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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Oral six-month treatment for MDR-TB is safe and effective in people with HIV aidsmap 9 days ago
2 Psychiatric disorders & cycloserine in patients with MDR-TB | IDR Dove Medical Press 28 days ago
3 Starting an All-Oral Longer Regimen in a Primary Multidrug-Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patient at a District Tuberculosis Center for the First Time: A Rare Case Cureus 19 days ago
4 Drug Resistance Patterns and Trends: Suspected DR-TB | IDR Dove Medical Press 11 days ago
5 Severe Toxicity reported in MDR-TB patients with Linezolid 2mg/L, study finds. Medical Dialogues 16 days ago
6 Prediction of unfavorable treatment outcomes: MDRTB patients | IDR Dove Medical Press 20 days ago
7 Q&A: Why Moldova has moved to keep TB on the agenda Devex 6 days ago
8 Singapore develops new compounds to kill multi drug-resistant TB BSA bureau 6 days ago
9 Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis cases rise Independent 28 days ago
10 TB Diagnostics Market Size is projected to reach USD 2.14 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.56%: Straits Research GlobeNewswire 21 days ago
11 Epidemiological features of tuberculosis infection in a rural prefecture of Japan from 2007 to 2018 | Scientific Reports 5 days ago
12 Urban Design in an Antibiotic-Resistant World: Lessons From Mumbai Bloomberg 15 days ago
13 Zimbabwe reviews implementation of TB Preventive Therapy WHO | Regional Office for Africa 23 days ago
14 Discovering new treatments for tuberculosis Science Daily 20 days ago
15 WHO calls for shorter drug course for resistant TB CIDRAP 3 months ago
16 Tuberculosis: Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment 5 days ago
17 Increase sampling for early detection of TB cases: U.P. health dept Hindustan Times 27 days ago
18 Destroyed left lung due to multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis The Lancet 9 days ago
19 What causes multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)? Health Desk 5 months ago
20 'I don't know where I caught it': War derails Ukraine's TB fight Devex 6 days ago
21 Transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis within family households by DTM-PCR and MIRU-VNTR genotyping BMC Infectious Diseases 6 months ago
22 Rapid communication: Key changes to the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis World Health Organization 3 months ago
23 Bedaquiline Drug Resistance Emergence Assessment in Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB): a 5-Year Prospective In Vitro Surveillance Study of Bedaquiline and Other Second-Line Drug Susceptibility Testing in MDR-TB Isolates | Journal of Clinical American Society for Microbiology 9 months ago
24 Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Causes, Treatment, and Outlook Healthline 3 months ago
25 New data support shorter regimen for resistant TB CIDRAP 10 months ago
26 TB patients allege non-payment of monthly nutritional allowance Hindustan Times 25 days ago
27 New antibiotics could tackle drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria: Candidate drugs are safer and more effective than current therapies Science Daily 2 months ago
28 Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment outcome | IDR Dove Medical Press 2 months ago
29 Can drug resistant TB be reversed with a novel small molecule? Scientists turn to an animal model to find out Medical Xpress 3 months ago
30 Tuberculosis-Associated Anemia: A Narrative Review Cureus 3 days ago
31 Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Threatens Control of Drug-Resistant TB The Wire Science 5 months ago
32 Frequency of Adverse Events in Patients With Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Infectious Disease Advisor 6 months ago
33 Patients across four continents enrol in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis trial Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International 10 months ago
34 Rise of drug-resistant tuberculosis is hidden in plain sight 3 months ago
35 TB Resistance to Bedaquiline When It's Not Reserved as Last Resource 4 months ago
36 Household contact management could help avert 20% of the multi-drug resistant TB cases in children News-Medical.Net 3 months ago
37 25 years of surveillance of drug-resistant tuberculosis: achievements, challenges, and way forward The Lancet 5 months ago
38 Treatment outcomes 24 months after initiating short, all-oral bedaquiline-containing or injectable-containing rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis treatment regimens in South Africa: a retrospective cohort study The Lancet 3 months ago
39 Whole-Genome Sequencing Has the Potential To Improve Treatment for Rifampicin-Resistant Tuberculosis in High-Burden Settings: a Retrospective Cohort Study | Journal of Clinical Microbiology American Society for Microbiology 5 months ago
40 New class of antibiotics found to be highly effective against drug-resistant tuberculosis News-Medical.Net 2 months ago
41 Drug-resistant TB The Tribune India 8 months ago
42 Outcomes of Concomitant Bedaquiline and Delamanid in Patients With Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Infectious Disease Advisor 5 months ago
43 WHO, Stop TB seek permits for MDR-TB medicines for Ukraine refugees Devex 5 months ago
44 Tackling the drug-resistant TB crisis Tackling the drug-resistant TB crisis 2 years ago
45 Multidrug-resistant TB stays a challenge in Haryana The Tribune India 8 months ago
46 Linezolid dosing as part of three-drug regimen for drug-resistant TB Healio 3 months ago
47 Russia's invasion of Ukraine poses a threat to the control of drug-resistant TB in Europe and the world The Conversation 5 months ago
48 Characterisation of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis mutations and transmission in Pakistan | Scientific Reports 3 months ago
49 6 months TB treatment for (almost) all Speaking of Medicine and Health 3 months ago
50 Study identifies drug-resistant tuberculosis strains spreading in Moldova Medical Xpress 5 months ago
