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1 Netanyahu: It could be up to 3.5 years before Likud is back in power
2 MKs scrap in factious faction meet as Likud tries to navigate opposition life
3 The Likud’s conundrum and unparliamentary language
4 Netanyahu faced with public challenger to head Likud party
5 Poll shows increased support for Likud, Yesh Atid; coalition dips slightly
6 Report: Likud Concerned as Some MKs Appear Ready to Bolt
7 Likud, Joint List join forces to outvote coalition in bill on Arab teachers
8 Likud MKs try to stop Nir Barkat in leadership race
9 Likud MKs ready for term limits on PM
10 Likud’s Edelsetein challenges Netanyahu over party leadership
11 Poll shows scant support for Edelstein in Likud leadership battle with Netanyahu
12 Poll: 86 percent of Likud voters support Netanyahu over Edelstein as party leader
13 Likud, Rabin family spar as Israelis mark 26th anniversary of assassination
14 Global investigation unveils alleged financial misdeeds by Likud MK Nir Barkat
15 Israel's A-G may close plea deal with Likud MK Haim Katz
16 Empty speech to empty hall: Bennett UN address mocked by Likud, rapped by Meretz
17 Likud fumes over Rabin grandson's speech
18 Coalition poised to pass government stability test
19 Israel's Likud: Bennett UN Speech 'Delivered to Empty Hall'
20 It’s official: The Netanyahu era is over
21 Religious Zionist Party visits Damascus Gate over 'loss of governance
22 Opposition lawmakers set to join Knesset committees after budget passes
23 Shaked opposes bill preventing Netanyahu from forming Israeli gov't
24 Bennett, Lapid 'strengthen Hamas' by not meeting Abbas, Meretz warns
25 Ambassador Danny Danon Launches Global Leaders Dialogue Series – Yeshiva University News
26 A Man of Peace (and Other Misdeeds)
27 Another controversy brewing with Even-Sa’ar?
28 Lapid to Biden aide: Israel worried Iran is becoming a ‘nuclear threshold’ state
29 If Netanyahu Is Ousted, He Could Still Lead the Likud Party
30 After MKs caught reading, shopping in plenum, some appeal for privacy
31 Sa'ar says he's 'not deterred' by 'wild attacks' over anti-Netanyahu law
32 Energy minister accuses Netanyahu of using ‘fake news’ to harm ties with Jordan
33 Daily Briefing Oct. 13 – Can Israel celebrate the end of the Delta wave?
34 Netanyahu assured Putin "I will be back soon" after losing election
35 Lapid gives in to Ra'am, illegal Negev homes to receive electricity
36 Justice minister says bill barring indicted PM is not targeted at Netanyahu
37 Palestinian media: US Consulate in Jerusalem may open next month
38 Is Likud still the party of Israel's Mizrahi voters? These experts say otherwise
39 Signaling entry into Likud leadership race, Barkat calls to delay party primary
40 Indo-Israel ties have gone beyond personalities: Jaishankar
41 Netanyahu's dominance over Likud holds for now
42 Is there still such a thing as a sacred cow?
43 Black Eyed Peas to perform in Jerusalem in November
44 Netanyahu loses key vote inside Likud faction
45 Likud announces boycott of coalition whip, claiming she secretly recorded MKs
46 Poll shows nearly half Likud members back Netanyahu taking time out
47 Likud membership drive ends in apparent failure
48 Education minister presses Bennett to make coronavirus cabinet meetings public
49 Coalition banks on defectors from Likud, four MK law passes first reading
50 Ex-general Gal Hirsch indicted for tax evasion totaling $1.9 million
51 Likud MK Dichter says he’ll challenge Netanyahu for party leadership
52 Bennett says Likud can count on his party to back a right-wing government
53 New Likud membership drive could choose Netanyahu successor
54 Bennett calls to limit ultra-Orthodox political influence, drawing Haredi ire
55 Report: Livni in Running for Jewish Agency Job
56 Perhaps Likud should have replaced Netanyahu, says senior Haredi MK
57 Israel said trying to mend France ties strained over reported NSO phone hack
58 Shaked calls blocking Lapid from Israel's premiership a 'fairy tale'
59 Will Likud candidates succeed in dethroning Benjamin Netanyahu?
60 Heading to opposition, Likud lawmakers prepare for fierce internal battles
61 Netanyahu's Likud urge to sabotage Bennett stronger than its convictions
62 Gov't okays bill to let police enter homes without warrant
63 As Netanyahu was torn to shreds, Likud members sat in silence
64 Netanyahu fails to move up Likud primary
65 With most votes counted, Likud holds lead in south, Lapid ahead in Tel Aviv
66 Netanyahu, liberate Likud from its homophobes
67 Likud MK suspended from managing Knesset plenum after apparently fudging vote
68 Likud to ban Gideon Sa'ar and Ze'ev Elkin from returning to party
69 After defeat in key vote, Likud whip concedes Netanyahu won’t form government
70 Senior Likud lawmaker calls on her party's supporters to stop electing leaders with 'white DNA'
71 Likud said in touch with PA, asking help to get Arab Israeli votes for Netanyahu
72 Likud pushes last-minute bills before Netanyahu's mandate expires
73 Likud MK compares Bennett, Sa'ar to 'suicide bombers'
74 Likud backers seen stabbing photos of Bennett, Lapid at anti-government protest
75 Likud could ban itself from Knesset committees
76 Edelstein to challenge Netanyahu as Likud leader if party goes to opposition
77 State to charge Likud MK David Bitan with bribery, fraud
78 Likud’s Katz: I would’ve been able to form coalition; Netanyahu chose opposition
79 Likud loses a little ground, would be unable to form coalition, poll finds
80 No to reopening US consulate in Jerusalem, says Israel Justice Minister Gideon Saar
81 Likud’s Miri Regev faces backlash over claims ‘white DNA’ rules the party
82 Right fumes after Gantz grants Palestinians permanent residency in West Bank
83 Likud MK Barkat backs PM term limit, but not if it’s directly aimed at Netanyahu
84 Likud MKs are pawns in Bibi’s game
85 High Court: Likud plan to strike down Knesset cmt'ee setup is illegal
86 Elections: Likud appoints first ever Arab candidate to unrealistic slot
87 Likud, Shas petition High Court to nix ‘unbalanced’ Knesset committees
88 ‘You need hospitalization,’ Likud MK lashes out at deputy coalition whip
89 Likud scraps primaries; polls show Huldai party taking votes from Lapid, Bennett
90 State budget set to pass unanimously due to Likud boycott
91 Top Likud MK on Netanyahu: 'He made all the possible mistakes'
92 Likud MK says far-right Smotrich responsible for Netanyahu’s ouster
93 Danny Danon’s quest to lead the Jewish Agency into the future
94 Likud unrest grows: Politicians attack Regev amid run for PM
95 As Lapid emerges as challenger, Likud signals it’s no more Mr. Nice Campaign
96 Who would replace Netanyahu as Likud chairman if he leaves?
97 Netanyahu’s Likud signs surplus vote-sharing deal with far-right party
98 Iran poses bigger threat to UAE than to Israel, ex-Mossad chief says
99 Likud files no-confidence motion against ‘government established on lies’
100 Likud, Yesh Atid see boost in latest poll, New Hope plunges to under 10 seats