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1 Are You Afraid of Getting COVID-19 Now?
2 MDs Rebut Claims of Toxic Culture After Resident Suicides
3 US News Ranks Mayo at the Top in Best Hospitals for Urology
4 HIV Acquisition on PrEP Rare, With Some Drug Resistance
5 Liver Cancer Monotherapy Indication for Nivolumab Withdrawn
6 Are You at Legal Risk for Speaking at Conferences?
7 Reducing Air Pollution Linked to Lower Dementia Risk
8 Supporting Young Women to Take HIV PrEP
9 AMA, 55 Other Groups Urge Healthcare Vax Mandate
10 Patients and Providers Experience Telemedicine Growing Pains
11 Second mRNA Dose Safe After Allergic Reaction to First: Study
12 'Dealing With a Different Beast': Why Delta Has Doctors Worried
13 Corneal Changes May Signal Long COVID, Study Shows
14 Medscape Physician Assistant Career Satisfaction Report 2021
15 Ketamine and Psychosis Risk: New Data
16 Medscape Residents Salary & Debt Report 2021
17 In a Race Against an Ever-Changing Virus, Are We Losing Ground?
18 Pfizer, AZ Vaccines Effective Against Delta After 2 Doses: Study
19 Why Three MDs From One Hospital Died by Suicide Within 8 Months
20 Docs' Growing Concern at PAs Becoming 'Physician Associates'
21 Physicians Turning to Side Gigs for Extra Pay: From Insurance Reviewer to Real Estate Agent
22 Vaccine Breakthrough Cases Rising With Delta: Here's What That Means
23 Alzheimer's Drug Approval an FDA Blunder? Our Readers Weigh In
24 Tornado Docs: Med School Built in Ruins Has First Graduates
25 'Gold Standard' Study Confirms COVID mRNA Vaccines Prevent Infection
26 Twofold Increased Risk for Death From COVID-19 in Psych Patients
27 Dangers of Delta, a Summer Surge, and Masks: One Expert's Take
28 ARBs Equal ACE Inhibitors for Hypertension, but Better Tolerated
29 Can a Supplement That Mimics the Keto Diet Reduce Seizures?
30 Dolutegravir Confirmed as Effective Second-Line HIV Therapy
31 Long COVID Seen in Patients With Severe and Mild Disease
32 Can Heparin Play a Role in Stopping COVID-19 Variants?
33 Should a Clinician Be Punished for Exposing Others to COVID-19?
34 Strong Support for Causal Role of Cannabis in Schizophrenia
35 GMC Calls for Action to Address Burnout in Trainees and Trainers
36 Resistant TB: Adjustments to BPaL Regimen Reduce AEs, Not Efficacy
37 Pfizer Expands Recall of Smoking Cessation Drug Chantix
38 Hansel Tookes Wins Avenir Grant for Tele-Harm Reduction Research
39 Behind Wyoming and Colorado's Anomalous COVID Spikes
40 Long COVID Symptoms Reported by 6% of Pediatric Patients
41 How Intranasal COVID Vaccines Could Be 'Holy Grail' of Vaccination
42 Most Orthopedic Joint Surgery Lacks Scientific Justification
43 CDC Revamps STI Treatment Guidelines
44 New Roadmap for High-Quality Cancer Care Delivery
45 Get Control of Glucose Fast, in Early Diabetes, for Best Outcomes
46 Face Mask-Related Injuries Rose Dramatically in 2020
47 Short-Acting Beta Agonist Overuse 'a Global Public Health Issue'
48 HIV Increases Risk for Severe COVID-19
49 Fitbit Stats Show Lingering Physiologic Hit After COVID-19
50 FDA Fully Approves Combination for Advanced Endometrial Cancer
51 Ivermectin for COVID: How Do We Know What to Believe?
52 Women's Heart Health Tied to Multiple Pregnancy Complications
53 State-of-the-Art Psych Unit Designed With Recovery in Mind
54 CDC Panel Updates Info on Rare Side Effect After J&J Vaccine
55 More Children With High-Risk Brain Cancer Now Surviving
56 HF Med Undertreatment Due to Older Age Common, Flouts Evidence
57 Filming Seizures -- A HIPAA Violation?
58 FDA Approves Tacrolimus for Lung Transplants
59 Vericiguat (Verquvo) Cleared for Heart Failure in Europe
60 AI-Driven ECG for COVID-19 Rule-Out Has Mobile Potential
61 FDA to Warn J&J Vaccine Can Increase Guillain-Barré Risk: Media
62 Medical Coalition Endorses Vaccine Mandates for Healthcare Workers
63 CDC and Pfizer at Odds Over Need for COVID-19 Booster ShotsYour browser indicates if you
64 'Long Haul' COVID Recovery Worse Than Cancer Rehab for Some: CDC
65 Moderate Drinking Protective After MI, Stroke in 'Flawed' Study
66 Hepatitis C Antivirals May Fight SARS-CoV-2
67 More Post–COVID-19 GI Symptoms: Malnutrition, Weight Loss
68 PUFAs a Promising Add-On for Borderline Personality Disorder
69 Sickle Cell Disease, Trait May Up Risk for Poor COVID Outcomes
70 A Less Expensive, More Convenient Treatment Option for MS?
71 Unvaccinated More Likely to Die From COVID-19
72 Delta Variant Key to Breakthrough Infections in Vaccinated Israelis
73 Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Concerns Demand Respect, Not Absolutism
74 Many Pandemic-Driven Changes to Cancer CTs Should Remain
75 Large Remdesivir Study Finds No COVID-19 Survival Benefit
76 The Febrile Infant: New AAP Guidance for the First 2 Months of Life
77 Lockdowns Don't Harm Health More Than COVID, Review Shows
78 FDA OKs Odevixibat for Pruritus Associated With Rare Liver Disease
79 Common Parasite Now Tied to Impaired Cognitive Function
80 Medscape Education to Engage Clinicians with Virtual Conference on Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases
81 Kathy O'Brien, Critic of Cancer Bell Ringing, Dies at 55
82 New CDC School Guidance Calls for In-Person Classes, With Caveats
83 Married Docs Remove Ethiopian Girl's Lethal Facial Tumor
84 Trending Clinical Topic: Stress Damage
85 Nearly 70% of Docs Work for Hospitals or Corporations: Survey
86 EAS Lipid Guidance: Start High-risk Patients on Combo Drug
87 Testosterone Replacement Shows CV Benefit in Hypogonadal Men
88 AHA Joins Movement to Require Vax in Healthcare Facilities
89 Thrombosis With Thrombocytopenia After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine
90 CLARIFY Confirms Meds, Watchful Waiting in Angina, Stable CAD
91 Nearly 4 in 10 US physicians have side gigs: 6 Medscape survey findings
92 Resident Pay, Relationships Stay Steady Amid Uncertainty of COVID
93 High-Dose Buprenorphine a 'Game Changer' for Opioid Addiction
94 BMA to Test Opinion of Consultants on Possible Industrial Action Over Pay
95 Diet Rich in Omega-3s Linked to Fewer Migraines, Less Pain
96 Younger Adults With HIV Have Higher CVD Risk but Low ASCVD Scores
97 AHA Concerned, Others Pleased by Price Transparency Penalty Hike
98 More Evidence Ties Hearing Loss to Increased Dementia Risk
99 Apple Lists More Products That Could Interfere With Cardiac Devices
100 Feds Recover Nearly $2B From Various Healthcare Fraud Cases