51 Treating multi-drug resistant tuberculosis Open Access Government 6 months ago
52 Evolution and spread of a highly drug resistant strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea BMC Infectious Diseases 3 months ago
53 Shorter, less toxic treatment for highly drug-resistant TB cures nine out of ten aidsmap 1 year ago
54 A deadly, drug-resistant disease could spread because of the war in Ukraine Inverse 5 months ago
55 Clinical trial finds short, effective and safe drug-resistant tuberculosis treatment Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International 10 months ago
56 Tuberculosis: Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) World Health Organization 5 years ago
57 WHO announces updated definitions of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis World Health Organization 2 years ago
58 Rare Genetic Markers of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Discovered Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 3 months ago
59 New treatment for multidrug-resistant TB shows 85% effectiveness Harvard Gazette 2 years ago
60 NMC Guidelines For Competency Based Training Programme For MD Laboratory Medicine Medical Dialogues 8 hours ago
61 Prognostic accuracy of time to sputum culture conversion in predicting cure in extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis patients: a multicentre retrospective observational study BMC Infectious Diseases 5 months ago
62 Drug-resistant TB: Rollout of shorter regimen hits a snag Health-e News 6 months ago
63 Meropenem Plus Clavulanate and Rifampin for Treatment of Drug-Resistant TB Infectious Disease Advisor 4 months ago
64 WHO Consolidated Guidelines on Tuberculosis, Module 4: Treatment Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment 2 years ago
65 Global individual patient data platform for drug-resistant tuberculosis treatment World Health Organization 9 months ago
66 TB Unbowed: The cost of missed TB targets in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic World Bank Group 5 months ago
67 WHO consolidated guidelines on tuberculosis Module 5: Management of tuberculosis in children and adolescents World Health Organization 5 months ago
68 Before COVID, TB was the world's worst pathogen. It's still a 'monster' killer NPR 6 months ago
69 Russia's war with Ukraine is devastating for Ukraine's war on TB NPR 5 months ago
70 Outcomes, Safety of Weight-Based Bedaquiline in Children With Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Infectious Disease Advisor 3 months ago
71 Trends in burden of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in countries, regions, and worldwide from 1990 to 2017: results from the Global Burden of Disease study Infectious Diseases of Poverty 1 year ago
72 A Boost for MDR-TB Treatment | Harvard Medical School Harvard Medical School 4 years ago
73 SA research contributes to global change in treatment of drug-resistant TB Health-e News 3 months ago
74 Provisional CDC Guidance for the Use of Pretomanid as part of a Regimen to Treat Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Disease | Ohio Department of Health Ohio Department of Health 6 months ago
75 Drones could help with quicker detection of drug-resistant TB, ICMR study says ThePrint 4 months ago
76 Tuberculosis: Key changes to the treatment of drug-resistant TB World Health Organization 3 years ago
77 Eritrea Observed World TB Day 2022 WHO | Regional Office for Africa 4 months ago
78 Linezolid-associated Neuropathy with MDR/XDR tuberculosis | IDR Dove Medical Press 3 months ago
79 Implications of bedaquiline-resistant tuberculosis The Lancet 6 months ago
80 TB treatment during pregnancy is safe for mom and baby, study suggests Science Daily 2 months ago
81 Iraq: Tackling multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, one patient at a time Iraq 10 months ago
82 Surge of HIV, tuberculosis and COVID feared amid war in Ukraine 5 months ago
83 The way forward for drug-resistant tuberculosis in the Philippines The Lancet 2 months ago
84 The dangers of drug-resistant tuberculosis: What you need to know ABC News 4 years ago
85 NIH launches large TB prevention trial for people exposed to multidrug-resistant TB National Institutes of Health (.gov) 3 years ago
86 Evaluating the clinical impact of routine whole genome sequencing in tuberculosis treatment decisions and the issue of isoniazid mono-resistance BMC Infectious Diseases 4 months ago
87 Impact of Treatment Supporters on the Treatment Outcomes of Drug Resistant-Tuberculosis (DR-TB) Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study Cureus 5 months ago
88 Global burden of latent multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: trends and estimates based on mathematical modelling The Lancet 3 years ago
89 Saudi Arabia allocates USD 10 mln to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland TVP World 2 days ago
90 4,273 MDR-TB patients benefit from Bedaquiline in Mumbai Hindustan Times 10 months ago
91 Report warns of rise in drug-resistant tuberculosis CIDRAP 5 years ago
92 'The infectious disease that nobody ever thinks about' HSPH News 5 months ago
93 WHO revises MDR-TB treatment with focus on oral drugs CIDRAP 4 years ago
94 Economic burden of tuberculosis in Tanzania: a national survey of costs faced by tuberculosis-affected households BMC Public Health 4 months ago
95 WHO releases new global lists of high-burden countries for TB, HIV-associated TB and drug-resistant TB World Health Organization 1 year ago
96 Overcoming the drug-resistant TB crisis in children and adolescents World Health Organization 2 years ago
97 Not a Sentence: People with Tuberculosis Receive Crucial Treatment and Support in the Republic of Moldova International Organization for Migration 1 month ago
98 Supporting tuberculosis program in active contact tracing: a case study from Pakistan Infectious Diseases of Poverty 4 months ago
99 Intra-urban variation in tuberculosis and community socioeconomic deprivation in Lisbon metropolitan area: a Bayesian approach Infectious Diseases of Poverty 5 months ago
100 Pulmonologists Advise Screening Ukrainian Refugees for TB Medscape 4 months ago