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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Study Finds Ancient Human DNA Leaked Into Cave Stone Surrounding Bone GenomeWeb 9 days ago
2 Natalie Maixner | VA Richmond Health Care Veterans Affairs 2 months ago
3 Ancient poop shows people in present-day Austria drank beer and ate blue cheese up to 2700 years ago EurekAlert 2 months ago
4 Raymond Maixner | Obituaries | Norfolk Daily News 3 months ago
5 Obituaries: Maixner, Stichert, Miller Oil City News 6 months ago
6 In Remembrance of Dr. William Maixner Duke Anesthesiology 1 year ago
7 Pandemic shows essential role of ECT as treatment for severe depression EurekAlert 6 months ago
8 Tollund Man, Otzi the Iceman: What Their Last Meals Reveal Discover Magazine 3 months ago
9 Pandemic Shows Essential Role of ECT Treatment for Severe Depression Michigan Medicine 6 months ago
10 Want to play a game? Gary Maixner does IU Newsroom 3 years ago
11 Electroconvulsive Therapy Is an Essential Procedure | American Journal of Psychiatry Am J Psychiatry 7 months ago
12 GOP lawmakers could resurrect Electoral College of old | TheHill The Hill 3 months ago
13 Mummy research: Ancient dental calculus -- ne EurekAlert 2 months ago
14 Ann Arbor-area softball players to watch heading into state tournament 6 months ago
15 Michael Maixner named new CEO of Israel Railways The Jerusalem Post 3 years ago
16 A state in gridlock, and it's not just the traffic Haaretz 6 months ago
17 What The Diet Of A 5300-Year-Old 'Iceman' Says About Ancient Europeans NPR 3 years ago
18 Place names describe Scandinavia in the Iron and Viking Ages HeritageDaily 2 years ago
19 Students in the news, July 24 Bemidji Pioneer 4 months ago
20 Waiter gets the ultimate tip from a generous customer: See his brand-new smile 7 years ago
21 Ann Arbor-area softball players to watch for rest of 2021 season 7 months ago
22 Kansas Waiter Sporting a New Smile After Kind Stranger Leaves a Generous Tip People Magazine 7 years ago
23 Lost in the arguing: Early voting options are expanding | TheHill The Hill 7 months ago
24 Meet the brave new face of the Good Friday Appeal Herald Sun 9 months ago
25 First Thing: Norway attack suspect ‘showed signs of radicalisation’ The Guardian 2 months ago
26 Generous customer gives Kansas waiter Brian Maixner a life-changing tip: a new smile New York Daily News 7 years ago
27 5,300-year-old Iceman's last meal reveals rem EurekAlert 3 years ago
28 Waiter receives over $25000 tip to pay for dental surgery KABC-TV 7 years ago
29 Vol fans travel from across the U.S. to cheer for their team in Neyland Stadium 3 months ago
30 Lessons learned in second Iditarod for Kelly Maixner Bismarck Tribune 10 years ago
31 Meet the 2021 All-SEC softball teams 6 months ago
32 U-M Hospital offers improved 'shock therapy' as treatment for depression 5 years ago
33 About Agri-Pulse | Meet the Team Who Brings You Ag News Agri-Pulse 8 days ago
34 Study finds electroconvulsive therapy a cost-effective treatment for depression The Michigan Daily 4 years ago
35 Beach native Maixner tells of Iditarod's challenges | Local news for Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota | Bismarck Tribune 11 years ago
36 The discreet charm of Gstaad's luxury property market Financial Times 12 months ago
37 Ötzi’s last supper: mummified hunter's final meal revealed The Guardian 3 years ago
38 Pathogens found in Otzi's stomach EurekAlert 6 years ago
39 Electroconvulsive therapy: Peeling back the mystery Michigan Medicine 6 months ago
40 Lifestyle is a threat to gut bacteria: Ötzi proves it EurekAlert 2 years ago
41 A mummy's final meal adds to an ancient mystery The Economist 3 years ago
42 Depression: Shock Therapy Not Used Enough? Healthline 4 years ago
43 Students in the news, Feb. 6 Bemidji Pioneer 10 months ago
44 Ötzi the Iceman’s last meal shows how Copper Age people ate on the run Ars Technica 3 years ago
45 This Was Ötzi the Iceman's Last Meal National Geographic 3 years ago
46 Did Researchers Who Seek to Relieve Pain Contribute to the Opioid Epidemic? Pacific Standard 3 years ago
47 Kelly Maixner Leads Mushers Into Rohn Alaska Public Radio Network 8 years ago
48 Under Pressure From Opioid Lawsuits, One Pain Research Society Considers Bankruptcy Pacific Standard 3 years ago
49 A high-rise fire and a knife fight break out at a downtown Wichita apartment building Wichita Eagle 4 years ago
50 Direct Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Savidor train services to begin May 24 The Jerusalem Post 2 years ago
