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1 Takeaways from the hearing with Mark Milley, military leaders
2 Gen. Milley: Whisperer to presidents, target of intrigue
3 Mark Milley Testimony: General Faces Grilling Over Chaotic Afghanistan Exit
4 The Truth About Mark Milley
5 Sen. Hawley Calls on Gen. Milley, Defense Secretary Austin to Resign
6 What Milley Got Right—and Wrong
7 Gen. Milley details his phone calls with Chinese counterpart
8 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley under fire following new book “Peril”
9 Mark Milley Meets With Russian General as Concerns Remain Over China Calls in Trump Era
10 Column: Gen. Mark Milley would have been wise to follow example of Gen. George C. Marshall
11 Letters to the editor for Saturday, Oct. 2: Was Gen. Mark Milley reckless?
12 WHAT THEY ARE SAYING Blackburn Forces General Mark Milley To Admit He Leaked Private, Presidential Conversations
13 Milley defends China calls and says ‘I am certain Trump did not intend to attack the Chinese’ – as it happened
14 GovCon Expert McAleese: Gen. Mark Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Testify on Afghanistan Withdrawal
15 Noonan, Gen. Milley and Trump
16 Army Gen. Mark Milley was 'not going rogue' in secret calls to China, authors of new book claim
17 WATCH: Gen. Milley calls Afghanistan war a ‘strategic failure’
18 Austin Bay: Mark Milley's perception warfare deserves a Leavenworth Long Course
19 U.S., Russia Should Deepen Military Communications, Mark Milley Says
20 What does Gen. Mark Milley have to do to get fired?
21 Mark Milley's choice to make | WORLD
22 Gen. Milley | Letters To Editor |
23 Tucker Carlson: Gen. Mark Milley Is Dishonest, Incompetent And Dishonorable
24 Questions for Gen. Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin about Afghanistan
25 Letter: Hawley embarrassed state as Gen. Milley testified
26 Your Wednesday Briefing
27 Republican Cheney offers strong defense of Milley, invokes Jan. 6 Capitol riot
28 Monday, Oct. 4, 2021: Mark Milley should resign, Susan Collins won't pay for what she bought, No on Question 3
29 Pentagon leaders to face congressional gantlet
30 'Disgraceful performance': Lemon reacts to Gaetz questioning Milley
31 Critics of Gen. Mark Milley, President Joe Biden off target (Editorials)
32 Marine officer who posted videos criticizing Gen. Milley, other military leaders faces court-martial
33 If Milley broke democratic norms – even for the greater good – he must face the music
34 Letters: Glad that there are still people who try to do what is right and honorable
35 Austin and Milley to testify before House Armed Services Committee on Afghanistan exit
36 The military's Milley disease
37 One Man Shouldn’t Control the Nuclear Button
38 'A little bit of comedy': John King on Gen. Milley's reply to senator
39 Milley, Army chief displayed 'pattern of behavior' defying authority: former senior military official
40 The Day
41 Opinion | The consequences of Gen. Milley's calls
42 Joint Chiefs Chair Milley 'directly blamed' State Department for Afghanistan chaos in classified briefing
43 Has the United States Lost Confidence in General Milley?
44 Why was there talk of a ‘surprise attack’ in final days of Trump’s presidency?
45 Trump's Pentagon Chief Ruled Out Ramping Up Troops at US-Mexico Border
46 Who is Worse, Mark Milley or Benedict Arnold? – Ricochet
47 ICYMI: Blackburn Rebukes Milley Over Leaking Information To Journalists And Calls For Resignations
48 Milley's call to Li will make China 'more aggressive': Gordon Chang
49 Milley is portrayed heroically in Bob Woodward's new book.
50 Trump bashes Powell for his role in Iraq War buildup
51 Tom Cotton meets up with a real soldier
52 The Republican hit job on America’s top soldier was revealing | Editorial
53 Trump claims he slammed Gen. Milley when he suggested leaving $80bn of military gear in Afghanistan
54 Cheney apologizes to Milley for 'despicable' questioning from fellow Republicans | TheHill
55 The Hill's 12:30 Report
56 Pentagon outlines punishments for civilian employees if they fail to get vaccinated
57 Milley admits to speaking with Woodward and other authors of best-selling Trump books
58 Military expert argues Milley is 'not accepting any responsibility' for Afghanistan withdrawal | TheHill
59 No one elected Mark Milley
60 Milley war-scare calls to Chinese general questioned
61 GOP senator to Milley: 'Why haven't you resigned?'
62 Trump calls for Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley to be fired
63 Republicans would need a promotion to be 'paper tigers' | TheHill
64 Top U.S. Gen. Mark Milley feared Trump would attempt a coup after his loss to Biden, new book says
65 The Afghanistan Probe Is Hampered by Finger-Pointing and a Lack of Accountability
66 Oct. 17 Letters to the Editor, Part 1: Our Readers' Opinions
67 Top Gen. Mark Milley Tries to Dispel Political Fray of His Own Making | National News
68 U.S. courting a cold war with China
69 Opinion: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin must resign
70 Powell to journalist Bob Woodward on his health struggles: 'Don't feel sorry for me'
71 For military’s top man, navigating the Trump-Biden transition is his biggest test yet
72 Mark Milley's Perception Warfare Deserves a Leavenworth Long Course, by Austin Bay
73 Top General Forcefully Defends DOD Policies Amid Accusations of 'Critical Race Theory' | National News
74 U.S. envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad resigns following humiliating defeat
75 Air Force general is second woman to lead a top US command
76 Top military generals claim Biden ignored Afghan troop advice
77 Republicans attacking Mark Milley are being hypocritical
78 Raymond Odierno, Army general who commanded in Iraq, dies at 67
79 The fatal failure of Gen. Mark A. Milley over closing Bagram Air Base
80 Gen. Milley denies intel warned of rapid collapse, says nobody predicted Afghan security would 'evaporate'
81 WATCH: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley discuss Afghanistan
82 Profile: Gen. Mark Milley
83 Tucker Carlson On Gen. Mark Milley: ‘He’s Not Just A Pig, He’s Stupid’
84 Commentary: US courting a cold war with China
85 CNN reporter asked top general where his pain and anger came from. See his response
86 Gen. Mark Milley Reminisces About the Battle of the Beltway
87 The Scylla and Charybdis of Duty Discharge: Military Dilemma with Undemocratic Leaders
88 Why Gen. Mark Milley Will Probably Keep His Job as Joint Chiefs Chairman
89 Gen. Mark Milley says a civil war in Afghanistan is 'likely' after US troop withdrawal, potentially leading to a resurgence of al Qaeda
90 Gen. Milley says Taliban appear to have 'strategic momentum'
91 Milley: Afghan forces ‘not designed appropriately’ to secure nation in ‘lessons learned’ following withdrawal
92 Top US general says terror groups could reconstitute in Afghanistan sooner than expected
93 How US got it all wrong in Afghanistan
94 Gen. Mark Milley key to military continuity as Biden takes office
95 I respected Mark Milley ⁠— but he has damaged our democracy
96 Retired military officers demand Austin, Milley resign over handling of Afghanistan withdrawal
97 A conversation with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley
98 Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley mum as more details emerge about his internecine battle to keep Trump in check during transition
99 'Peril,' by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, reports Gen. Mark A. Milley called a Chinese general twice to pledge the US wouldn't strike
100 JBC crew reflects on Afghan evacuation as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley visits to recognize base’s role