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1 Michio Kaku Shares About His Lifelong Quest for a 'Theory of Everything'
2 Michio Kaku Wants Fellow Scientists to "Keep an Open Mind" About UFOs
3 Michio Kaku calls nuclear fusion test at national lab ‘giant step toward the holy grail of energy research’
4 Scientists Must 'Keep An Open Mind' About UFOs, Says Michio Kaku
5 Physics' greatest mystery: Michio Kaku explains the God Equation
6 Michio Kaku Calls Nuclear Fusion Test at National Lab 'Giant Step Toward the Holy Grail of Energy Research'
7 Could SpaceX's first all-civilian mission launch honeymooning on the moon? One theoretical physicist thinks so
8 Theoretical Physicist Says Scientists Must Be Open to Possibility of UFOs
9 String theorist Michio Kaku: 'Reaching out to aliens is a terrible idea'
10 Michio Kaku Says the Universe Is Simpler Than We Think
11 The Problem Science Has With Money, Media and Politics
12 Michio Kaku: The Quest for a Theory of Everything
13 US Scientists Use Giant Lasers To Show Nuclear Fusion Could Create Better Clean Energy
14 Inside the genius of Albert Einstein
15 Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku discusses new book "The God Equation" with Left Bank Books
16 Michio Kaku: Figuring Out Secrets of Physics Will Make us "Grand Masters"
17 Discover Science Lecture Series kicks off
18 A giant step toward the holy grail of energy research — Scientist on fusion breakthrough
19 Untangling the Universe: PW Talks with Michio Kaku
20 The God Equation author, physicist Michio Kaku, reveals he’s a Star Trek fan, in conversation with LeVar Burton
21 ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ discovers shocking revelations about UFO activity on Fox Nation
22 The God Equation by Michio Kaku — unifying the universe
23 Dialogs: Michio Kaku and LeVar Burton Bring Joy and Excitement to the Solar System and Beyond
24 PBS NewsHour | Michio Kaku on his lifelong search for 'The God Equation' | Season 2021
25 Physicist Michio Kaku Believes We Will Soon Find Alien Life, But Contacting Them Would be A "Terrible Idea"
26 Michio Kaku Has Advice for Next Time You Get Abducted by Aliens
27 Physicist Michio Kaku reveals his 3 most exciting predictions about humanity's future
28 LeVar Burton and physicist Michio Kaku to discuss the Theory of Everything for Chicago Humanities Festival
29 Humanity Is Very Close to Making Contact With Aliens, Dr. Michio Kaku Says
30 Engadget Podcast: Michio Kaku on 'The God Equation,' LG gives up on phones
31 Aliens would be friendly but reaching out a terrible idea: Theorist Michio Kaku
32 The theory that could unravel secrets of the universe with Michio Kaku | Frank Buckley Interviews
33 ‘The God Equation’ Review: One String Theory to Rule Them All
34 Dr. Michio Kaku Believes Elon Musk's Mars Colonization Feat is Highly Feasible with Self-Replicating Robots
35 Michio Kaku on his lifelong search for 'The God Equation' | PBS NewsHour
36 Physicist Says Aliens Exist
37 Reviewed in short: New books by Margaret Reynolds, Michio Kaku, AK Blakemore and Jay Griffiths
38 [Long Read] Review: Michio Kaku's Latest Is A Tour You Should Definitely Go On
39 From Dystopia to Facebook: How Desirable is the Metaverse?
40 The God Equation by Michio Kaku review — the quest to find the theory of everything . . . and save humanity
41 'Ancient Aliens' Dr. Kaku Says New UFOs a Sign of Highly Advanced Aliens, Possibly
