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1 THROWBACK: When SEVENTEEN alum Mingyu revealed his ideal Christmas gift PINKVILLA 11 days ago
2 Mingyu Vs Vernon: Who’s The Most Handsome Guy Of ‘Seventeen’ Band? Vote Here IWMBuzz 11 days ago
3 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Talks About The Number Of Members In The Group, What He's Been Studying Lately, And More soompi 3 months ago
4 Seventeen Complete 'Power of Love' Concerts Showbiz Cheat Sheet 4 days ago
5 SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu says ‘Bittersweet’ let him explore his creativity 6 months ago
6 SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu personally addresses bullying accusations 8 months ago
7 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Reveals His 3 Must-Haves For A Holiday Party + What Kind Of Gifts He Appreciates Most soompi 2 months ago
8 BTS: This new Korean actor's uncanny resemblance to Jin leaves the ARMY pleasantly surprised – see pics Bollywood Life 20 days ago
9 Mingyu on SEVENTEEN’s bond: “When I’m with them, it’s like we’re burning bright together” 5 months ago
10 SEVENTEEN’s agency not taking legal action over “completely false” school bullying claims against member Mingyu 8 months ago
11 Pledis Entertainment refutes bullying allegations against SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu 9 months ago
12 Medical aid brings China, Africa closer 22 hours ago
13 When BTS’s V Became An Unofficial Hairstylist To SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan IWMBuzz 26 days ago
14 Seventeen Mingyu's collage artworks stir controversy due to 'explicit content' allkpop 8 months ago
15 New allegations state that Seventeen's Mingyu sexually harassed a female student allkpop 9 months ago
16 Watch: SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan And Mingyu Make Promises They Can't Keep In “Amazing Saturday” Preview soompi 2 months ago
17 Why did Seventeen's Mingyu go on hiatus? Agency slams bullying allegations as 'false', fans say he's 'innocent MEAWW 9 months ago
18 Netizens demand that Seventeen's Mingyu apologize & halt his activities following more school bullying rumors allkpop 9 months ago
19 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, Wonwoo, The8, And Jeonghan Reflect On Their Career soompi 8 months ago
20 THROWBACK: SEVENTEEN alum Wonwoo reflected on how he became a singer PINKVILLA 8 days ago
21 SEVENTEEN's Hip Hop Unit Talks About Fun Moments Together, Traits They'd Like To Steal From Each Other, And More soompi 1 month ago
22 Celebrating the versatile visual king AKA SEVENTEEN's Kim Mingyu PINKVILLA 8 months ago
23 What is Kim Mingyu's net worth? The 'Seventeen' K-pop rapper gained worldwide acclaim for self-produced music MEAWW 9 months ago
24 Seventeen members recall times when they had to protect their food from other members or hide and eat by themselves allkpop 1 month ago
25 THROWBACK: When SEVENTEEN members Wonwoo, Mingyu, DK and Seungkwan spoke about ‘cherishing’ the band PINKVILLA 9 months ago
26 Jo Byung Gyu, SVT Mingyu & more: K celebs embroiled in false bullying controversies; Is this a cover up? PINKVILLA 9 months ago
27 Seventeen on James Corden's 'The Late Late Show': Who is Kim Mingyu? Fans can't have enough of K-pop rap star MEAWW 11 months ago
28 Park Seo Joon, Seventeen, NCT127 to hold virtual shows for Filipino fans Philippine Entertainment Portal 22 days ago
29 The occurrence and prognosis of DM in T1N0 colon cancer | IJGM Dove Medical Press 1 day ago
30 Seventeen's Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, and S.Coups display their masculine charms in the latest unit photos for their 9th mini-album 'Attacca' allkpop 2 months ago
31 Ji Soo, Mingyu, Soojin face severe criticism for alleged bullying, here's dark truth behind the issue in Korea MEAWW 7 months ago
32 SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo Impresses Mingyu With His Response To A Text About Borrowing Money soompi 2 years ago
33 Setting fire on the red carpet: When Seventeen boys dressed their best and looked ‘hot and spicy’: Yay/Nay? IWMBuzz 3 months ago
