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1 The Race-Marxists Finally Went Too Far National Review 22 days ago
2 'Confederate' leftists: Rewriting history for the Marxist lost cause | TheHill The Hill 29 days ago
3 Every day is a gift from God | Letters to the Editor Brunswick News 18 hours ago
4 Critical race theory: Myths, Marxism and more Christian Post 1 day ago
5 Wisconsin Rep. Grothman Calls Preschool 'Marxist' Amid Build Back Better Negotiations Newsweek 28 days ago
6 20-hour standoff leads to arrest in Rescue Mountain Democrat 3 days ago
7 Dori: Can Seattle Marxists print your Election Day ballot? 1 month ago
8 A Marxist Review of Seattle's Election Slog 25 days ago
9 CPI (Maoist) expels former central committee member Kobad Ghandy for leaning toward spiritualism and criticising Marxism OpIndia 1 day ago
10 Media 'siding with Marxists' against Rittenhouse: Levin Fox News 10 days ago
11 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Take back the midterms Washington Times 3 days ago
12 Democrats are not socialists Pocono Record 1 day ago
13 Marxism 2021 in Sweden: revolutionary forces on the march In Defence of Marxism 12 days ago
14 Black Leaders Call on Corporations to De-fund Black Lives Matter After Launch of '#BlackXmas' Christmas Boycott Campaign Yahoo Finance 1 day ago
15 Red Baiting is nothing but a red herring The Ledger 3 days ago
16 Rewatching ‘A Bug’s Life’, the Coyly Marxist Film That Followed Pixar’s Gigantic IPO Observer 24 days ago
17 Marxist-Leninist revolutionary Thomas Sankara − unconquered Workers World 16 days ago
18 Theranos’ Balwani Wants Marxist Vanity Plate Out of His Trial Yahoo Finance 13 days ago
19 Biden Treasury nominee Omarova was member of Marxist Facebook group as recently as 2019, post indicates Fox Business 1 month ago
20 Letters: Marxist fools that hate truth and knowledge Yahoo News 16 days ago
21 [Reading Guide] History of Philosophy: a Marxist Perspective In Defence of Marxism 9 days ago
22 'Our Citizens Have Been Lied To For Generations': Dan Crenshaw Warns Of 'Marxist Indoctrination' Oakland News Now 5 hours ago
23 Xi's article on arming Party with Marxism and innovative theories of its adaptation to Chinese context to be published CGTN 18 days ago
24 Honduras: 12 years after the coup, the masses win historic election victory In Defence of Marxism 2 days ago
25 The Resolution on CCP History. 3. Mao's “Correct Marxist Line” Bitter Winter 4 days ago
26 UMaine hosts third Socialist and Marxist Studies Series on climate change – The Maine Campus The Maine Campus 25 days ago
27 The National (Socialist) Education Association All-in for “Anti-Racism” – Ricochet 1 day ago
28 Marxist-influenced scholarship was wrong about Jesus, Galilee, and poverty Christian Post 10 days ago
29 Austria COVID protests: no to division and demagogy, the bourgeois are to blame! In Defence of Marxism 6 days ago
30 Morocco: movement of students and unemployed youth is a harbinger of revolutionary struggles In Defence of Marxism 7 hours ago
31 Cheddi Jagan was human, and like all of us, he had his flaws Stabroek News 17 hours ago
32 Guilt By Association: The Fallacy Used Against Social Justice Movements Patheos 12 hours ago
33 Non-citizens getting right to vote Villages-News 4 days ago
34 The Communal Side Of Communism: Kerala Marxist Leader Accused Of Giving Away Grandchild Because Daughter Married A Dalit Swarajya 6 days ago
35 The quest for respectability—and votes—has transformed Sinn Fein The Economist 3 hours ago
36 Opinion: Labor unions have redefined the word 'racism' The Detroit News 19 hours ago
37 Rubio and Scott to POTUS: We Strongly Disagree With Your Decision to Delist the FARC as a Foreign Terrorist Organization Senator Marco Rubio 24 hours ago
38 Stuart Macintyre Was Australia's Foremost Left-Wing Historian Jacobin magazine 8 days ago
39 Complaint: UF wants to ax ‘critical race’ from study title The Detroit News 4 hours ago
40 The Five Lies of CRT 4 days ago
41 Complaint: UF wants to ax 'critical race' from study title Las Vegas Sun 5 hours ago
42 Today’s Democrats Are Not Marxists The Hudson Reporter 4 months ago
43 Multilateral cooperation urged to face global challenges ecns 18 hours ago
44 Opposition lawmakers hold protest against suspension of Rajya Sabha members Hindustan Times 14 hours ago
45 Homeless shelter options to be discussed Mountain Democrat 6 days ago
46 Netherlands rocked by militant housing protests In Defence of Marxism 7 days ago
47 Niccolò Machiavelli Was the Philosopher of Left-Wing Populism Jacobin magazine 4 hours ago
48 Marxism Underpins Black Lives Matter Agenda 3 months ago
