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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiative Will Appear On November Ballot, State Announces Marijuana Moment 5 hours ago
2 Dangerous artificial marijuana, with names like K2 and Spice, is used less in states where weed is legalized CNN 15 hours ago
3 Phoenix's Trulieve dispensary signifies greater marijuana acceptance Axios 9 hours ago
4 Martha's Vineyard News | Indoor Marijuana Farm Seeks to Streamline The Vineyard Gazette 5 hours ago
5 In Kenya, promises of marijuana paradise electrify the electorate NPR 23 hours ago
6 Remembering Olivia Newton-John's courageous medical marijuana advocacy Leafly 22 hours ago
7 Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana After Age 40 — Eat This Not That Eat This, Not That 1 day ago
8 Michigan's top marijuana industry regulator leaving his post Detroit News 2 hours ago
9 Council: AZ marijuana testing rules have loopholes, may harm consumers The Arizona Republic 9 hours ago
10 curiousKC | Have a Question About Legalizing Marijuana? Let Us Know. Flatland 23 hours ago
11 New Florida Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed For 2024 Ballot, With Backing Of State's Largest Medical Cannabis Company Marijuana Moment 1 day ago
12 Federal lawsuit looks to use RICO statutes to end medical marijuana in Arkansas WREG NewsChannel 3 1 day ago
13 Marijuana back on the ballot in Granite County Montana Montana Free Press 1 day ago
14 County commissioners hold hearing on marijuana sales Daily Inter Lake 15 hours ago
15 D.C.'s new Joint Cannabis Task Force to begin inspecting marijuana stores this September Washington Times 6 hours ago
16 Highly potent weed creating marijuana addicts worldwide, study says CNN 16 days ago
17 Marijuana legalization: Legal weed needs potency limits USA TODAY 6 days ago
18 Where cannabis legalization efforts stand across the country POLITICO 7 days ago
19 Feds Seek Contractor To Help Test Marijuana Compounds In People's Breath Marijuana Moment 4 days ago
20 Marijuana, hemp, CBD and delta-8 in Texas: what’s legal and what’s not The Texas Tribune 23 days ago
21 Curious about marijuana? We’ve created a guide to buying legal weed in New Jersey. 1 day ago
22 Schumer's legal weed bill is finally here POLITICO 20 days ago
23 The move to legalize marijuana at the federal level Spectrum News 16 days ago
24 Booker talks cannabis compromise details (Newsletter: August 5, 2022) Marijuana Moment 5 days ago
25 Athens-Clarke County, home of the University of Georgia, decriminalizes marijuana The Atlanta Journal Constitution 5 days ago
26 Advocates for medical marijuana thought this was going to be the year North Carolina Health News 21 days ago
27 Dangers of marijuana use: What experts say about legalizing marijuana Deseret News 5 days ago
28 Inside Denver's struggles to diversify its $700M marijuana market POLITICO 13 days ago
29 State Lawmakers Across The U.S. Call For Federal Marijuana Legalization And Banking Reform In Revised Resolution Marijuana Moment 6 days ago
30 What Smoking Marijuana Does to Your Body Every Day — Eat This Not That Eat This, Not That 29 days ago
31 Medical marijuana legal, weed possession arrests persist Florida The Ledger 28 days ago
32 Ohio's marijuana industry employment is set to skyrocket The Columbus Dispatch 19 days ago
33 House approves cannabis & psychedelics amendments (Newsletter: July 14, 2022) Marijuana Moment 27 days ago
34 In the Weeds: D.C. Allows Adults to Self-Prescribe Medical Marijuana, NY Warnings, Oregon Bans Delta-8 THC Products McGuireWoods 28 days ago
35 Whacked on weed? Here’s what to know about North Carolina’s marijuana laws Charlotte Observer 26 days ago
36 Cannabis amendments blocked in Congress (Newsletter: July 19, 2022) Marijuana Moment 22 days ago
37 Germany, Luxembourg, Malta And The Netherlands Discuss Marijuana Legalization At Historic Joint Meeting Marijuana Moment 23 days ago
38 Demand for marijuana in Oregon plummets, so does the price KATU 26 days ago
39 Montana Marijuana Businesses Face Seemingly Endless Cycle Of Local Votes On Allowing Them To Operate Marijuana Moment 22 days ago
40 Top Federal Drug Agency Details Plan To Award One New Marijuana Supplier Contract For Research Purposes Marijuana Moment 22 days ago
41 Marijuana Cloud Shrouds Colombian Town When Cops Burn 1.5 Ton Seizure TMZ 27 days ago
42 Australian medical marijuana farm's LED lights turn night sky pink The Washington Post 18 days ago
43 New York Marijuana Regulators Approve Rules To Start Accepting Retailer Applications From People Harmed By Drug War Marijuana Moment 27 days ago
44 Transportation Department Reminds Workers They Can't Use Marijuana And Cautions Against CBD Marijuana Moment 21 days ago
45 Federal Standards Handbook Gets New Section On Cannabis Potency, Packaging And Labeling Marijuana Moment 19 days ago
46 'If it'll help a toothache, I'm for it': Texas ag commissioner supports expanding medical marijuana 18 days ago
47 Marijuana MSO Green Dragon gets $15 million financing for expansion Marijuana Business Daily 16 days ago
