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1 The Mississippi Abortion Case Threatens the Right to Use Birth Control, Marry, and Even Make Choices About Sex
2 Opinion: Senator Hwang is wrong about vaccine mandates
3 On this day in 1967: Loving v. Virginia and interracial marriage
4 Diverse Army families reflect on the legacy of Loving v. Virginia
5 Scaremongering on Ditching 'Roe'
6 Will Roe be overturned? Here are 6 notable Supreme Court decisions that have been struck down
7 Fact check: Richard and Mildred Loving were convicted of interracial marriage in 1959
8 On this day in 1967: Loving v. Virginia and interracial marriage
9 Listen: 6 Moments From The Loving V. Virginia Supreme Court Case
10 Remembering Loving v. Virginia and The Couple Who Bravely Helped End The Ban on Interracial Marriage
11 Bernard Cohen, Lawyer Who Argued Loving V. Virginia Case, Dies At 86
12 The secret Supreme Court: Late nights, courtesy votes and the unwritten 6-vote rule
13 What You Didn't Know About Loving v. Virginia
14 ‘Originalist’ Judges Lose Sight of Truths That Precede Law
15 The history behind Loving v. Virginia
16 Bernard Cohen, lawyer who won victory for interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia, dies at 86
17 Ohio Education Board Member Defends White Supremacy
18 A timeline of Loving v. Virginia
19 Bernard Cohen, Who Argued Loving v. Virginia Before the Supreme Court, Has Died
20 Sen. Hwang (Opinion): Why I disagree with vax mandates
21 In the US, a slow, steady march towards racial tolerance
22 Before Loving v. Virginia, there was Naim v. Naim in Norfolk to challenge the state's race laws
23 The True Story of 'Loving' and the History of Racial Passing
24 20 influential Indigenous Americans you might not know about
25 Loving and Loving
26 The Right to Marry: City of Alexandria Installs Panels Recognizing Landmark Supreme Court Case
27 Constitutional interpretation and Loving v. Virginia (Corrected)
28 He helped make legal history in Loving v. Virginia. At 80, he's still fighting for justice.
29 50 Years Later, 'Loving' Revisits The Landmark Supreme Court Ruling
30 Loving v. Virginia: Exploring biracial identity and reality in America 50 years after a landmark civil rights milestone
31 Weird Facts of The 757: How the 'Loving v. Virginia' Case Made Sure That Virginia Is for Lovers
32 Remembering Loving Day: The many ways we build our families
33 In WA's history of interracial marriage, pride and prejudice
34 Loving v. Virginia was decided 50 years ago. This HBO documentary explores the couple at its center.
35 'Star Trek' gave people something to be hopeful about for the future, says Skirball curator
36 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia, Colleges Embrace Segregation
37 Mildred Loving
38 Richard Loving
39 Loving Day: A Global Community Honors Interracial Marriage While the World Continues to Reckon with Racial Inequality
40 June
41 This Is America: Why love isn't colorblind
42 Commemorating the Lovings and their courage
43 #TBT: Loving v. Virginia and interracial marriage
44 The rabbi hijacked by Virginia to keep America's ‘racial purity law’ alive
45 Richard and Mildred Loving to be honored with historical marker in Caroline
46 Mildred and Richard: The Love Story that Changed America
47 Being mixed-race in the age of BLM
48 Historical marker commemorating the Lovings to be dedicated in Caroline
49 Get Déjà Vu Listening to Opponents of Interracial Marriage Argue at the Supreme Court
50 On Loving Day, a Call to Decolonize Love [Op-Ed]
51 Anniversary of Loving case
52 Historic marker on Loving case to be dedicated Monday
53 When the Serendipitously Named Lovings Fell in Love, Their World Fell Apart
54 Lawyer who successfully argued Loving case legalizing interracial marriage dies
55 Ghosting the Confederacy
56 'Loving' and Virginia: a timeline of mixed-race marriage
57 US Approval of Interracial Marriage at New High of 94%
58 The Loving Legacy: Mixed-race couples in a state that once banned interracial marriages
59 Gay Marriage Ruling Evokes Memories Of Loving V. Virginia
60 Bernard Cohen, lawyer who took on mixed marriage laws, dies
61 Where Are Richard and Mildred Loving Children Now? Today's Update
62 What is Loving Day? June 12 marks landmark Supreme Court decision for interracial marriage
63 Loving Day: This Is the Couple Whose Love Story Changed History
64 Opinion | What if the Court in the Loving Case Had Declared Race a False Idea?
65 Duncan family shares experiences as Board proclaims June 12 Loving Day, celebrating monumental court case legalizing interracial marriage
66 "Loving" movie
67 There's No Constitutional Right to Interracial (or Same-Sex) Marriage, Says the Architect of the Texas "Heartbeat Bill"
68 Spring Arbor celebrates resident Bernie Cohen, who argued the Loving v. Virginia case before the Supreme Court
69 A Loving Reality for All
70 Opinion/Letter: 14th Amendment was potent, positive force
71 Emhoff reflects on interracial marriage case: Without this 'I would not be married to Kamala Harris' | TheHill
72 Loving v. Virginia Anniversary Highlights Need to Update Acts of Assembly
73 Study: Intermarriages on the Rise 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia
74 Groundbreaking Interracial Marriage
75 Is Loving a True Story? Is the 2016 Movie Based on Real Life?
76 PHOTOS: Richard and Mildred Loving | Virginia |
77 Grandson say 'Loving' movie gets one key point wrong
78 The Fiction of the Color Line
79 Interracial marriages now more common, but not without challenges
80 Interracial marriage not rare, but racism still exists
81 The Historical Romance Hidden Gem You Should Stream
82 Biracial identity in America was changed in the 50 years since Loving v. Virginia
83 Museum to host program highlighting Loving couple | County Life |
84 50 Years of Loving #ACLUTimeMachine | ACLU of Northern CA
85 Mildred Loving, Who Battled Ban on Mixed-Race Marriage, Dies at 68 (Published 2008)
86 The Faces of Intermarriage, 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia
87 10 Photos of Interracial Couples Show the Impact of 'Loving v. Virginia' 48 Years Later
88 Torrezz D. Lumpkins Dies at 29
89 How newspapers covered the 'Loving Day' law
90 From Loving to Stonewall to equality
91 Lovings at Home
92 Support for interracial marriage has grown from 4% to 94%
93 The Lovings' Marriage License Is Now On Display At DC Court – DCist
94 Virginia's Caroline County, 'symbolic of Main Street USA'
95 Caroline unveils historical marker honoring Mildred and Richard Loving
96 A Week In Virginia On A $80,000 Salary
97 Emhoff on interracial marriage case: Without it, ‘I would not be married to Kamala Harris’
98 The Straight Interracial Couple Who Paved the Way for Gay Marriage
99 Key facts about race and marriage in the U.S.
100 Love Wins: The Moving Impact of 'Loving'