49 Andres Bonifacio was not ‘masa’ Manila Bulletin 1 day ago
50 China's socialist model: Continuously producing new Marxists (Zhun Xu speaks at The People's Forum NYC) Monthly Review 2 months ago
51 Omicron variant: a menace of capitalism's making In Defence of Marxism 3 days ago
52 Three shocks unsettle business confidence across Latin America Financial Times 3 days ago
53 Fox News Can't Handle the Truth about What Happened on the First Thanksgiving 5 days ago
54 Verdict in Tripura The Statesman 3 days ago
55 The Scary Future of the American Right The Atlantic 15 days ago
56 The Neo-Marxist Insurgency in America Modern Diplomacy 7 months ago
57 CPI(M) ex-MLA arraigned as accused in Periyar twin murder case: CBI tells Court Devdiscourse 9 hours ago
58 Taraqqi Pasand Afsana: Muashrati-O-Tabqati Kashmakash Brighter Kashmir 4 hours ago
59 Spirit of intolerance and hatred Placerville 3 days ago
60 General strike in France's overseas territories: we send our solidarity! In Defence of Marxism 12 hours ago
61 Philippine troops kill 8 communist rebels in jungle clash Devdiscourse 1 day ago
62 No, the Democratic Party isn't socialist. It's just what GOP voters want to hear | Opinion Courier Journal 11 days ago
63 Letter: Every Democratic program comes from Marxist theory Daily Record-News 2 months ago
64 US schools provide a new front in the country’s culture wars EL PAÍS in English 1 day ago
65 The problem with Marco Rubio's misplaced interest in 'Marxism' MSNBC 2 months ago
66 Crisis of Terrorist TPLF | Ethiopian News Agency Satenaw Ethiopian News/Breaking News | Your right to know! 13 hours ago
67 Marxism Reinvented | Office of Governor Pete Ricketts Governor Pete Ricketts 4 months ago
68 Levin warns of rise of American Marxism: 'It's not a fad' ABC NEWS 4 4 months ago
69 An eventful day in history The Nation 2 days ago
70 Jeff Bezos, Space Marxist? The New Republic 4 months ago
71 No, Marxism Isn't Economic Determinism Jacobin magazine 1 month ago
72 Politics The Nation 6 hours ago
73 Fowler: The glorious benefits of Marxism 4 months ago
74 Dec. 2, 2021, RC Letters to the Editor | Serving Minden-Gardnerville and Carson Valley The Record-Courier 3 hours ago
75 Marxists try to take Federal Reserve as Biden weighs whether to reappoint Powell: Devine New York Post 2 months ago
76 HIJACK: How Cultural Marxists Are Exploiting America's Racial Reckoning Jewish Journal 5 months ago
77 U.S. adults increasingly accept Marxist views: poll Washington Times 2 months ago
78 Rubio blasts Biden on Cuba: 'I don't know why it's so hard for them to criticize Marxists' Fox News 5 months ago
79 Fox News host Mark Levin's bestseller "American Marxism": A work of staggering ignorance Salon 3 months ago
80 Black Lives Matter Leader Resigns, but This Radical Marxist Agenda Will Continue 6 months ago
81 The Theory and Practice of Marxism in Japan Jacobin magazine 5 months ago
82 Stocks plummet as Omicron variant rattles Wall Street KVIA El Paso 2 days ago
83 The Infrastructure Bill Is Not Marxist. I Wish. The New Republic 2 months ago
84 Space Force CO Fired Over Comments About Marxism in the Military Now Subject of IG Probe 7 months ago
85 OPINION | BRADLEY GITZ: Equity is Marxism Arkansas Online 6 months ago
86 Marxism resurges among young Chinese after CPC's centenary proves a success Global Times 4 months ago
87 Levin: Don't be fooled, the Squad is nothing more than a 'cabal of Marxists who hate this country' Fox News 6 months ago
88 America's school teachers aren't the Marxist cabal Fox News keeps depicting 5 months ago
89 COA professor publishes in Oxford Literary Review · College of the Atlantic College of the Atlantic 1 day ago
90 China Shows What's Allowed on a Marxist 'Civilized' Internet Bloomberg 3 months ago
91 Author describes his formula for defeating the 'Marxist' left, Satan Bennington Banner 4 months ago
92 A Marxist Reading List and the Holiness of Autumn Splice Today 1 month ago
93 Alexander Bogdanov's Secret History of Martian Socialism Jacobin magazine 5 days ago
94 Marxism pt 2: Black Marxism The Philosopher's Zone 6 months ago
95 American Express CRT training and Marxism in the workplace Fox Business 3 months ago
96 In Kerala, a Street Food Festival Takes on Communal Forces The Wire 7 days ago
97 HUBNER: Marxism explained in one document Rapid City Journal 5 months ago
98 Iran: Farmers' protests crushed – workers and farmers unite! In Defence of Marxism 2 days ago
99 Review: How Marxist is Sally Rooney's “Beautiful World, Where Are You”? The New Republic 3 months ago
100 Letter: Democrats 'taken over by radical Left Marxists'; Republicans are 'weak losers' 5 months ago