34 Seventeen members comment on their first comeback without Jun & The8 allkpop 1 month ago
35 Seventeen's Mingyu to sit out of online meet & greet event due to poor health conditions allkpop 1 year ago
36 Seventeen's Mingyu apologizes for May's Itaewon controversy during 'Heng:garae' press conference allkpop 1 year ago
37 SEVENTEEN Renew Contracts With Pledis Entertainment Showbiz Cheat Sheet 4 months ago
38 Jennie, V, Mingyu and more: K-pop idols with the best fashion sense Times Now 5 months ago
39 Carats are in love after discovering that Seventeen Mingyu's pet dog has an Instagram allkpop 2 years ago
40 Pledis Entertainment confirms Dispatch report about Mingyu, also apologizes allkpop 2 years ago
41 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Explains What He Wants To Achieve In Life soompi 3 years ago
42 GOT7's Yugyeom REVEALS expensive gift given by his 97 line friends BTS‘ Jungkook, Cha Eun Woo, Mingyu, Jaehyun PINKVILLA 9 months ago
43 LEADING K-POP SUPERSTARS SEVENTEEN to Perform Online Concerts, “POWER OF LOVE” on November 14, 18 and 21 PR Web 29 days ago
44 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Talks About His Friendship With ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo + New Surprising Member Of The '97 Line soompi 3 years ago
45 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Tells Story Of An Embarrassing Moment Caught On Camera soompi 3 years ago
46 Watch: Apink's Bomi And Namjoo, SEVENTEEN's Hoshi And Mingyu Go On A Food Tour In “Running Man” Preview soompi 1 year ago
47 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, DK and THE8 Flaunt Captivating Visuals In New Set Of "Semicolon" Teasers hellokpop 1 year ago
48 Your guide to the most famous KPop squad, The 97 liners feat. BTS’ Jungkook, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo & more PINKVILLA 7 months ago
49 [V Report] Mingyu, Joshua missing Korean dramas K-POP HERALD 2 years ago
50 Agencies Of Jungkook, Mingyu, Cha Eun Woo, And Jaehyun Apologize For Itaewon Outing + Confirm They Tested Negative For COVID-19 soompi 2 years ago
51 Netizens applaud Seventeen's Mingyu for enduring firework dust & gunpowder alone on stage during 'Gayo Daejejeon' allkpop 2 years ago
52 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Apologizes To Fans About Injury, Clarifies Plans For Concert In Japan soompi 5 years ago
53 Mingyu To Be First SEVENTEEN Member To Appear On “Law Of The Jungle” soompi 4 years ago
54 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu To Act For First Time On Thai Sitcom soompi 4 years ago
55 Watch: SEVENTEEN's Mingyu And ITZY's Ryujin Celebrate New “Inkigayo” MC Shin Eun Soo soompi 3 years ago
56 Watch: SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan And Mingyu Become Uncles To Sua And Suji + Reveal Impressive Parody Of “SKY Castle” soompi 3 years ago
57 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu And The8 Open Personal Instagram Accounts To Connect More With Fans soompi 4 years ago
58 Seventeen's Mingyu reveals how Kwon Hyuk Soo became a part of the 97-ers idol club allkpop 3 years ago
59 SEVENTEEN's Joshua, Mingyu, Vernon, Jeonghan, And S.Coups Talk About Group's Music And More In New Pictorial soompi 2 years ago
60 SEVENTEEN Dishes On Stage Names They Almost Had, Hanging Out With Each Other's Parents, And More On “Ask Us Anything” soompi 1 year ago
61 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Sends Gift To Drama Set For ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo soompi 2 years ago
62 Mingyu Shares Photos Of Fun Hangout With Jungkook, Yugyeom, And Cha Eun Woo soompi 3 years ago
63 K-pop stars, actors embroiled in school violence, bullying controversies Manila Bulletin 9 months ago
64 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Is All Smiles In Behind-The-Scene Stills For Thai Sitcom Cameo soompi 4 years ago
65 EXID's Hani And Solji + SEVENTEEN's Mingyu And Seungkwan Confirmed To Appear On “Running Man” soompi 3 years ago
66 Netizens Notice Sweet Action Of SEVENTEEN's MinGyu Caring For ITZY's YeJi allkpop 2 years ago
