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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Growing Young: An Interview With Author Marta Zaraska Elle Canada 11 months ago
2 Show Kindness And Volunteer More: Author Says Improving Human Connections Can Lengthen Life Here And Now 1 year ago
3 Scientists Once Thought Personality Was Set in Stone. They Were Wrong Discover Magazine 5 months ago
4 Kindness May Help Lengthen Your Life; The Return Of A Titian : Here & Now NPR 5 months ago
5 How Albert Bandura's Doll Became His Albatross Medscape 4 months ago
6 A third of the world's food goes to waste – here's how to stop the rot New Scientist 4 months ago
7 The tomatoes at the forefront of a food revolution BBC News 2 months ago
8 Upcycling food waste onto our plates is a new effort. But will consumers find it appetizing? The Washington Post 4 months ago
9 Moving for autism care | Spectrum Spectrum 6 months ago
10 Finding Purpose in Life Can Boost Your Health Elemental 2 years ago
11 A French city announced it would serve meatless school lunches. The backlash was swift. 10 months ago
12 Staying young requires optimism, good social lives The Washington Post 2 years ago
13 Perspective | Boosting our sense of meaning in life is an often overlooked longevity ingredient The Washington Post 1 year ago
14 Can Making Your Social Life A Priority Boost Your Health And Longevity? Author Marta Zaraska Says Yes. YouAreUNLTD 2 years ago
15 Dogs May Present a New Obstacle Dracunculiasis Eradication Medscape 1 month ago
16 Chronic Fear of Environmental Doom? You're Not Alone Discover Magazine 10 months ago
17 Life Kit: How to be a kind neighbor NPR 2 months ago
18 In a happy, long-lasting relationship? That could help you live a healthy and long life. Washington Post 11 months ago
19 Why being kind to others is good for your health BBC News 1 year ago
20 Evolution throwing The Evolution of Throwing 7 months ago
21 Review: Marta Zaraska's Meathooked is a bit undercooked The Globe and Mail 6 years ago
22 Moving in Sync Creates Surprising Social Bonds among People Scientific American 1 year ago
23 How to be a good neighbor : Life Kit NPR 2 months ago
24 Retirement isn't always healthy The Washington Post 1 year ago
25 The Role of Probiotics in Mental Health Medscape 4 months ago
26 Optimism, friendship and tidy socks – the secret to living to 100 The Guardian 2 years ago
27 'Life Kit': How to be a better neighbor Public Radio East 1 month ago
28 Opinion: In 2021, let's all try to have a bit more empathy The Globe and Mail 1 year ago
29 How Humans Became Meat Eaters The Atlantic 6 years ago
30 Can Plants Hear? Scientific American 5 years ago
31 Lab-grown meat is in your future, and it may be healthier than the real stuff Washington Post 6 years ago
32 Kindness, and Longevity All In The Mind 2 years ago
33 Dracunculiasis Nears Eradication, but May Never Reach Finish Line Medscape 2 months ago
34 The Next Zika Scientific American 5 years ago
35 Garden Greenery is Brainier Than You Think Discover Magazine 5 years ago
36 Meathooked: The History and Science of Our 2.5-Million-Year Obsession with Meat Quill & Quire 4 years ago
37 How Japan became hooked on meat Business Insider 6 years ago
38 The Surprising Secret to Longevity Psychology Today 2 years ago
39 What Big Meat wants you to think: Research is frequently funded by the industry New York Daily News 6 years ago
40 Feeding pets vegetarian diet requires caution Washington Post 3 years ago
41 The Anxious History of Understanding Cortisol Medscape 9 months ago
42 Meathooked: How eating meat became a global obsession New Scientist 6 years ago
43 Longevity hack: To 'grow young', one action matters more than others Inverse 1 year ago
44 Lots of food tastes good. Why do we crave meat? Washington Post 6 years ago
45 The Carnivore's Dilemma New Republic 6 years ago
46 This is why you crave beef: Inside secrets of Big Meat's billion-dollar ad and lobbying campaigns Salon 6 years ago
47 In a happy, long-lasting relationship? That may lead to a healthy old age – Borneo Bulletin Online Borneo Bulletin Online 10 months ago
48 How Global Warming Is Shrinking Earth's Animals Scientific American 4 years ago
49 Veggies with Vision: Do Plants See the World around Them? Scientific American 5 years ago
50 The unhealthy history of meat and mankind Deutsche Welle 6 years ago
51 Loneliness can be depressing, but it may have helped humans survive The Washington Post 5 years ago
52 The Best Books About Aging and Retirement of 2020 Wall Street Journal 1 year ago
53 Our bodies don’t need meat. So why can’t we give it up? Vox 6 years ago
54 Is Lab-Grown Meat Good for Us? The Atlantic 8 years ago
55 This Is Why Vegetarianism Didn't Catch on Until Recently TIME 6 years ago
56 Humans Are 'Meathooked' But Not Designed For Meat-Eating NPR 6 years ago
57 Is It Time to Outlaw Meat? OZY 11 months ago
58 The Genes of Left and Right Scientific American 6 years ago
59 The problems with prenatal testing for autism | Spectrum Spectrum 2 years ago
60 Humans Are Hooked on Meat. But Do We Really Need It? GOOD Magazine 6 years ago
61 Readers Respond to "What If...?" and More Scientific American 6 years ago
62 For many, gluten isn't the villain it gets cracked up to be Washington Post 7 years ago
63 Why we can't afford our addiction to meat 5 years ago
64 The Sense of Smell in Humans is More Powerful Than We Think Discover Magazine 2 years ago
65 Tomorrow's menu: Termites, grass and synthetic milk New Scientist 5 years ago
66 Pass the salt, please. It's good for you. Washington Post 7 years ago
67 Why Some Environmentalists Still Fail To Promote Meat Reduction As An Answer To The Climate Crisis Forbes 2 years ago
68 Lab-grown beef taste test: 'Almost' like a burger Washington Post 8 years ago
69 France faces down its outdated notions about autism Spectrum 4 years ago
70 Europe's race to ramp up genetic tests for autism Spectrum 3 years ago
71 Eating These Foods Makes Men More Attractive to Women Scientific American 5 years ago
72 Eating something sweet can lead to a romantic date Washington Post 6 years ago