42 What's God Got to Do With Michio Kaku's New Book, The God Equation?
43 Life after death: Physicist Michio Kaku says digital immortality is 'within reach'
44 Opinion | Should We Try to Make Contact With Aliens?
45 Michio Kaku loses superstring Nobel bet, algorithm helps you avoid the hot Sun, how potato snacks get their puff – Physics World
46 The Future of Humanity: terraforming Mars, interstellar travel and our destiny beyond earth by Michio Kaku
47 Michio Kaku foretells humanity's extraordinary future
48 Renowned Physicist and Futurist Dr. Michio Kaku to be Featured at Zenoss GalaxZ20
49 Dr. Michio Kaku on The Quest for a Theory of Everything
50 Physicist Michio Kaku Has Some Powerful Predictions for the Future
51 Noted physicist Michio Kaku wants to talk to you about your future.
52 Elon Musk Could Build Cities on Mars
53 Aliens might be friendly — but don't bet on it: expert's dire warning
54 Solar flare warning: Michio Kaku fears 'we're sitting ducks' for crippling solar activity
55 Podcast: "Knowledge is useless if you don't share it," Michio Kaku
56 What It Was Like to Be Raised by Renowned Physicist Michio Kaku
57 Interview: Dr. Michio Kaku on science, the future and the new space race
58 A Better Way to Do AI: Focus on the Big Problems
59 'Here we are in this gorgeous universe': Physicist on his book 'The God Equation'
60 A 'turning point' on UFOs: Physicist Michio Kaku tells ufology conference the truth is out there
61 Changes to the Standard Model of physics could point to a 'God Equation'
62 Michio Kaku believes in God, if not that God
63 Michio Kaku: Theoretical Physicist And Master of Communicating Science
65 How your immortal consciousness will travel the universe
66 Michio Kaku: The Quest That Hawking Pioneered
67 Michio Kaku: Mental communication and infinite knowledge are on the horizon
68 'It's all because of physics': an interview with Michio Kaku
69 Physicist believes humans will contact aliens but it could be ‘terrible’ for our future
70 Michio Kaku: 5 fascinating moments from this 1991 interview
71 When Will Humans Visit Mars? This Physicist Says There Are 'Real Plans' For The 2030s
72 Michio Kaku’s Biggest Predictions About the Future
73 Einstein's God Equation
74 Physicist Michio Kaku Says You Don't Have to Be a Genius to Figure Out That the Earth Isn't Flat
75 Michio Kaku: Let’s not advertise our existence to aliens
76 Physicist Michio Kaku takes Tallahassee audience on futuristic journey
77 Dr. Michio Kaku on Wormholes, Entanglement and a Theory Of Everything
78 The Weekend Interview with Michio Kaku: Captain Michio and the World of Tomorrow
79 Recommended Books to Read Summer 2021: The God Equation | Drunk | Empire of Ants
80 Michio Kaku
81 Downloadable Neurons, Life on Mars: A Physicist’s View of Where We’re Headed
82 Alien warning as scientist claims trying to contact other life forms 'is terrible idea'
83 Michio Kaku Explores Colonization of Mars, Travel to the Stars
84 Beam me up? The paradoxes and potential of human teleportation
85 Michio Kaku and the Mysteries of the Mind
86 EDUCAUSE 2017: Michio Kaku Ponders the Future of Connectivity
87 Dr Michio Kaku: His vision for tomorrow
88 Physicist Michio Kaku predicts the future
89 Are we alone in the universe? Here's what a top physicist says
90 Michio Kaku Predicts the Future of IoT and Home Tech
91 Physicist Michio Kaku shares predictions for 2100 at MOSI
92 Asian American scientists in STEM classrooms: increasing inclusion and visibility
93 How can we predict success in humans?
94 Michio Kaku Thinks We’ll Prove The "Theory of Everything" by 2100
95 Renowned physicist Michio Kaku shows audiences the future
96 See first photo of rocket expected to crash into Earth
97 Physicist Michio Kaku Says Humans Will Come into Contact with Aliens within This Century
98 Michio Kaku Clears Up God Discovery
99 Physicist Warns U.S. Should Be Worried About 'Out of Control' Rocket Debris
100 Michio Kaku on "The Future of Humanity," Mars and space exploration