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1 The Roots of the Atlanta Shooting Go Back to the First Law Restricting Immigration
2 Atlanta shootings: anti-Asian bias is not new
3 Medicare for All Needs a Sunrise Movement
4 Next-Level Noods Game Changers
5 Furikake Is Rice's Best Friend | Food & Wine
6 The Dark Side of the Cult of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
7 ‘Voting Became a Lot More Cool’: How Gen Z Showed Up for Biden
8 It's Apple Picking Season In The Apocalypse
9 Sahra Nguyen
10 The Free Speech Grifters
11 The history of violence against Asians and Asian Americans
12 Who's Complicit in the Covington Catholic Debacle?
13 Blacklist Every Last One of Them
14 Megan Rapinoe on Changing the Game for Equal Pay and Her Break from Soccer with Fiancee Sue Bird
15 America Is on a Death March with Coronavirus
16 Who Really Writes Chefs' Recipes? | Food & Wine
17 Rice Is Everything: A Celebration of the World's Most Popular Food
18 April 2021
19 ‘Lean In’ Has Been Discredited For Good
20 Amazon, Google, and Big Tech Want to Eat Health Care Next
21 Biden's American Families Plan Misses a Big Opportunity on Medicare
22 Why Does Mainstream Media Keep Attacking Bernie Sanders as He Wins?
23 George Takei on the Return of Concentration Camps in America
24 Ayanna Pressley Takes on the Liberal Bona Fides of Massachusetts—and the Democratic Party
25 Taylor Swift and the Political Awakening of America's White Women
26 How Free Speech Warriors Mainstreamed White Supremacists
27 Elizabeth Warren Is Running Like a Woman
28 How Title IX Gave Rise to the Dad Fan
29 Mark Meadows at Michael Cohen's Testimony and America’s Problem with Racist Denialism
30 Andrew Sullivan and the New Power Dynamics of "White People"
31 Puddles
32 Writing About Politics Sucks
33 Our Political Leadership Is Failing Us at Every Level on the Coronavirus Pandemic
34 The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, May 24
35 Where to Stay, Eat, and Shop in Mexico City's Coolest Neighborhood
36 Why Eleanor Holmes Norton Is Optimistic About D.C. Statehood
37 Why Do Cisgender People Use Detransitioning as a Bogeyman? | GEN
38 'Badass': The One Word Many Female Chefs Hate To Be Called : The Salt
39 Stop Telling Me To Travel Like a Local, Okay?
40 For Our Food Culture To Diversify, Our Restaurant Criticism Needs To, Too
41 Rashid Johnson and Ashton Sanders on Remaking ‘Native Son’
42 How the Women in White Made the President Look Powerless
43 Ryan Adams and the Emergence of Taking Women Seriously
44 The White Men Who Threaten Me With Their Own Suicide
45 The Right Is Worse Than the Left on Free Speech. So What?
46 Goop, Trump, and the Lucrative Assault on Truth
47 Lean into vacation food no matter where you are
48 What Elizabeth Warren Keeps Getting Wrong About DNA Tests and Native American Heritage
49 Women Politicians Should Swear More
50 Eater Young Guns 2018: Meet the Winners
51 Can the Democratic Socialists Succeed Where Occupy Wall Street Failed?
52 Ochazuke, the simplest, most soothing of all soups
53 What Democratic Candidates Everywhere Can Learn from Ayanna Pressley's Upset Victory
54 No One Disrespects the Troops More Than Donald Trump
55 The Midterm Election Is a Referendum on the GOP’s White Nationalism
56 20 Food Journalists to Celebrate on World Press Freedom Day
57 The Pandemic Isn’t Forcing Moms Out of the Workforce — Dads Are
58 The Atlanta Shootings Were Anti-Asian Hate Crimes. Here's How to Help.
59 What Are Chuck Schumer and the Tea Cup Democrats Afraid Of?
60 The National Pastime Is a National Disgrace
61 There Aren't Two Sides: Trump's Violent Rhetoric Is What Got Us Here
62 American Women Need a Revolution. It Has to Be Bigger Than RBG.
63 Seeing Kale With New Eyes
64 The Battle for Free Speech on Campus is Far from Over
65 Laura Johnson, Founder of You & Yours Distilling Co.
66 Why I love doing touristy things when I travel
67 The treatment of Nimesh Patel at Columbia proves campuses have a serious free-speech problem
68 Chef/gardener extols balanced diet to nourish the body
69 The Rise Of The Conservative "Grifter"
70 Trump shares NU professor's criminology research in 'unwelcome endorsement'
71 2019 James Beard Media Awards: The Complete List of Winners
72 There is no campus free speech crisis: The right's new moral panic is largely imaginary
73 Alex Morse's #MeToo Scandal Was Missing the "Me" and the "Too." Now He Might Score a Big Win For Progressives.
74 How to Bond With Your Boss
75 Half of college students aren't sure protecting free speech is important. That's bad news
76 Vilifying China Puts a Bull’s-Eye on the Backs of Asian Americans
77 Psst, Aloha Tofu Factory in Kalihi Offers Cheapest, Freshest Tofu To Go
78 The 2019 James Beard Media Award Winners
79 For some insane reason, Berkeley declines to name a street after avocado toast
80 Food & Drink Editor leaves Time Out New York
81 Corporate Media Miss Distinction Between Pro- and Anti-Genocide
82 Migrant Massage Workers Don’t Need to Be Rescued
83 The Food Names You Need to Know About in 2018
84 How to Find Your Best Diet
85 How to buy ultra-fresh, non-GMO tofu at Aloha Tofu's factory
86 Mineral Sunscreens That Actually Work
87 Congress Learns A Lesson About Internet Hate In Real Time
88 What's a Safety Razor, and Should I Be Using One?
89 'What happened to us should never happen again': Japanese-American protesters weigh in on travel ruling
90 GQ Editors Share a Few of Their Favorite Classic GQ Reads
91 The Shellfish Episode Of David Chang's 'Ugly Delicious' on Netflix Will Have You Pricing Flights To Ho Chi Minh City
92 This $12 Japanese Drugstore Lotion Transformed My Face
93 These Are the 2019 James Beard Award Finalists | Food & Wine
94 Feeling This: "Always Be My Baby," Forever and Ever
95 I Don’t Miss My Ex, But I Do Miss My Condiments
96 Muji Is Asia’s Most Underrated Skincare Line
97 The 3 best Mexican restaurants in each Massachusetts county, according to Yelp
98 Hate speech leads to violence. Why would liberals defend it?
99 Would You Buy a Mini Fridge Just for Beauty Products?
100 SHIRLEY DE VILLIERS: The virus of despots and cretins