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1 France's far-right Marine Le Pen under fire for going mainstream
2 Marine Le Pen struggles for answers
3 Has Marine Le Pen’s 'normalisation' strategy taken the French far-right out of the running?
4 France's Le Pen: we will not return to the old National Front
5 France's Le Pen seeks to regain momentum after poll setback
6 Le Pen vs. “Wokisme”: The Social Justice Wars Reshaping France
7 Marine Le Pen's masterplan for France's future in EU: 'We want a national vision!'
8 Why France's Provence and the Riviera are so right-wing
9 No champagne for Macron, Marine Le Pen
10 Orbán, Le Pen, Salvini join forces to blast EU integration
11 France’s lower house approves anti-separatism bill to battle Islamist extremism
12 French neofascist candidate Le Pen denounces Franco-German alliance
13 Marine Le Pen issues eurosceptic rallying cry as she predicts end of EU superstate
14 Far-Right Leader Rebrands for France's Presidential Election
15 Marine Le Pen's Becoming More Mainstream But Is it Working?
16 France forced to soften rules after coronavirus green pass backlash
17 The meaning of Macron
18 Marine Le Pen's far-right party falls short in France's regional elections
19 Macron to leave France 'crushed by abysmal debt' after 'incapacity to anticipate'
20 Far-Right French Leader Marine Le Pen Acquitted Over ISIS Tweets
21 Macron Sparks Backlash With Vaccine Mandate, Health Pass in France
22 French protesters reject virus passes, vaccine mandate
23 Marine Le Pen Reckons She'll Be President of France Next Year
24 Le Pen Tells Macron He Risks 'Civil War' After Military Letter
25 Marine Le Pen touts national unity government for France
26 Forget Germany! EU alliance collapses as Macron rival says France should shun Berlin
27 Marine Le Pen fails to make gains in French local elections
28 French far-right politician Marine Le Pen to stand in 2022 election
29 Could Marine Le Pen finally triumph with her third tilt at French presidency?
30 Could 2022 Be the Year for France's Le Pen?
31 Marine Le Pen sets sights on territory of traditional right
32 French far-right leader Marine Le Pen in court over IS group tweets
33 Marine Le Pen Staging a Comeback for France's 2022 Presidential Election
34 Marine Le Pen: French far-right leader to quit as party chief
35 Marine Le Pen looks for an electoral boost on the French Riviera
36 France's Le Pen Gains Ground for 2022 Elections, Poll Shows
37 After regional polls, is Le Pen further away from the presidency?
38 What's fueling the shocking rise of Italy's far right? | Opinion
39 France’s north takes political centre stage ahead of 2022 polls
40 France's younger voters divided over voting for Macron or Le Pen
41 'It's over': Macron risks losing left in Le Pen battle
42 Marine Le Pen seeks political opening after teacher’s beheading in France
43 Le Pen’s Post-COVID Moment
44 Riding high in the polls, France's Le Pen proposes hijab ban
45 France's Election Season Kicks Off With Le Pen Sparring on Islam
46 Trends favor Le Pen victory, 'somersaults' in French politics | Cornell Chronicle
47 French politics: Macron faces test of character as Le Pen's popularity grows
48 Far-right leader Le Pen could win French 2022 presidential election-Le Maire
49 Eric Zemmour, the French TV star who is stealing Marine Le Pen’s thunder
50 From the archive: The resistible rise of Marine Le Pen – podcast
51 Macron, Le Pen in battle for support of right
52 France's Le Pen vows to stand up against China in Indo-Pacific
53 Poll puts Le Pen on 48% to threaten Macron for first time
54 Terrorism Fears Feed the Rise of France’s Extreme Right
55 Will France's anti-Marine Le Pen “republican front” hold?
56 Macron’s interior minister confronts Le Pen on her own territory
57 Nasty Riviera campaign key to hopes of France's far-right
58 Will Marine Le Pen's rebrand help her win?
59 Marine Le Pen leads the challenge to Emmanuel Macron as rivals falter
60 Is France ‘sleepwalking' into voting for the far-right?
61 French far-right TV personality Eric Zemmour mulls presidential bid, alarming Marine Le Pen
62 Can France’s Far Right Rise to Power? One Mayor Shows How.
63 How Marine Le Pen killed a rapper’s football anthem
64 Can Marine Le Pen win the hearts and minds – and votes – of French Jews? She believes she can
65 How Le Pen may beat Macron
66 I'll restore French peace and unity, vows Marine Le Pen
67 Marine Le Pen's path to power against Emmanuel Macron begins in French Riviera
68 Biden is pushing federal workers to get vaccinated. Here's how other countries have approached vaccine mandates
69 Le Pen candidate shown gaining control of Provence region in opinion poll
70 Macron lacks reformist zeal for replay of duel with Le Pen
71 France Political Polls: Emmanuel Macron and Marie Le Pen Latest News
72 Macron under scrutiny after adviser's lunch with niece of Le Pen
73 How the far-right has shifted France’s political center of gravity
74 Marine Le Pen and President Macron clash over jihadist attack
75 Marine Le Pen has Élysée in her sights as Macron loses left
76 Language tests and deportation for the unemployed
77 Marine Le Pen dumps National Rally candidates for antisemitism, child abuse and domestic violence
78 Jews in Le Pen's party make blacklist of candidates with neo-Nazi ties
79 France’s Le Pen Hit by Party Candidate Scandals
80 France sets up 'office of secularism' to protect country against Muslims
81 Jean-Marie Le Pen's Memoir Reminds Us That France's Populist Right Has Fascist Roots
82 France elections: What makes Marine Le Pen far right?
83 Marine Le Pen is the phoenix from France's far-right, writes Anita Pratap
84 French regional elections matter more than you think. Here is why
85 France's Divided Left Is Struggling to Challenge the Macron–Le Pen Duopoly
86 What We're Watching: Le Pen on the rise, big leak in Iran, bad omen for Japan's LDP
87 How dangerous is Marine Le Pen?
88 Delayed Covid inoculations are Macron's Waterloo, says Marine Le Pen
89 EU's plan to 'wipe UK off the map' and merge England and France: 'Nobody wants it!'
90 Four decades after Mitterrand's victory, France's left is in trouble
91 Who is Marine Le Pen?
92 Marine Le Pen Has The Strongest Chance To Succeed,Of All Progressive Political Leaders In The World Today | Scoop News
93 Le Pen's immigration referendum pledge: What the latest figures show The far-right leader said her
94 Far-right politician Marine Le Pen would beat Emmanuel Macron in first round of French elections, new poll suggests
95 France: Far-right Marine Le Pen to run for president again
96 Marine Le Pen's 'Brutal' Upbringing Shaped Her Worldview
97 France Election 2017: The Inside Story of Marine Le Pen
98 Far-right French politician Le Pen calls for nationwide headscarf ban | Daily Sabah
99 Third time lucky? Le Pen sets her sights on the Élysée Palace
100 Jean-Marie Le Pen bars daughter as he marries at 92