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1 Beyond Manchin: Dems' $2T bill faces Senate gauntlet Associated Press 11 days ago
2 Manchin won't rule out backing GOP effort to defund Biden vaccine mandate | TheHill The Hill 3 days ago
3 Joe Manchin should embrace paid leave — now | TheHill The Hill 2 days ago
4 Manchin questions VA secretary during hearing | News, Sports, Jobs The Inter-Mountain 2 days ago
5 How Manchin and Sinema’s status as Senate holdouts is proving lucrative The Guardian 7 days ago
6 Rafe Godrey: Manchin is who he's always been, a politician Charleston Gazette-Mail 13 hours ago
7 Manchin and Sinema Find Financial Support From G.O.P. Donors The New York Times 14 days ago
8 Manchin indicates 'pathway' to resolve debt ceiling standoff NBC News 5 days ago
9 Manchin notes inflation is "getting worse," as House is poised to vote on social spending package CBS News 23 days ago
10 Industry slams oil and gas reforms in bid to sway Manchin E&E News 3 days ago
11 Manchin sees his power grow | TheHill The Hill 26 days ago
12 Manchin knows the legalization program must be removed from the reconciliation bill | TheHill The Hill 4 days ago
13 5 things to know for Dec 3: Covid-19, federal funding, Manchin, immigration, Belarus Crossroads Today 2 days ago
14 Biden taps lawyer, Manchin alum to run mine safety agency E&E News 2 days ago
15 It’s Really, Truly, Finally All on Joe Manchin Slate Magazine 16 days ago
16 Manchin says he has 'no idea' if he's running for reelection New York Post 22 days ago
17 As Biden agenda hinges on Manchin, House progressives look to 'deescalate' tension CNN 23 days ago
18 Manchin, Capito talk infrastructure | News, Sports, Jobs The Inter-Mountain 12 days ago
19 Coronavirus Roundup: Manchin Backs Measure to Undo OSHA Vaccine Rule 2 days ago
20 As a coal plant fights for life, it could enrich Manchin Politico 15 days ago
21 Manchin: 'Looking very favorably' at Powell as Fed chair after meeting | TheHill The Hill 17 days ago
22 Activists swarm Joe Manchin's Maserati as he tries to leave parking garage New York Post 1 month ago
23 On Reconciliation Bill, Senate Moderates Hide Behind Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema The Wall Street Journal 17 days ago
24 GOP billionaire Ken Langone says he will hold a fundraiser for Democrat Joe Manchin, who has worked to shrink Biden's agenda CNBC 25 days ago
25 Things Joe Manchin Says HuffPost 28 days ago
26 Manchin opposes Biden FDA nominee | TheHill The Hill 23 days ago
27 Joe Manchin Objects to Another Build Back Better Policy: Everything the Senator Has Opposed Newsweek 23 days ago
28 Opinion | Joe Manchin, This Is What We Can’t Afford The New York Times 23 days ago
29 Manchin: Five days left to enroll, adjust Medicare plans during open enrollment period WDTV 2 days ago
30 Manchin casts a shadow over potential US action at international climate summit CNN 1 month ago
31 Manchin calls on Biden to restore Keystone XL pipeline | TheHill The Hill 11 days ago
32 Faith groups lobby Manchin over Biden's social policy agenda The Washington Post 16 days ago
33 Manchin set to make or break Biden's climate pledge | TheHill The Hill 20 days ago
34 Capito, Manchin Announce $2.6 Million to Establish Medical Training Facility, Create Jobs in Keyser, West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito 2 days ago
35 Joe Manchin's paid family leave stance is selfish and misguided MSNBC 1 month ago
36 Two U.S. senators talking to Manchin about objections to EV tax credit Reuters 6 days ago
37 Biden Treasury nominee Omarova laments Manchin: He is 'supposed to be on the Democratic side' Fox Business 26 days ago
38 How Nancy Pelosi Got Biden's Build Back Better Bill Back on Track The New York Times 15 days ago
39 Commentary: What about a Manchin-Sinema ticket in 2024? WV News 17 days ago
40 'Squad' Democrat Tlaib warns 'corporate Dems' Manchin, Sinema, may cut reconciliation in Senate: report Fox News 13 days ago
41 OPINION: Manchin, virus variant threaten Build Back Better Beaumont Enterprise 5 days ago
42 Nancy Pelosi Is Making a Fool of Joe Manchin National Review 1 month ago
43 Sen. Manchin: Don't cut early learning relief for working families | TheHill The Hill 17 days ago
44 Groups urge Manchin to support child tax credit, Build Back Better Act West Virginia MetroNews 20 days ago
45 James Humphreys: Build Back Better, Manchin finally aligned (Opinion) Charleston Gazette-Mail 17 days ago
46 McConnell says final Build Back Better bill will be 'written by Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema' Business Insider 23 days ago
47 Manchin says $1.5 trillion is his limit on Biden economic agenda amid battle with progressives CNN 2 months ago
48 Joe Biden is ready to destroy Canada’s auto jobs. This U.S. senator can stop him Toronto Star 1 day ago
49 Capito, Manchin Announce $406,000 to Expand Telehealth Services at Familycare Health Center in Putnam County Shelley Moore Capito 19 days ago
50 Memo to SF supes: On affordable housing, don't be Joe Manchin 48 hills 5 days ago
51 Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema Are Right to Resist the Democrats’ Agenda National Review 11 days ago
