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1 How Marxism created the West UnHerd 8 days ago
2 How Marxism ‘Won’ the War of Ideas The Wall Street Journal 21 days ago
3 Marxism versus postmodernism In Defence of Marxism 5 days ago
4 Sheriff candidates share theories on COVID, Jan. 6 and the “Marxist overthrow” at GOP forum Colorado Springs Independent 14 hours ago
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6 Marxism, Leninism, and the Crackdown in Hong Kong Cato Institute 23 days ago
7 Pinellas teacher accused of Marxist lessons says his focus is U.S. history Tampa Bay Times 9 days ago
8 Wake Up, America: Cultural Marxism Is 'Identifying' as Transgenderism Daily Signal 22 days ago
9 [Video] Marxism and cinema | History & Theory | Audio & Video In Defence of Marxism 5 hours ago
10 Dr. Carol Swain at 'MisEducation of America Summit': 'Marxist' ideas seeping into all levels Fox News 6 days ago
11 Don Stratton: Is Critical Race Theory a Marxist Trojan horse? 26 days ago
12 Former Farc captive runs for Colombian presidency Financial Times 1 day ago
13 A Marxist appraisal of Howard Zinn's “A People's History of the United States” In Defence of Marxism 8 days ago
14 Letter: Ignorant of history New Haven Register 3 days ago
15 The Marxist buildings of Berlin 24 days ago
16 Former Bengal CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee rejects Padma Bhushan; party asks government to not contact Marxist leader by phone Janta Ka Reporter 21 hours ago
17 Media perpetuating the Marxist agenda Enumclaw Courier-Herald 23 days ago
18 In Defence of Marxism: top 10 reads of 2021 | World In Defence of Marxism 28 days ago
19 Marxist 'activist grift' vandalised Captain Cook statue Townsville Bulletin 13 hours ago
20 NH teachers react to proposed bill adding to Cold War-era 'Teachers' Loyalty' law WMUR Manchester 6 days ago
21 Steve Jones (1955 – 2022): comrade, fighter, and friend | Announcements In Defence of Marxism 2 days ago
22 The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg In Defence of Marxism 7 days ago
23 Lise Ravary: Le Bonheur teacher's rant strikes a chord and a nerve Montreal Gazette 8 days ago
24 Today’s Democrats Are Not Marxists The Hudson Reporter 6 months ago
25 UCU: Build for an indefinite, united strike Socialist Appeal 5 hours ago
26 Teaching Orwell's 1984 is tyranny, claim right-wing culture warriors Left Foot Forward 1 day ago
27 Images of the giant Stalin and Lenin banner that was discovered hanging from Christ statue in Monteagudo Murcia Today 12 hours ago
28 'Lorraine Hansberry,' by Charles J. Shields book review The Washington Post 10 hours ago
29 GUEST VIEWS: Who is 'Un-American'? | Opinion | Claremore Daily Progress 22 hours ago
30 ! Murcia Today Images Of The Giant Stalin And Lenin Banner That Was Discovered Hanging From Christ Statue In Monteagudo 12 hours ago
31 A tale of two worlds Hillsboro Times Gazette 1 day ago
32 Program may aid students affected by COVID-19 | News, Sports, Jobs Alpena News 16 hours ago
33 Zombie Marxism 1 month ago
34 Marxism Underpins Black Lives Matter Agenda 5 months ago
35 China's socialist model: Continuously producing new Marxists (Zhun Xu speaks at The People's Forum NYC) Monthly Review 4 months ago
36 Kazakhstan: the roots of the rising In Defence of Marxism 6 days ago
37 The Netflix Documentary Downfall Shows I Was Right About Boeing's 737 MAX Crises, Seattle Times Was Totally Wrong 2 days ago
38 GOP state senator walks back comments on Nazi history in schools The Guardian 16 days ago
39 Rising child labour: a symptom of capitalist sickness In Defence of Marxism 6 hours ago
40 Burgess Owens snubs Democrats on Utah's Capitol Hill Salt Lake Tribune 1 day ago
41 The Race-Marxists Finally Went Too Far National Review 3 months ago
42 Letter: Every Democratic program comes from Marxist theory Daily Record-News 3 months ago
43 Playing the Cold War Game Havana Times 7 days ago
44 A Marxist Reading List and the Holiness of Autumn Splice Today 3 months ago
45 Fox News' Mark Levin smears George Soros by lying about him assisting Nazis during WWII Media Matters for America 2 days ago
46 The Neo-Marxist Insurgency in America Modern Diplomacy 8 months ago
47 Gen Bipin Rawat, Vaccine Makers Named For Padma Awards NDTV 1 day ago
48 Olavo de Carvalho, Bolsonaro’s Far-Right Guru, Dies at 74 The New York Times 6 hours ago
49 Proud to be an American patriot – The Journal The Journal 10 hours ago
50 Hinson Takes Credit for Infrastructure Funds She Labeled as 'Socialist,' Voted Against 7 days ago
51 Marxism Reinvented | Office of Governor Pete Ricketts Governor Pete Ricketts 6 months ago
