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1 Lars Now Says It's 'Too Early' to Talk About New Metallica Album
2 Lars Ulrich on a new Metallica album: “We’re on that path”
3 METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Announces 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' Special On SiriusXM's 'Mandatory Metallica'
4 Metallica: The Metallica Blacklist Album Review
5 COREY TAYLOR Says He Was 'Shocked' The First Time He Heard METALLICA's 'Black Album'
6 Metallica and Miley Cyrus unite for stunning live rendition of Nothing Else Matters
7 Jason Newsted Clarifies Remarks About Lacking 'Physicality' to Play Metallica Songs
8 Drugs, divorce and incessant drum takes: Metallica on making metal's biggest ever album
9 Fully Vaccinated Former METALLICA Bassist RON MCGOVNEY On His COVID-19 Battle: 'It Felt Like The Flu To Me'
10 Metallica to headline first-ever Download Germany | Entertainment |
11 'I got goosebumps:' Metallica frontman on epic Virginia Tech 'Enter Sandman' entrance
12 James Hetfield "Got Goosebumps" Watching Virginia Tech Crowd Go Nuts To METALLICA's "Enter Sandman"
13 Lars Ulrich says it's "way too early" to talk about a new Metallica album
14 2021 Detroit Lions Song of the Game: Fuel by Metallica
15 Interview: Becoming 'One' With Metallica's Whiskey Brand
16 Jason Newsted Speaks on Massive Egos in Metallica, Recalls What Band Felt on How They Treated Him
17 METALLICA, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH & SABATON Announced For First-Ever Download Germany
18 Jason Momoa Sends Huge Respects For Metallica
19 Slash Shares Honest Opinion on Metallica's Iconic 'Black Album'
20 Kirk Hammett Says Improvising METALLICA's "The Unforgiven" Guitar Solo Changed The Way He Plays
21 Metallica Celebrate Raising $377,000 For Metallica Scholars Initiative
22 10 Best Uses Of Metallica Songs In Movies | ScreenRant
23 Metallica: The untold story of the album that changed everything — Kerrang!
24 Metallica Reveal 1993 'Wherever I May Roam' Sao Paulo Performance
25 Metallica Fan Thinks Their Most Recent Album Hasn't Been Released Yet
26 James Hetfield Responds To Metallica Fans’ Criticism: “Metallica Is Metallica And Somebody Cov ...
27 TM Recommends: Listen to St. Vincent Covering Metallica
28 Metallica Recreate 1981 Classified Ad to Recruit Skilled Workers
29 Metallica Tap Rina Sawayama, Idles for Latest ‘Black Album’ Covers
30 How Metallica Influenced Fashion – A Preview of 'The $24.95 Book'
31 Virginia Tech football: Metallica frontman James Hetfield discusses viral 'Enter Sandman' Week 1 entrance
32 New music: Kacey Musgraves, Metallica tribute, Jeremy Camp, NCT 127
33 Metallica Perform a Spirited 'Of Wolf and Man' in Live 1993 Recording
34 COREY TAYLOR: METALLICA's Enter Sandman' Was 'Our Generation's 'Stairway To Heaven''
35 Max Cavalera: I Love Metallica's 'Black Album'
36 Metallica to Teach Instructional 'Master Class' in Guitar
37 Dave Mustaine Doubts Metallica Lineup Could Have 'Survived' If He Didn't Get Kicked Out
38 Metallica To Headline First Download Festival In Germany
39 Metallica on The Black Album's success: Our core underground fans thought they were losing us
40 'Enter Tradesman:' Metallica's nonprofit teams with Carhartt for construction trades recruitment
41 METALLICA + BEATLES Mashup Act BEATALLICA To Release 'The Devolver Album' In November
42 Miley Cyrus teams up with rock legends for an epic cover
43 JOEY JORDISON Was 'S**tting Bricks' While Playing With METALLICA At 2004 DOWNLOAD Festival
44 Metallica To Headline Download Germany Premiere
45 Dave Mustaine doesn’t think Metallica “could have survived” with him in the band
46 Five Years Ago: Metallica End a Long Drought With 'Hardwired'
47 Metallica ‘Black Album’ anniversary tops this week’s new music releases
48 The sons of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich form new band Taipei Houston
49 'Nothing Else Matters' Harp Cover Makes Metallica Sound Heavenly
50 The Time When Metallica Entered Guinness World Records 2015 Book