52 Earth Matters: Manchin helped kill reform of 1872 mining law that harms people and costs billions Daily Kos 2 days ago
53 Ingraham: Manchin, Sinema must come to 'Republican ship,' before voters throw them 'overboard' Fox News 17 days ago
54 Sunrise Confronts Joe Manchin at House Yacht, Demanding Immediate Passage of Reconciliation Package Common Dreams 1 day ago
55 Manchin at Council for Opportunity in Education workshop WV News 3 days ago
56 Dems confident on methane fee as budget bill moves to Senate Associated Press 13 days ago
57 Biden and Harris’s popularity is plummeting. What about a Manchin-Sinema 2024 ticket? The Seattle Times 16 days ago
58 Will Santa Claus Visit Chuck Schumer? The Wall Street Journal 3 days ago
59 Joe Manchin has a point: Means-testing would make 'social infrastructure' bill affordable | TheHill The Hill 26 days ago
60 Craig Underwood: Does Manchin have West Virginia courage? Charleston Gazette-Mail 14 days ago
61 Dem Whip Durbin to Manchin, Sinema: You've Made Your Mark On Build Back Better, Time To "Close The Deal" RealClearPolitics 3 days ago
62 When the Unstoppable Activists Met Their Match POLITICO Magazine 1 month ago
63 Guns or butter: Sen. Manchin continues to count pennies in the wrong places MSNBC 21 days ago
64 Democrats wrangle to keep climate priorities in spending bill | TheHill The Hill 3 days ago
65 Manchin and the Democrats’ last chance Brookings Institution 3 months ago
66 SCOOP: Manchin Tells Associates He's Considering Leaving the Democratic Party and Has an Exit Plan – Mother Jones Mother Jones 2 months ago
67 Manchin weighs another term as his influence peaks Politico 4 months ago
68 Will Joe Manchin Wreck the Democrats' Agenda? The New Yorker 6 months ago
69 Joe Manchin says he's 'very, very' disturbed about reconciliation proposals on climate change CNN 5 months ago
70 Manchin speaks out about his tough bargaining with Biden, fellow Democrats ABC News 1 month ago
71 Billionaire investor Nelson Peltz says he talks every week to Sen. Joe Manchin, who is pushing to cut Biden agenda CNBC 2 months ago
72 How Joe Manchin speaks for a lot of Americans CNN 6 months ago
73 Patience wanes as Democrats demand Sinema and Manchin reveal views on Biden agenda CNN 2 months ago
74 Joe Manchin Will Craft U.S. Climate Plan The New York Times 2 months ago
75 How Manchin's big role in spending bill negotiations is playing back in West Virginia NPR 1 month ago
76 Joe Manchin is at the center of an extremely divided Washington. Here's how he got here. CNN 6 months ago
77 Manchin fires back after Sanders pens op-ed in West Virginia paper Politico 2 months ago
78 Op-Ed: Can being a 'centrist' mean anything when one side is anti-democracy? Los Angeles Times 5 days ago
79 Why I Won’t Support Spending Another $3.5 Trillion The Wall Street Journal 3 months ago
80 Joe Manchin's Voters Aren't Letting Him Stop $2000 Checks The Appeal 11 months ago
81 Democrats Lobby Manchin On Budget Deal The New York Times 1 month ago
82 Manchin pushes back on billionaire tax as Democrats struggle to cut a deal on Biden agenda CNN 1 month ago
83 The Fate of Voting-Rights Legislation Lies With Joe Manchin The Atlantic 2 months ago
84 Joe Manchin Call With Billionaire Donors Offers Rare Glimpse of Dealmaking The Intercept 6 months ago
85 How Democrats miscalculated Manchin and later won him back CNN 9 months ago
86 Joe Manchin leads opposition to Biden’s climate bill, backed by support from oil, gas and coal The Guardian 2 months ago
87 Poll: Justice and Capito show solid approval while Manchin hangs tight West Virginia MetroNews 3 months ago
88 Manchin says 'January 6 changed me' as he calls for bipartisan cooperation CNN 8 months ago
89 Manchin backs taking first step on Biden's multi-trillion-dollar agenda as Democratic leaders grow more confident CNN 4 months ago
90 Manchin: 'I can assure you' reconciliation bill won't be $3.5 trillion CNN 3 months ago
91 Why Joe Manchin Is So Willing And Able To Block His Party’s Goals FiveThirtyEight 8 months ago
92 Democrat Joe Manchin says there’s one GOP senator he’d endorse ‘in a heartbeat’ Politico 8 months ago
93 Sen. Joe Manchin, key Democratic holdout on federal voting protections, coming to Texas for fundraiser hosted by several GOP donors The Texas Tribune 5 months ago
94 As Joe Manchin's Star Rose, FBI and IRS Probed His Closest Allies The Intercept 1 month ago
95 Benefits for All or Just the Needy? Manchin’s Demand Focuses Debate The New York Times 1 month ago
96 Manchin campaign contributions skyrocketed amid debate over For The People Act Charleston Gazette-Mail 4 months ago
97 Joe Manchin, at the apex of his power, finds few allies in his quest for bipartisanship The Washington Post 6 months ago
98 Ad war erupts in West Virginia as both sides try to pressure moderate Democrat Manchin CNBC 6 months ago
99 Manchin Says He Will Never Back Weakening Filibuster The New York Times 8 months ago
100 Progressives may hate it, but Manchin just saved the financial health of every American and showed Democrats how to beat McConnell The Boston Globe 2 months ago