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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Macquarie University considers investigating suspected research fraud Sydney Morning Herald 23 days ago
2 Medlab receives grant to develop NanoCelle nasal vaccine for Covid-19 Pharmaceutical Technology 2 days ago
3 Climate change and land use are lethal one-two punch for protected areas ZME Science 5 hours ago
4 SynBio-Focused VC Firm Establishes Group of Advisors in Tech, Science Sectors 1 day ago
5 Emotional investment for successful change management | JHL Dove Medical Press 1 day ago
6 Future food and a new secret weapon Macquarie University 8 days ago
7 Weekend reads: A Russian paper mill under an X-ray; AI and doctored images; COVID-19 vaccine paper earns scrutiny Retraction Watch 20 days ago
8 US university's $490m sex-abuse settlement Port Macquarie News 4 hours ago
9 The University of Ioannina launches 8th International Summer University in Kastellorizo Neos Kosmos 1 day ago
10 Urgent call to declare hearing loss a public health issue Macquarie University 30 days ago
11 Artificial intelligence watches hospital workers put on PPE to check for COVID safety Sydney Morning Herald 28 days ago
12 New centre to boost mental health support Australian Hospital + Healthcare Bulletin 23 hours ago
13 Macquarie Uni to disestablish 300 jobs in brutal 'spill and fill' Honi Soit 3 months ago
14 More deaths feared amid Tonga damage ecns 19 hours ago
15 $44 million to expand Australia's future health and medical research capability Australian Government Department of Health 9 days ago
16 Man confesses to 1988 murder of Cambridge graduate Varsity Online 4 days ago
17 Rivian's radical plan to install electric-car chargers in US national parks Drive 2 days ago
18 Milky Way’s feeding habits shine a light on dark matter Cosmos Magazine 8 days ago
19 Empty supermarket shelves driven only partially by panic buying and supply chain issues ABC News 2 days ago
20 17 ARC Discovery Projects greenlit for Griffith researchers Griffith News 2 days ago
21 Macquarie University Partners with Engageli to Deliver High-Quality, Flexible Learning Environments GlobeNewswire 4 months ago
22 Interest in anime and K-pop drive boom in Korean and Japanese degrees The Guardian 22 days ago
23 Strange object found in Sydney Harbour 2 days ago
24 Inside Sydney Australia's 'black-ops' murder squad as the history of their weapons revealed Daily Mail 25 days ago
25 US fails to understand Pakistan motive two decades since 9/11 Economic Times 4 days ago
26 Macquarie University Lodges Plans for $60m Law School The Urban Developer 8 months ago
27 World first: Study confirms mistaken identity may explain why sharks bite humans Macquarie University 3 months ago
28 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 gets the Lego treatment Drive 4 days ago
29 SERIES: Indi's day of choice #ReportingIndi 2013 part 2 NO Fibs 24 hours ago
30 Common disinfectant may lead to superbug mutation Macquarie University 2 months ago
31 Porsche Taycan electric car outsells 911 globally Drive 6 days ago
32 The Fiat 500 RED has antibacterial trim and a covid-fighting glovebox Drive 7 days ago
33 Local Bubble, hot void around our solar system, first inflated by exploding star 14m years ago ABC News 7 days ago
34 Yet more redundancies at Macquarie Honi Soit 7 months ago
35 Prestige car makers riding high despite COVID-19 pandemic Drive 6 days ago
36 Djokovic v Home Affairs brings home cruel immigration policy Independent Australia 4 days ago
37 Union betrayals open way for more “spill and fill” job cuts at Australia's Macquarie University WSWS 3 months ago
38 Students stabbed during exams at Tokyo uni Port Macquarie News 5 days ago
39 Manual Toyota Supra locked in for 2022 – report Drive 6 days ago
40 Bushfires helping cane toads thrive: study Port Macquarie News 12 days ago
41 Finalists revealed for Inside Retail's Retailer Awards 2022 Inside Retail 8 days ago
42 Mild COVID can still cause memory issues Port Macquarie News 21 hours ago
43 Dean of Law & Head, Department of Security Studies and Criminology Job at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia The Conversation AU 1 month ago
44 2017-2020 Mercedes-Benz diesel cars recalled with fire risk Drive 7 days ago
45 Elvis Presley Cadillac goes on sale Drive 9 days ago
46 Toyota hybrids to adopt solid-state battery tech by 2025 – report Drive 7 days ago
47 Flat-pack pods give wildlife a post-bushfire fighting chance Macquarie University 2 months ago
48 Australian tertiary education union facilitates “spill and fill” offensive at Macquarie University WSWS 5 months ago