67 GOT7's Yugyeom reveals that his most cherished item is the Cartier bracelet gifted by BTS's Jungkook, Seventeen's Mingyu, NCT's Jaehyun, and ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo allkpop 9 months ago
68 Fans LOL watching Seventeen's Seungkwan & Mingyu fight(?) on stage during a dramatic cover of Jun & The8's 'My I' allkpop 3 years ago
69 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Walks In Seoul Fashion Week Show + Hip Hop Team Comes To Show Support soompi 5 years ago
70 Seventeen's Minghao goes bright blonde, Carats go bonkers ahead of Japanese comeback single 'Hitori Janai' MEAWW 8 months ago
71 Dispatch reports BTS' Jungkook, NCT's Jaehyun, ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo, and Seventeen's Mingyu were all present at Itaewon club during coronavirus breakout allkpop 2 years ago
72 Shin Eun Soo Joins SEVENTEEN's Mingyu As New “Inkigayo” MC soompi 3 years ago
73 Enlightening Dark Ions | The UCSB Current The UCSB Current 11 months ago
74 Seventeen to donate a part of the profit made from their magazine 'GOING' allkpop 10 months ago
75 Seventeen's Mingyu, Seungkwan, The8, & Joshua are charismatic on the cover of 'Arena' allkpop 2 years ago
76 Seventeen beats the seven-year curse of K-pop as OT13 renews contract with Pledis Entertainment HITC 4 months ago
77 NU'EST's JR Gets Advice From SEVENTEEN's Mingyu For “Law Of The Jungle” soompi 4 years ago
78 HYBE’s new launch reveal of SEVENTEEN’s merch faces flak from CARATs for being ‘cheap’ & ‘super low quality’ PINKVILLA 5 months ago
79 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Sets Up Personal Instagram Next; Will Other SEVENTEEN Members Open An Account Too? hellokpop 4 years ago
80 SEVENTEEN Members Hoshi, Mingyu, The8, And Vernon Are Spring's Flower Boys In High Cut Magazine's April 2020 Issue hellokpop 2 years ago
81 Pledis Announces Postponement Of SEVENTEEN’s Comeback Promotions Korea Portal (English Edition) 5 months ago
82 Beginner's Guide: Say the name, Seventeen! Rappler 3 years ago
83 Seventeen's Seungkwan and Mingyu share how they became Pledis Entertainment trainees allkpop 3 years ago
84 Korean male idols who are excellent dancers and are over 180 cm (5'11") tall allkpop 4 months ago
85 SEVENTEEN's Hip Hop Unit Talks About Their Roles, Group Dynamics, Fun Facts, And More soompi 1 year ago
86 Watch: SEVENTEEN's Mingyu And Seungkwan Crack Everyone Up On “Running Man” soompi 3 years ago
87 Jungkook Reveals Photo From Gathering With '97-Line Friends Cha Eun Woo, Mingyu, And Yugyeom soompi 2 years ago
88 Mingyu, CNU, P.O, Hani, And Many More To Appear On Upcoming Episode Of “Master Key” soompi 4 years ago
89 Watch: SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Gets Terrified Of Komodo Dragons On “Law Of The Jungle” soompi 4 years ago
90 Watch: SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, DIA's Jung Chaeyeon, And Song Kang Say Hello As New “Inkigayo” MCs soompi 4 years ago
91 SEVENTEEN's Variety Show “GOING SEVENTEEN” Has Been Postponed allkpop 9 months ago
92 Seventeen's Junghan, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Joshua to be on 'Delicious Guys' allkpop 2 years ago
93 Is Seventeen planning a comeback? Fans claim TWICE's return in June means boy band 'will always come next' MEAWW 7 months ago
94 Seventeen Interview with W Magazine allkpop 7 months ago
95 ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo And SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Show Off Their '97-Line Friendship soompi 3 years ago
96 SEVENTEEN talk ‘Your Choice’: “This album shows how we’ve grown and deepened our emotionality” 5 months ago
97 SEVENTEEN Shares Tidbits And Personal Facts About Themselves (With Help From Mingyu's Mom) soompi 3 years ago
98 TWICE’s Tzuyu, ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, BTS’ Jungkook, & More, The Most Popular Biases In K-Pop Korea Portal (English Edition) 3 months ago
99 K-netizens pick the most popular male K-Pop idol fancams allkpop 6 months ago
100 'Inkigayo' debuts its new MC trio Mingyu, Jung Chae Yeon, and Song Kang allkpop 4 years ago