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1 Al-Manqoush unveils outlines of Libya Stabilization Initiative
2 Al-Manqoush calls for speedy implementation of quartet border agreement with southern neighbours
3 Al-Manqoush reiterates the necessity to strengthen relations and initiate cooperation agreements with Austria
4 Al-Manqoush: Groups of foreign fighters have evacuated Libya
5 Germany: Elections in Libya must go ahead as planned
6 EU: We are prepared to support Libya towards the upcoming elections
7 International delegations taking part in the Libya Stability Conference begin to arrive in Tripoli
8 Qatar attends international Libya conference ahead of much-awaited elections
9 Venezuelan embassy due to reopen in Tripoli
10 USAID Administrator stresses her country's commitment in supporting Libyan elections
11 Al-Manqoush visits Moscow Thursday
12 Al-Manqoush: Libya had a prominent role in curbing ISIS in the region
13 Al-Manqoush and Blinken stress necessity to hold general elections in Libya on time
14 Libya’s top diplomat calls on Turkey to withdraw foreign fighters
15 Al-Manqoush informs Menfi on results of Libya's neighboring countries' meeting
16 Al-Manqoush, Egyptian ambassador discuss reopening of Egyptian embassy and consulate
17 Al-Shater: Al-Manqoush seems to have pushed strongly in a certain direction
18 Al-Manqoush, Lamamra exchange views on prospects for peaceful solution in Libya
19 Al-Manqoush pushes for downsizing missions abroad
20 Dbeibah and Al-Manqoush represent Libya at the Berlin II Conference
21 Libyan FM says "Libya's peace, security will not be achieved without regional & int'l support
22 Al-Koni and Al-Manqoush discuss unification of army and security of southern borders
23 Libyan FM discusses developments with Egyptian counterpart, to visit Egypt soon
24 Menfi meets President Erdogan on UNGA sidelines
25 Libya's foreign minister threatened with legal action over diplomat complaints
26 Washington pushes for removal of foreign fighters from Libya | | AW
27 Qatari foreign minister meets with Libyan officials in Tripoli
28 As they flex muscle, Libyan militias sow doubt about government authority | | AW
29 Senior US official says Washington willing to reopen embassy in Libya | | AW
30 Algeria meeting calls for holding Libyan elections as scheduled on 24 December
31 Those who yearn for war in Libya | | AW
32 Egypt, Libya discuss preparations for December elections
33 Turkey makes clear intent to keep military presence, mercenaries in Libya | Jemai Guesmi | AW
34 European leader urges foreign fighters to leave Libya
35 Libya’s first female cabinet minister light up hope for more reforms
36 Qatar moves to consolidate military, security presence in Libya | | AW
37 Italy Vows to Play a 'Crucial Role' in The Libya Relaunch
38 Washington confirms support for Libya Stability Initiative
39 Foreign, labour ministers review worker recruitment conditions
40 Libya says ready to help Tunisia fight wildfires
41 Egypt's Intelligence Chief arrives in Libya for strengthening cooperation relations
42 Libya, Kuwait agree to activate joint committee
43 Libya: Armed militias briefly take over Tripoli headquarters | Daily Sabah
44 EU to help Libya secure its southern borders
45 Libya, Malta review facilitating visas granting and opening airspace
46 Libya, Kuwait foreign ministers hold phone talks
47 Tunisia: Reopening of border crossings with Libya depends on Scientific Committee's permission
48 Iraq expresses wish to reopen embassy in Libya
49 New Bangladeshi ambassador presents credentials in Tripoli
50 Why Turkey resists withdrawing from Libya – ex-foreign minister
51 Libya and Tunisia discuss preparations for the meeting of Arab Foreign Ministries
52 Libyan Foreign Minister to visit Italy in the coming days
53 Tunisia briefs Libya on its attempts to stop unjust attacks on innocent Palestinians
54 New German ambassador presents credentials in Tripoli
55 Croatia expresses its eagerness to contribute to Libya's reconstruction
56 UN's Libya envoy warns of fresh conflict if elections are not held
57 Libya UN Envoy asserts implementation of ceasefire, LPDF roadmap
58 EU to continue to support Libyan institutions, Borrell says
59 Algeria to host a ministerial meeting of Libya's neighbours
60 Libyan Foreign Minister, US ambassador review elections preparation
61 Ministry of Foreign Affairs assesses present situation of Libyan Embassy in Damascus
62 Libyan Foreign Minister briefs Arab counterparts on new stability initiative
63 Foreign Minister: Libya won't be backyard for instability in the region
64 Libya's Foreign Minister, European counterparts agree on removal of mercenaries
65 Libyan Foreign Minister asks Russia to help in unifying military institution
66 Libya, Turkey's Foreign Ministers discuss boosting cooperation
67 Al-Mangoush urges Libya's neighbors for cooperation against human trafficking, smuggling
68 Greece to grant Libyans visas soon
69 Libyan-Jordanian agreement to resolve debts file for Jordanian hospitals
70 Dbeibah meets German Ambassador
71 Egyptian-Libyan relations: Neighbourhood watch
72 NCHRL urges government to consider humanitarian situation at the Ras Ijdir border
73 Libya, Algeria agree to strengthen cooperation
74 Libyan Foreign Minister: Reopening China's embassy is significant
75 UN stresses 'significant threat' of mercenaries in Libya for region | | AW
76 Female Libyan activists demand politicians stick to election timetable
77 Erdoğan's Eastern Med Repentance: Too Little, Too Late