51 Corey Taylor: Joey Jordison was "S******* Bricks" Playing with Metallica in 2004
52 Album Review: The Metallica Blacklist
53 Listen To Second Episode Of Metallica's Official Podcast
54 Slipknot Frontman Explains What Metallica Meant to Him Before They Went Mainstream: 'It Was a Cult for a Second'
55 WSU Tech Metallica Scholars program to pay tuition, fees and guarantee job interviews
56 METALLICA: 'Breaking The Band' Episode To Premiere On REELZ This Weekend
57 Music review: An all-you-can eat Metallica buffet of 'Black Album' covers
58 Metallica to Teach Special Online Guitar Lessons in Early 2022
59 Metallica's Kirk Hammett on Witnessing Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose VMAs Clash
60 Metallica Unveils Rough Mix Of Black Album Classic “The God That Failed”
61 Ghost’s Tobias Forge on his love for Metallica: ‘I had a Metallica poster from Metal Hammer on my bedroom wall’
62 Metallica's Blackened American Whiskey has been “pummeled by the low-hertz frequencies” of the band's classic tracks
64 Video: 17-Year-Old Son of Metallica Bassist Plays Live with Suicidal Tendencies
65 METALLICA To Guest On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Next Week With "A Few Surprises"
66 Lars Ulrich Says Metallica Influenced Many Artists In Different Musical Worlds
67 Sons Of Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Launch New Band, Taipei Houston
68 How JASON NEWSTED's Need To Play Other Styles Of Music Led To His Departure From METALLICA
69 The Time Slipknot’s Joey Jordison Joined Metallica To Replace Lars Ulrich
70 Metallica Donate $50,000 to Earthquake Relief Efforts in Haiti
71 Review: Metallica’s Blackened Whiskey Brand Teamed With Willett on a Rye
72 DIAMOND HEAD's BRIAN TATLER Says He Hasn't Been Invited To METALLICA's 40th-Anniversary Concerts
73 Jason Newsted Said His 90s METALLICA Haircut Made His Life Way Easier
74 Jason Newsted Speaks on Metallica Cutting Hair, Recalls How Lars & Band Treated Him When He Started Working With Other People
75 Metallica release tribute to Chris Cornell with Soundgarden covers on vinyl
76 Reshaping Metal: Metallica frontman James Hetfield's cars see spotlight at Monterey
77 Virginia Tech and Metallica End Up On Seismograph
78 Metallica Reads One-Star Reviews Of The Black Album | 102.5 KZOK | Aly
79 Hooked: Thrice on Metallica and the Pixies
80 Dave Mustaine recalls how jealousy of Metallica’s success motivated him to make a band “more metal” than them
81 Metallica singer James Hetfield names his favourite thrash metal bands
82 Lars Ulrich on Charlie Watts: ‘People Didn’t Understand How Valuable He Was’
83 METALLICA Drops Remastered Version Of "The Struggle Within"
84 Chuck Billy: Why Testament Has Not Toured With Metallica
85 Hear Corey Taylor's Cover Version Of Metallica's 'Holier Than Thou'
86 Drummer Recalls Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose’s Clash With Metallica and Lars Ulrich
87 Metallica Donates $50,000 to Support Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts
88 Dave Mustaine Shares Honest Opinion on Original Metallica Bassist + How He Felt When Band Replaced Him With Cliff, Ron McGovney Reacts
89 SLIPKNOT's COREY TAYLOR: METALLICA's 'Master Of Puppets' Is 'The Perfect Heavy Metal Album'
90 Virginia Tech Football Team Entering Field to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” Registers on Seismograph
91 Corey Taylor Names The One Bad Thing About METALLICA's Master Of Puppets
92 How Metallica Made A Common Mistake In Suing Lloyd's Of London
93 Had insiders known Metallica Minerals Limited (ASX:MLM) would hit AU$18m they might have invested more last year
94 Album Guide: Metallica
95 Kirk Hammett Wants New Metallica Album to 'Bring People Together'
96 Metallica's foundation gives NOVA nursing program $100K
97 Why I Used to Hate Metallica's 'Black Album' (But Don't Anymore)
98 Metallica Podcast Gets Official Launch Date, Trailer Available
99 Metallica Share Rough Mix of 'The Unforgiven' Off Upcoming 'Black Album'
100 Metallica Post Cryptic 'Black Album 2021' Teaser on Social Media