, so I just clicked on a random champion at the last second."
55 Lee Sin player pulls off smooth dragon steal and escape with help from Blitzcrank
56 Lee Sin to join the Ionia champion roster in Legends of Runeterra
57 Lee Sin is one of League's best champions, despite being imperfect
58 LEC pros vote that Lee Sin and Senna need nerfs, while others think Akali should be removed from League
59 Lee Sin build, counter and abilities – League of Legends champion guide
60 Dragon bug sends Lee Sin into the stratosphere in League of Legends
61 Storm Dragon Lee Sin Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get
62 Wild Rift Patch 1.0 notes: Open beta launch, Lee Sin release, more
63 Aphelios, Lee Sin, Corki, and more to receive buffs in League Patch 10.21
64 League of Legends patch 11.11 balance targets have been revealed
65 League of Legends Patch 11.18 Full Notes Reaction
66 League of Legends: Ranking Every Single Lee Sin Skin
67 5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 11.14
68 LoL players slam Riot Games for “insulting” Prestige Lee Sin skin design
69 [MSC] TES Karsa on Lee Sin: "To play Lee Sin well... landing your Qs is critical."
70 Nerfs and adjustments coming to Ezreal and Lee Sin in Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.10
71 How inSec Became Synonymous with the inSec Kick | Esporthesaurus
72 League's jungle position getting nerfed in Patch 11.4 because it holds 'too much influence'
73 Aphelios and Lee Sin are on the nerf list in League's Patch 10.15 preview
74 Bizarre League of Legends bug sends Lee Sin flying into space
75 Last Skins of 2020: Legendary Lee Sin and more Champions added to the list
76 5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 11.18
77 Predicting how Patch 11.9 will impact the MSI 2021 meta
78 This kind gesture from League of Legends LEC caster Caedrel will warm the coldest of solo queue hearts
79 League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 1.0 Released – Lee Sin and Changes
80 Lee Sin changes on the PBE should allow him to carry a little harder
81 [LCK] T1 Faker: "Daeny said that the roster won't change as frequently as spring."
82 Lee Sin guide: build, masteries and more
83 Epic Lee Sin kick helps ally Viktor get a pentakill in League of Legends
84 Patch 11.9 picks to watch: MSI 2021 edition
85 Patch 8.4 killed Lee Sin—here's how Riot could save him
86 5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 11.16
87 League Of Legends: 10 Champion Skins That Actually Give You An Advantage
88 League Of Legends: 10 Best Ultimate Abilities
89 First look at LoL’s next Prestige skin Nightbringer Lee Sin revealed
90 New Lee Sin skin: God Fist is shiny, golden and can see
91 League Of Legends: 15 Weakest Late Game Champions
92 FPX Lee Sin Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get
93 InSec, the Original Lee Sin Master, Says Farewell
94 TSM overpower Cloud9, retain first place at the end of the LCS Summer Split week 3
95 League of Legends: Patch 11.16 Preview Reaction
96 Samira and Camille Nerfed While Lee Sin and Caitlyn Buffed – League of Legends 11.4 Patch Preview
97 League of Legends patch 11.4 preview introduces nerfs for Kai’Sa and buffs for Fiora and Lee Sin
98 Jhin, Shaco among champions planned to be buffed in League Patch 11.16
99 Zoe Lee Karma Control Review
100 League Of Legends: 10 Skins With Hidden Benefits