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1 Rostec will supply arctic Mi-8AMTSh-VAs to EMERCOM
2 Russian pilots win Aviadarts Air Force competition cup at International Army Games
3 Special Forces Mi-8 Helicopter- AMTSh-VN Makes First Flight
4 Russian Armed Forces to receive in November first batch of newest helicopters Mi-8AMTSh-VN
5 Mi-8AMTSh-VA Arctic Helicopter
6 Russian Special Forces' Mi-8AMTSh-VN Starts Flight Tests
7 Rosoboronexport to be Official Sponsor of MAKS-2021 Air Show
8 Russia's New Helicopter-Transportable Armored Buggy Looks Like A Plague Doctor Mobile
9 Flight Tests Begin of new Russian Mi-8 Special Operations Helicopter
10 Russian air force to get over 60 new aircraft by year-end
11 Russian Helicopters to Present Military Rotorcraft at Army-2021 Forum
12 Mysterious Mi-171Sh Hip Assault Transport Helicopters Bound For China Appear in Russia
13 Parachute Snag Leaves Russian Soldier Dangling Perilously From Helicopter
14 Uzbekistan, Russia to Create Joint Repair Center for Helicopter Engines
15 Bell Textron to Build $22 Million Lab in Arlington With Help From City Development Funds
16 Rostec to Present Mi-171A3, Ka-32A11M and Ansat-M
17 Bell H-1 Military Aircraft Surpass 400000 Flight Hours
18 American Armored Vehicle Crew Injured After Violent Encounter With Russian Convoy in Syria (Updated)
19 Joint Military Drills of Russia, Belarus to Be Held in March
20 How Russia plans to reboot its air force into a fighting machine
21 Russia Says It Is Drawing Down Forces Near Ukraine But We Know Not Everyone Is Going Home
22 Crimea: The Expanding Military Capabilities of Russia's Area Denial Zone in the Black Sea
23 What weapon systems the Russian army will get in 2021
24 Army 2019: Russian Helicopters Lands Orders for 108 Helicopters | Defense News
25 Russian Military Receives Mi-8 Helicopters With Advanced On-Board Defense Systems
26 Russia's New Long-Endurance Arctic Research Vessel Might Be The Ugliest Ship We've Seen
27 Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters delivered to Central African Republic
