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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Glowing snailfish riddled with antifreeze protein discovered off Greenland coast 19 hours ago
2 Scientists blast atoms with Fibonacci laser to make an "extra" dimension of time 1 day ago
3 Back to school deals: Student laptops, software, printers, science kits & more 1 day ago
4 'Cannibal' coronal mass ejection from 'dark plasma plume' will slam into Earth tomorrow (Aug. 18) 4 hours ago
5 GERD diet: The best and worst foods for acid reflux 5 hours ago
6 Flexibility Exercises: Best moves for Maintaining Mobility 2 hours ago
7 Europa's icy shell may be made from pure underwater snow 2 days ago
8 For the first time, scientists have named a heat wave 2 days ago
9 1st suspected case of human-to-dog monkeypox transmission reported in France 1 day ago
10 'Magical' rock crystals found at Stone Age ceremonial site in England 4 hours ago
11 This Lenovo Chromebook is 37% off on Amazon ideal for students heading back to school 7 hours ago
12 Jurassic Park streaming guide: How to watch the Jurassic Park movies online 7 hours ago
13 What's the largest bone in the human body? (What about the smallest?) 1 day ago
14 The 7 most terrifying things in space 2 days ago
15 Ancient asteroids are covered with popcorning pebbles, new study finds 2 days ago
16 Exploding meteor startles Utah 2 days ago
17 The Aztec Empire: History, maps, religion and fall 1 day ago
18 Do probiotics help IBS? 2 days ago
19 What's the largest ocean that ever existed on Earth? 4 days ago
20 Does drinking coffee help you live longer? 3 days ago
21 The 5 craziest ways emperors gained the throne in ancient Rome 2 days ago
22 Extreme physics of 'supercritical' matter may be surprisingly simple 5 days ago
23 Most powerful gigantic jet lightning bolt ever 6 days ago
24 Dark energy may come from giant cosmic voids 5 days ago
25 Scientists uncover ancient source of oxygen that could have fueled life on early Earth 7 days ago
26 Small, prickly dinosaur discovered in South America reveals an unknown lineage 5 days ago
27 The 6th mass extinction hasn't begun yet, study claims, but Earth is barreling toward it 6 days ago
28 A 'potentially hazardous' blue-whale-size asteroid will zip through Earth's orbit on Friday 7 days ago
29 Astronomers plan to fish an interstellar meteorite out of the ocean using a massive magnet 8 days ago
30 Why is there so much biodiversity in the tropics? 2 days ago
31 Plant-based diet: What to eat, health benefits and tips 2 days ago
32 STEVE appears over Canada during 'surprise' solar storm 8 days ago
33 Mysterious mineral on Mars was spat out by an explosive eruption 3 billion years ago 6 days ago
34 Is Earth getting closer to the sun, or farther away? 11 days ago
35 Creepy deep-sea 'vanilla Vader' woodlouse is 25 times bigger than a land louse 8 days ago
36 Heat intolerance: What are the symptoms, causes and treatment? 3 days ago
37 One of the brightest stars in the sky dimmed in 2019. Now we know why. 5 days ago
38 August 2022 Sturgeon Moon date and time 6 days ago
39 Asteroid 2022 OE2 close encounter coming Aug. 4 14 days ago
40 Is Nazi gold real? 5 days ago
41 Massive expanse of towering hydrothermal vents discovered deep in the Pacific 6 days ago
42 Which vegetables are good for diabetics? 4 days ago
43 Rubber balls used in famous Maya game contained ashes of cremated rulers, archaeologists claim 6 days ago
44 Rare 400-year-old ship found in German river is a stunningly preserved 'time capsule' 7 days ago
45 Bright-green fireballs spotted over New Zealand. Here's what's probably happening. 6 days ago
46 Solar storm from hole in the sun will hit Earth on Wednesday (Aug. 3) 16 days ago
47 What are the nuclear codes? 5 days ago
48 Newly-discovered Langya virus infects 35 people in China 7 days ago
49 WWII-era bomb discoverd in drought-stricken River Po 9 days ago
50 Do testosterone supplements really work? 5 days ago
51 Scientists revived the cells of pigs an hour after death, a potential organ transplant breakthrough 14 days ago
52 Sweet dreams, spidey: Arachnids experience REM sleep, and may even dream 5 days ago