52 Cambridge students protest 'utterly shameful' Nationality and Borders Bill Varsity Online 3 days ago
53 No, Marxism Isn't Economic Determinism Jacobin magazine 3 months ago
54 Mark Levin warns Marxism is here now and in your face Fox News 7 months ago
55 Yemen Could Have Peace — If the Saudis Stop Demanding Victory Jacobin magazine 2 days ago
56 'Confederate' leftists: Rewriting history for the Marxist lost cause | TheHill The Hill 3 months ago
57 Marxists try to take Federal Reserve as Biden weighs whether to reappoint Powell: Devine New York Post 3 months ago
58 Michael Gove threatens developers with planning veto unless they create £4bn cladding fund 6 days ago
59 The big news: Railways suspends recruitment amid protests by candidates, and nine other top stories 6 hours ago
60 Boles: Save our clickbait souls Yale Daily News 19 hours ago
61 Biden Treasury nominee Omarova was member of Marxist Facebook group as recently as 2019, post indicates Fox Business 3 months ago
62 Rubio blasts Biden on Cuba: 'I don't know why it's so hard for them to criticize Marxists' Fox News 7 months ago
63 Did USFS officials choose to let the Caldor Fire burn out of control? Mountain Democrat 23 days ago
64 Opinion: Governor candidates put culture war over constituency. Texas A&M The Battalion 2 days ago
65 Don't Look Up: when a movie has an impact, there's a reason In Defence of Marxism 1 day ago
66 Paul Gosar Knew He Should 'Keep On Going' When 'Marxist' Siblings Disavowed Anime Video Newsweek 2 months ago
67 The problem with Marco Rubio's misplaced interest in 'Marxism' MSNBC 4 months ago
68 HIJACK: How Cultural Marxists Are Exploiting America's Racial Reckoning Jewish Journal 6 months ago
69 U.S. adults increasingly accept Marxist views: poll Washington Times 4 months ago
70 Dori: Can Seattle Marxists print your Election Day ballot? 3 months ago
71 Levin: Don't be fooled, the Squad is nothing more than a 'cabal of Marxists who hate this country' Fox News 7 months ago
72 Black Lives Matter Leader Resigns, but This Radical Marxist Agenda Will Continue 8 months ago
73 Fox News host Mark Levin's bestseller "American Marxism": A work of staggering ignorance Salon 5 months ago
74 Wisconsin Rep. Grothman Calls Preschool 'Marxist' Amid Build Back Better Negotiations Newsweek 3 months ago
75 Jeff Bezos, Space Marxist? The New Republic 6 months ago
76 Balram Singh Rai: The source of his politics Stabroek News 3 days ago
77 Iran: National teachers' protests – Islamic republic is playing with fire In Defence of Marxism 1 day ago
78 America's school teachers aren't the Marxist cabal Fox News keeps depicting NBC News 7 months ago
79 The Theory and Practice of Marxism in Japan Jacobin magazine 7 months ago
80 Opinion | Is Woke Capitalism the New Trickle-Down Economics? Common Dreams 3 days ago
81 Padma Awards: Ghulam Nabi Azad, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee among political veterans honoured Hindustan Times 1 day ago
82 The Infrastructure Bill Is Not Marxist. I Wish. The New Republic 4 months ago
83 Democrats choose Marxism over liberty | Letters | Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier 1 month ago
84 Our Founding Fathers vs. Marxism The Advocate-Messenger 7 months ago
85 Space Force CO Fired Over Comments About Marxism in the Military Now Subject of IG Probe 8 months ago
86 Author describes his formula for defeating the 'Marxist' left, Satan Bennington Banner 6 months ago
87 Our nation is being led towards Neo-Marxism 6 months ago
88 Fowler: The glorious benefits of Marxism 5 months ago
89 ICYMI: Rubio: We Need Corporate Patriotism to Defeat American Marxism Senator Marco Rubio 3 months ago
90 Will Russia invade Ukraine? | Ukraine | Europe In Defence of Marxism 2 days ago
91 'Caviar Cabinet': Peru's Marxist ruling party breaks with president Reuters Canada 3 months ago
92 OPINION | BRADLEY GITZ: Equity is Marxism Arkansas Online 8 months ago
93 Letter to the Editor Sharp 1/21/2022 | Opinion | Carroll Daily Times Herald 5 days ago
94 Reader outlines bills aimed at voting rights Mount Airy News 9 hours ago
95 American Express CRT training and Marxism in the workplace Fox Business 5 months ago
96 Raya Dunayevskaya's Marxist Humanism and the Alternative to Capitalism Jacobin magazine 7 months ago
97 New frontiers in Marxist political economy in China – Communist Party USA Communist Party USA 3 months ago
98 Alaa Abd el-Fattah: A symbol of defiance that shook Arab dictatorship Middle East Eye 1 day ago
99 Marxism resurges among young Chinese after CPC's centenary proves a success Global Times 6 months ago
100 Black Lives Matter Is Not Marxist The Newtown Bee 2 years ago