51 Wichita waiter has a new smile due to a stranger’s kindness 7 years ago
52 Iceman's Stomach Sampled—Filled With Goat Meat National Geographic 10 years ago
53 Underground Shul Opens in World’s Deepest Subway Station COLlive 5 months ago
54 How do we decrease addiction to opioids but still treat chronic pain? STAT 5 years ago
55 American Pain Society Goes Belly Up | MedPage Today Medpage Today 2 years ago
56 Stranger leaves behind a $25,000 tip so that Wichita waiter could get teeth fixed Daily Mail 7 years ago
57 High volume of Valley mushers leave Willow during Iditarod restart Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman 2 years ago
58 Mushing Explained Video: Designing the perfect dog sled Alaska Public Radio Network 6 years ago
59 Tractography imaging creates beautiful 'brainbows' that are helping doctors treat tumours ABC News 2 years ago
60 5,300-year-old Iceman's last meal reveals remarkably high-fat diet Phys.Org 3 years ago
61 Kilts? Check. Bagpipes? Check. Caber toss? Check. Bellevue to host Scottish Highland Games Omaha World-Herald 4 years ago
62 After scary winds and brilliant northern lights, 2 mushers stage thrilling sprint finish Alaska Dispatch News 7 years ago
63 A changing ag marketplace provides new challenges for farmer-owned co-ops Agri-Pulse 1 year ago
64 Ötzi: Study sheds light on 5,000-year-old Alpine diet Deutsche Welle 3 years ago
65 New studies of the "Iceman" reveal what life was like in the Copper Age Salon 3 years ago
66 First Jerusalem-Tel Aviv railway test run executed successfully The Jerusalem Post 2 years ago
67 American Pain Society Officially Shuttered Medscape 2 years ago
68 Couple shares ‘blessing’ of historic home Helena Independent Record 11 years ago
69 Duke fights class-action effort, says UNC/Duke med-faculty switches happen Durham Herald Sun 4 years ago
70 Diner leaves waiter $25k tip to fix teeth The Drinks Business 7 years ago
71 Twin talking after separation surgery Independent 12 years ago
72 The Library Outreach Cookbook | ALA Store 1 year ago
73 New mental health treatment unit opens at Michigan hospital Midland Daily News 5 years ago
74 Minding Michigan: Movies, TV hurts perception of electro-shock therapy Michigan Radio 5 years ago
75 Iceman Ötzi may have had stomach ache when he was murdered New Scientist 6 years ago
76 A whole mitochondria analysis of the Tyrolean Iceman's leather provides insights into the animal sources of Copper Age clothing | Scientific Reports 5 years ago
77 Healthwise: Hoarding? How do you let go? 5 years ago
78 Ötzi the Iceman enjoyed a very high-fat diet Cosmos 3 years ago
79 Exceptional Minds Training Academy Bolsters Digital Artists on the Autism Spectrum Variety 2 years ago
80 UMHS opens expanded ECT facility to help more people with severe depression and more University of Michigan Health System News 5 years ago
81 Last meal of ancient 'Iceman' revealed Fox News 3 years ago
82 Omic, Microscopic Analysis Elucidates Otzi's Last Meal GenomeWeb 3 years ago
83 This ancient 'iceman' had a very well-balanced final meal New York Post 3 years ago
84 What was Otzi the Iceman's last meal, 5300 years ago? 10 years ago
85 Generous diner leaves waiter whopping £17k tip to fix his decaying teeth 7 years ago
86 The Iceman's fat-laden final meals : Research Highlights 3 years ago
87 The Iceman of the Alps ate ibex meat shortly before dying 5000 years ago Washington Post 10 years ago
88 Anesthesiologist Historically Elected ASE President Duke Anesthesiology 2 years ago
89 The Iceman's Last Meal VOA Learning English 3 years ago
90 Wanker's Corner Saloon and Cafe: “Grab your nuts at the Wanker's Corner” | — Australia's leading news site 7 years ago
91 Which Ann Arbor-area softball player will we miss watching most in 2020? 2 years ago
92 Were Otzi the Iceman’s ancestors from Asia? 6 years ago
93 Train service returns after 3 months despite mounting coronavirus cases The Times of Israel 1 year ago
94 Ice mummy's last meal reveals human diet from the Copper Age 3 years ago
95 Delaine Lopour | Obituaries | Norfolk Daily News 3 months ago
96 Science reveals the menu of Otzi the Iceman's last meal CNN 3 years ago
97 Iceman mummy suffered head blow before death 8 years ago
98 Iditarod veterans prepare for the 2018 race KTNA 4 years ago
99 Catholic Charities celebrating 22 years of help and hope in Enid Enid News & Eagle 2 years ago
100 How To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Pain : Shots Health News 3 years ago