28 Russian Helicopters Launches Indonesian Test Program
29 Rostec Assembles First Experimental Gas Generator for PD-8 Engine Used in SSJ-NEW Airliners
30 Russian Helicopters Delivers First Arctic Helicopter to Russia's Defence Ministry
31 Celebrating World Helicopter Day
32 Bell 407 Receives Type Acceptance Certificate in Guernsey
33 Russian Navy receives first Mi-8AMTSh-VA Arctic helicopter
34 MD Helicopters Secures $43.9 Million In Army Contracts
35 Weston Aviation Welcomes NHV Helicopters to Cork Airport
36 Mi-8AMT Multi-Role Helicopter
37 Bell 505 Cargo Hook Receives EASA Certification
38 HeliRussia Show Marks Decline in Military Sales Abroad
39 Three Russian Military Helicopters Down in Three Weeks. 8 Killed, 2 Injured.
40 Russian Helicopters Delivers First Batch of Helicopter Knock-down Kits to Kazakhstan
41 Russian Helicopters produces first civilian Mi-8AMT Arctic helicopter
42 Russian Helicopters Achieve Import Substitution Success in Mi-8AMTSh-V Helicopters
43 Let’s Talk About the Vitebsk L370, the Russian New Generation Directional IR Countermeasure (DIRCM) System
44 Here's the Reason why Russian Aircraft Keep Dying In Syria
45 Russia's Long-Term Arctic Ship
46 Belarusian-Russian-Serbian tactical army exercise in active phase
47 Russian Helicopters Sign a Contract for the Development of Modern Shipborne Helicopter
48 Russia Developing New Attack Helicopter 'Airborne Combat Vehicle'
49 Russian Armored Truck Slams U.S. Military Vehicle in Syria in Tense Stand-Off
50 Ansat Flights Start in Mexico
51 Russia Executes Mock Special Operations Raid On Remote Island Off Finland
52 British Soldier's Parachute Fails To Deploy, Plunges Through Roof Of California House
53 Early delivery of Arctic helicopters
54 Russia getting helicopters for Arctic operations
55 Air Methods Chooses Airbus HCare to Support Its Fleet of 31 EC145 Helicopters
56 Russian MoD to get Hips on steriods
57 Russia Unveils Plans For Sleek High-Speed Arctic Rescue Chopper With Jet Thruster In Its Tail
58 Russian Helicopters Present Mi-35P and Ansat Helicopters at Russia-Africa Economic Forum
59 ANALYSIS: Russian Helicopters looks for growth path around US sanctions
60 Redesigned Mi-8 On Display But Not Yet Certified
61 Airbus H175 to Bolster Omni's Oil and Gas Operations in Brazil
62 First Russian Air Force Mi-38T assembled
63 Russian Army To Receive Rychag-AVM on Helicopters
64 Russian Helicopters built four Mi-8/171 helicopters for Rosneft
65 Russia withdraws 35 military aircraft from Syria
66 Syria conflict: Russian helicopter crashes, killing two crew
67 Russian Il-76MD Performs Tactical Landing On Dirt Strip Escorted By Mi-24s in "Mandatory Matsurov" Mission
68 Rostec Delivers the First Serial Produced Mi-38 to a Client
69 VIH Aviation Group Becomes Sikorsky's First S-92A+ Kit Launch Customer
70 Rolls-Royce RR300 Engine Tops One Million Flight Hours in Robinson R66
71 Alameda County Sheriff's Office Air Support Unit to Receive the First Bell Manufactured Public Safety Configured Bell 505
72 Rostvertol Confirms Export Sale of Mi-26T2 Heavy Helicopter
73 Helicopter Operator Linked to Kobe Bryant Crash Sues Two FAA Air Traffic Controllers
74 HAI Appoints Rob Volmer as VP, Marketing Communications
75 Sikorsky Expands Commercial Offerings with S-92A+Upgrade Kit and new production S-92B Helicopter
76 Liebherr, Air France KLM Component Services Shanghai sign MRO deal
77 Russian Helicopters Begins Certification of Mi-171A2 Helicopter in Brazil
78 Airbus Displays Its Customer-Centric Solutions at HELI-Expo 2020
79 US Army Hits Setbacks Trying to Add New Infrared Countermeasures to Its Helicopters
80 Russian Helicopters, Thai Company MOU on Helicopter Maintenance
81 AMGH Acquiring SevenBar Aviation
82 Russian Helicopters Started Production of Mi-38T for the Russian Ministry of Defense
83 Vostok-2018: Russia launches biggest post-Soviet war games – in pictures
84 24 years ago: First International Aviation and Space Show held in Moscow
85 Airbus Helicopters Selects Pratt & Whitney PW206B3 Engine to Power H135 for U.S. Navy Trainer Replacement Proposal
86 Bell Announces 200 Bell 505 Jet Ranger X Delivery
87 Russia in Review, Dec. 18, 2020-Jan. 8, 2021
88 Russian Defense Ministry Receives New Batch of Mi-8MTV-5 Military Transport Helicopters
89 Cirrus Aircraft Launches the 2020 SR Series Powered by an All-New Mobile App
90 Russia Military Blasts Targets Near U.S. Troops, North Korea and China
91 Mi-26Ts and Ka-32A11BC Helicopters Extinguish a Major Forest Fire in China
92 V-22 Osprey Marks Three Decades of Transforming Military Aviation
93 Russian Carrier Awaits MiG-29s for Syrian Airstrikes
94 Brand new Mi-171A2 snapped up at MAKS 2019
95 Russia to deploy Ka-52 attack helicopters to Syria to protect Latakia air base
96 Sikorsky-Boeing SB>1 DEFIANT Helicopter Achieves First Flight
97 Ascent Helicopters Adds Third H125 to Its Growing Fleet
98 US-Based Pilot Sets Guinness World Record for Flying Helicopter Solo Throughout Lower 48 U.S. States in Fastest Time
99 Burkina Faso Purchases Two Mi-171Sh helicopters from Russia
100 Russia Is Now Bombing Syria — How Did Putin Secretly Get His Fighter Jets Into the Country?