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1 Haitian migrant border crisis sparks protests and charges of racism
2 America’s Long History of Mistreating Haitian Migrants
3 Some Haitians seeking asylum in the US. say its immigration policy is racist
4 Haitian Americans in Michigan protest U.S. policy on migrants at border
5 Why Thousands of Haitians Are at the US-Mexico Border
6 I am a Haitian American. Brutality at border nothing new. My success is part of deception.
7 Massachusetts Haitian-Americans express outrage at crisis on the border, plan rally
8 Haitian Americans in D-FW say they’re fed up over deportation of thousands of countrymen at border
9 American Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti, Officials Say
10 Haitians see history of racist policies in migrant treatment
11 N.J.’s Haitian Americans express strong feelings about what happened at the border | Opinion
12 Haitian Americans rally in Mattapan to stop deportations
13 Chicago's Haitian community concerned over Haiti migrants' mistreatment at US-Mexico border
14 The Biden administration is deporting and detaining Haitian migrants. That has a racial history.
15 U.S. Begins Flying Haitian Migrants Home From Texas In Mass Expulsion
16 Americans have forgotten how their government shaped Haiti
17 Haitian-Americans Lash Out At Biden’s Mass Expulsion Of Immigrants
18 Georgia lawyer wants to help Haitian immigrants trying to cross the border
19 Haitian journey to Texas border starts in South America
20 Tens of thousands of Haitian migrants are trapped in southern Mexico
21 12,000 Haitian migrants in southern Mexico is but ‘tip of the iceberg,’ activist says
22 US: Treatment of Haitian Migrants Discriminatory
23 Saddened by rise in refugees and migrants, Haitian-Americans denounce returns to Haiti
24 ‘Fix this.’ Miami officials furious over Haitian deportations, inaction from Biden.
25 A Bridge Over Troubled Borders
26 Grim echoes of history in images of Haitians at US-Mexico border
27 Haiti deportations by Biden administration anger Spring Valley leaders
28 Perilous, Roadless Jungle Becomes a Path of Desperate Hope
29 Haiti faces disasters and chaos. Its people are most likely to be denied U.S. asylum
30 Haitians Face Harsh US Immigration Policy
31 Haitians Pushed To U.S. Border By Misinformation Now Angry At Deportation
32 Sen. Blumenthal asks Haitian Americans what they think should be done on southern border
33 Examining the possible fate of Haitian, DACA immigrants
34 How History Is Repeating Itself for Haitian Migrants Trying to Enter the U.S.
35 Crisis at the Border: All of Biden's Horsemen
36 Guest Column: We honor our Haitian Ancestors and decry mistreatment of our people in Texas
37 Hundreds of Haitians arrive in Massachusetts from southern border lacking housing, health care
38 Haitian-Americans lean on professional connections to support earthquake relief
39 'We fought for this land': Dozens protest in West Palm over treatment of Haitians at border
40 Deportations from Texas to Haiti expected to double
41 Vile roundup of Haitians in Texas proves the last thing America wants is more Black people
42 As hundreds of Haitian refugees arrive in Massachusetts from natural disasters and social unrest, state gover
43 RI takes Biden Administration to task for treatment of Haitian refugees at southern Border – Uprise RI
44 Haitian advocates call on Biden to turn page on 'cruel asylum policies' | TheHill
45 Haitian-Americans head to Houston to help asylum seekers from border
46 Afghan refugees and Haitians at the Texas border: Who’s worthy of US protection?
47 Do You Feel Like Haitian Immigrants Are Being Treated Fairly?
48 In Miami, leaders demand that Biden stop deporting Haitian migrants
49 Haitian-Americans in Mass. plan rally to support migrants at border
50 Haitian leaders meeting with Biden administration demanding deportations cease
51 Jonathan P. Baird: America's debt to Haiti
52 Biden’s incoherent immigration policy
53 Biden's Mass Deportations to Haiti Deny Asylum Opportunity
54 Days Before Guatemalan Police Rescued More Than 100 Haitian Migrants Trapped In Shipping Container, Trump 'Fearmongered' About Biden Letting 'Everybody' In