53 37000-year-old mammoth butchering site may be oldest evidence of humans in North America 7 days ago
54 Which fruits are high in protein? 6 days ago
55 All About History 120: Mary I Vs Elizabeth I 5 days ago
56 Why are rest days important? 7 days ago
57 Not just tiny arms: T. rex also had super small eyes to accommodate its big bite 6 days ago
58 Perseid meteor shower 2022 how to watch 8 days ago
59 1st synthetic mouse embryos — complete with beating hearts and brains — created with no sperm, eggs or womb 13 days ago
60 A man's voice grew hoarse for no obvious reason. It turns out, he had fungus in his throat. 12 days ago
61 Treasure trove of gold and jewels recovered from a 366-year-old shipwreck in the Bahamas 9 days ago
62 Best science books: Popular science books to feed your imagination 9 days ago
63 'Gummy squirrel' found in deep-sea abyss looks like a stretchy half-peeled banana 15 days ago
64 'Walking sharks' caught on video, astound scientists 19 days ago
65 Most of Florida's newly-hatched sea turtles are female. Why? 7 days ago
66 Weird deep-sea worm looks like a luminous lump of spaghetti 12 days ago
67 Honeywell TP50WKN dehumidifier review 8 days ago
68 Hidden passage leads explorers to deepest cave Down Under 9 days ago
69 560 million-year-old tentacled creature may be the animal kingdom's first known predator 22 days ago
70 Rare and bizarre tentacle-trailing sea creature caught on video, expedition scientist's 'mind is blown' 22 days ago
71 A 25-ton Chinese rocket booster will crash to Earth Saturday. What's the risk? 19 days ago
72 Fralin Life Sciences Institute executive director open forums Virginia Tech Daily 6 hours ago
73 Massive sinkhole opens in Chile mine 12 days ago
74 Earth's crust is dripping 'like honey' into its interior under the Andes 26 days ago
75 Strange, never-before-seen diamond crystal structure found inside 'Diablo canyon' meteorite 23 days ago
76 Why does the Rosetta Stone have 3 kinds of writing? 24 days ago
77 Scientists discover strange 'perfectly aligned' holes punched into the ocean floor 19 days ago
78 Ancient Egyptian temple to the sun cult uncovered near Cairo 13 days ago
79 'Unlucky' creatures that enter rare Red Sea brine pools are immediately stunned to death 29 days ago
80 Strange 'heartbeat' signal spotted coming from deep space 28 days ago
81 Mammal ancestor looked like a chubby lizard with a tiny head and had a hippo-like lifestyle 16 days ago
82 Half-blind Greenland shark possibly spotted in the Caribbean, thousands of miles from its usual home 14 days ago
83 Best meal delivery service 2022: Complete nutrition delivered to your door 7 days ago
84 Signs of cancer found in mysterious 'pregnant' Egyptian mummy 27 days ago
85 Archaeologists may have discovered the palace of Genghis Khan's grandson 26 days ago
86 Tonga's eruption injected so much water into Earth's atmosphere that it could weaken the ozone layer 16 days ago
87 'Canyon of fire' solar storm to hit Earth today or tomorrow 28 days ago
88 SpaceX space junk crash lands in Australian sheep farm 13 days ago
89 Europe's last pandas were giant weaklings who couldn't even eat bamboo 17 days ago
90 Largest pink diamond found in 300 years uncovered in Angola 20 days ago
91 NASA shares first images of meteor damage on James Webb Space Telescope 29 days ago
92 Thousands of jellyfish swarm near Israel, mesmerizing images reveal 15 days ago
93 Scientists pinpoint the exact moment in evolutionary time when mammals became warm-blooded 28 days ago
94 'Never seen anything like it': Impeccably preserved Jurassic fish fossils found on UK farm 19 days ago
95 Pentagon to open a new office dedicated to UFO sightings 26 days ago
96 Lost city, a real-life 'Helm's Deep,' possibly discovered in Iraq 29 days ago
97 Save up to $300 on Apple's latest MacBook Pro at Best Buy 9 days ago
98 Scientists plan the resurrection of an animal that's been extinct since 1936 CNN 20 hours ago
99 Solar burst from 'hole' in the sun may trigger geomagnetic storms on Earth 5 hours ago
100 Asteroid Ryugu contains dust older than the solar system 23 hours ago