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1 chillTV News of the Week, with Don Lehn: September 30, 2021 – Chilliwack Councilor Harv Weseringh, Mario Canseco (VIDEO) – FVN
2 B.C. support for Canada's oil pipeline project may be waning
3 Election 2021 results: Conservatives disappointed by showing in B.C.
4 Majority of Canadians support provincial vaccine passport plans: poll
5 Canadians believe more significant steps needed for reconciliation with First Nations (POLL)
6 Canadians’ faith in the country’s health-care system still strong
7 British Columbians down on Trans Mountain, but open to reconsidering Northern Gateway: poll – Williams Lake Tribune
8 Podcast: Pandemic election "a selfish grab for power by a power mad prime minister"
9 Don't bet on party leaders losing their jobs any time soon, poll suggests
10 Majority of British Columbians in new survey say no way to B.C. name change
11 Liberal support among Canadian voters drops to 33%: poll
12 O’Toole leads poll on foreign policy, Trudeau tops on crime, health care
13 Support for renaming British Columbia varies by age: survey
14 Most Canadians say they understand systemic discrimination – but many don’t think their neighbours do: poll
15 Separatist sentiment has faded in Canada since last year: poll
16 ​Polls show 'big climb' in People's Party support in B.C. since start of campaign
17 B.C. sports fans' interest in decline due to COVID-19? Survey says so
18 Canadians are getting more confident in COVID-19 vaccine rollout plans, new poll suggests
19 Pollution, climate change weigh on most British Columbians’ minds: poll
20 Majority of British Columbians say let's play major league ball
21 Half of those working from home will consider job change if asked to work full time in office after pandemic
22 Rising number of Canadians ready to rethink country's relationship with the monarchy: poll
23 Most Canadians support boycott of Winter Olympics in Beijing: poll
24 Uncertainty a certainty for post-vaccination office environment
25 Popularity of working from home will be vaccine-resistant, poll suggests
26 Work-life balance in B.C. varies by generation, gender: poll
27 Biden victory restores some Canadian affection for U.S., poll finds
28 Emergency preparedness is a low priority for British Columbians: poll
29 Most Canadians who started working from home because of COVID-19 want to keep doing so after the pandemic
30 Support for weeding out gas-powered landscaping gear is growing
31 New president changes Canadians’ minds about U.S.: poll
32 Support for separated bike lanes remains strong in Vancouver: poll
33 Housing issue could spell trouble for BC NDP, poll suggests
34 Federal Liberals polling strongly in B.C. as vote looms
35 Federal election prospects stay strong for Liberals: poll
36 Almost half of Canadians think Canada should be a mosaic: poll
37 Mario Canseco
38 Canadians optimistic about the end of the pandemic: poll
39 Appetite for independence varies widely among western provinces
40 Majority of British Columbians happy with province’s name, flag
41 More than 1-in-6 B.C. residents are COVID-19 skeptics, poll suggests
42 Winners, losers in Vancouver post-COVID pro sports business
43 Poll shows growing support for vaccine passports in British Columbia
44 Horgan seen as best option for B.C. as poll shows large lead for NDP
45 Dan Fumano: Why it should be (a bit) harder to run for Vancouver mayor
46 Trudeau’s Liberals stable, O’Toole’s Tories lose ground in poll
47 Majority of Canadians happy with how federal and provincial governments have handled vaccination process (POLL)
48 Vaccine passports: Nearly 3-in-5 B.C. residents support showing proof of shot for live sports, poll suggests
49 Pandemic's psychological toll likely to soon lift
50 B.C. residents broadly support idea of vaccine passports, poll finds
51 Most Canadians support COVID-19 vaccine passports: poll
52 Which Canadians are most interested in gardening?
53 Vancouver mayoral race: (Very) early pre-election polling has Stewart at 49 per cent approval
54 Youngest adults driving the move to online food delivery in B.C.
55 Fraser Valley residents support proposed revival of interurban rail service: poll
56 When it comes to tax time in Canada, GST, PST still draw most ire
57 Most B.C. Christians support temporary ban on in-person religious services to stop COVID-19: poll
58 B.C. voters favour less bratty behaviour, more transparency from MLAs: poll
59 Poll pegs Pierre Trudeau as best of last nine prime ministers
60 Automated speed enforcement in B.C. gets green light from public in poll
61 What issue most concerns British Columbians this election? It's not the one you think
62 Survey finds mediocre marks for B.C. MPs heading ministries
63 Poll sniffs out rise in dog ownership during pandemic
64 ‘Vaccine passport’ supported by majority of British Columbians: poll
65 NDP wins 57 seats in final vote count of B.C. election
66 About half of Vancouverites would prefer a ward system for city council: poll
67 For underground alerts in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?
68 Most in B.C. think the worst of COVID-19 pandemic lies ahead
69 British Columbians losing faith in ability of taxes to ease home prices
70 A tale of two voters: Husband, wife's political differences reflect tight race on Vancouver Island
71 Canadians divided on return of death penalty in Canada: poll
72 Most Canadians not ready to expand drug legalization beyond cannabis: poll
73 Desire to work from home continues to grow
74 BC residents concerned over growing cost to live in province (POLL)
75 Major League Baseball in Vancouver? There’s support, but it would be expensive
76 Two-thirds of Canadians oppose export of live horses for meat
77 25% of Albertans support becoming an independent nation: Poll | News
78 Most Canadians ‘binge watching’ TV during the pandemic: poll
79 Conservative party split right of centre vote away from BC Liberals says analyst
80 Appetite for food delivery hasn't let up in Metro Vancouver since COVID-19 hit, poll finds
81 Electric vehicle roadblocks ahead in B.C.: infrastructure and cost
82 Millennials driving food-delivery app use in B.C., but overall meal delivery down compared to a year ago: poll
83 COVID-19 pandemic skeptics remain a fringe minority in B.C.
84 Many Canadians want to keep working from home after pandemic: poll
85 Fewer than a third of Canadians willing to travel without a COVID-19 vaccine, says new poll
86 Majority of British Columbians have poor emergency preparedness: poll – Abbotsford News
87 Harry and Meghan interview prompts discussion in Canada as polls support severing ties with Royals
88 Vast majority in B.C. support use of vaccine passports for sporting events, concerts, gyms
89 41% of B.C. residents say they have 'perfect' work-life balance, poll finds
90 BC election promises: Here's what the 3 major parties have planned
91 Most Canadians favour boycotting next year’s Beijing Olympics, poll finds
92 Canadians switch channels on digital recording as TV habits change: poll
93 Poll suggests B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan's popularity remains high after election call
94 New poll hints at renewed Liberal minority government
95 Mario Canseco: Seven lessons from the defeated transit plebiscite
96 Should B.C. be its own country? 1-in-4 polled say it would be 'better off'
97 Alberta premier’s unpopularity blunts spike in support for separatism: poll
98 Public approval of Trudeau’s job performance rises, poll finds
99 POLITICO Playbook: Sinema's vacation plans, Manchin gets booed and megadonor drama
100 More men are happy with their partner's efforts during the pandemic than women: poll