49 2022 Fiat new cars Drive 8 days ago
50 Spark Foundry wins Macquarie University media account AdNews 5 months ago
51 University of Sydney meeting supports students' campaign in defence of Macquarie University academic WSWS 6 months ago
52 Geoscience on the chopping block 4 months ago
53 Macquarie University Macquarie University 52 years ago
54 Can you still become a multi-millionaire by purchasing dogecoin? Daily Bayonet 6 days ago
55 Ulliel dies after France skiing accident Port Macquarie News 5 hours ago
56 Australia: Oppose the job and course cuts at Macquarie University! WSWS 10 months ago
57 Rare Holden Torana for sale in the UK, as the search for Australian classics heads overseas Drive 9 days ago
58 Home or office? New research reveals where workers perform best Macquarie University 3 months ago
59 Macquarie Uni researchers find an oversharing of personal data in health apps ZDNet 7 months ago
60 TAFE NSW to pilot digital learning institute along Microsoft and local universities ZDNet 1 month ago
61 Please explain: What is a flower moon? Macquarie University 2 months ago
62 Staff and course cuts at Macquarie University planned for 2021 Honi Soit 1 year ago
63 Australia’s Unfolding Geoscience Malady Eos 4 months ago
64 New Zealand in fresh Omicron scare Port Macquarie News 3 hours ago
65 Psychedelic microdosing study to reveal what really happens in brains Macquarie University 6 months ago
66 Study boosts link between diet and depression Macquarie University 10 months ago
67 Macquarie University: Asia Society Australia And Macquarie University Launch A Foundation Partnership India Education Diary 2 months ago
68 What to do if you find fossils or artefacts Macquarie University 3 months ago
69 Why city 'bin chickens' could be their country cousins' saviour Macquarie University 3 months ago
70 UK PM Johnson drops virus rules in England Port Macquarie News 7 hours ago
71 Book review: Macquarie University's History Museum unveils 100 treasures The Australian Financial Review 4 months ago
72 The power of community in a climate emergency Macquarie University 2 months ago
73 Avocado clonal trees to feed the masses Port Macquarie News 8 hours ago
74 Incentives for more students, backpackers Port Macquarie News 22 hours ago
75 Tonga relief flights set for take-off Port Macquarie News 13 hours ago
76 Hospitalisation for even minor injury affects chances of finishing school Macquarie University 4 months ago
77 2 out of 3 members of university governing bodies have no professional expertise in the sector. There's the making of a crisis The Conversation AU 2 months ago
78 Mature workers are an untapped talent pool: new study Macquarie University 2 months ago
79 Macquarie University restructures IT support Training & Development 10 months ago
80 To Help Avert University's “Hunger Games,” A Philosopher Steps Down Daily Nous 10 months ago
81 Best-selling author Liane Moriarty on writing her way from advertising to Hollywood Macquarie University 1 year ago
82 Australia badly needs earth science skills, but universities are cutting the supply The Conversation Australia & New Zealand 6 months ago
83 More massive staff cuts at Macquarie University Honi Soit 1 year ago
84 One-third of backyard soil unsafe to grow vegies Macquarie University 8 months ago
85 Vic drops booster interval to three months Port Macquarie News 20 hours ago
86 Macquarie University slashes 82 jobs to save $25million Sydney Morning Herald 11 months ago
87 Smart new PPE app helps health staff protect themselves Macquarie University 5 months ago
88 Men's relationship intentions revealed in their faces: new study Macquarie University 10 months ago
89 Modern Greek Studies continue as a Major at Macquarie University overturning last year's downgrade Neos Kosmos 7 months ago
90 Housing fever: New website takes temperature of runaway market Macquarie University 7 months ago
91 Blood biomarkers show presence of Alzheimer's years before symptoms Macquarie University 4 months ago
92 Archaeology first for space station Port Macquarie News 2 days ago
93 Please explain: Why is the Ancient Greek alphabet still in use today? Macquarie University 1 month ago
94 Australian university union holds back industrial action World Socialist Web Site 1 month ago
95 Please explain: What is a phobia? | The Lighthouse Macquarie University 4 months ago
96 World first: Muddied mummy reveals new details of ancient practice Macquarie University 12 months ago
97 Collaborative efforts make Modern Greek Major at Macquarie University possible Greek Herald 4 months ago
98 Marine park for Antarctica relies on EU engaging China: law expert Macquarie University 8 months ago