48 White House Actively Investigating Another Marijuana Case In Russia Involving U.S. Citizen Marijuana Moment 21 days ago
49 Marijuana Reform Advocates in Multiple States Turn in Signatures for 2022 Initiative Campaigns Norml 27 days ago
50 Missouri Marijuana Legalization Measure In Danger Of Not Qualifying For Ballot Marijuana Moment 23 days ago
51 Federal Marijuana Enforcement On Tribal Lands Is 'Horrible Misappropriation' Of Resources, Senator Tells Interior Secretary Marijuana Moment 26 days ago
52 Medicinal marijuana sales plummet in Colorado Springs and across state KOAA News 5 22 days ago
53 Pennsylvania Governor Signs Marijuana Banking And Insurance Reform Bill Into Law Marijuana Moment 30 days ago
54 Thailand makes marijuana legal, but smoking is discouraged NPR 2 months ago
55 Weed users nearly 25% more likely to need emergency care and hospitalization CNN 1 month ago
56 Using marijuana may affect your ability to think and plan, study says CNN 7 months ago
57 Delay in start of N.J. marijuana market not uncommon New Jersey Monitor 4 months ago
58 Effects of Marijuana on Brain Health: An AHA Scientific Statement Neurology Advisor 6 months ago
59 Democrats are looking for a weed deal POLITICO 2 months ago
60 Teens Are Getting Sick From Products With High THC Levels The New York Times 21 days ago
61 Weed is legal in Thailand but tourists can't smoke The Washington Post 2 months ago
62 Marijuana Laws and the 2022 Workplace SHRM 4 months ago
63 Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana, Says Science — Eat This Not That Eat This, Not That 5 months ago
64 The challenges of studying marijuana's effects on the heart and brain American Heart Association News 4 months ago
65 Investor, advocates sue Florida medical marijuana regulator POLITICO 2 months ago
66 House passes bill to federally decriminalize marijuana CNN 4 months ago
67 Recreational marijuana access reduces demand for prescription drugs | Cornell Chronicle Cornell Chronicle 4 months ago
68 D.C. passes bill protecting employees who fail marijuana tests from being fired NPR 2 months ago
69 Marijuana's effects on the brain need more research American Heart Association News 6 months ago
70 Not Your Parents' Pot: Teen Cannabis Use Raises Red Flags WebMD 7 months ago
71 Lawmakers on opposite sides of marijuana debate say more potent pot is needed for research CBS News 4 months ago
72 Tips on how to grow your own marijuana The Washington Post 3 months ago
73 Federal attempts to legalize marijuana flail, even as public support grows Arizona Mirror 4 months ago
74 California may require labels on pot products to warn of mental health risks NPR 2 months ago
75 New take on runner's high: Study explores how marijuana affects workouts University of Colorado Boulder 8 months ago
76 The Unintended Consequence of Trying to Give Black Marijuana Entrepreneurs a Head Start POLITICO 2 months ago
77 Is weed a gateway drug? Medical News Today 5 months ago
78 Marijuana use may cause cognitive impairment even when no longer high NBC News 6 months ago
79 States that legalized marijuana now researching mental health risks of high-potency cannabis NBC News 3 months ago
80 California medical marijuana patients can get free weed. Here's how Los Angeles Times 2 months ago
81 How Oklahoma Became a Marijuana Boom State The New York Times 7 months ago
82 Marijuana Users Need More ER, Hospital Care Everyday Health 1 month ago
83 Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana — Eat This Not That Eat This, Not That 4 months ago
84 Legal Marijuana Sales Will Start Next Thursday in New Jersey The New York Times 4 months ago
85 The bags look like well-known chips or candies, but what's inside could harm children CNN 4 months ago
86 With Legalized Pot in the Air, a Federal Trial Riles Advocates The New York Times 3 months ago
87 Is Marijuana Addictive? Possibly, But It Depends Verywell Health 6 months ago
88 Big Rise in Marijuana Vaping Among U.S. Teens WebMD 3 months ago
89 Is the word 'marijuana' racist? Leafly 2 months ago
90 As CT eyes marijuana to boost social equity, MA offers a case study The Connecticut Mirror 1 month ago
91 N.J. Legal Marijuana Sales Start The New York Times 4 months ago
92 How the pandemic created a new generation of stoners The Guardian US 4 months ago
93 House Committee Leaders Tackle Marijuana Research, Kratom, Impaired Driving And More In New Spending Measures Marijuana Moment 1 month ago
94 How marijuana has struggled to find roots in one of America's most conservative states Courthouse News Service 2 months ago
95 Where US Marijuana Legalization Stands theSkimm 4 months ago
96 New York's 1st legal marijuana crop sprouts under the sun ABC News 1 month ago
97 Kentucky Governor Appoints Marijuana Legalization Advisory Panel Forbes 2 months ago
98 Did Minnesota accidentally legalize weed? POLITICO 1 month ago
99 Prescription cannabis products with more THC may ease chronic pain, at least a little, study finds CNN 2 months ago
100 Fetterman's not-so-secret weapon: Weed legalization POLITICO 3 months ago