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16 McMartin Family Trials: SEVEN teachers from prestigious private school were charged with molestation Daily Mail 3 years ago
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20 Was Ray Buckey Ever Found Guilty? Why Defense Attorney Danny Davis Stands By The McMartin Preschool Employee To This Day Oxygen 3 years ago
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23 Perspective | Fringe cries for 'anti-grooming' measures can sway policy The Washington Post 2 months ago
24 Dean R. Gits dies at 68; defense lawyer in McMartin preschool case Los Angeles Times 10 years ago
25 How one SoCal preschool started a national hysteria over false child abuse crimes Los Angeles Times 3 years ago
26 Preshool workers accused of Satan worship, sex abuse in panic created by 1980s McMartin fiction New York Daily News 5 years ago
27 QAnon Revives America's 'Satanic Panic' NPR 1 year ago
28 Author Clay McLeod Chapman and the nature of fact vs. fiction Kansas City Pitch 2 months ago
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34 ‘We Believe the Children,’ by Richard Beck The New York Times 7 years ago
35 Her Best Friend Was Murdered. 20 Years Later She Said Her Dad Did It. BuzzFeed News 7 months ago
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45 Wallace Shawn still works with Woody Allen and writes about Israel. He’s used to ‘painful conversations.’ JTA News 4 months ago
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48 Theft of human heads linked to ‘satanic ritual’ after remains go missing and letter to Satan is found at gr... The Sun 4 months ago
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50 'Whisper Down the Lane' author reveals how childhood terrors inspired his horror novel Entertainment Weekly News 1 year ago
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69 'There was major, major push back against it' : Screenwriter looks back on his panned Elm Street remake Moviehole 1 year ago
70 Fran and Dan Keller freed: Two of the last victims of satanic ritual abuse panic. Slate 8 years ago
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74 Convicted of a Crime That Never Happened: Why Won't Texas Exonerate Fran and Dan Keller? The Intercept 6 years ago
75 'False memory' expert testified for OJ, Bundy; now, Harvey Weinstein Los Angeles Times 2 years ago
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77 'The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness' Takes the Truth Out of True Crime Directed by Joshua Zeman Exclaim! 12 months ago
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85 'Ritual Abuse,' the San Antonio Four, and Public Hysteria: San Antonio case shows innocent are still behind bars News 8 years ago
86 Shirley Knight, Tony- and Emmy-Winning Actress, Dies at 83 The New York Times 2 years ago
87 Is the QAnon "movement" a tragedy, a danger — or a terrorist group? Salon 6 months ago
88 ‘Pizzagate’ Recalls the Debunked Child Sex Rings of the ’80s and ’90s Observer 5 years ago
89 How the 'Witch Hunt' Myth Undermined American Justice The Daily Beast 8 years ago
90 Jury Duty: Your Civic Frustration – The Suffolk Journal The Suffolk Journal 2 years ago
91 New Horror Novels: 18 Books to Keep You Scared in 2021 Book Riot 8 months ago
92 A Twisted Satanic Panic-Inspired Series Is Currently In The Works NYLON 4 years ago
93 TIFF 2021 Review: 'Zalava' is a swell Iranian exorcism thriller Vanyaland 8 months ago
94 Richard Beck revisits America's forgotten moral panics: could it happen again? The Guardian 7 years ago
95 The panic over 'critical race theory' is merely the latest tool of Republican elites 4 months ago
96 Book Review: Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s Arts 6 years ago
97 Today in History: Today is Tuesday, Jan. 18, the 18th day of 2022. 4 months ago
98 An American teacher was jailed for child abuse in China in 2014. He still says he's innocent — if only anyone would listen. CNN 12 months ago
99 This Cult From the 80s Was Patient Zero for Epstein and Pizzagate Conspiracies VICE 3 years ago
100 The Strangest Moments from the Satanic Panic Caught on Tape Flavorwire 6 years ago