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1 Cello semi-finalists announced for the Geneva International Music Competition
2 Scurrying micro-bot steers by electrostatic grip
3 CT-W vs CHN-W Dream11, Chinese Taipei vs China, Women's Asia Cup
4 Speedy Insect-Sized Robot Can Move Like a Cheetah
5 You can't squash this roach-inspired robot: Insect-sized device scurries at the speed of a cockroach and can withstand the weight of a human
6 Engineers Built a Cockroach-Inspired Robot That Can't Be Squashed
7 Jolly Cbd Gummies Nano Cbd Gummies
8 Fu's Subcutaneous Needling for Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis | JPR
9 Tiny Roach-Inspired Robot Withstands 1 Million Times Its Own Weight
10 Midlife Halftime: Gilas Women finds itself in land of the giants
11 Researchers Built a Tiny Cockroach-Like Robot That Cannot be Squashed
12 This cockroach-inspired rescue bot could save your life one day
13 VIDEO: They create a ‘robot-cockroach’ that resists a human stomp
14 Watch: A cockroach-inspired robot that can`t be squashed; withstands 1 million times its weight
15 Agricultural Bank of China : ANNOUNCEMENT ON RESIGNATION OF DIRECTOR2021-09-28
16 Street Fighter star Oil King is bringing arcade culture online
17 Sami’s Opals are bronzed Aussies at Asia Cup
18 Sour Milk? The Carton Cap Will Tell You
19 Berkeley researchers create cockroach-inspired robots
20 Jiggly Jell-O to make powerful new hydrogen fuel catalyst: The inexpensive new material can split water just as efficiently as costly platinum
21 Scientists Create a Tiny, Creepy Robot That Survives Stomping, Just Like a Cockroach
22 Risk factors for localized pain after epidural
23 Dan’s Infinite Combo Seals Brilliant Street Fighter V Comeback
24 China pushes vaccine on bankers and colleges to catch up with U.S.
25 Obsessive compulsive disorder linked to increased ischemic stroke risk later in life
26 Diagnostic performance of COVID‐19 serological assays during early infection: A systematic review and meta‐analysis of 11 516 samples
27 Human Pulse Diagnosis with a Wearable Piezoelectret Sensing System [Video]
28 Supplementary Materials | Science
29 Frameline's Focus on Taiwan Program Offers Some Worthwhile Films
30 Blount County Realty Transfers for April 2 | Realty Transfers |
31 Just what we need: Invasion of the cockroach robots
32 HHMI Selects 20 International Student Research Fellows | HHMI
33 Personalized 'earable' sensor monitors body temperature in real time
34 Offshore wind farm goal threatened by pandemic
35 This Tiny Cockroach Robot Is Extremely Tough, And Could Help Save Lives In Natural Disasters
36 China Growth Forecasts Raised as Consumer Spending Strengthens
37 3D-Printed Bottle Caps Will Let You Know When the Milk Has Gone Bad
38 ‘Cliff Walkers’: Film Review
39 Researchers use jiggly Jell-O to make powerful new hydrogen fuel catalyst
40 China imposes massive travel restrictions to combat Delta outbreak
41 Candidates Announced for Geneva International Cello Competition
42 Dan Hibiki Nerfed By Street Fighter V Developers In Latest Update | Invision Game Community
43 Recurrence-free survival prediction nomogram bladder cancer | CMAR
44 Feasibility of controlling hepatitis E in Jiangsu Province, China: a modelling study
45 Effectiveness of potential antiviral treatments in COVID-19 transmission control: a modelling study
46 Best of L.A. 2021: All the Best Things to Eat, Shop for, and Do
47 Can smartphones cause health problems? | TravelDailyNews International
48 Salt battery design overcomes bump in the road to help electric cars go the extra mile
49 This chip will stop you from crying over spoiled milk
50 Escape from oblivion: How the brain reboots after deep anesthesia: Innovative experiment demonstrates the resilience of the healthy human brain despite deep general anesthesia
51 Escape From Oblivion: Innovative Experiment Shows How the Brain Reboots After Deep Anesthesia
52 Electricity-producing Bacteria Identified Using Microfluidic Technique
53 'Origami electronics developed from cheap, foldable paper'
54 Giving cells an appetite for viruses
55 Greater Akron real estate sales: Here's what homes sold for week of April 19, 2021
56 announces Spring 2021 graduates
57 Engineers develop origami electronics from cheap, foldable paper
58 Tetrapod nanocrystals light the way to stronger polymers
59 Dear Tenant: implausible story of a gay man’s suffering
60 University of British Columbia Researchers Develop Revolutionary Water Quality Sensor
61 Review: Dear Tenant is a moving drama about the love found within queer families
62 Association of SARS-CoV-2 clades with clinical, inflammatory and virologic outcomes: An observational study
63 China-Australia trade at ‘freezing point’ as 200 per cent wine duty looms
64 Form N-PX Voya Emerging Markets For: Jun 30
65 Ecust004 suppresses breast cancer cell growth | DDDT
66 "Interwoven Perspectives": 2020 China and USA Technology & Innovation in Fiber Art Virtual Exhibition Opens Online
67 A Love So Beautiful Season 2 Release Date, Cast, New Season/Canceled?
68 Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Liver Transplantation: Lessons from the First Year of the Pandemic
69 Shanghai EDGE
70 Every player that qualified for Capcom Cup 2019
71 Combo Breaker 2018: The Full Results
72 Hebei vs Dalian Pro prediction, preview, team news and more | Chinese Super League 2021
73 Clinical Characteristics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in China | NEJM
74 ‘Cliff Walkers’ Review: Zhang Yimou’s Sumptuous Spyjinks Leave the Characters Out in the Cold
75 This tiny ‘cockroach robot’ could be the future of search and rescue
76 VC LIVE | 2021 Geneva International Cello Competition [WATCH NOW]
77 Derivation and Validation of a Prediction Model for Predicting the 5-Y | DMSO
78 An imperfect test for a virus can Be worse than No test at all
79 Asia Head for Money Manager Vanguard Leaves Job
80 'Made in China' watches gain domestic popularity
81 6 foreigners arrested for illegal mining, working sans permit
82 Older adults and wearable activity trackers
83 Leading fashion brands roll out latest collections
84 Dear Tenant Review: Moving Taiwanese Tearjerker About A Gay Man Looking After His Dead Partner's Family
85 Molecular design of stapled pentapeptides as building blocks of self-assembled coiled coil–like fibers
86 What Are the Most Common Genomic Aberrations Seen in DNA Damage Response (DDR) Pathways in Advanced Prostate Cancer?
87 A review of COVID‐19 vaccines and major considerations for diabetic patients
88 China's Military Modernisation: Recent Trends
89 Xinhua Official Shares Details of China's News Cleanups
90 An Integrated Approach Based on Network Pharmacology Combined with Exp | DMSO
91 Film Shorts
92 Integrated Proteomics and Bioinformatics to Identify Potential Prognos | CMAR
93 Chinese astronaut hears non-causal knock in space
94 Anti-dumping probe of Australian wine politically motivated, insiders say
95 Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and coronavirus disease 19 (COVID‐19): Are they similar?
96 The 10 Young Chinese Foreign Policy Scholars You Should Know
97 Effects of a major deletion in the SARS-CoV-2 genome on the severity of infection and the inflammatory response: an observational cohort study
98 China's celebrates centenary of Communist Party on anniversary of British handover of Hong Kong
99 Insight-HXMT Discovers Closest High-Speed Relativistic Jet to Black Hole
100 Tokido back on top at the Tokyo Game Show