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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Producing better forecasts and saving lives: OU lands $208 million to continue tornado research 8 months ago
2 Impacts of offshore wind farms on the atmospheric environment over Taiwan Strait during an extreme weather typhoon event | Scientific Reports 12 days ago
3 Atmospheric River Storm Observations over Pacific Ocean to Expand This Winter UC San Diego Health 16 days ago
4 Unprecedented rain flags need for better weather models The Hindu 22 days ago
5 The Danger of Leaving Weather Prediction to AI WIRED 25 days ago
6 Cold, Colder, Coldest: Swipes of Numbing Air Mother Lode of Polar Air May Arrive in 2 Weeks 23 days ago
7 Passion drives tornado research for distinguished professor of meteorology Penn State News 8 months ago
8 Hurricane Ida 'may be one of the best observed landfalling hurricanes' 5 months ago
9 “Late-stage” deforestation enhances storm trends in coastal West Africa 18 days ago
10 Don Paul: A wintry week in Western New York Buffalo News 19 days ago
11 Variations in Spanish dialects complicate messages during weather emergencies The Washington Post 6 months ago
12 Rare observations of sprites and gravity waves supporting D, E, F-regions ionospheric coupling | Scientific Reports 17 days ago
13 Researchers Look to Improve Derecho Forecasts WeatherNation 6 months ago
14 Researchers Use Data from Ida to Improve Future Hurricane Forecasts WeatherNation 4 months ago
15 Weather to climate: More research needed to understand sea-air influences EurekAlert 3 months ago
16 The psychological toll of tornado forecasting The Washington Post 7 months ago
17 A new proposed scheme towards seamless detection of cutoff lows and preexisting troughs Science Daily 4 months ago
18 Researchers Improve Warning Products for High Impact Flash Flood Events WeatherNation 4 months ago
19 What is the future of severe weather forecasting? Iowa's devastating derecho, 1 year later Local 5 6 months ago
20 2021 AGU Section Awardees and Named Lecturers Eos 5 months ago
21 Storm-spotting app suspended after spate of false reports Washington Post 2 years ago
22 Coronavirus in Oklahoma: Virus sidelines tornado research 2 years ago
23 2021 Class of AGU Fellows Announced Eos 4 months ago
24 Optimization of physical schemes in WRF model on cyclone simulations over Bay of Bengal using one-way ANOVA and Tukey's test | Scientific Reports 1 month ago
25 Using Drones to See Tornado Damage in Remote Areas WeatherNation 9 months ago
26 The model that may accurately predict derechos in the future KGAN TV 12 months ago
27 Researchers Test Experimental Severe Weather Warning Tools WeatherNation 2 years ago
28 Nonlinear modulation of COVID‐19 transmission by climate conditions Wiley 10 months ago
29 The Challenges of Forecasting Small, But Mighty, Polar Lows Eos 5 months ago
30 Reducing the opportunity cost of tornado warnings Washington Post 11 months ago
31 ZephIR wind lidar to support climate change research Windpower Engineering 4 years ago
32 How bilingual meteorologists are reshaping risk communication Yahoo News 4 months ago
33 Response of surface ozone concentration to emission reduction and meteorology during the COVID‐19 lockdown in Europe Wiley 9 months ago
34 National Weather Service Implementing Improved Warning Software WeatherNation 2 years ago
35 Supercell Thunderstorms Shake Up the Stratosphere Eos 3 months ago
36 What Makes People Heed A Weather Warning — Or Not? KERA News 3 years ago
37 River winds and pollutant recirculation near the Manaus city in the central Amazon | Communications Earth & Environment 4 months ago
38 Light Snowfalls Just as Dangerous For Drivers as Major Winter Storms, Study Finds | The Weather Channel Articles from The Weather Channel | 2 months ago
39 Better weather forecasting through satellite isotope data assimilation Science Daily 5 months ago
40 A great forecast but a deadly tornado tragedy in Alabama. What went wrong? The Denver Post 3 years ago
41 Drones Helping Scientists Understand Major Weather Events WeatherNation 1 year ago
42 This May Shock You But Heat Lightning Is Not A ‘Thing’ Forbes 9 months ago
43 125th Anniversary Fellows named by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Penn State News 5 months ago
44 University of Oklahoma mobile radar tracked Hurricane Delta in Louisiana 1 year ago
45 Why people ignore severe weather warnings (or do they?) The Weather Network 10 months ago
46 Scientists To Launch New Tornado Research Mission WeatherNation 3 years ago