55 Haitians bear lowest rate of asylum approvals, top deportation rates
56 In Haiti, Can Non-Governmental Groups Offer A Civil Society Solution?
57 Blinken cautions Haitian migrants against 'profoundly dangerous' trek to U.S.
58 ‘This Is Not Acceptable’: North Miami Councilwoman Upset Over Images Of Border Patrol Agents On Horseback Chasing Down Haitian Migrants
59 Massive migrant caravans are on their way. Democrats must move on migration alternatives.
60 ‘Treating Those Immigrants Like Dogs’: North Miami Mayor Sickened By Images Of Border Patrol Agents Using Whips To Corral Haitian Immigrants
61 It’s not just Republicans. Everyone’s mad at Biden over migration.
62 Let's do without the self-cannibalism directed at Haitians doing their jobs
63 Local Leaders in East Orange Speak Out Against the Haitian Plight at the Mexican Boarder
64 Top U.S. Official Apologizes In Haiti For Migrant Treatment: 'It Was Wrong'
65 Op-Ed: The West owes a centuries-old debt to Haiti
66 Thousands Of Haitians Are Migrating To The U.S. After Facing Racism, Poverty In Latin America
67 Haitian chef in Austin speaks out on Del Rio situation
68 Treatment Of Migrants In Texas Spark Miami Protest From Haitian Americans
69 Haitian struggle at the border | New Orleans' Multicultural News Source
70 COVID-19 has now killed as many as Spanish Flu, thousands of Haitian migrants at Texas border
71 Gangs, guns and private ports: How Haiti's elites, politicians fuel its violence | Opinion
72 'Bring something real.' A Hamilton County resolution welcoming Afghan refugees triggers an unexpected dispute
73 Haiti is a source of refugees today, but it was once a haven for them
74 Kamala Harris came in to solve issues in Central America. But the problem is now much bigger.
75 Booster Shots, Climate Change, NASA: Your Weekend Briefing
76 'What more can we take?': Haitian-Americans reel from earthquake
77 A migration crisis is ballooning in Latin America
78 Haitian Americans worry for their families back home after assassination
79 Haitian Americans say they are soul-searching after the assassination of Haiti's president
80 For Haitians in U.S., a constant feeling of deja vu as disasters destroy their homeland
81 The silent exodus of Latin America’s Haitian population
82 Haiti Earthquake: Haitian Americans Mobilize As Yet Another Disaster Hits
83 ‘This really hurts so much’: Local Haitian organizations team up to help the quake-ravaged nation
84 Earthquake Having Devastating Financial Impact On Haitian Americans In South Florida
85 Caught Between U.S. Policies and Instability at Home, Haitian Migrants in Tijuana Are in a State of Limbo
86 Opinion | Haiti’s Forgotten Asset: Its Diaspora
87 Analysis | The Trailer: 'Voter depression': In a Florida special election, Democrats are ready to give Biden an earful
88 Haitian Americans Worry About Relatives Back Home
89 Ethnic, racial tensions follow Haitian Americans’ political rise in northeast Dade
90 Opinion | Haiti's torments seem bottomless. America can and must do more.
91 South Florida’s large Haitian-American community watches news from the island closely
92 CBP actions at southern border highlight racism in immigration system
93 The push to get Haitians to 'Hexit' from Democrats
94 Two Haitian Americans running for At-Large City Council ask for help for their homeland
95 Opinion | Haiti is desperate. Americans can and should help.
96 After an assassination, Haitians in Miami ponder solutions
97 Haiti earthquake brings support from Spring Valley diaspora
98 R.I. Haitian-American leaders call for end to deportations
99 'We Know Haiti.' After 2010 Debacle, Diaspora Wants Bigger Earthquake Aid Role
100 Groups Urge Biden Administration to Halt Deportation Flights to Haiti